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1222 Broadway

Los Angeles, California 90015

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dopeboy19  on  Starlight

posted on March 13, 2016
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The owner is shady af and doesn't even care about customers or her employees. Be careful of Louise. She doesn't pay her workers and she scams people all the time. She will milk you of your money and overcharge for extra stuff you didn't even pay for. Super shady.Edit: For people who think i'm being overdramatic, my girlfriend worked here and trust me, it's not a friendly or helpful environment customer-wise and employee-wise. Even the owner is trash. Just steer clear. idk how Louise isn't in jail yet. No alcohol license, yet serves alcohol. A customer left his phone here and the owner will not give it back and demanded $300 to get it back. She keeps the girls tips a lot or take a chunk of their tips from them.

AssnTits5  on  Starlight

posted on February 14, 2013
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Not sure if this place is still active, but I went in 2008 and met one of the hottest babes ever. Her real name was Juliana. She was smart, too. Worked for a financial institution (in 2008, hence the side gig at Starlight?). Anyway, five stars just because I met that hot babe there.

joseph1k  on  Starlight

posted on April 12, 2012
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Violet T.  on Starlight

posted on June 15, 2011
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I've heard of this place since before 2000 and I've always wondered what it looked like inside. SO when my friend asked me if I wanted to go, I jumped for joy!What I saw wasn't what I expected. As soon as you walk in, you're in China. The decor and people look seedy and it's a little weird. I was expecting a club/lounge style atmosphere but it wasn't, it was totally a weird strip club style place.Super dark and girls waiting in the lobby area til we get seated.They serve alcohol in cups cause they don't have a liquor license. Once you're seated, the tacky madame walks over and then the girls are lined up. She has a flashlight that she shines on the girls' faces as they walk to your table and introduce themselves. It was a friday night and there were A LOT of girls, I don't know how you're suppose to remember a girl that you like if they are going by so fast and have bad memory like me.I ended up picking 2 of the best for the guys i came with. I ended up being bored most of the night. It didn't really get crowded but by the time i realized i should get a girl too and called the madame over, all the decent ones were gone.I didn't like how one of the girls I picked for our table kept trying to make me pick her friend. Um no thanks, i'll pick the one I want, but I didn't cause there wasn't any to pick from.the girls AREN'T that hot and the place is kinda disgusting.I was telling the guys I came with that I'd much rather go to a strip club.