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1109 South Santa Fe Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90021

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adamrod  on  Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on July 8, 2016
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Dope ass clubWent there for my birthday its nice from outside they offer free parking which everyone knows that struggle in LA, great prices were good they offer discounts coupons but you wont spend more then $20 and you get a free drink and free parking so its all good, Inside very clean I mean really clean owner must be seriously OCD I love that, Bathrooms clean bar clean and the tender cleans up right after a person leaves... Girls are really pretty, they have different types of girls so everyone will see something they like... Lap dances are reasonable they have a 3 for 1 special were you get extra lap dance for price of one..... There's no liquor which was little upsetting but because totally nude its not allowed which is understandable thank god for the bar right next door get drunk then walk across parking lot. So I would highly recommend it if your looking for a nice mellow strip club were the girls really pay attention to you great company.

nickstrip  on  Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on May 18, 2016
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This place is very nice the girls are all beautiful sexy ,nice ,intelligent,and converse well. There was one white girl Nature that was actually Puerto Rican that stood out to me so I got $40 lap dance and she blew my mind! She's a really sweet & sext great dancer on and off stage ended up getting a 30mim vip dance which was the best decision ever !! The interior is very nice one of the nicest stripclubs I've been too !! Definitely coming back for nature. No one was racist towards me I think too many brothers make assumptions cuz they read someone else review so they already feeling some type of way overall best stripclub I been too!

Harrison69  on  Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on November 3, 2013
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I give it 5 stars because it was my first time ever visiting a strip club, and i had a good time. The girls are pretty, the security is cool, and the owner is nice!

eddyL  on  Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on September 22, 2011
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It was alright I guess, for a little strip club in a shady part of LA. Mainly just a bunch of latin guys drooling over the girls. I got a couple of lap dances from two different strippers. One of em even let me finger her, no joke. Got her number too. Think her name was "Heaven" or something. I don't plan on calling.Ok for me but most strip clubs are kinda depressing anyway. I always just leave broke, regretful, and horny..

Ferd  on Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on January 25, 2009
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i love ang mga girls kapag sila ay lasing

Danielle M.  on Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on December 8, 2008
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Careful, you may get crabs just by walking in this place. I went here to celebrate a friends 18th birthday And no, I am not a cheap jerk that couldn't take him to the Rhino or anything, it was that some of his friends weren't quite 18 so we had to go to a place dirty enough to let them in. No joke, I saw bullet wounds, post pregnancy bodies, and scabs. There is something just off putting about a girl dancing when she has bruises and scabs on her legs. VERY depressing. The lap dances are along the wall, you can pretty much see everything that is going on. It is like watching a live action shot of an inmate getting his conjugal visit. Oh, the places I go to celebrate birthdays. Wait till everyone is 18 so you can actually go someplace where you don't want to puke when you leave.

please help me sos  on Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on February 16, 2008
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please help me sos .... I'm a desperate man... I'm looking for a girl whose name is Emily... She is a blonde, tall girl who is coming from Budapest (Hungary). She worked in Italy before coming in L.A. She is my wife and i'm looking for her... we have two babies who need their mother... It's not important for me but extremely right for our babies... Please help me.. I know that she is working in L.A. as a strip girl or lapdancer and her family in Italy needs Emily very soon... Please tell me something if you know something about her.... PLEASE HELP ME my email adress is

Puerto Rico  on Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on January 30, 2008
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Does Puerto Rico still work there? If not, does anyone know where she dances now? She was the best!

Herpipesalonemelt  on Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on March 7, 2007
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Swing into action with Mariah and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit ("wetandplenty".) This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interset to see more.

krush  on Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on February 25, 2007
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are there any black girls that work here.

dino  on Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on January 19, 2006
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The worst club I ever been to, Girls all fat and ugly and the all the people in there smell like fish including the management

fiend  on Playpen Gentlemens Club

posted on January 30, 2005
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Best club ever reccommend this club for everybody to go. dancers are all beautiful