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10300 Glasgow Place

Los Angeles, California 90045

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CrimeStoppers  on Exotic City

posted on June 21, 2019
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StripClub431  on  Exotic City

posted on July 12, 2014
Joined 5 years ago
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If I could I would give it a zero, the girls were nasty, spent the whole time talking, cut the session short even after getting juice tip, what a waste of time and money. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

richard95  on  Exotic City

posted on March 24, 2011
Joined 10 years ago
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screw this place. Its gonna cost you an arm and a leg to pay for dance here. And it smells like old stank in here..lol

about Kat  on Exotic City

posted on October 14, 2009
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Is Kat still working here?

Hottie/Dixie  on Exotic City

posted on March 7, 2007
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Swing into action with Dixie and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennuim visit "wetandplenty". This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms and has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest to see more...

steve  on Exotic City

posted on October 26, 2006
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sasha is one of the only dancers there that is natural if fake tits arent your thing.....and shes got some big/nice ass tits. she gets close n stays there. she was a sweetheart but i was more into the body but her friendliness was cool. this place is one on one private shows. get comfortable, and relax.

?????  on Exotic City

posted on May 28, 2006
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dosnt any one like to talk about this club or any other club in LA

Dancer  on Exotic City

posted on May 13, 2006
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Where is the best strip club in L.A...? Me and my girls would like to work at a full nude strip club, but we would like the club to be the best, so could eather other dancers and/or the men that go to the clubs PLEASE tell us where the best place to work is...

b n y  on Exotic City

posted on February 1, 2006
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the comment below who claimed to have dated sasha....is nothin but a pathetic angry cuz rejected fool. this is a different but great club but of course like all things in life, not for everyone. its still pretty cool too try new things out. Feel like havin a cute naked girl in your face in a room then go! If u like the more club scene type deal then have an open mind and try it.

this place sucks  on Exotic City

posted on May 7, 2005
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this was easily the worst experience i have ever had at a stripclub. the place sucked, the girl that danced for me was deformed underneath her clothes and she was all stretched out and saggy... nasty. i would rather have watched my 120 bucks burn - it would have been more entertaining

Daniel  on Exotic City

posted on January 13, 2005
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I had a two girl show with Taylor and Briana.It was like watching a porno from two feet away.They're hotter than hot.Worth checking out.The two girl show was $100 plus tips for both girls. The whole show ended up costing me around $300. Check them out seperately if out of your budget.

Snoopy  on Exotic City

posted on June 9, 2004
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I saw this, and COULD NOT pass up the chance. I DATED "SASHA" who works here. RIP OFF. Your a Mark if you go here, or "lingere dreams" (their sister company). What a joke.

Al  on Exotic City

posted on May 31, 2004
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Bait and switch! watch out for this place. after paying the $60 cover, the stripper "required" a tip of at least $60 before starting the show. i saw nobody else in the club (it was memorial day) except for the bouncer, so i was stuck. $120 for a 10-minute show. don't go there unless you love being a mark.