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Re: lookin  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on March 4, 2017
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I loved her...

dannyboy7  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on December 5, 2016
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I go here often but not as much as I use too. One of the bartenders is so rude and when she brings you a drink she sits there until you tip her. The person sitting in the booth is constantly talking and refused to give me dollars for my twenties. It's pretty sad that they act you you have to spend hundreds of dollars. One dancer told me everybody should spend $100 when they come there.

Victoria T.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on November 29, 2016
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Seriously, this is my favorite place in the world!I really get excited when someone says let's go to Sam's, or it's a holiday weekend where I have the time or extra day in the weekend to do so. Not sure why there so many bad reviews about the place, because I don't understand what you expect. It's a strip club in the middle of warehouses in downtown Los Angeles. Its dark and raunchy and it's so much fun. I've celebrated at least three birthdays there. If you're looking for some fun, go!

stripforme123  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on November 21, 2016
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Came with some friends last night (a group of guys and girls). I went up to the bar to get a drink and was ogled at by men as if I were a piece of meat. Two guys cornered me and tried to introduce themselves, one shook my hand and wouldn't let go, said "I want to touch you" while the other one grabbed my arm. I do enjoy strip clubs when it's apparent that the performers are respected and empowered but clearly this place is filled with trashy, aggressive, disrespectful clientele. I hope the establishment takes action to create a more positive atmosphere for the female employees and patrons.

curtis17  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on August 15, 2016
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Horrible strip club don't go here if u want fun ...Took my buddy here who it was his first time going to a strip I've been to a few before so I was expecting better from this place....first off i asked a stripper a question and they have attitude and are stuck the lap dances are so lame they don't get naked and u can't even touch them...not the experience I wanted for him we left and went to spearimint rhino ....beautiful girls for sure but that's at every club u go to...lame dances and girls who don't socialize with the customers ...I would definetely not go here again

Mike A.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on July 12, 2016
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Women and waitresses are great. But paying a $10cover charge for shit djs is not the business. Especially when it's a long weekend like 4th of July and there is no girls on stage and short staffed on waitress. And these fools still charge to get inn. Dames at least charges $5. Gtfoh. Wack as promoters just trying to make a quick buck. Also you can't leave a tab open.

Cindy S.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 24, 2016
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Meh.... I was bored out of my mind here.I went in with hundreds of dollar bills, ready to make it rain... it didn't happen.The girls here looks really sad. Dancers are sweet and beautiful but I felt really depressed.It is topless-ish. Bartender tells you different amount when you give them credit card and charges you extra $5-$7... 3 times. Is that legal? (and this is on top of the tip)

Colbys  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on March 22, 2016
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Large variety of girls. You will definitely find yourself a girl to your liking. Topless bar but didn't see much topless action. My recent visit took place on St.Patrick's day. They claimed to have specials on drinks but failed to provide such "Deals". Other than that, we had fun. Just make sure to come in advance. Seating is limited. Always packed.

yanard12  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on February 21, 2016
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Complete waste of time! The little girl who claims to run the place with a skull tattoo on her foot told us that she thought our designated driver was too drunk to come inside. Absolutely ridiculous considering she hadn't drank all night...This place has really gone downhill since the new management took over, because this isn't the first issue I have encountered here. It's safe to say that we will never be coming back again. This used to be a fun place but now it's just a waste of time and money. Avoid at all costs!

Evan A.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on February 13, 2016
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***CAUTION***SAMs USED to be the most welcoming and happy place to go... But after tonight i will never go again. The short cross eyed girl with the glasses running the front immediately came at me and my friends with the most disrespectful and condescending tone I've ever heard. We all have been here multiple times and spent PLENTY of money, but apparently the new girl at the front thought we were not welcome anymore. Waste of time and energy.

brandonresh  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on December 14, 2015
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Me and my friends really love this place. The majority of the dancers are very beautiful and aswome at dancings. They dj there is always spinning some good tunes . We just live the whole vibr of this place .

Johnson12  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on October 12, 2015
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Refused to let us in club because they say we were drinking in the car in front of the club. A guy named Josh refused to get the manager. If you're in your personal car, there is no reason to be denied any form of service based on what you do in your car. Funny thing is, we were in separate cars and no drinking was going on. Sad to say but this place is trash for that reason. Denied entry. Never had that happen in LA. I'm actually in awe.

Gee K.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on October 8, 2015
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ghetto ass strip club. don't ask me why i came here. my experience and all you need to know:1) red-lit club with a full bar is like a BET after dark video and charges a ridiculous $20 cover even if you get there an hour before closing. fire hazard standing room only crowded. 2) "private," fully-clothed lap dance interrupted by other strippers to cat fight amongst 3 girls. pool balls used as weapons (hell hath no fury like some ratchet ass strippers)3) phone stolen in the brawl4) asshole management DGAF. denied, denied, denied that the girls were their dancers and their problem. created unsafe environment. 5) you'll probably get shanked or robbed here; general seedinessgo down the street to spearmint instead even if there is no alcohol.

  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on September 27, 2015
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Listen, I think I lowkey love this place. It's no KOD by any means but you will enjoy yourself. I'm finding that a lot of these popular LA strip clubs are actually just in essence, twerk clubs. Sam's is one of them. Literally my first steps inside the venue, this random man looks at me like he finds me attractive and then throws singles on me. I didn't know whether to be flattered or offended. I just brushed off one of the dollars that landed on my chest, gave him the side eye and kept it moving. The girls are pretty and they have ass (which is great) but I only saw one work the pole. Granted, all the women are on stage at the same time, so there's technically not enough room for individual pole work. Even still, I love strippers so I got two lap dances when I went this first time on my birthday. THE HIGHLIGHT:Anytime a patron there decides to "make it rain" on stage. Literally all the women simultaneously stop whatever it is they're doing, drop to their knees and start scrambling for dollars. I've never seen anything like that before. It's funny, but it's not... a sight to see nonetheless.Sidenote: Toward the end, I spotted this beautiful girl with a perfect body and blonde hair. She was bomb. I didn't get her name though. I'll be back.

Elle E.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on August 24, 2015
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This was my first experience at a strip joint and it's everything I imagined. The reviews here don't lie when they say you literally feel like you're in a rap video.At least 15+ girls dancing on stage and 10+ circling. We even got table service.... meaning we had the girls dancing on our table which was great.. Money flying everywhere and I mean everywhere. It could actually use the term "making it rain" properly. I could not see the floor come 2 am. All the girls are beautiful here. Idk if I went on a poppin night or what (contrary to some other reviews) but on Monday night the girls are FIIIOOOONE -- a great variety of ethnicities, hair, height, bodies etc. My only complaint is that I didn't see one girl use the pole which would have really given this place 5 stars. Other than that.... great experience :)

Liz M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on August 23, 2015
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Been here a few times "back in my stripper days" lol jk I've always wanted to say that. Anyhow, it's been a while that I haven't showed this ghetto place some loving. The last time I came in was on my friends bday and I got her a lap dance and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen I made it rain like Seattle, Washington. My friend was acting all innocent: "no Liz I don't want a lap dance." Minutes later she was smiling from ear to ear like the kool-aid man. I realized that this place has better looking chicks than other clubs I've been to, it has predominantly Latinas. Very. Very few great looking ones but overall beer wasn't too expensive and my friend had fun so there ya have it. It is located on Alameda street a real shady street but if you go in a group you should be good.

Nicholas W.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on June 8, 2015
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Very chill laid back spot! Check Heather out she's amazing. I'd recommend this spot to all my friends couples included. Hahaha I had lots of fun.

El T.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on June 6, 2015
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It's alright.. It would be better if they had a better location for the lap dances.. This place is overpriced.. You have to pay $100 to sit in vip and you don't even get a bottle..

Bee R.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on April 20, 2015
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Celebrated a family members 21st birthday there..the atmosphere was pretty good. Except the fact that we had to pay 100 for a ridiculous that you are charged at the door and then charged 100 for a table. Before moving to a table we were sitting by the pool tables and we were asked to move because some girls were giving private dances..smh..but when we walked in some people sitting in the booths were standing on them so why would we get charged so much to sit down and these people are standing but after forking 100 we had a pretty descent time. Sucks to be charged 100 to sit down.

Lynwood C.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on March 15, 2015
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Wednesday night is one of the best nights girls everywhere dancing good food best strip club in l.a come tonite it's cracking booty everywhere girls shaking there's butts having a blast in this Wednesday night come n get your money worth open till 2 a.m yea smoke weed everyday

mathewater12  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on January 20, 2015
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Went here for my Bachelor party. This place gets really packed and things get a bit awkward as you squeeze your way through gauntlets of men as you make your way to the bar for another beer. How many boners did my butt brush against just to get another beer? I don't know...Might be best to avoid Friday and Saturday nights, I like naked girls better when theres not a sausage fest...

Maynard L.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on January 17, 2015
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best strip club in downtown la. pizza = bomb. girls = bomb. drinks = bomb. what more can you ask for on a friday night!

Randy M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on January 8, 2015
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This is the best strip club for your pockets. Lap dances $10. There is a great variety of woman on Friday and Saturday nights. Don't trust the food. Happy hour drinks are your best bet, however their liquor license is currently suspended until mid-Jan they say.

Dee G.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on October 29, 2014
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They have the best strippers here. I've been to a lot of strip clubs in LA and by far Sam's be going up all the damn time.You wanna go see some ASS!?!? Sam's is defiantly the place to go!! The only thing is that it is ALWAYS crowed. You can hardly walk through the place at times. It people on top of people! But if you can find a good spot ... Your on! Lol Drinks are kind of pricey so defiantly pre-party before you go! If your looking for a strip club in LA this is the place to go!!

Jack D.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on October 15, 2014
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I don't even go to strip clubs but this is a must see great vibe, great food, great service, girls are amazing. ***** stars all the way

Jason M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on August 29, 2014
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Saw on zbone dddjolie was working, decided to swing by. Not any suprise but she was extremely busy. Found myself waiting for her for 2 hours, yikes lol. She found me by the pool tables. We got some dances. Now the dances are only 10 bucks freaking awesome! This place is by far the best strip club. All the girls were friendly and fairly decent. This place is ass city. food was delicious! Will return for sure! Was a great first time!

adamrod  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on August 21, 2014
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This place is the bizz! Highly recommend this place if you havent been here before. .. it's the SPOT!! Never had problems with anyone there.. from door man to dj and waitresses. ..

Bill Z.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on August 6, 2014
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I organized a bachelor party for my best friend 2 weeks ago. Rented a party bus and 15 of us set out for a night on the town.Our first stop was at Sam's Hofbrau. The party bus pulled up in front of Sam's and by the time the 3rd person (me) got off the bus the doormen shouted over to us that we could not come in. They gave several reasons -- the two that stick in my head is "You can't come here on a party bus", and "You can't come in if you have been drinking somewhere else".This was our first stop, so even though we probably had a beer and/or shot in our party bus, no one was even lightly drunk, let alone myself that was trying to herd the group. A couple other friends got off the bus and were not aware of the initial attitude and jumped into line. The doormen continued. One of them realized that we were in fact dressed very well and were sober and started to chill out.A few of us gathered and we knew that if these a-holes at the door had that much attitude the entire experience was going to suck. So... we got back on the bus and the 15 - 50 year old guys took the show on the road. We were all confident these asses did us a favor and saved us a ton of money.

Dennis C.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on July 22, 2014
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This is definitely one of Los Angeles' best strip clubs! I've gone plenty times and each time I'm not disappointed by the talent or the experience that I had! I really like it here. It depends what type of girls you are into but to me most girls were damn good looking! Plus, there is variety. I don't know what days apart from the weekends but they have started charging for cover after a specific time during the weekdays so I would say if you're going to come try to arrive before 9 p.m. Also you can find parking in the surrounding area you'll just have to walk a little bit. Most importantly know that police are always hot in the area so it's best look out before leaving if you had something to drink. Drinks were good and lap dances were top notch! Can't wait to go back! A must for any gentleman looking for a gentlemanly night!

Jester O.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on July 18, 2014
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Good times with the Homies Rip Batle 663 getting our drink on and catching spots like always...

Daniel R.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 9, 2014
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Cover charge on a Monday??? No thanks,Besides that is was completely empty? Good way to drive business down. I understand if it was the weekend but guess they don't care about customer loyalty lol Good job Sams !!

Schel H.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on February 22, 2014
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Ok so I suppose I should toss my hat in with my friends on this one. The entrance staff to Sam's totally screwed my friends and I last night. Six of us decided to stop by and check this place out as a few of my friends had been there several times and wanted to go grab a drink and enjoy some fun times.Well we cruised over there in three cars and got screwed with parking big time. At least we were lucky enough to find a little bit of street parking nearby. But that is very dangerous I later noticed as a bunch of open parking is actually a no stopping zone! But the lot was "purportedly full" even though several cars were leaving and only 1 car was in line to go in. Seriously the lead car was turned away so the rest of us didnt even bother to try! *SMH*Pro Tip: Check your street signs regarding parking if you are not in their lot.So we find parking regroup together and get to the entrance. There we ran into a brunette from dantes 3rd circle of power tripping. She was apparently not interested in having any of our group join the fun inside. This was easily seen when this young lady sitting on her stool looked us over and stated that several of the ladies couldnt bring their purses in as they "could have been thrown", but the ladies with clutches were ok. So we turned around to go back to our cars and put the purses away. As some of us get back over, they immediately demand a $20 cover on top of everything else. Note that we all left and then came back and then got hit with the cover charges. WTF is up with that? Well the end result is that they lost 6 customers and potential customers for some of the worst attitude I have experienced in the customer service world.The brunette gatekeeper was literally one of the most condescending curt people I have ever come across at a place like this. Even one of the bouncers looked at her out of the corner of his eye in surprise at what she was saying. It is very peculiar when you are observant to everything happening. Especially since another single dude with a backpack did get to go in as we were walking away as they scanned his bag for weapons and drinks or whatnot. Regardless, I am utterly astounded that a young woman like this was allowed to push away a group of 6 that likely would have spent a few hundred dollars due to her attitude and poor customer service. I seriously find such mannerisms to be very shoddy and poor. As a quick aside when we arrived one dancer was waiting for a ride and she was standing on the street right in front of the club looking very resemblent of a lady of the night. I am sure she was not, but I doubt that is the image that the club wants to represent either. Seriously, I would avoid this place if I were you... it is not worth the hassle, resentment, or attitude. There are a lot of other similar clubs that would treat you with the respect that any patron is due. I am highly disappointed.

Michael F.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on February 21, 2014
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Sam's now charges $20 for admission...on a Thursday night??See ya!

Gally Z.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on February 6, 2014
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It's really good place to have fun there, cheap beer no extra money to enter. But music there is not good, decrease one star for shoddy music

Franklyn  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on January 31, 2014
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Ive been to all the strip joints in LA and vegas. Nothing had prepared for what i witnessed at sams. 40 girls on stage twerking to some hyphy shit.I had a blassssst! Awesome joint with cool vibesDONT BE A CREEP, act like you know the game and you WILL have fun.I will most defiantly be back to blow a quarter of my paycheck!

Erik F.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on December 29, 2013
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What happened to this place? It's always been ghetto but they have some lovely ladies. Ladies for everyone's taste. But what happened with no cover. $20 for a bikini bar.

Angie M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on November 21, 2013
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So I ended up here for the 2nd time... this place is still just a bikini bar but the guys don't seem to mind. You can touch on girls as they clap them cheeks. Super ratchet. This is ass paradise. All the girls had huge butts some so fake nasty though. As I was leaving one of the guys grabbed my arm and pull me close to him. I almost socked him across the face. I think he thought I was a dancer that just got off work and was going home since you do see them leave out the front door... odd that they don't have a separate enterance. I was wearing a hoodie and jeans anyway I hope I never end up here again. If you are a ass man and want to see some rachet entertainment this is the best place.

John Paul N.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on October 22, 2013
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To quote Han Solo, "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts!" Yes, Sam's Hofbrau is not ideally located, attracts cholos (and I am not being prejudiced here, but andale hommie!), and is merely topless.HOWEVER, beer is very reasonably priced, the atmosphere is raucous and well-suited for the bachelor party fare, and the ladies know how to move.An L.A. institution.

Harrison69  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on September 3, 2013
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Great atmosphere, Friendly staff, beautiful talented girls, and reasonable prices for drinks and food.

Jeffrey S.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on July 14, 2013
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Some friends and I came here on a Sunday afternoon and we were not disappointed. I'm aware that 2pm on a Sunday isn't optimal hours for a strip club so expectations were low. Bar tender was really nice and so was the security guard that patted all of us down before we went in. Lots of creepy old gangmember'y type guys but not enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't recommend going here for a bachelor party or anything like that but if you're in the market for large, half naked women of color on a quiet weekend then this is the place for you. side note: If you set your beer on the railing of the pool table a heavyset cook will come out of the kitchen and yell at you. Happened more than once

Lydia G.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on June 8, 2013
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Going tonight lets see what the hypes about! Im excitedexcuted

Manny M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on June 1, 2013
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I have been to Sams when it was free cover and ten dollar lap dances... Can't beat that. I recently returned after a long hiatus to find that it has changed dramatically. First Sam the original owner is not there, back in the day you would see him walking around, second charging for tables is ridiculous, they never charged back in the day, third the dancers don't care anymore, back then they would talk and flirt and do the normal adult dancer hustle, no it's thank you you half song is done bye. I liked Sams, heck I still like it but its just not the same anymore.

Joamna S.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 17, 2013
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The best PLACE . reminds you of a good house party

Ricardo M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 11, 2013
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Had a much better experience this time. ATM was working, no wait for change and was able to have a much better time.

Jessica C.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 10, 2013
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Came in last night and got royally robbed by the beautiful ladies! For those like myself who are ballin on a budget, My tip is spend your $$$ where it should go (on the entertainment) and drink 3$ tecates all night!

Daniel C.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on April 10, 2013
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This joint is like Jumbo's little asshole brother. The premise is the same, but the service and quality suck. First off, my friends and I go in at $10 bucks a piece, the chick at the door looks at us like we're criminals from head to toe which kinda made us feel like what the fuck. Yeah "What the fuck" is a feeling. We grab some seats and notice that not one chick is on stage, they're all sitting together at a corner table giggling n' shit. Finally after we get our pitchers and started drinking, a girl gets up and starts doing her thing. She wasn't half bad, but it seemed that she took dancing lessons at Chuck E. Cheese or some shit. We drank our beers, and waited for someone to come around and offer us more, but nothing, so we said fuck it and went somewhere else. It was a Thursday night, so maybe it was an off night, but it sure sucked balls. I'll try it again on a weekend, maybe it'll be better.

fritter17  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on January 10, 2013
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I had a great time! It was my first time at a strip club so I did not know what to expect, but this place was really fun. It was pretty low-key and casual. Some of the girls are beautiful (some are not) and some are quite talented (some are not). One of the waitresses came to our table and talked to us about herself and that was pretty cool. I don't know how I feel about the whole touching policy since some men really take advantage of that but hey if the ladies are cool with it then cool. Overall, fun time.

Alexis P.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on October 24, 2012
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First of all f*ck this place. Second of all, forget it.I showed up tonight with 25 girls who were ready to eat, drink and tip the ladies... but within an hour we left.First off, there's no cover and a 2 drink minimum. All the booths are for "invited guests only" and there were a few other tables that seemed open when we rolled in.I have been here twice before and had decent experiences, but this time was enough for me to not go back.I called a couple times this week to try and get a table reservation for the large group we were expecting. I was twice told everything is "first come, first serve" - fine. So, we grab some small tables up by the lapdance booth and as our group keeps growing, suddenly the tables we are at and all the tables around us are "reserved" as of 9pm and there's a 50$ minimum to sit there as well as a limit of 4 people per table. Stupid. Sam's is ghetto as hell. It's in a shitty part of town and the girls are unattractive. I think it's just a bikini bar, but if anyone took their tops off it was so unremarkable I've already forgotten. The girls are no good and not worth such stupid minimums... If you expect people to eat, drink and tip and pay for a table at least give them something good to look at.Cheetahs and even Crazy Girls in comparison are so much better than Sam's. The service was unpleasant.We left and went to another bar downtown, which is a shame. But I guess Sam's is OK with losing customers.

Alma S.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on July 23, 2012
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This place is crazy - its loaded with gangsters - Don't go

Nico H.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on June 27, 2012
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It was my first strip experience. And it was amazing! Loved it. The place was very chill. People were friendly. Definitely a little ghetto, but i'd say in a good way. No cover fee, reasonable price for drinks. Dancers are various, which is a great thing! I feel everyone can find his favorite here. I ordered lap dance from a dancer, Kendra, and it was superb. Check out this place if you like strip club, or if you haven't been to one :)

Chris M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on June 13, 2012
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This place is beautiful. Free cover, full menu and full bar. Not to mention pussies popping in your face everywhere you turn.

Jae J.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 8, 2012
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If you don't know, now you know. This place is an LA Landmark! Not for the faint at heart as this place is in the hood, and they keep it hood...even with some of the dancers. But it has cheap beer, a pool table, and is FREE to get in! Never ate here as i would never eat at any strip joint, but i do see people get'n their grub on. A regular spot after Dodger or Laker games. Trust me if you live in LA an Uncle or your Dad has been here at one time, don't let him lie to you....Honorable Mention: No cell phones with cameras allowed, so be advised (there are ways to get around that, if your smart)

Daniel M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on April 4, 2012
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Nice bar/strip club, reasonable prices, friendly staff, and most important talented beautiful women! Would of gave it a 5 but only problem is that its too small and gets over crowded quickly.

Javier M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on March 12, 2012
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The best topless entertainment. Girls are cool n professional. Drinks are at good prices as well. The crowd was crazy the few times I've been there with friends. The only bad thing about it is that it gets extremely crowded and you can barely move around and you will spill your drink or someone will spill in on you. other than that I had a great time.

Ash s.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on December 11, 2011
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The parking situation sucks.. But this place is the perfect balance between boobies, beer, and a bite to eat. Not too raunchy or skanky. Just right.

Jessica F.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on November 17, 2011
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OH SAMS, You are so good to me. Now my first experience, Diana brought me here, cute best friend right? It was a Monday night and we tried going to some exclusive drum n bass show in DTLA and ended up here. It is a bikini bar which means not alot of exposure. Of course there's that ONE girl on stage that NOBODY is looking at with her top off and lets just say she should put it back on. So we went and got approached by some dude that bought us drinks all night along with giving us free money, cool we aren't even strippers and we got a bill each. Tell me why there was this one girl all in my face like suffocating me with her ass and she had acne on her cheeks, ACNE? C'mon boo if your gonna let it all hang out at least be clean.It's a cool place, lots of old pervs or younger guys that like to get some confidence by slapping a girls ass with a dollar. Some days are obviously a younger crown but I'm not complaining Diana and I make the best out of the worst.

Tony H.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on October 21, 2011
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If you grew up watching married with children & always wondered where's the fun titty bars like that I've got news for you....... It's right here at SAMs. Since its serve liquor (bottle beer & alcohol) its topless/top-tional which is cool because who really wants to risk getting pink eye from some chick flashing her butt-hole at you for tips.There's a fairly big stage sometimes there's as much as 6- 10 girls dancing at once, lap dances are 10 bucks a song, and there's all sorts of girls even a few fat chicks for the fellows that love those super giant boobs with the pancake size areola's.Now this place is in a slight crummy area so I'd advise you just spend the 5 bucks (25 on the weekend if you have an suv) and park in the valet lot instead of risking some crack head smashing in your window and stealing your snicker bar. Also if you're squeamish around "ethnics", the type that wear Dodger, Raider, FuBu, & Roc a fella gear this might not be the spot for you. Some might think the crowd looks rowdy but every time I've been here everyone is cool & there to have a good time with some beer & looking at some tits.So if you're tired of the typical boring strip club that you have to pay to get in, & sit far away with your lemon aid, listening to shi++y music while chicks dance to slow crappy songs you need to head over to SAMs and check them out.

Emerald G.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on October 9, 2011
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This place is totally not that ghetto. It's actually pretty fun. I am writing this from a girl's perspective...A lot of the girls are in general, pretty cute, and like others have said, there is a little something for everyone. With that said, it IS a topless bar - most of the patrons are men who live in LA and yes, it can feel a little grimey at times.

Johnnyboy123  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on August 19, 2011
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WOW! I always knew strip clubs were ghetto but this one takes the cake!I really wasn't expecting it to be THAT ghetto. Ok, it's in the hood near skid row and they have flashing lights that you can see from a mile away.All the cars were fit for my TCOTW (Tacky Car of the Week) category. All chrome and gold if you know what i mean.I don't think there was a cover charge, I don't really remember because I was DRUNK but I do remember walking in and thinking I was in a movie.I wanted to turn around and walk out but I didn't.It was filled to the max with MS13 gangster looking people. There were plenty of females too for it being a strip club. It seemed more like a bar with entertainment as oppose to a strip club with a bar. People were hanging around like it was a house party and it just wasn't the typical strip club.The girls were nasty, cellulite and fat everywhere. but I didn't care, I must've threw away about $400 dollar bills.I just wanted to see some dancing and titties, which i saw. Even though they served alcohol, some were topless.Would I go back? Probably since I LOVE strip clubs but maybe NOT on a saturday.When we got shots at the bar, it was legit, but when we were sitting in front of the strippers, the waitress brought over watered down shots. That is a NO NO. but again, i was too drunk to say anything.

Erik M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on June 28, 2011
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I know what I want in life now. Sam's you are the greatest. That is all.

Xochil L.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 18, 2011
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I thought it was gonna be some dirty, perverted skanky strip bar. I was totally off hilt. It IS an Extremely, Intensely, Skanky, perverted strip bar. A very special and unique establishment indeed. I was dressed in my scantly clad, 70% skin baring Bebe dress and it actually attracted more sexy women to our table. Oh my male stud friends are so wily! They knew what was up! So what, I got used to up their stock? You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours - my policy. To sum it up, we had a great time here. I got my freak on with some of the sexiest dancers in the joint. The owner, a cute lil old Japanese man, hooked me up with some drinks on the house. Not "good times"...............Great Times

Val B.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on April 22, 2011
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Very chill. Feels more like a dive bar. It's probably the brightest strip club in terms of lighting. The dancers are ok, not much emphasis on the stage. The music is typical hip hop which I like. Drinks are cheap but on the weak side. Parking lot can get sketchy w people too drunk and too sexually frustrated. Overall the sleaze level is bearable.

fuckery12  on  Sam's Hofbrau

posted on March 12, 2011
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Sams is my place....Its free to get in and $10 friendly lap dances thats called #BiWinning...When you walk up it looks like an Edward James Olmos Gangster Movie but everybody is hella friendly and are not concerned with you at all...Theres too many gorgeous girls...I usually go on Sundays and Mondays when they have the $3 tecate special...The staff is very nice and the girls are Gorgeous...Usually a lot of latina women with phattys

eric k.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on March 4, 2011
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I fancy the titty bar once and a while, and when I do I go to Sam's. Beers are reasonable and the atmosphere is trashy (the way I like it). There are some hot broads and then some pretty busted up ones. My personal favorites have to be Orchid (holy shit she's HOT and REAL!!!), She's got a bangin ASS and personality to match the cutest face. Next is Porsche. She gives great lap dances with that tight body of hers... These girls have the body, right attitude, and amazing dancing capabilities, especially when paired up all over me. I leave this place wanting a divorce from my life/wife. But then again I would rather blow my hard earned money on a titty dancer than pay the alimony. Some pointers when going to Sam's, ALWAYS TIP!!! This includes the bartenders, waitresses and especially the girls.These girls will hate your fucking guts if you walk in there trying to pickup or look for free. Plus Its way more enjoyable when you got the hottest girls (and some of the most busted up) in LA hanging off you because you display proper titty bar etiquette.Great game of pool, boobs in your face and cheap beers... Makes this place worth blowing the car payment and kids college fund worth it.See you scum bags in hell...

Benny T.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on February 26, 2011
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they charge 20 dollars parking there on a friday night,ask the parking guy if we pay the 20 dollars do you you guarantee theres seats in there for us?no guarantees,go suck a d**k,not worth it

Lina M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on February 9, 2011
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I had soooooo much fun here!Me and my friend decided to come here as we were just chilling at his place bored. We drank in the car before we came in because we're cheap like that lol. He's been here many a times before so I knew to leave my phone at home, not even in the car because it's a part of LA that's a little sketchy, but whatever.I deducted a star because the place is a little small for the amount of people that show up and I felt a little suffocated at times. I like that the girls are real. I don't recall seeing any fake ta-ta's. I mean if fake ta-ta's are your thing then fine. I prefer to look at real women. Okay, let me reword my thoughts, because girls with breast implants are real lol. What I mean to say is I prefer looking at natural beewbies. Anyways, got a bomb ass lap dance from a sexy ass girl with big boobies and a nice booty. All this for $20 bucks for like 10 mins. Awwwwww shhhhhiiiiiitttttttt. I met so many funny cool people here and actually cant wait to come back again.

liz v.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on January 21, 2011
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would definitly recommend dis place! always have a great time here wit friends n the $20 table dances arnt bad either :) dey usually have good drinking deals n ive never spent more than $100 here but still got plenty of action specially on my birthday wen dancer paid xtra attention to me! go everybody but hide ur phones!

Rey L.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on October 1, 2010
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Came for a bachelor party. This place is in the middle of the industrial part of downtown. Which means, nowheresville. Not much in that area. Kinda creepy... It's the PERFECT place for Sam's.The place is relatively big. The stage is set right in the center. Chairs surrounding. The bar is behind the stage area. We had 2 tables this night, right next to the stage, about 20 of us. This place is very cool. The girls were pretty friendly. Above and beyond the typical "friendly" stripper attitudes. Even though I didn't get a dance, they were not very rude about me shooting them down. Oh btw, the lap dances are only $10!!! The table dances this saturday night was only $20! Not too shabby. We got the doomed groom up on stage with 3 girls and he got "entertained" for a mere $60. SIXTY BUCKS! Plus, of course, we had to make it rain for him. The ladies here were attractive. Mostly latinas but a couple asian and white girls. The crowd is typical dudes you would find in the middle of downtown LA on a saturday nite at a titty bar. Oh, they only flash the goods (boobs only) at the latter half of the second song. Very quick. But, as the night goes on, they get multiple girls on stage. I counted 4 on there at once. Park on across the street. Leave your phone in the car cause they pat you down. No phones at all. A nice place that I recommend for good times.

Andrew M.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on August 27, 2010
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one word: MAGICAL Compared to the stark coldness and perversion of other strip clubs this is filthy, fun, and free. Come on man who can beat that. I've seen both woman and men having a ball in here. As long as your not a total dunce and can keep your shit together your gonna have a blast here.

Fernando Z.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on July 8, 2009
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After a disappointing night of trying to a place to have a beer and just hang out my friends and I decided to come here. It was Saturday night on the 4th and the first place we went was closed so then we tried a 2nd place and it was very slow. So after stricking out twice we thought that this place has to be jumping. Boy, were we right. There's no cover charge to get in which is a plus since most strips clubs charge $20 but there is a 2 drink minimum. Before you go in make sure you leave your cell phone, digital camera, or any recording device in the car since it's frowned upon. Other than that you'll have a good time.The drink price range can vary from cheap to regular depending on the day and time you come. The waitresses here are very friendly yet pushy since they want you to buy the minimum 2 drinks. As for the strippers, they're not first class but they're average and once in a while you can find one that's your type since they are all different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. After a bad start to our night I'm glad that we had a much better time here. Where else can you find place where you can have a couple of beers and see women show off their boobs all for a cheap price. It's a whole lot better than going to those overrated Gentlemen's Clubs that are such rip offs.

Camino E.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 2, 2009
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This is one of the best strip/Bikini clubs in Los Angeles. I'll tell you why this place is a hidden gem. If you like to splash i.e. : make it rain, thunder, etc this is the place for you!! There are many lovely latina women who dance here ( if your not into latina women then this place isn't for you). There isn't a cover charge so that in itself is a thumbs up ( its a recession dammit). But they ask you cop atleast 2 drinks, and if you don't the little japanese owner dude will spot you out and ask the waitresses to hit you up for one.The lap dances are dirt cheap 10.00 and they usually play the full song not the snippets. Drinks are moderately priced they got the tecate 3.00 all day Sunday and Monday. The waitresses are sexy to the tee. I would say bring a C-Note and you'll have some fun.

Michael C.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on December 5, 2008
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Sam's Hafbrau is an L.A. icon. Even if you're not into adult entertainment, you must check this place out. It's simply part of living in L.A.. I've been to Universal Studios, after all - even though I don't care about Hollywood for movies.I went on an off night, since I like to get a good feel for a place without large crowds distracting me. It was a great experience.First, you can get a beer. Most strip clubs in L.A. are fully nude. A fully nude club cannot serve alcohol - so they are called "juice bars." Juice bars = teh suck.While I enjoy a pole dance and a woman's physique, I'm not into staring at cha-chas. So being able to go to a place where I can have a couple of Pacificos is worth the trade off for the dancers not going fully nude.Second, no cover charge. You are required to pay $5 for valet parking. Which, given the neighborhood, is actually a plus.Third, the women look great. The women are "real." It's not fake blond hair and silicone or saline. There are lots of great, all natural booties. Plenty of Latinas and African American women. Even a few Asians. I like diversity.Some other notes:* I didn't eat, but I was told the food is good. * The talent I spoke with told me that it gets rowdy Thursday-Saturday. She suggested coming at 9 p.m. if you wanted a table or seat on the bar.* Lap dances are $10 per song (the songs are NOT cut short), and done with the woman in her bikini.* Pacificos were $5 each.* The neighborhood is sketchy. I was frisked (and not by a stripper!) before being able to go in.All in all, a great time.

Cameron X.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 15, 2008
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I think I went on "Skank & Hoodlum" night. Semi-raunchy chicks and dicey characters.....that being said.....I'll be back. (But I'll make sure not to spend so much time drinking in the parking lot.)If my memory is correct, there was this one chick with some mighty healthy sweater puppets (If you know what I mean).....and you can rarely go wrong with that.Good TimesUPDATE:I went back on a Friday night (or was it a Saturday night.....damn you Johnie Walker!) after a Dodgers game and man!.....let me tell you.....It was like night & day after my last visit. They had like 10 hot sexy Latinas and Ebony chicks with luscious boobies just swinging free, bouncing to & fro. It was all good. The crowd was a calm mixture of truck drivers, USC students, shaved head gangsters, Japanese business men and me. Everyone was cool and hypnotized by the rhythmic swaying of jiggly breast.With all those chicks on stage it looked like a party scene from a Nelly rap video.More Good Times

George K.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on February 11, 2008
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Is the absolute best bar in Los Angeles for this type of entertainment. Bring as many fiends as possible, you will be frisked at the door, and the table of very bad boys next to you...well they really are and they really will mess with keep tipping the girls and be friendly. Everyone is having a good time. My recommendation, get a booth along the wall, bring dollars, go and have fun, get a girl to dance and crawl on your table, but get out after the second drink before you think the girls really do like you, or the bad boys try to heist your dates.

Fargo  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 14, 2007
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this club was a joke. I came here to see dancing, but half of the girls did not go on stage. I waited for 2 hours for one cute asian girl to go on stage, but all she seemed interested in doing was drinking with the guys that she came in with. I had about six hundred bucks to spend, but went to other clubs and spent it instead. Had a much better time at the other clubs than at your place.

Party Web  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on March 7, 2007
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Swing into action with *Mariah* and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit "wetandplenty" This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interset to see more.

Diana H.  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on November 22, 2006
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wow...a diamond in the rough for damn sure! We came here for lunch, about 8 of us from work decided to come see some naked ladies. I like going to strip joints but never have i gone during the day let alone during my lunch hour! So this place looks real ghetto from the outside, parking was plentiful, no cover, we looked out of place because we had females in our group, it was mainly local lunch crowd. But they welcomed us like one of the locals.Ok, they have a wrap around stage with seats along the outer edge, nice! Also poles going up & down, side to side on the ceiling, etc. , Needless to say they got the pole situation covered. So the ladies...were not bad for topless ghetto stripclub in LA. It was lunch time on a friday, so you know they have the no-namer girls workin, though most of them had great attitudes. Nothing worse then a stuck-up stripper! I was pretty impressed with the entertainment. Food, Menu, Service was great. Full Bar, resonable prices, & pool tables too...cant wait to go back for another lunch hour at sam's

in limo  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on November 14, 2006
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had a good time at another club then went back to hotel

lookin  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on January 17, 2006
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where is jenna at? long time looker, first time writing.

Just browsing......  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on May 18, 2004
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I'm a dancer in Vegas, This place looks like it is a cool place to work.

Mr.T  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on February 7, 2004
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This club does remind you a tough biker bar from a movie. Go here with a buddy or seriously start working out before entering. Nothing happened while I was there and they do have good security, but I'm a small dude and that crowd seemed rough. Drank one beer and bailed out quick. But what really gave me a cold sweat was the Latina dancer on the stage. OK face and body, but Good Lord she didn't have a bikini wax. She bent over in front of me and I closed my eyes and prayed for a razor to fall out the ceiling. I forgot women get hairs in their valley. I don't mind a landing strip downstairs, but this girl was o'natural. It was less then ten minutes from when I entered, to when I left. No cover, but the valet was three bucks.

ks dancer  on Sam's Hofbrau

posted on January 17, 2004
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hey...are the girls as hot as they are in the pics? i might go to school in la, and i wanna keep dancing...but can i compete? 5'1 105 lbs blonde hair, 34b...pretty average. cute, but not a porn star....these chix look like porn stars