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2020 East Olympic Boulevard

Los Angeles, California 90021

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scladmin (management)  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on May 11, 2018
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Wet and Wild Topless Carwash

Join us June 6th for a Wet and Wild Topless Carwash!$200 15min 2 Girl VIPS

Fruit Stand

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natalia  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on November 4, 2016
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how is it here as a dancer? i want to come work. i work manhattan and atlantic city. help!

spearmintmaster (management)  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on October 21, 2016

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Weekly Specials


3 Nude Dances for $100


No Surcharge on Rhino Chips over $200


$100 15min. VIPS

$150 15min. Kings Court VIPS

Free Admission during the day with drink purchase (until 6pm)

Early bird special (open til 7:30pm)

Reg 15min. VIPS $120

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spearmintmaster (management)  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on October 21, 2016

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We have a new coupon offer. Free admission.

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posted on May 23, 2016
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Get Clean with our hot ladies washing your junk

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Jennifer C.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on April 9, 2016
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Some of the dancers seems not enjoying their job, but the music, lightings and the atmosphere were good.

XXXbeast  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on March 2, 2016
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All I can say about this spot is WOW!!!! This place is off the hook from the door men to the waitresses to the upfront B-Holes that you get to see in ur face... All of the dancers were polite and quick to have great conversation with playful attitudes. I left this place very pleased and wanting more. I will definetly be back for more!!!!

Mistercap12  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on December 23, 2015
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Came here with some friends and had great experience at a classy club. Ryan the general manager was courteous and made our experience that much better. We will definitely will be back.

Payam H.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on December 12, 2015
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I visited this place for the first time on a recent Tuesday. Bad decision. First, the girls are decent to average looking but even worse is their "Lesbian" (no male interest) or "born again virgin" orientation with the men in the club. Now this does not reflect on every single girl but enough fall into this category. First, the girls sit as far away as possible from the men and sit by the other girls before they sit next to one of the men -or- she will spend more time looking at her phone or walking up the stairs or sitting next to the bar while all these men are by themselves. One of the Asian girls sat next to me for a short moment. We had a brief conversation. She began flirting with me. I flirted back then she suddenly gets up and leaves as if all of a sudden she is a born again virgin. Something like "I didn't like what you said...I'm not that type of girl. I'm a god girl." Keep in mind that this is a girl that works in a nude environment. Joke. Now try to make sense out of this one. I questioned one of the managers or staff on duty if they screened the girls they hired to see if they were "Lesbians" or not. He ADMITTED they hire Lesbians and said "They are better dancers." What? There was one Latina who took a nap (sleeping) on the couch next to the fireplace for at least one hour or longer while there were men sitting by themselves next to her. Can you show more of a lack of interest in men than that ?! Other girls came across as stuck-up or conceited. Joke. I then questioned the bartender on duty who eagerly approached me twice to buy expensive $10 drinks for two girls that briefly sat next to me before leaving. I asked her why I was the only man she approached or was asked to buy one of the Lesbian girls a drink and she falsely claimed that she approached the other men too but never did. I watched her the whole time. It seems as if some of the men are selectively chosen or picked to buy extra drinks while others are not. Figure this one out. Then she claimed I was "talking shit" and rudely walked away. Minutes later I was happy to walk away and go down the street to a much better place. Save your money and go somewhere else guys.

Esther C.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on September 2, 2015
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Best I've ever seen. Great ambiance, comfortable, GQ.The women are drop dead gorgeous and the DJs play the most mesmerizing beats. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

ryan123  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on June 19, 2015
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As I was about to write this review I read "Michael C's" review and he basically took the words out of my mouth. So you can read his review and MINE.But to add on to it...- Lap Dances = they have 2 for 1 deals all the time so save your money for that deal. For example, it's $20 for 2 topless songs or $40 for 2 fully nude songs. The DJ announces it every 15 minutes or so. The prices would be double that without the "2 for 1" deal. I don't know why any stripper can't just offer that herself whenever she wants to but apparently the Owner would know and would charge the stripper more money. That's what the strippers always say but they could just be lying. - Other Tips = when you get a lap dance be sure to tell them exactly what you want before you buy. I mean you wouldn't buy something without knowing what your getting. So just say, "I want you to do this, this and this for 1 song at $this$ price." You may even want to pay them first so you don't get taken for. My experience with the girls:- Blonde, skinny girl from Hungry = she was nice, friendly, smarter than the others, big boobs and not pushy. - Young girl with dark hair & glasses = she was pretty cute but sucky lap dances. - Shoulder length black hair, white, skinny, small boobs & butt = I think her name was Raven. She was crazy but in a good way....I think? I was there for like 2+ hours and out of the 20 or so girls that were there I would only say that 5 were good-looking enough for me to pay money for, which for me is not too bad.** $5 for parking** SECURITY GUARDS = in my experience with strip club security guards, they always act like they are hardcore authority figures. This place is no exception. As soon as I parked my car some pudgy security guard came rolling towards me and said, "It's $5 to park here. If you want to park outside then you risk getting towed. It's up to you!" WTF is this guy talking about? I came IN the parking lot, PARKED my car & was walking towards the entrance to pay and this guy is acting like I was trying to park outside? So I said, "What?" He goes, "You can parked here or outside. It's up to you!" I said, "What are you talking about? I DID just park in the parking lot." He says, "Well, it's gonna be $10 now!" I said, "Why?" He said, "I'm just kidding, it's $5." So all you reading this, expect to find these wanna be mall cops. The guard inside was not that much different either.

Cameron P.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on April 29, 2015
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Best strip club in Los Angeles by far staff is amazing and the girls OMG been to a lot of clubs in the area and this one by far has the best looking girls!! I would deff recommend this club to all my friends!! My friend lost his phone while we were there the staff took the time to look for it and find it was very impressed with the customer service there!!

billtheguy12  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on April 26, 2015
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Was planning a buddy's Bachelor party and selected this place. As far as LA goes, this club definitely has the hottest chicks with the biggest selection. The strip club scene has gone downhill in recent years, but this Rhino has kept up its image. Dance prices were fair and if you're cool with the staff, (I was chatting with a big Greek dude manager they had I think named Shotty?) They'll take care of you. Only complaint is no alcohol, but that has more to do with the beauracratic communists we have running California than Rhino. All in all, was a good time and a night we'll never forget. Now I just gotta figure out what the hell is a Spearmint Rhino???

Vince P.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on April 22, 2015
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Had a great experience here. Beautiful girls and good prices. Definitely coming back!

winston12  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on November 12, 2014
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Came to Rhino DTLA lastnight and dang! All i have to say is, it's a must to spend time with Renee. Not only is she amazingly hott!! She is such a sweetheart. She made me feel at home the entire time I spent with her. She's everything you wish for when coming to a gents club! Not to mention the VIP with her! So worth every minute of my time. I will definitely be back and when I do come by again I'll be looking for Renee. She looks like Rihanna but even sexier and her body is of a Goddess. You must see for yourself. She is everything a man wants and needs. See you soon Renee.

mathewater12  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on May 21, 2014
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Went to SR w 10 guys for a bachelor party. Went on Monday night at midnight. As soon as we walked in they were fleecing us for money. $500 to get in, got SR chips towards dances. Only 7 girls inside and they grudgingly accepted the chips. We gave them all to the groom to be and we still got major attitude. Dancers went down to 3 and when we complained mgmt said 4 girls got sick and had to go home. RIP OFF!!! Know before you go!

Adam P.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on July 5, 2012
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Wish I could give them negative stars... Been three times. Each time no one on stage...not one dance for over an hour which blows after you paid $20 to come in.. The majority of the girls are on serious drugs meth, oxy, heroin, etc. probably because their club sucks so badly... You will think no one is there but the dj (who I slipped $20 to play a too short song and he refused) but they insist there are girls in the back for private dances only but you can't see first... I'm more reluctant to go back there and get kidnapped from some TAKEN Serbians than I'd be to go to Tijuana. Also the club is in the worst location in all of LA. 40 minutes from anywhere but an abandoned downtown, with nothing but boarded up buildings and crack heads.... Don't ever go here.

Val B.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on April 17, 2011
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Came here superlate bc sam's was closed. Very dark. The dancers are ok. Just a typical strip club. Dress code at door. Ridiculously high entrance fee.

AssnTits5  on  Spearmint Rhino

posted on February 21, 2011
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Im not impressed with downtowns strip clubs so far. Came in after a more than ok time at the Bordello. Entrance fee is 20 per person, which is lame. Walked in and its a large room, plenty of space. Major problem with me is, how the hell do you not have alcohol if the girls aren't getting naked on stage!!! I know they get naked in the back, but maybe you should judge a guys mannerisms before letting him go back there , if you served drinks! UGH! I don't like the fact that, they only have one girl on the stage at a time. I mean whats the point of having two poles if you got one girl on there!!!!!! The girls just seemed so blah in attitude and I was bored! Even being in the bathroom and having to go through the dressing room before the stalls, I talked to a few and they were just like in blah whatever mode, like they weren't happy to be there. For the one that talked to me next to my date, she was very nice. But my date doesn't believe in giving me ones to tip the ladies that take their time out to talk to us and get declined a dance, at least tip them JEEZ. I told my boo him and I won't be going to a strip club again together. He should of sucked it up and drove 15minutes to the Body shop in Hollyweird, thats my LA county spot!!!!!!!!

Lori C.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on June 30, 2010
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My boyfriend and I were heading back to my house after a nice dinner and I didn't quite want to head home head. I jokingly suggested going to a strip club and he mentioned one that we always pass by on the freeway, thus leading us to the Spearmint Rhino. We had only been to one strip club prior to this (the Crazy Horse in SF) and had a bad experience. I was curious and wanted to see if all strip clubs gave off that creepy vibe, or if this one would offer something else. So we decided to go on a quick strip club run. The self-parking was $5 and the cover was $20 each. As soon as we walked in, it was WAY more classier than the other one we had been to. Cuter girls and girls walking around offering drinks. There's a stage in the middle with seats around it and also seats on the outer edge.We clearly got lucky because as soon as we walked in, a porn star was performing?! Nikki Benz? Whoever the hell that is. But the little show she put on ruled. She danced to Marilyn Manson, played with some whips, another girl in a gas mask came out and they did their little thing, and another tied up dude got on stage and basically got taken advantage of by the two girls.WILD, right?! Pretty much. My boyfriend and I waited for the next dancer and it was some cute little blonde girl, but she looked bored and her dance was quick and short. By then, the BF and I were over it and we just left.They offer free admission if you come back within 30 days with your original receipt. It was a fun little experience, but I don't plan on going back anytime soon. If you're just looking for a good time and you're a straight girl, I'd suggest going with a group of fun friends, as opposed to just your boyfriend, to just have a good time.

I'm moving to LA  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on January 11, 2010
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Is this a good club to work at. i'm from scores west and cheerleaders. what is the deal, i'm moving there

NIKITA  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on December 11, 2009
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My name is Nikita and I make Exotic Dancewear. I am looking to find a local strip club magazine to advertise in. If some one can help me I would greatly appreciate the help and information. If you are aware of such a publication in the LOS ANGELES area please send me a post . The name of the magazine would be perfect . Thank you to anyone who responds .

Michael  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on September 20, 2009
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I had been to this club before, went back this week and was a little disappointed. I was only in there for a half hour but every time a girl came up to sit next to me and talk the waitress appeared and asked if I wanted to buy the girl a drink. I know I can say no but it's annoying as this happened four times and only once was I interested in getting a dance from the girl, and it's 10 bucks for a soft drink for the girls. I had two dances with the same girl which were nice enough. I know the clubs are there to take our money but it's nice when they let you forget the fact!

McMillian  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on September 1, 2009
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I went here for my 19th birthday. I forgot the name of the dancer that gave me a lapdance, but she was nice, friendly, and insisted on grabbing her throughout the dance (how she got me to give in to her was a mystery...her method was to sit on my lap without hesitation unlike other strippers there...and sweet talk me into getting a lapdance from her...it WORKED like magic!). The club is small in comparison to others, but the quality of girls are 8/10.

DARCI  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on July 2, 2009
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I am a dancer in NY is ths a good club? Iam moing out to LA next week

Info  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on February 12, 2009
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I was watching a few movies the last week. Did the flight attendant in "The Bucket List" or the impound lot attndant in" National Security" work here before?

Tyler W.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on February 11, 2009
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I've got to go with the minority on this one. Small popular club = you are standing or snuggling with someone you probably don't want to. Have you ever tried snuggling with a stranger in downtown? Not as fun as it sounds. The girls are on par with an Alaskan cheer leading squad; probably one or two cute-ish ones and then a bunch of ones that would fit right in at a Waffle House (smothered and covered?!?! Uhmm, no thanks). The sales pitch could use work too. After a while I started to feel like I was just being hit up for money by semi-attractive, semi-nude girls. "Dance, dance, wanna dance, anyone. Anyone. Hey buddy, wanna dance? God bless you"; you get the idea. I think the people giving this place good reviews either work there or are not wise in the ways of bare boobie night. It isn't awful, but there is a lot better around - sort of like the Filet-O-Fish at Mc Donald's.

j.d.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on January 28, 2009
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Rhino is a joke...every one of them has ugly as girls...the bouncers are always looking to see what you're doing with them in the VIP booth...the whole "upscale" thing means attitude and not getting your money's worth

Michael C.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on November 22, 2008
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I've been to many strip clubs, and I'm not some creepy guy. I can appreciate the female form. There are many nice female forms here.You get diversity. Do you like white chicks, black chicks, Hispanic chicks, or Asian chicks? It doesn't matter; they're all here. They even have a beautiful Iraqi working. While there are many beautiful women, there are some so-so ones; and one disgusting one. She is old and smells like smoke. You'll know her when you see her - lol. Keep her away, unless you like the smell of ash trays.Some helpful tips: * Bring cash. As the commenter below me noted, the ATM is a total scam. It's a 10% surcharge. Plus you have to pay your own bank ATM fee. Scam.* Get a free pass. You can usually find a free pass at the back page of the LA Weekly (which is an awesome paper you should be reading, anyway). Instead of paying $20 cover charge, you pay $5 for one drink (a soda or Red Bull). Like all fully nude clubs in L.A., the Rhino is a "juice bar."* Take advantage of specials. If you go on off nights, you can get good specials on lap dances. On Wednesday or Thursday, you can usually get a 2-for-1. Lap dances are $20 for topless or $40 for fully nude. Just take your time, and you'll get a special.* Don't get more than you want. When you go into the back room, strippers will automatically just take off their bottoms. That way you sort of get forced into paying for fully nude. If you don't want fully nude (I don't want their cha-chas touching me), be sure to specific you want topless. Otherwise, they'll drop their bottoms and you'll be stuck paying twice what you'd otherwise pay. * Beware buying drinks. A stripper will approach you, sit down, and chat with you. A minute later, a waitress will ask you if you want to buy the woman a drink. It's $10. If you don't buy them a drink, they'll usually say, "Good bye." I'd rather spend my money at the tip stage, rewarding women for hard work, than pay money just to have someone talk to me. If you want to keep them around, just know what it will cost you.* Take the freeways. Do not take back roads or short cuts to get through here, unless you want to be assailed by crack heads and homeless people. Find a way to get here via the highways.All in all, this is a very good place. If you play it smart (use coupons, bring your own cash, wait for dance specials), you'll see beautiful women for a great price.

Michael  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on July 13, 2008
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I really like this club, staff are friendly, girls are nice, especially Alexa - wow! Beware though she knows how to get all your money off you but of course she does it nicely and makes you want to give it!!

J.D.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on May 4, 2008
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I went on two different nights. Most of the girls are cute, a hand full are HOT, and some make me want to leave. Overall the girls look good. But some don't know how to sell. Some chic will come over and if you say no they give you a dirty look and just take off. I think its funny. Last time i went i got a girl named Kacey. Hot blond, small frame, and a good show.

???  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on October 9, 2007
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How is the money here? On a typical night what is average amount of money a girl can make?

clubreg  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on March 20, 2007
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I've been a Rhino reg. for the last year. Same old thing day in day out. the only thing that has changed is the quality of the girls....it's gone to hell. Fat and ugly, maybe it's just me but over the last year they've been hitting the buffet pretty hard. just because the sign says "all you can eat" doesn't mean you should! $20 too see them jiggle, what a scam. maybe they should revise the old saying...100's of ugly girls and 3 fat ones! I'm done with them, time too find a new spot. does anyone know of anything new?

FreddieG  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on March 19, 2007
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Dude this is the king of all rip-off joints!!!!!! the girls are ok but the club is about the size of my garage. $20 to get in and feel like i"m in a box! the dj called a 4-4-1 dance special, special my ass! a nude dance cost $40 so the special should cost $40. no you have to buy a cheap t-shirt with it for $20 and each song was about 30 seconds. what a waste of space! everybody there walks around like thier doing you a favor for being there. never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K C.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on March 17, 2007
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Time for some female perspective.I came here for my 18th birthday and let's just say it was one of the most fun nights of my life.Though I must say it was only super fun because I was super wasted. Otherwise, I probably would have felt too awkward to the point of tears.As a strip club virgin, I had never been manhandled by strippers before. So imagine my surprise when I was licked, squeezed, bitten and a million other erotic things by strippers...I didn't even tip them! They came to me. Advice to guys who want a good show without having to shell out too many dollar bills: Bring a girl. Other girls are like stripper bait because they're less threatened. Some creepy old men paid me and my girlfriends to sit next to them.It was a great night of many firsts...first trip to a titty bar, first time someone forced me to spank them, first time a girl picked a dollar up off my head with her vagina....I suggest the faint at heart go wasted.Definitely will go there again (drunk, of course)!

Hot and Heavy  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on March 7, 2007
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Swing into action with **Mariah** and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit "wetandplenty" This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interset to see more.

zephlis  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on February 3, 2007
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went to spearmint rhino in LA and this place was quite good. There is no alcohol though just bottle of water and energy drinks. The prices: $5 to park your car, $20 after 6:30pm, $40 for a nude, the specials are a total rip nude dance cost over $80 but it is well worth it. There is also a cute hispanic girl with pink fishnet shirt, black underwear, and black tights. I thought she was damn fine.

NO JOKE!  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on December 15, 2006
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DAMN, who the hell is this girl? They actually allow someone described to have these body issues to work there? Dont they have some sort of amateur night or screening process to make sure the quality of the stripper is high so the customers dont get sick? Im scared now, is having warts a virus? Can that virus live on the couches? Imagine this... she dances with a customer, touches her. He dances with someother stripper, touches her and THEn she touches other customers too!! Its like a neverending circle of warts! Nasty ass shit!

Doctor  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on December 2, 2006
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yes, she has body warts in her back. They can be contagious if you touch her with any open cuts on your hands or if you touch them with your mouth and other wet surfaces. Very dangerous since you are not sure why she has them. I aks myself, if she makes good money there, why hasnt she fixed that problem? I would of fixed my skin before getting tits.

Hey  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on November 25, 2006
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Sounds like your a chick to me.... But I have to admit. I know her and have had many dances with her too. She is as you describe. Gross and not worth the money unless you get a BJ. Looking at her does ruin your fantasy, not encourage it.

RE:grossed out!  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on November 22, 2006
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ive had a few dances from her too. I was surprised to see this club going extremely downhill on the dancers. i just stay away from Sophie, she just has this weird smell on her body and the body hair and acne freaks me out. She gives ok, BJ's... but then your left wondering how the hell to get rid of the red lipstick around your member. thats when relaxation turns to anxiety when you realize you gotta get home. total ROB though and although you can get high mileage, she bargains just as much as you would at a persian market.

grossed out!  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on November 22, 2006
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Dude, i got a few dances from this persian chick named Sophie. She was all cute with her accent and exotic looks, but then..... i felt her up and the chick had BAD BREATH, ACNE, AND MANLY SPIDER HAIR, all over her body. TOP to BOTTOM. Dude, im not sure but the fantasy was shot. I mean it, shes a good airdance, but the sandpaper skin has got to be fixed. Anyone else tried her?

Mike  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on October 31, 2006
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I was there last week and had a bunch of dances with hot russian blond chick named Sasha. I came back today and she wasn't there. Does anybody knows if she still works there? Sasha, if you happen to read this please call me at 818 509 1266.

BLACK MAN  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on September 13, 2006
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This club is awesome!!! i am a black man!!! hot women at this club!!! heavy sex action!!! i was sucking their tits, ass, finger fucking, etc!!! great club!!!

random oentertainer  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on July 8, 2006
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what's the policys on tattos and piercings in this place???

Kris C.  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on June 17, 2006
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'This is a gentlemen's club and I expect you to act like a gentlemen, the woman may touch you, but under no circumstances can you touch the woman'Cheyeaaaaa unless u give them a 100 bucks.I ventured here with some str8 friends for a 21st bday.If your a str8 dude and u wanna throw ur money at chicks this is the place to go. Make sure u got some deep pockets.

San Diego Chick  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on March 7, 2006
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Moving north and was wondering if the girls have to go nude on stage here? Looking for club that does not require nudity. Please please respond. Heard this was the best club to work at and really want to check it out.

M.C  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on January 4, 2006
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I had a really great time when i went in. Sweet girls... more attractive than not. Been in a few times. Great dances, good staff. Been looking for this little hot blonde girl named lolly... i know she travels a bit... has any one seen her? I MISS YOU! Hope to be in the area again to visit soon.. See ya then Ladies!

big A  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on June 10, 2005
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this place is the bonb...i went one and cant stop going. there are some gourgeous girls, but some that are just ugly, like samona. if you go there you must, but must have a dance by leilani, and hidei. those are some cute girls, its worth for thieir dances.

new in town  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on May 1, 2005
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relocateing from Chicago to L.A. Looking for info about GENTELMANS cubs.Any info on dance prices, what manegement is like, and how the girls dress and perform on stage and during dances would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks!

East Coaster  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on February 27, 2005
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Hi looking for info on this club... contact, dance prices, level of class, tipout info, please post. I'm looking for a very classy, just topless club with little to no contact. Thanks very much. Any info is much appriciated.

gentleman31  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on February 12, 2005
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Chanel was amazingly good looking, I was very impressed!!! Sweet girl, Hoooooot!

TNT  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on October 6, 2004
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Very nice place in a really seedy part of town. Liked the cover and no 2 drink minimum. Girls rated from 5 to 9. One really sexy black chick (Jada) is worth going to see. A couple of the girls think they are too pretty to give a good dance, that we should be happy just watching them from a distance. One of the girls called it the McDonalds of strip clubs, becuase there are so many in the area, but hey McDonalds is always nice and clean. Managment was a little stiff, very corporate. I would go back but I'd stay away from the Asian chicks, and I really like them, but not here.

WestCoastAndone  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on September 5, 2004
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Just went last night Sept 4, 2004....Great looking girls. VIP rooms seem to smoke on saturdays. Isabella, Devon, and several other gorgeous girls. Great bodies, boring patrons so it's easy to pick which ones you like. Would like to see more action from dancers while your sitting at the stage. They don't approach you much compared to other clubs. But all in all a Great Time..Love this place! Friday was the feature, she was very friendly and spent 20 mins or more with each guest. Very cool

WestCoastAndone  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on August 20, 2004
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Had a great time with my buddies at this place. Went on a Friday night, Gorgeous girls, great time...Lots of action, nice set up...even the bar girls are hot! Definately worth the time..Say Hi to Kathy for me...and Summer is really cute!~

Jim  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on August 1, 2004
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This place is frekin amazing. Best in Southern California by far. Went on a Friday night at 10 and had no problem getting a seat, cover was 20, but they dont have any drink mins, and they are not pushy. Some of the girls even stopped and talked for a long time, and god how hot they are all. Most lap dances are done in small private rooms so its real comfortable. They had lots of specials like 3 for 1 nude (40 bucks for three long songs). Had a great time and will be back for sure.

Cool  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on August 1, 2004
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Best Club in LA hands down! Went in last Friday night. Had some nice dances from a few HOT girls...Isabella, Summer and Vivica were awesome. Interior was better lit than most others so I could really see the girls. Had a great time!

LikeMike909  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on June 8, 2004
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By far the best club I've been to. I live in the IE and it's pretty much slim pickin's if you want to find a good club with really hot women out here. I went to SR in Rialto and I still wasn't satisifed. Sure it's only a mere $9 and nude dances are only $25. But once you see the girls you'll know why it's so cheap. I've gone on a few occasions to SR in LA and I absolutely love it. The girls are gorgeous. But it seems to attract the likes of rich and horny males between 21 and 50. So it's a classy club if you ask me, because I'm one of those rich horny 21 year olds. Did I mention the girls are absoulutely sweet and gorgeous?!

LA Native  on Spearmint Rhino

posted on April 12, 2004
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More hot chicks than not. Dances are $20.00 topless $40.00 for nude. It gets packed later on during the week around 11 PM so if you want to avoid crowds Sun-Wed is your best bet or go early if you want a seat. No alcohol but the dances from the hot girls make up for it. This club is nice inside and caters to a higher end clientel. More of a businessman club and located in an industrial non residential area. They have valet parking and weekends open until 4 am! They also have dance specials and the girls are not shy...very friendly