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1433 North La Brea Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90028

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OrganicIn  on Crazy Girls

posted on February 12, 2019
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Orgasmic out.

Re: rickywho2  on Crazy Girls

posted on February 13, 2017
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Ya on 2/12/2017 shooting at the gas station next door. Time for client upgrade.

marlonmoney12  on  Crazy Girls

posted on November 23, 2016
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The girls were ***** and really friendly, but valley shouldn't definitely NOT be $30 especially when public is not a option. Overall experience was almost perfect!Recap: the girls are gorgeous!Valet: overcharging

rickywho2  on  Crazy Girls

posted on November 9, 2016
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I drove be one Saturday night and saw a bunch of gang member thugs crowded around outside. I never been to this place I just wouldn't suggest going on a Saturday, you might get shot.

Precious H.  on Crazy Girls

posted on September 29, 2016
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Chill spot to go hang out with all of your bff's. Lots of hot beautiful women with nice asses and great boobs. Plan on making another trip don't have to be a lezbian to turn up at a strip club hehe....

nickstrip  on  Crazy Girls

posted on August 14, 2016
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The bouncer kept insisting that we get bottle service and he stated "Kim kardashian and T.I. were here last night and they're coming back tonight so you know it's about to be packed. So y'all should definitely get bottle service" even after we told him that we're not from LA and that it's our last night here and even after we said no a few times he kept insisting. As we made our way in, my friend and I got a couple drinks and sat down. It was completely dead for about an hour with the DJ playing music while no ones dancing on stage. An hour in a few more girls started to show up. It got a little better afterwards but then some bouncer just interrupted my friend and I as we're getting a lap dance by snapping his fingers and saying "y'all got to find another table cause I got someone who order a bottle coming here" I was honestly pissed by that and frankly that's just straight up disrespectful to interrupt someone like that. Both goes for your customers and employees as well. The girls were nice enough to apologize but I'll really have to consider if I want to make the trip back there if I'm ever in LA again.

Chan S.  on Crazy Girls

posted on August 12, 2016
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My husband and I payed full amount to get in.. We've been told there are 30 girls!!! While there was only 1. We got drinks and just sat there. No one came over... Total waste of money. We wanted a fun night to get some excitement after working so hard... It was a horrible place. Won't recommend to anyone. We went to Body Shop and at least got service there.

eddyL  on  Crazy Girls

posted on August 3, 2016
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Full bar, bottle service, & half naked girls everywhere, hands down the best strip club in Los Angeles. Large variety of girls, from foreign to LA raised. Even the waitresses are beautiful. The music and DJ's are dope. they offer different nights for certain music genres. It's super clean and pretty inside, they also have brand new bottle service booths. Amateur nights on Tuesday's are fun, best nights are Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday! Gotta go in and experience it yourself to know what i'm talkin about, you won't be disappointed!!

Jordanp  on  Crazy Girls

posted on August 2, 2016
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This place is amazing, from the staff to the customers. It's not like any other strip club in la or anywhere else for that matter.

Jami D.  on Crazy Girls

posted on May 20, 2016
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By far the best most down to earth stripclub in Los Angeles not for the older crowd def a young hip hop environment so if that's not you don't come

felixnada  on  Crazy Girls

posted on May 16, 2016
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Stopped by as part of my buddy's bachelor party. Charged $20/person cover for absolutely NOTHING. Granted it was early, we arrived at 9p and the place was completely empty aside from us. Stayed 45 mins and no one took the stage; the most entertaining thing was the fish tank. If you're open and charging a cover, there had better be SOMETHING happening!

Pete J.  on Crazy Girls

posted on March 12, 2016
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Lots of girls to enjoy. Need more of a mix of music. This was home to rock legends and now it is continous hip-hop. Bring back the rock and the girls to match and your score will go up. Will consider another time. Lilly was awesome and beautiful.

Neeraj C.  on Crazy Girls

posted on March 9, 2016
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Wow great vibe!Went in a couple of nights ago with some friends - the girls are sexier than I remember, and the crowd is younger and hipper. I don't know if this place changed owners or what, but we'll be back. Great place!

Greg M.  on Crazy Girls

posted on March 5, 2016
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Came here on vacation and man have they upgraded this club. I went here ten years ago when I lived in LA and the girls and the service have really improved. Great VIP. Room and booths. When I was there famous rappers performed on stage and Arquette showed up. Girls are fine too. Management makes you feel like Vip. They introduced me to this beautiful blonde Russian girl right when I sat down

winston12  on  Crazy Girls

posted on March 2, 2016
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These women are top notch, in their prime states of beauty, Tony has gained legendary status in the night club industry by bringing after hours to Las Vegas from Orange County, leaving that legendary status marking of creation there to bring it to Crazy Girls in L.A. Celebrity traffic to the fullest, speaks loudly to the draw of the best ambiance possible, 1000% on point client service, hosting the most beautiful, sexy woman by Tony, recently awarded, "life time achievement" in Las Vegas. Tony is presently working on and towards the second lifetime achievement. His dedication, experience, successes and creative mind to service, along with a few of his beauty's, will undoubtedly create the best experience you'll ever have in any gentlemen's club.

curtis17  on  Crazy Girls

posted on February 24, 2016
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Great place with tons of hot chicks!

GarryWas  on  Crazy Girls

posted on February 23, 2016
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This has to be the new hotspot in Hollywood! My first time here was about a month ago and I've been back almost every week. It's always a good time and it is a very upscale Topless bar! So far everyone I have recommended this club to has loved it.. Great drinks, amazing staff and great location!

joseph1k  on  Crazy Girls

posted on December 14, 2015
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UPDATED REVIEW on 3/3/16 & 3/6/16: In the subsequent weeks after my previous negative review, I have been contacted by club owner "Tony" by email and he seems authentic and professional in his concerns for customer satisfaction. Let's give him a chance to improve the environment which according to him he has by terminating an unfriendly security guard and by making more general efforts as a whole to improve the social environment of the club. I have been invited to go back and may do so in the near future. If you have had any negative experiences give Tony and the club a second chance. Now that I think about it more, everyone deserves a second chance especially when they reach out to you like the owner has here. Thanks Tony for caring and your professional communication with customers or complaints. I look forward to meeting you soon. Perhaps in a few weeks or so when I get a chance to come out there.Follow-up review - I went there anonymously on Sunday March 6th to see if improvements were made after the club owner or manager (Tony) invited me to come back and insisted the place has changed and was better than before. I didn't want Tony to know I was there so that everything would be as natural as possible and nobody altered their behavior artificially. My overall impression and experiences were better this time and although the club still has improvements to make (for example: high admission fee and drink prices with many girls still lacking social interaction with men) I now rank them in top 25%. From 1 star to 4 stars. Keep up the improvements.

XhXeXy  on  Crazy Girls

posted on December 10, 2015
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done a few parties here in the past and my people had a good time.They've also had Akon, Cee-Lo, Nicki Minaj, and countless others drop in and do secret pop-ups that are always really dope and interesting to catch, especially in an intimate setting like this.

mathewater12  on  Crazy Girls

posted on August 17, 2015
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Worst strip club in Los Angeles.! You literally walk into a room of heinenas that only want to know how much money you can spend. No one dances. Drinks are overpriced. 20$ cover is the worst investment you can ever spend to see c grade girls and have over priced drinks.your safe staying home behind the computer..

rogerrab2  on  Crazy Girls

posted on May 21, 2015
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OK, so they do NOT take their clothes off here. Not sure when that started but it's true. Not even their tops (which doesn't really matter since most in this place have no boobs). I don't get what they're going for here. The private dance prices are outrageous considering they don't undress. Again, the hot strippers in L.A. work in Vegas on the weekends. We got nothing in this town.

James  on Crazy Girls

posted on May 21, 2013
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What nights do Nikita and Sky work?

Chris  on Crazy Girls

posted on May 12, 2013
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I was there the other night. Yuri's gorgeous! The black girl was sexy too. Forgot her name though

Holly fan  on Crazy Girls

posted on January 26, 2013
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Still tryin 2 find Holly Sommer she will even fuck yur dog she fuked my friends labrador no shit, a real wild one even if she isn't so hot its her real name I forget stage name but u will be glad if u can find her I think she might work here

DJ1  on Crazy Girls

posted on January 25, 2013
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RTRC Nikita Alexa Bambi Yuri Layla Samantha Rebecca Giana Tara Kyle Gorgeous Gia Jayden Cynthia Leah Drink and dance specials all night

DJ1  on Crazy Girls

posted on January 23, 2013
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Nikita Irena Sabrina Nicole Jayden Star Envy Gia Layla Yuri Morenita more on the way. 2 for 1 specials, drink specials, private VIP dances

kk  on Crazy Girls

posted on February 22, 2010
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did not like... the managers were very pushy about getting a dance from a girl.. it seem very ghetto..really not impresive with the La strip clubs

Holly  on Crazy Girls

posted on August 8, 2008
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Crazy Girls in going through some changes right now but expect it to blow up anytime soon! It's now open 12 pm - 2 am On Sunset/La Brea It's totally worth a visit! GO THERE!!!!!! The prettiest girls in Hollywood are at Crazy Girls :)

Demi  on Crazy Girls

posted on January 26, 2008
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Who's Punk'd now Ashton?

Wondering  on Crazy Girls

posted on November 17, 2007
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Hello all, I'm a new dancer and i was just wondering if there are any clubs that have a mellow day shift so i can learn to do the pole .. or if there are any dancers that give lessions... myspace /nylafaux ;)

Wondering  on Crazy Girls

posted on November 17, 2007
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Hello all, I'm a new dancer and i was just wondering if there are any clubs that have a mellow day shift so i can learn to do the pole .. or if there are any dancers that give lessions

Pablo  on Crazy Girls

posted on October 29, 2007
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Do not go there!! Shady employees and $25 couch dances?! The only hot girl was the tiny latina brunette wearing black and pink but she left before I could get a dance. The club looks a lot nicer but the vibe sucks. I don't know why they bothered to re-open.

Star  on Crazy Girls

posted on September 28, 2007
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The word famous Crazy girls is now open again! The club has been open for 3 weeks and though they have not started advertising, Crazy Girls is still the place to play! The club has had a complete revamp, the inside looks amazing and there are a lot of friendly girls, come in and ask for Star and when you get me tell me you saw this here! I might even give you a 2 for 1 table dance!

xxx Mariah & Scarlet  on Crazy Girls

posted on March 6, 2007
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Swing into action with MARIAH & Scarlet and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit "wetandplenty" This websight includes fantastic nude photos/movies/chat rooms and it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest to see more...xoxoxo

local guy  on Crazy Girls

posted on May 2, 2006
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The club closed a few weeks ago. I do not know if it will open again. There does not seem to be any activity going on around it, as in construction. The doors are shut. This is odd because it was always busy. It always had the feel of a local bar. It has a bit of a Hollywood history because it was used in so many rock videos and I believe most recently an episode of Entourage. I would like to see it open again because it was a cool place to have beer.

happy  on Crazy Girls

posted on December 13, 2004
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Hadnt been there in awhile, and was pleasantly surprised by all the hot new girls that work there now. Strong cheap drinks, and mostly friendly girls. A lot of good stage shows too.

Employment  on Crazy Girls

posted on November 16, 2004
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Can you audition at this club anytime? Pasties? Thongs? Fullbar?

Curious  on Crazy Girls

posted on October 17, 2004
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Heard about two girls fighting at the club a few weeks ago. Who was the winner? I heard the skinny white chick, THIA kicked the living crap out of the other. In the know.....

SexyCouple  on Crazy Girls

posted on June 4, 2004
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Best club in LA for a fun couple....nice room, pool tables, hip bar scene late on weekends, smoking patio out back where you can take your drinks and mingle with the girls in a non-pressure setting. Always free coupons in the LA weekly. The tops.

canadian dancer  on Crazy Girls

posted on March 26, 2004
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i want to work down there, what is the club like, how are the customers? and mangament? also what are the rules? thong, no thong, hows the money? it a highly contact culb..and so on.

Another Dancer  on Crazy Girls

posted on February 25, 2004
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for advice , if you left you drink once for sec leave it forever . and try not to get drunk cause if you're drunk it's makes it easiar for those freaks that do that . and never let a guy buy you a drink . that's gives em a chance he may sound nice to your face but they rewend you're life you can always find a nice guy outside the club it's all about being a stripper . it can suck or you may enjoy it