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posted on March 9, 2019
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Are any of the sexy girls doing the nasty dirt hardcore DP at the clown room or its all just a bunch of hype? Cuz we are on the hunt for a hot wet cunt !! We are hoping to play with a nice dirty slut today !!

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posted on March 9, 2019
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posted on March 9, 2019
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posted on March 9, 2019
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posted on March 9, 2019
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posted on March 9, 2019
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posted on March 9, 2019
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posted on March 9, 2019
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posted on March 9, 2019
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posted on February 4, 2019
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livinlikelarry  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 14, 2016

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I love this place the strippers are really hot. I really like big fat women and skanks and they have both here. I love the booze and the music really gets me going and the lap dances are so good and cheap I would go home to my cat but I have to stay here longer because I really love this place. If you want to have a great time and get your mind off of what a loser you are this is the best place to come I have been unemployed for such a long time that I have to smoke pot and go to strip clubs. I will review my favorite pot place next but I have to say again the I really love this place. Come here and be nice to the strippers at least they have jobs!!!!!! Bye

dannyboy7  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 4, 2016
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This place is disgusting; the bartenders and bouncers are homophobic. I went to this bar as a novelty with a few friends and ended up getting called a "faggot" by the bartender and bouncer. I was very hurt that people can still be this ignorant.

justinlk  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 29, 2016
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Brought the wife here as a surprise..she thoroughly enjoyed this place..its small and quaint..drinks were good service was good..the girls were all beautiful..very tasteful place..would definitely come back..some of these girls skills!!! Wow!!

Johnson12  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 26, 2016
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This was the worst experience at a public place in my life. If there was a negative number I would use it to rate it. This was my first time at a strip club without nudity. I'm an open minded person.The door man even asked and explained the min charges using a card and where the ATM was. It was my cousins bday and she choose to have a group of 6 here. We arrived around 11 PM and I'm pregnant so I had to pee first thing after a car ride. While I waited for them to get their id's checked out side I sat by what I thought was an empty seat/booth. A dancer walked up with a mean look a rudly asked if I wanted a lap dance. I politely said no sorry. She said the seat is for lap dances only so get the fuck out. I said I'd never been here so I didn't know. She then said well NOW YOU KNOW and pushed me away. I was so mad I walked outside and said we are not staying- they don't deserve out business. Jeremy was standing next to us and said he was a manager and overheard. He said sorry, can you tell me what happened and,i pointed out the lady. He said it wasn't the first time she has done something like that (maybe tiger)? He offered service of getting in if there was a line in a weekend. Because he was nice we decided to stay. We proceded, the place was packed and the only where to stand was near the door by the bar. Everyone was ordering drinks but it takes time in a crowded room and we were deciding what my bf was in the mood for. We only saw 1 lady dance and it might have been about 5 minutes and the bartender (older women) pointed at us two. A dancer (i think her name was closer to sophia maybe didn't catch it). Asked if I was drinking and I said no. She said I had to drink or I had to leave. Long story short I said I had a rude experience and I was waiting for my cousin to finish a drink so we could go to another bar and we had already talked to Jeremy to let him know what happened so please leave me alone. They got security and told me I was taking up space so they made me wait outside. She also grasped my arm tight, and I told her not to touch me. I told Jeremy again what happened. Also asked to contact the owner. The door man said that I was in the wrong place if i didn't drink.I told him I wish someone would have just told me how it worked there instead of a attitude. I could have ordered a soda but the 4 others already had drinks and planned on drinking a lot. I was going to buy them shots. Plus I had cash to tip dancers but they never even gave us a chance to go to the stage because the harrassed us from the first moments we got there. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED with them not only in customer service but as normal human beings. We know an accantiance who is a professional nude exotic dancer and have hung out with her friends. Totally normal people. I am a very nice person and just didn't have a clue how that place worked. I will 100% make sure to spread the word to everyone that there are plenty of bigger and better clubs in LA than this and to avoid the people. The staff was so disrespectful, and I have 5 witnesses that were there to see it. I am not an antagonist and I am not violent. I was just trying to have fun with my friends. I'm writing this truthfully from the bottom of my heart, hoping some kind of good kharma may come out of this. People should be held accountable. I don't expect to be given a 5 star star hand and foot service, I just wanted to be treated as a normal human being. Really uncalled for.

timmykilla  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 31, 2016
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Bouncer is a super douche. My party of 15 people were waiting in line for 45 minutes. And when I went up to him to ask him if just I could pee and come back, he said no. Like how the fuck is that ok??? I got upset cause I don't think thats right. He kicked us all out of the line and said we didn't need to be there. Bouncer was an Emotional douche bag. I hurt his feelings? Like you try not peeing all night. And I'm pretty sure you could have used my party. That place was hurting.

navid  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 7, 2016
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I went to Jumbo's yet again! Yes I do love that place. I never know what to expect. It's like going on safari! I go every so often. One night this one woman was fantastic but broke the ceiling. It was amazing!!! This last time I went it was like performance art. Each girl had their own performance, but it wasn't your usual I'm sexy look at me. This was some extremely creative stuff. There was some masking tape involved in one performance. Another girl was angry and used Saran Wrap, she was my favorite. That was a statement piece!! All the while keeping it sexy, go figure. I love Jumbo's, I'm actually going back soon. I will give another report!! Happy days. I'm not a pervert! I enjoy oddities Jumbo's is am oddity!!

Danica N.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 1, 2016
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The girls are great, but I literally got charged $5 for a Shirley Temple here. That's bullshit

Russell S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 4, 2016
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Fair note: we went on a Wednesday afternoon, didn't expect the best of the best, but still a bit disappointed. Before we went, we checked out their website. It states clearly there is no cover, and that the dancers aren't "cookie cutter" but alternative tattooed and pierced. "That's right up my alley!" I thought. I'm used to the strip clubs in Portland, and that's hard to find, so I was STOKED to see a little dash of this in awkward L.A./Hollywood area. This was awkward: So while there isn't a cover, they charge $7 for parking in a strip-mall kind of parking lot with plenty of other tenants. And while it's entirely possible that I'm blind, there isn't a sign posted stating the price of parking, we didn't know until the guy at the door told us it's $7 for parking. That's right, not a parking attendant, not a pay-box, but the bouncer at the door took our $7 for parking. Street parking around there is free or cheap, I could have left but I was already there (and totally ready to see some sexy rocker chicks "strip", so what the heck, have my $7. While their spirits might be stiff, we had beer, and it was expensive, somewhat appropriate for the area, but not appropriate for a dive bar type atmosphere. Beyond that, there is the pressure to tip $1-$2 per song, which is definitely an understandable amount at a normal strip club, but only when you're actually sitting at the dance floor, but there is no nudity. I'm sorry, but with a [sort of] cover & expensive drinks, I would hope they paid their dancers more and considered it more of an entertainment in the background. Last but not least, none of the dancers were alternative, they were all cookie cutter strippers. They WERE beautiful, don't get me wrong, but they were all typical looking dancers. Ultimately - you should absolutely check it out, I would hope most people have a better opinion that I do. But park on the street, and don't expect sexy tattooed rocker chicks.

Jim H.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 1, 2016
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Goofy fun. A Hollywood institution by now. Not a strip club more a burlesque show. No nudity kinda the PG version. Hip crowd as many women as men. Sounds sucky ? Nope. I think the bad reviews were looking for something else. This is a parody people. Chill, enjoy

moneyman2  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 28, 2016
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Bouncer was a douchebag hitting on a girl for 10 minutes instead of doing his job. Kept 4 customers outside waiting while he hit on a girl rather than let them in to tip the workers. Outstanding establishment otherwise! Fantastic dancers and well worth the visit!

DexterRexter  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 12, 2016
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Jumbo's is a fun dive bar with unconventional dancers; the poor man's Cirque du Soleil. We bring friends from out of town for a proper Hollywood night out. Nudity on stage here is mostly accidental - its more like burlesque. The kind of place a fellow can bring his girlfriend (preferably with a group, might be weird just to bring her there on a date unless she's super into it). The music is much better than your standard strip club fare and the girls don't seem to have bruises or cigarette burns, nor do they appear to have arrived at this profession due to psychological damage. There is also a noticeable and pleasant lack of one of the standard strip club installations - that one creepy guy sitting right up front absorbed in some unspoken dialogue with the dancer (at least in his mind) like she's there just for him. Jumbo's is much less intense. It can get crowded and parking is difficult, but it is worth experiencing.

Nic V.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 11, 2016
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Went here last night for my first time. I'm gonna give this place 2 stars because I did have a fun night here! However!!!! I experienced a nasty attitude with one of the dancers in the ladies' bathroom. She was a super c u n t. I hope you're reading this: lose your attitude!!! You can't work in an establishment and be nasty to customers. Another thing that was off was the music... Why are strippers dancing to music by A Perfect Circle and Portishead? The crowd isn't gong be into this! My next issue for taking off stars is that not just one, but a few of the dancers got pissed off that they didn't get more money. It's one thing to vent your frustrations backstage to your fellow performers, but don't be unprofessional on stage and huff and puff, "It's a Friday night, you people are being cheap, this is ridiculous," etc at your customers while you're still on stage collecting your singles on your hands and knees. Be grateful. You're a stripper. Get over it if people in the crowd don't like your song, your dance, or you.

Alessio D.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 27, 2016
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Went last night fun bar great price for drinks ! Best thing about it was the show! It was amazing my favorite was Charlie her never ending legs where flying through the bar like a flag on the wind! Amazing I'll be definitely go back to see her

Peijean T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 1, 2016
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[NOTE: This is a continuation of my first review. Please check out my 2/15/16 review to get my full narrative on Jumbo's!]Other dance numbers included a woman dressed up in a lit-up Iron Man costume dancing to the Black Sabbath song. There was also a Ghostbusters number, where a woman came out in a Stay Puff marshmallow outfit and another as a fluorescent green ghost. There was also a group number where a woman was dressed as the Pope along with a few nuns and school girls on stage. By far, our favorite was when a lady came out just eating a slice of pizza, and then more ladies came out gradually and finally the last one with a big pizza box until the whole stage was just women dancing and eating pizza slices.After watching about a dozen dances (we even scored seats at the bar!), my friend and I had our three favorites, including that first tiny woman we saw who clearly had once been in the circus. I ran into another favorite dancer in the bathroom and despite being fuzzy on $8 well drinks (so well priced here! lots of ice, but heavy on the pour) I had to tell her how talented they were and what a great show they were putting on. I was determined to ask for their stage names. I look forward to seeing Ophelia and Misty again!I originally figured we would stay for 30 minutes, just to get a flavor of Jumbo's, but once inside there was no way we were cutting out early. I talked to a bunch of people around us, and all of them were there for their first time as well. Mostly people in their 20s and 30s, maybe some 40s. "How did you hear about this place?" I kept asking. "A friend of a friend told me," they would say. "I saw it on Anthony Bourdain!" I returned. A young guy walked by and excused himself after he bumped me. "Did you just get here?" I yelled. "No, that's the funny thing!" he replied.I've never been to a stripper or topless club and have no desire to go to one. I've been to burlesque shows where the women strip down to very little and even that's too much for me. I absolutely enjoyed Jumbo's and can't wait to return with different friends who would be open minded enough for this truly unique LA experience.

Nick O.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 26, 2016
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I went here during my last night in LA. I must say- these girls are beyond amazing. Their skill and body strength is unbelievable. I sat right up front and gave as much money to these beautiful goddesses as I could. My boyfriend got me a lap dance from Roxy, she was a peach.

Alicia S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 18, 2016
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Just wow. Wow. Seriously, wow. These women defy the laws of physics. I don't really understand what I saw here tonight, but I want to see it again.

Dani T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 11, 2016
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Do question if you have to pay a door "cover". I have never had to pay a cover at the door there. Been coming to jumbos for many years and this last ( Saturday Jan 2, 2016 ) this white guy tells me it's $20 bucks to get in .... Found out later some people paid ... Some didn't ... Basically It feels like I got robbed by their staff door person... Did I!?I had friends from out of town and I have always told them that they should come to Jumbo's .. Telling them what a great place it is ... we all ended up having a real bad experience . Thank god for the dancers that no matter how stupid people are they still put out a good show... Pretty sure they didn't see any part of that " cover " money either. When you pay a cover you usually expect that maybe they got more staff to keep up with the crowd or give u a free well drink ... Or something ... but instead it was really sad how two out of the 3 bartenders were completed waisted .... Chatting away to each other while people were eager to buy drinks ... Oh yeah they saw us all holding that cash to get a drink but instead they looked at you like you are interrupting their good time ...Only this one brunette girl behind the bar was helpful.Unfortunately this experience was so bad and embarrassing to my friends that i will never want to go back nor recommend this place to anyone else:( it truly sucked !!!!

williamr  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 8, 2015
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this is NOT a strip club. just an FYI. also, my girlfriend and i got kicked out for making out even though i had $100 sitting on the table that i was using to tip. LAME. not going back.

Katie T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 24, 2015
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My favorite dive bar in LA. This place is really small but a lot of fun. You can valet park and sometimes they make you buy merchandise to get in. I truly enjoy the art of pole dancing. The beautiful and talented dancers are the reason I love this place. They definitely have skills and don't just walk around the pole. Every dance piece is different with a theme. It's fun to see what they come up with. The bar-goers seem like chill people who just want to have a good times. There are girls and it's not nudity so I highly recommend to bring the ladies.

David C.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 12, 2015
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Divey, but not seedy, and super entertaining! It's definitely something to experience if you're in LA. The night I went was a diverse crowd, from a bachelor/bachelorette party to regulars to tourists and of course, a few creepers/perverts. All in all though it was a fun and friendly environment, something I would not expect when watching scantily clad women pole dance.I left the place being really impressed with the girls and how athletic they have to be to do some of the moves they do. They all really do put on a good show. And as with any dive bar, drinks are really affordable with beers ranging from $4-6. The only complaint I'd have about this place is the small size. We were waiting in line for almost 45 minutes on a Saturday night while waiting for people to leave, but any larger and it'd take away from the charm and intimacy of the place.

Mistercap12  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 7, 2015
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Burlesque has maybe made some of these bikini bars hipster destinations, and I'm guessing that's what happened here, because no one was there for the show. The only people at the tipping rail on a Saturday night were a gay man and his unconscious friend. We joined them for two rounds of drinks and threw handfuls of dollar bills at the ladies. "Ladies" is pushing it. They were picking each other's noses and eating boogers to Car Wash when we came in. I was like, "Aren't the clowns supposed to wear red noses and funny wigs?" Some of the pole work was ok, though the ceiling is low. It kind of reminded me of the Cheetah in Las Vegas or a few spots in NY like The Pussycat Lounge or Billy's Topless before they closed. I've seen some talented dancers in those clubs, but the girls at Jumbo's are all tatted up and bruised, and I don't get this stomping their platform heels for tips thing they do. I thought they were maybe hurt, because it sounds like a hooker getting thrown out of a moving car, and then I realized it's what they do. They also fart in your drink and flip you off onstage. Former dancer Courtney Love left her mark.

Cody C.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 30, 2015
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Door man was rude when there was no one in there...I work in nightlife, I get it's tough...but when someone is rude to me and my friends for no reason ...naw we'll take our biz elsewhere. Otherwise, overall usually I enjoy this place. The performers are great to watch!!! My roommate and I come here a decent amount and always spend a decent chunk of change and brings in new biz constantly. I really hate to give this place a bad review because other than the door man and an occasionally bitchy bartender I really love this place. Oh well. Cheers. We'll go to a different strip club. :)

Don B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 14, 2015
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Coming from the strip club capitol of America (Portland) I really had no idea what to expect in Jumbo's. You see, any time someone tries to take me to a racy bar in any other city, including Vegas, my usual reply is "don't bother, it won't be as good as Portland" and when I'm forced to go, I'm right 100% of the time. Don't believe me? Come visit. You'll see why. However obviously from the stars atop this review, that percentage just dropped. Jumbo's is anything but a sad attempt at a seedy strip club. It's quite the opposite, and I'm downright impressed. Jumbo's is incredible. First off, the place is small and intimate, which makes for an exciting, communal vibe. The decor is a mix of dive bar, circus showtime, and clown nightmare. The stage is the focus - you can't escape it. And the ladies? They're not there to just strip down and act sexy. They put on a damn fine show. It's not typical throwback burlesque, but I guess you call this burlesque. No actual nudity, but close enough. Themed performances with costumes and music to match. Incredible pole skills (core strength!) and dance moves. Pure performance, with a little bit of skin. Okay, a lot of skin, but still in the realm of PG-13. The style. The swagger. The rock-n-roll vibe. The classic feel. This place has it all. Instead of skeezy dudes putting dollars in front of them and hoping for a semi-lap-dance over the rail, groups of guys, gays, girls and everyone in between was cheering and making it rain. It wasn't about the 1:1 interaction, but instead seemed to mostly be about hooting, hollering, throwing cash, and a show. It may not be like that on all nights, but the Saturday of my visit it was pretty much perfect. I don't do the strip club/burlesque thing as much as I used to, but this would definitely be a fun place to go with bros, with the wife, or even groups of friends. Beware the line... your best bet is to get there before it starts. And save $20 for a hat. The hats are true keepsakes. Color me impressed. Jumbo's, I'm a fan.*Credit to this experience goes to my local LA buddy Dan, former PDX resident, and knower-better of all things strip club related. I knew I could trust him to do right by us in taking us here.

Kiyo O.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 3, 2015
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hipster central now. it's more of a trendy burlesque show now rather than a dive bar. dances are short so you're tipping every few minutes

Joe P.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 25, 2015
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Awesome time at jumbos. Had friends in town and wanted to give them the full Hollywood experience. When it comes to having delicious beers and watching babes you really don't get any better. One dancer, Charlie, was the absolute best. Never walked away happier after dropping 200 bucks!

Heather S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 13, 2015
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Waited in line for over 45 minutes. The line did not move at all except for people in front of us leaving. The guy at the door kept telling us 10 minutes whenever we asked. A group of people came up the door and got right in, so after waiting an hour and seeing that, we left.

Brooke B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on June 12, 2015
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So I had to check it out from all the hyped reviews, but I found a small one pole strip club without topless or nude dancers. It is more entertaining than the average bar however I was disappointed in their pole and the dancers. The pole is short only about 6 feet. I was expecting the best dancers twerking on the ceiling with reviews like these. There is also not the best selection of beer on tap available but it works. Parking is $5 apparently.

Debra O.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 20, 2015
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I was a little hesitant about going but after all the hype I decided to give it a go. I went in really early (8pm) and there was no line. It was also very empty inside. We stayed for a couple of hours. Definitely got better as the night progressed. I read reviews about the drinks being strong. I didn't find that to be the case. Which was disappointing. The bartenders were a bit unpleasant. There's a 20 minimum which I have no problem with, yet when I went to get my second drink they told me I had already had two many?! They ended up charging me about $10 total. Which was also fine with me. But was just a weird. Why have a drink minimum? Eh I'm not a drinker anyways so I was ok, just kind of off - putting. But the girls were FANTASTIC!! Holy Molly what talent. A big shout out to Fox she had the crowd going!! I hate that they have to get their own tips. Definitely would go back and I would recommend it to all!

yanard12  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 19, 2015
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It's a dive bar where the bartenders are generous and the dancers are highly entertaining. Having just visited a depressing strip club the hour before, I may have been biased. But W and I agreed that the mood inside far eclipsed anything we had collectively seen in any adult entertainment venue. With AC/DC blasting from the walls, dim lighting, cracked mirrors on the wall and ceiling, and that one awesome dude in the leather jacket whoo-ing his head off in the front row, we didn't miss nudity one bit. W happily noted the high ratio of ladies to gents in the audience, and commented on the smiles all around. Get there before 10pm or be prepared to wait outside. Or buy a t-shirt for $20 to skip to the front of the line. Inside, it gets crowded real fast. The ladies perform individually to rock-heavy music, and occasionally all the ladies get on stage together for a song in a variety of lingerie/clothing. Everyone is welcoming and well-mannered, and the dancers mingle around the crowd between their sets. W's hypothesis is that these ladies do flirty fitness in their free time, and perform here with their friends/so's in the audience. To which I say, rock on.As our taxi driver commented, "Jumbo's? It's a real classy place."

Grace S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 19, 2015
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LOVE THIS PLACE. The way I would I describe it is a dive bar that also happens to have extremely talented girls dancing. Seriously, the girls are like professional dancers gone dirty. The crowd is super diverse. You're guaranteed to have a great time. Good thing I don't live anywhere near here otherwise I'd be spending all money at Jumbo's!

Alyssa G.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 27, 2015
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Visiting Jumbos was unexpectedly the most fun I've had in a bar involving poles and women dancing on them. Bravo ladies!

Armen V.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 19, 2015
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Waited in line for a hour only to walk out 5 minutes later. I mean seriously? Perhaps my friend and I would've stayed another 15 minutes if it wasn't for the super packed bar. Dudes shoulder to shoulder struggling to throw dollar bills at ever so deserving hot dancers. Clearly this is popular spot, why not expand the place, make it a bit bigger and alleviate not just the ridiculous lines but the inside as well. 3 stars for the sexy professor dancers.

Diane T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 18, 2015
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What an experience!Jumbo's was awesome! The dancers are amazing, so talented, strong, creative, and beautiful.The energy of the crowd is super positive and although the dancers do utilize a pole for their routine, and things can get a bit heated, he atmosphere is not disrespectful and dirty (that some other establishment might evoke).Drinks are reasonably priced, but really, come here for the show. You will seriously feel motivated to take up the art of pole dancing after seeing how graceful and strong these ladies are.Some advice: COME EARLY!! like 9 pm early. The space is small, so they reach capacity early. If you're not in the mood to wait 1+ hour, make sure you get your butt there early in the night.Also, bring 1$ bills to tip/encourage the girls working their booties off on stage (it's kind of a requirement to tip)

Melissa M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 17, 2015
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Seriously, I wouldn't even drive through the parking lot if I were you. Save your money. Parking in lot is $5 (went on a Wednesday night) not sure about weekends. As soon as we walk in 1 of the dancers literally PUSHES my friend and I out of her way and says: "Get out of my way" and rushes to the stage. Not a great introduction to an already grimy place. Friends get drinks (very small) and then the senior citizen waitress/hostess rudely pushes past us as well (2 drink minimum per person). All I could stomach was 3 dancers who obviously were in the same AARP club as the hostess, so we ran out of there as quickly as possible. On the weekends there is generally a line. You can pay $30 for a hat or a t-shirt to cut the line, but DON'T DO IT! Genuinely I wouldn't even give this place 1 star, but you can't give zero, so hence the 1. The End.

Karissa Q.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 8, 2015
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I came here a couple weeks ago from out of town. This was my first experience in a place with dancers. I liked that the girls picked their own songs to dance to. The bouncer that night was really nice and let me go to the bathroom while I was waiting with some people in line for days. Very fun experience. I'll definitely go back during my next visit to LA.

Erin D.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 13, 2015
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It was a slow night. One of the girls came out and started yelling at everyone for not tipping enough. Then one of the other girls said "Their dole checks probably havent cleared yet". I understand they were frustrated but it was so awkward. Maybe the security guard should have said something to the people who werent tipping. Its a shame because before then it would have been a 5 star experience.

Evan G.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 5, 2015
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Only the diviest and most underrated bar in all of LA.You've heard the name. You've probably heard that Courtney Love stripped here in her previous life. Maybe you've even heard of the cheap, stiff drinks they serve.But have you visited yet? If you haven't, you ARE MISSING OUT. As a gay man, one would definitely not think that I would be interested in coming to a strip club; however, I never turn down a good dive bar. The bar is located in Thai Town, in a strip mall. I remember the first time I came here wondering if I was in the right place, as I have never been to a strip club that's in the middle of a strip mall. I went on a Thursday night early, so I didn't have to wait in line; however, plan for a line if you go late on Friday or Saturday as it is a very popular spot. Once you enter the bar, you're immediately immersed in a small room filled with surprisingly beautiful women and extremely kind bartenders who pour very heavy. Make sure to bring your cash as the bar is cash only (plus you need to be considerate and tip the girls!).This strip club is different than most clubs in that the girls stay clothed in a bra and panty. Also, the girls KNOW HOW TO DANCE! They do the best pole tricks of any strip club I have ever been to. They choose the best songs ranging from Marilyn Manson to the Rolling Stones. If you're worried about objectification at strip club, I certainly don't feel like Jumbo's is the place for that. The girls are classy, and it's simply about enjoying their pole work in a super divey environment. Jumbo's is the best place in LA in my opinion!

Alejandro S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 18, 2014
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They honked their nose and I felt molested. I then started crying and they didn't cheer me up. I would've thought they might cheer me up but they just stole my money.

Justayelp J.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 17, 2014
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Hilarious... all i can say is this bar is hilarious. The girls are half cute half aggressively awkward.

billtheguy12  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 10, 2014
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Small joint in Thai Town. My friend brought me here for my bday. It was a different experience. Good for the women who are too shy to go to a regular topless or full nude strip club lol. They have pretty and talented dancers.The inside is pretty small, but they have a full bar which is coolParking is valet only or street parking. Be careful! They are strict about parking in that area so be sure to read signs and do not park in the lot next door or else they will tow! (this is what the security told us).No cover charge, but tipping the dancers are strongly encouraged.It was pretty packed on a Tuesday night. Mixed crowd and cool spot over all!

Joyce L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 20, 2014
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Let's just get it out there - Jumbo's is not a strip club/ titty bar/ adult entertainment establishment. It is a delightful blend of burlesque/ pole performances in a dive bar setting. The dancers REALLY know what they're doing... for starters, I will never in my life get into a rainbow marchenko (look up what that is and it'll make you scream), let alone in 7in heels.The drinks are not too pricy and the staff has that stern-bored vibe, which isn't such a bad thing since the last time I was there, there were men scrunching up dollar bills and pegging them at the dancers' hoochies. Someone has to keep these rednecks honest.I always have a great time when I come here - it's not for everyone, but if you're cool with burlesque/ pole/ slightly alternative culture - it'll be right up your ally.

curtis17  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 17, 2014
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Tons of fun; went there for a friends bday party. One suggestion: they found a way to clean the pole in a 'sexy' way but the way the girls were forced to collect money after a dance seemed a bit demeaning: crawling on all fours without music in harsh light. I felt bad for them. Is there a 'sexy Swiffer' or 'hot broom' to at least give them a bit of dignity while collecting their hard earned dollars? Just a thought. Otherwise - hot AND great abductor work.

Leah M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 6, 2014
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You are always guaranteed a great night out at Jumbo's! A little further East of the stars you will find some of the most beautiful, talented and crazy enthusiastic burlesque/showgirls in California. Let's be real here, this place is NOT a strip club but rather a 'burlesque' bar which also happens to be very female friendly. Awesome feel to the club and the atmosphere is buzzing! No cover but there is a (not very strictly enforced) two drink minimum. Bring $$ to tip the girls, you will not regret it! Their individual shows are worth every cent :)

Candice R.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 21, 2014
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While I've heard good things, I was not afforded the chance to experience them...why? Because a group of friends and I show up Saturday night around 10pm, pay for parking only to stand in a long line that we were told would have a wait of 30 minutes!! We stood there a while and were approached with the offer of skipping the line if we paid a total of $180. WHA?!?! I thought there was no cover. And its clearly not overcrowded if we can be let in once you take our money! Sooooo we left. Disappointed.

April F.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 15, 2014
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Small and intimate! The girls are amazing dancers and they make the shows fun and artistic! I went with a group last night and we all had a great time! Lastly, bartenders are pretty fast!! Drinks are reasonably priced and if you're broke they have PBR cans! :) Lastly, no pics! And tip the girls!

Tony S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 7, 2014
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For a "bikini bar" this is the best in Hollywoodno cover, decent drink prices, good looking girls

Jay D.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 2, 2014
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It's 130am. My boys and I have hit the streets for entertainment since we only arrived a bit earlier. But it's close to 2am, and we know that things close down for the night. Not all of Hollywood and Los Angeles is a 24-hr city despite it being known as a world city, a city known worldwide. But on this little block, in this little part of the world, that my friends have encountered, we were satisfied.We walked in with certain expectations and we were totally wrong. No cover. Clown references. Full bar.Hipsters. An equal ratio of males and females.A packed house at 130a on a Thursday night!A vending machine for snacks.Very bright lights, a well-lit room that a single gremlin would despise.A single stage, and its well-recognized iconic pole that a fetching gal entertained for the raucous crowd.Has my list piqued your interest? It's understood that full bar means no full nudity for a strip joint, but with full booze, the burlesque art form is alive and well here and enjoyed by the full crowd of both men and women. These girls have skill and are more than defying gravity with their womanly curves, but better than just twerking and writhing horizontally on the stage floor. Is this sexy enough? Climb that pole woman! Need I say more? Do not forgo a night at this LA icon and historic institution.

Trevor W.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 1, 2014
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Put this on your bucket list for Hollywood if you want an off center entertaining night out. Don't be misled by the pictures though. It's more of a burlesque show than strip club. Great energy on the inside and a 50/50 split between ladies and gents. It's full bar so the girls stay in bikinis and put on a show: a little cat o'nine tails, a little hot for teacher duet, and a sprinkling of solid retro rock and alternative. To top it all off, the drinks are affordable compared to other LA nightlife. Big thumbs up. Be forewarned, there can be a line, but you can jump right in if you buy a jumbo's hat or t-shirt for $20 which I consider a win!

Kim T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 28, 2014
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This place is so much fun! No cover and amazing pole dancing talent! Those girls are so skilled! I've been to a lot of stripclubs, but this place blew my mind! The dancers are all unique. With no actual stripping of clothes, nudity, and lap dances, the atmosphere was easy going and focused on pole tricks.There can be a wait to get in since the venue is small. Order multiple drinks at a time because there is usually a long wait.

Jake M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 22, 2014
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Look, the place isn't call L'ermitage, its called Jumbo's Clown Room. My friends and I walked in and there was a girl whipping herself with a Cat O' Nine tails during a routine. To a degree you know what you're getting yourself into.A few pro tips Do: drink hard before you get there. Its just not really a place that lends itself well to sobriety. The best part of this place is the environment - a lot of people say its girl friendly and I agree with that. If you're in the mindset to yell, throw dollars and NOT be an asshole this is a great place for you. If you're looking for something a little more hardcore than take your business somewhere else.Do: Show up before nine thirty. That line will kill youDo: Tip if you're sitting in front. The girls will call you out.Do: Throw dollas if you're lucky enough to see the R2D2 act. It will change your life.

Olin C.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 18, 2014
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Free entry, no cover charge. Need to buy 2 (two) drinks minimum. Noone ever know if you don't get 2 drinks, it's just a bar, not a seated table. However, please follow the rules to buy drinks since there's no cover charge anyways.Came here on Saturday night, the dancers were superb and very skillful. They got paid by tips, many of them got mad because of lack of tips (?) Some banging the sign and yelling on the other side of the room, demanding more tips. I noticed mostly girl got like maybe around $30-$40. The asian girl got mad for her low tips, shes pouted a lot. My friend told me that she always got low tips n always got mad. Well, that attitude doesn't help. The one who got tipped the most was the sleek white girl, she just enjoyed dancing by herself and performed aerial. Superb!! She's very elegant compared to other girls. Her dress, performance and attitude surpassed others.Fyi, my friends and I tipped each of them.The above was my observation of the scene of the night.Valet parking $5. Restroom is just 1 for men, 1 for women. Room is small, max 50 peeps. Can't take pictures inside!

Eric M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 18, 2014
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Jumbo's Clown Room: Do To Me What You WillJumbo's Clown Room just called "Jumbo's" by loyalists is a divinely dirty and sublimely nasty little sinkhole to abandon your conscience, dial into your liver and call your soul. It's on vacation.Part dive bar, part burlesque dance revue this Hollywood staple has been around since the seventies. And it looks it.It's located in a ghetto fabulous shopping plaza, the entrance a ominous firey red brick wall with a black awning and a faded retro orange sign. A dancer bathes in a champagne glass and at night the sign sparkles from the blinking round dusty bulbs.Jumbo's Clown Room offers everything your little inner piggy desires. Hard booze. Arctic cold beer and heaping amounts lurid sensuality.I mean these women can hypnotize you with their movement. F*cking snake charmers is what they are. Well most of them anyway and the ones that aren't, they make up for it in other ways.Their is no nudity and, no, I don't care. Mostly because the lack of nipple and beaver produces a plus of cool clientele and zero attitude. No college kids, no meatheads and no waxed douches. Just your garden variety nice divey dirtbags looking for a little Tabasco with their tequila. Couples attend as well as hordes of vagina baring weekend warriors.They all come and make it rain on these stilettoed sex assassins with leaf blowers and these entertainers deserve every penny. Their routines are playful, naughty and require serious technique and skill. I mean, shit, some of the things they do boggle my brain. They defy laws of physics and body mechanics. Their outfits are creative and alluring. Their bodies, well, I'm in love with my girlfriend so I'll just say they really, really don't suck.There is an inherent respect for these girls and their talent as trained dancers. Because of that, they freely hang out with the patrons and watch their sisters in crime scissor their way through the pockets of man.There is a rotation of ladies that perform, their names and order of appearance written on a small chalkboard off stage. If you stay long enough and I always do, you'll see the same girls perform different routines.They do NOT serve complicated cocktails at Jumbo's Clown Room so don't even bother asking. If it requires more than two ingredients you are shit out of luck.They do offer lap dances though I've never gotten one nor have I seen many performed though I admit I'm not looking. My eyes are either on stage or on my whiskey glass.I always say to myself that I am going to count how many drinks I have but I never remember and the following day is always forfeited.Always.I go around nine o'clock because by midnight it is at capacity and difficult to enjoy as it is a small venue but three hours is just about as long as I can handle being in a permanent state of horniness not to mention justify bleeding singles.The day after a night of Jumbo's I usually dig on my take out Thai or Chinese and think of those strong long dancer legs and thick tight asses and I thank The Lord of Lords that there is a dive bar that is committed to corrupting my mind, body and spirit in such despicable fashion.Jumbo's Clown Room, you jump start my dark and dirty and you do it with the very best brand of voltage.

Lyz M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 15, 2014
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Awesome, by far one of favorite spots in LA.

Weedman420  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 7, 2014
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So apparently, getting hit by a car in the valet results in being unruly. This is the worst establishment on the face of the planet. Beware

Tom W.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 1, 2014
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The dancers here are amazing, they really go all out and make this place awesome!! Whatever they make in tips should be doubled cause they are all awesome performers. The only two things that kept me from giving this five stars, were, the bartender working, and the eminem looking security guard/bar back. I was here for a Monday night for my friends Bday, and the place was packed. As a bartender myself I understand being busy, but acting pissed off and annoyed everytime someone tries to order a drink from you is bad. I saw this happen to me and numerous customers. Thank god the dancers are amazing, cause the bartenders personality literally had people leaving. As for the eminem security/bar back who likes to scream at everyone. Those of us who were tipping didn't like the fact that this guy kept coming around and screaming for people to tip more. I understand you want to talk the girls up and get people to tip more cause their amazing, but I saw people in the front leave, who were tipping well, cause this guy kept screaming behind them to tip more, all the people I was with for my friends Bday, we left 45 minutes before closing to go to some randomn bar down the street, just cause the bartender was just annoyed by anyone ordering a drink, and the eminem security/bar back was just being rude and kinda threatening people, which sucked because we were all having a great time watching the dancers and tipping well. We all work in the restaurant industry and appreciate tipping more than anyone there, and made sure to take care of everyone, but just got fed up with the rudeness of the bartender and bar back/ security. Maybe tonight was an off night for them. I highly recommend this place for the dancers, they are amazing, tip them well, and hopefully if you go, the bartender won't be rude and annoyed, and the bar back will chill and stop screaming at everyone.

Cherry M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 12, 2014
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To be fair the girl's pole dancing, for the area, deserves 5 stars. The girls are enthusiastic, and they had me focused on their performance about 90% of the time, even with all their clothes on. I like that they get creative with a few skits. It's like watching a cheap show. With that being said, tip all the hard working ladies. No reason not to. Cheap drinks & No cover. Reason I gave it a 3 was because the wait was 40 min to get in. Venue is small. I was expecting more than bikini bar with all the hype! Especially, since it seemed less burlesque and more bikini.I will come back because I had a great time watching the great dancers and I will bring others. I'll just make sure they know all of the above first!

B L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 28, 2014
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This past weekend was my first time going to Jumbo's. A friend and I have always talked about going and we finally decided to do it. It was refreshing, especially since I go to a lot of strip clubs. I liked seeing the girls actually do POLE DANCING. I also really loved the fact there is no seedy DJ announcing them saying gross things into a microphone. The vibe made it actually feel like a huge show, I loved it. The inside is small, but the decorations and ambiance make up for lack of seating on a busy night.The only downside is the attitude from the bartender. One of the bartenders was very nice but never even paid attention to us and it took forever to get her attention. The other one acted like she DID NOT want to be at work. Um hello??? I get that you might get rude customers or have a bad attitude in general but don't work in customer service then!!! Seriously.Other than that, I'd love to go back.

Clint H.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 21, 2014
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This is pretty much the greatest dive bar in the history of dive bars. It's like being in a dive bar in a Rob Zombie movie. Beautiful, awesome women dance while playing really incredible music from the jukebox. No cover, two drink minimum loosely enforced, but tip the girls! They deserve it! Go see what I mean! :D

fritter17  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 9, 2014
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This is the best burlesque experience I've ever had. Strip tease meets dive bar. Nothing pretentious, what you see is what you get. The girls were awesome, friendly. The beers were cold and the atmosphere was chill.

Mimi E.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 21, 2014
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let me start off by saying I usually never write reviews but after coming to this place i said to myself i need to. My friend invited me here on a thursday afternoon for some drinks, and i freakin loved this place i really recommend everyone to come here. The bartender was nice and the dancers were AMAZING all of these girls are so pretty and talented. After they all performed each one of them came up to me and greeted me and i even was told that "i looked very pretty ;) " they were very nice, one of the dancers did mention to me that the busiest days were thursdays,fridays and saturdays nights i am def coming back with my girls.

Jason T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 9, 2014
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I went here to celebrate my bosses engagement with a large group of people. I was rather surprised on how small this bar is. Even though we all rolled up in a limo and my boss had made prior arrangements for us to get in, they still made us wait 30 minutes. We decided to lie and tell the doorman that we had to use the bathroom, at which point he decided to let us in. Once we got in, I failed to see why this place is so popular. The girls were average at best, and even though they were talented working the pole, most of them looked like men. (With the exception of a few cute ones). One girl, with the long hair that went down to her knees, kept telling the girls sitting in the front that she only reserves those seats for men who are going to tip her. Way to kill the mood. She kind of looked like the female version of Tarzan.The drinks were cheap, hence the 2 stars, but they were really small and the shots were really bad. I mean, it wasn't even like name brand stuff. It was like drinking rubbing alcohol. My boss and his fiancee got a lap dance from one of the girls and when it was done, they both looked utterly disgusted. Apparently, the girls vajayjay smelled like rotting olives. Douche, anyone?After typing this out, I now realize how stupid it is for me to give this place 2 stars, when it clearly deserves 1. If I wanted small beers, cheap liquor and whiny dancers, I would go to a real strip club.

Sarah B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 2, 2014
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Forget the Chinese theater--the Hollywood Sign---Beverly Hills.When you have that "friend" in town from anywhere else--take them here.It's bottom line a good bar and on a rowdy enough weekend night the place has a pretty rad heartbeat.The dancers are all talented.If you are sitting in front-TIP!!!It is the unwritten rule of sitting in front--at least a dollar/per person/per song.Do it or I will walk over and bitch you out for being a cheapskate.Drinks are good. I once had a bartender argue with me--- I claimed she poured me a Jack Daniels when I asked for Jameson's rocks. Yes- I could taste the difference. She poured me another and wasn't happy about it.What ever happened to the old drug dealer door man?

Alex S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 24, 2014
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What can be better than free entrance, pole dancers dancing to sounds like Joy Division, Radiohead, Pixies, etc. and a good beer? My better half took me there on our first date and I fell in love with both. Make sure to throw some bills at the amazing dancers and make no mistake, you gonna have a great time there.

Shannon R.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 11, 2014
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I still don't know how I ended up here, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I had a blast. The dancers are REALLY talented and dance to awesome music. Most of the patrons were rowdy women cheering on their fellow ladies, and there was a sense of camaraderie that I hadn't expected.There was an awkward moment where a dancer didn't think she was getting enough tips, so she cursed everyone and marched off stage in the middle of her act. That's her right if she doesn't think she's getting paid enough, but it changed the atmosphere of the room drastically. If you're not into the dancer and don't want to give tips, don't stay seated right by the stage, 'cause it's rude.I would not say no to returning, but it is small and it becomes pretty expensive if you plan to stay for an hour or so. That aside, it'll definitely spice up your night!

james1412  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 7, 2014
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My first review for 2014 and what better place to review than Jumbo's!A YTLA favorite. The most commonly asked, "Where do I go if I'm looking for...-19-24 hipster white guys-"sults"-ideas for a 30-something bday-an amazing girl so we can call ourselves "The Amazings"-good quality guys in their 30's-a place for impressive first dates-a boyfriend who doesn't charge me rentYou get the idea haha. There's only one answer to these questions:J... U... M... B... O... S!!So after pondering life's difficult questions, I found that a pilgrimage to Jumbo's was the answer.The venue was pretty small and the wait to get in was about 1.5 hours. Although there is no cover, you can pay $20 to buy a cap or t-shirt that allows you to skip the line. The girls on-stage did not disappoint with their pole dancing skills (with the exception of one girl). Drinks at the bar were cheap and strong so that is definitely a plus. All in all, I had a really fun time and will be returning in the future!

Darren E.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 15, 2013
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Over crowded and cramped. Terrible service. Mediocre (but strong) drinks. Awful parking. The bathrooms are criminally vile. No nudity.It's pretty much my favorite place to end a great night in LA!Bring dollar bills, you heathens!

Gabriella Y.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 10, 2013
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Sadly, I am not able to give JUMBOS the 5 star review that i would WANT to give due to the as$hole behind the bar. I went with a coworker to visit a girlfriend of mine who was dancing one night. We sat at the bar, ordered a round, and tipped the girls. Shortly (and Im talking 1 or 2 minutes) after we finished our first round, I hear the bartender from behind me say, "You can't just sit here, you have to order a drink" I was actually about to order another round, however, after hearing this "rule" I suddenly became very uninterested in ordering another drink. I ignored her, but my coworker was a bit more upset by it. She told the bartender she would rather spend her money on the girls as apposed to buying drinks as she was driving that night. I then heard the bartender say, and i shit you not, "well then why did you even come here" Oh gee, I dont know, to maybe WATCH THE DANCERS AS IT IS A BIKINI BAR!? Anywhoo... things just went downhill from that point on. I was disgusted by the way they were demanding that drinks be bought.Its SUCH a shame that these extremely unprofessional people are ruining it for the girls working there. I love watching them, I very much dislike MOST of the staff...

Ann P.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 3, 2013
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Bring your dolla...dollar bills ya'll!

Dan S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 3, 2013
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I'll start with why this isn't a 5 star review. The bartender is god awful and seems to revel in not providing customer service unless she feels like it. My friend and I had an event to attend and asked for our bill 15 min before we had to leave. Despite asking twice and communicating our urgent need to leave, the bartender would just nod and go back to whatever she was doing. This bar asks for your drivers license to start a tab, so you are held hostage until the bartender decides to let you go. Needless to say, my friend and I were late for our other engagement.As for the rest of the clown room, it is absolutely my kind of dive bar. The kitschy decor and the beautiful "alternative" dancers really do a great job on stage. I wasn't pressured once for private dances, which I come to expect at anything resembling a strip club. There was no cover, but they expect you to tip each dancer a few dollars per dance. I highly recommend you do so. When I was at Jumbo's, the girls were only seeing $5-10 per dance. If you're enjoying the scenery, you should be opening your wallet. My friend and I had a great time and I'll definitely be taking out of town guests to Jumbo's in the future. However I'll be paying cash for my drinks, so I don't get held hostage by the worst bartender on the planet.

Jay A.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 14, 2013
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I've come here a bunch and never thought I'd give it a poor review. The building, the vibe, and the dancers are all terrific. I learned something a little disheartening/upsetting my last visit. I was with a big party and we each paid $20 to get in. Later that night a dancer asked if we needed to get cash. I'm assuming because she thought we weren't tipping enough. I said, well, we all paid $20 at the door and we figure that's a lot of money that will go to you guys at the end of the night.She informed me that the they DO NOT get any of the money at the door, or the bar, and in fact, have to tip out the bartenders AND the doorman at the end of the night. Which is absurd to me, especially because the doorman was extremely rude.They need to change the way this operation goes down, it's not fair to the girls who are essentially bringing in all of the money and seeing none of it.

Annie W.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 27, 2013
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Only come if you're trying to entertain or meet up your drunk friends. There is some talent, but not enough to merit a return. There's no nudity, so you'll have to settle for burlesque dancing. The short pole that touches the ceiling is pretty sad, because they can't even have a decent full pole to do their tricks. Some of the girls are halfway decent and the other are just 'meh' not too easy on the eyes. This is Hollywood, so I'm going to be a bit harsh. It's not so crowded if you come right after work hours, but it's the same 5 or 6 girls rotating during those hours. Lap dances are not private at all. It's right next to the bathrooms where everybody could watch you enjoy your 3 minutes of fantasy. When I think about it, it's definitely funny weird. Drinks are not halfway bad, but it'll run more than $10 for a tiny glass of not top shelf vodka and cranberry. The one good thing is, they'll charge the credit card to exchange for some singles with nominal fee of $1.50, I think. It's an interesting, but very tiny joint. Parking is horrendous since it's located near a large strip of apartment/condos. If you valet it'll cost $5 or find metered parking which you'll have to run out every hour to check on. During our visit, one of the strippers/dancers started screaming at a patron near stage seating. Not sure if he didn't tip during the song, but the attitude and explosive vocabulary was very unprofessional. Yikes! Or do I need to be schooled on this subject?

MsMichele P.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 27, 2013
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Although it's the size of a Beverly Hills housewives closet, this place packs a punch. One stage wide enough for the girls to do the splits and a ceiling just high enough so they can kick it up if they're feelin frisky. It's not your usual throw the clothes off kinda place where nothing is left to the imagination. Most of the girls have their own wild, original and fast moving, cash gettin routines. My fav was the tatted chick who used a long belt during her entire routine to do various tricks on the pole- very dangerous stuff. She worked it like a true champ, rocked it, swung around it, tied it up and spanked it- 100% entertaining! They perform for one song each and go on stage a couple times in one night so you get to see a bevy of girls/ladies allllll night lonnnnnng. What an experience!

Trudy T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 29, 2013
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We heard about this place from a posting on Facebook by a friend and his friends comments were intriguing ...googled the place and the clip from Anthony bourdains the layover surfaced immediately ..I knew then I had to go. Went on a Saturday early ( good move) and at first thought it was just so so..well got our drink on and moved to the front row seats just as the more "A" girls started showing up...wow they were amazing very talented, sexy but not gross like the girls at normal strip bars...I don't consider this a strip bar...but a homage to female beauty and acrobatics...very entertaining and this comes from a happily married lady who enjoys this type of entertainment and also enjoys her spouse enjoying...this is America right? Welcome to Hollywood ! By the way others posted about the drinks...I found them a good pour although small but for the price as opposed to the joke drinks at other places with this type of entertainment very fair...glad we took the red line..lol...now if they could get that snack vending machine to accept dollar bills as readily as the girls they' ll earn 5 stars!

Danny W.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 24, 2013
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Jumbos isn't a strip club, but it did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. There's no nudity, lap dances, or champagne room, but it's a dive bar where the shitty band that usually occupies the stage is replaced with some badass babes pole dancing in next to nothing. What the girls lack in being fully naked they definitely make up for in dancing ability. Some of the shit they do on the pole is absolutely perplexing. Combine that with the cheap drinks that a dive bar provides and the potential to be hit with a whip or spot a hottie dressed in a skimpy R2-D2 ensemble and you've got one heck of an evening out.

Kevin G.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 9, 2013
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Very well known by locals, small but lots of fun if you go there not expecting all that much... definitely was well worth the hour out of our all night outing...

Virginia P.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 16, 2013
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I love this place. Tiny and not really ideal for private dances, it allows for more of a performance atmosphere. The dancers are the best in L.A., from what I've seen. Girls and couples feel very welcomed, as well as first timers who might just want a fun night out. Not a typical "dirty" feeling you might get from other clubs.

Sonia S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 13, 2013
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What a fun place! I went on a Sunday night for a birthday party, and the small, dark bar wasn't that jam packed. It was comfortable. The ladies are great and a few of them came over to say hi. It's not a strip joint as most people would think of one. The ladies are very talented on the pole, are very strong, and are skilled dancers. Throw some dollars for each lady! It takes some guts to get up there and do what they do. There are also some interesting patrons which make the night even more enjoyable. Stimulation on the stage, on the floor...so much to look at! Only downsides are it's small. If you want a seat you might be out of luck unless you get there early. Also, parking stinks, and it's not in the best (but not the worst) neighborhood. Ladies, I'd take a walking buddy.

Stefanie G.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 6, 2013
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Among the hundreds of strip clubs in LA, I hope you come across this "burlesque" gem. I came here on a late Thursday night......the bar is usually crowded. I made my way through the narrow passageway and found a stool to sit on in front of the stage. The ladies saunter out in front of a mirrored wall, in shifts of about 2-4 minutes (depending on their song). The best thing about the dancers are the costumes---they range from typical lingerie or serious gas-mask and onesie get-ups. The girls are varied---from flexible Russians, to older and heavily tattooed "punks," and everything in between. The energy in this room is always fun. The men hoot and howl, the women stare and clap, and everyone is tossing money. GO ANY DAY!!!

S E.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 27, 2013
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Went here last night. The 2 bartenders that look like "madams" were super rude. One approached me and asked me what I wanted to drink. She must of been deaf because when I asked "what kind of beers do you have?" She gave me the dirtiest look, left me hanging and proceeded to put on her lipgloss. I must of stared her down for about 30 seconds while she was talking her smack, and then she finally comes up to me and says "what?" Wtf ? I asked her again in a loud voice "WHAT KIND OF BEERS DO YOU HAVE?!" And she finally realizes what im asking her for, and she apologizes after leaving me hanging and gives me a half-@ss list of what she carries. Annoyed with her, I order 2 coronas and don't even tip her. I came on a Thursday night and i had to wait in line for about 30 min. Was it worth with it ? Heck no. Once inside , i swear there was people doing lines of cocaine. There was this big chubby guy who kept snorting. In the bathroom people were snorting. I think everyone in there does the yey-yo. When I was ready to get out of this mess, i made one last trip to the little girls room. There was a crazy psycho female (customer, not an employee) who tried feeling me up and suggested I go into the stall with her. She probably wanted to do more yey-yo, so I ran out of there ASAP. the concept is funny, but this place looks like it needs a visit from po-po vice ASAP. Don't waste your time. The staff and the customers are super rude and treat you like crap. I know better places than these. If your gonna do your lines of cocaine, fine, but keep it low pro please As for the madams, they need to take their sticks out of there big fat saggy butts and treat their patrons a little bit better. I know they get annoyed of dealing with drunk people all the time but hey, that's the Industry you to chose to be in. You want people to tip you and the strippers so you can get your cut? Then put a damn smile on your face and LISTEN!!!

Adriana A.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 16, 2013
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This place will become my Saturday go to for sure! OMG the gorgeous ladies blew my mind! The ladies were SO beautiful, and incredibly talented. Major respect and love to all their pole work and play time. If you want to see some beautiful, sexy, talented ladies - go here. If you want a Saturday full of pole tricks, clacking and special "winking" - go here. Bring lots of cash. These girls deserve it ALL! and are completely worth it!! This has raised the bar to some high standards, great job, I love you all!Saturday lineup for 6/13/13 - from 9 pm on was more than a treat! Presley, girls you know who you are! The tricks, the acrobatics, the grinds, the smiles, captivating. What a treat!!Its impossible to have a favorite girl, they are amazing! Can't wait for another girls night out, front row - once again for me.... big respects and hats off, bring lots of cash and compliments - you will be amazed.

Ashley I.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on June 28, 2013
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I was intrigued by the mere fact that Courtney Love performed here. On the other hand, incredibly scared that Courtney Love performed here.It was everything my friends and I were expecting. We wanted Guns 'n Roses and got it. Some of the performances were...eh...but others were skilled and I literally saw a whole room get up and cheer like it was a concert. Okay, so I have to say this woman did do an amazing pole acrobatics where she held herself parallel to the bar, upside down, and with only using her two very deceptively strong arms and then finished it off with climbing to the tip top of the bar and hold herself up with only her two legs and held herself parallel to the ceiling to "Someone To Love" by Queen. My friends and I knew we were in for a treat.It was a mixed bag on the customers. Most were fine but one lady sat down next to me or kind of 1/2 on my leg. Odd, no? Drunk, yes.You have to try everything once and this one of them.

Lane K.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on June 17, 2013
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Ok, this is kinda of an out there, unusual experience but for some reason if you or members of your party want to go to a dive strip club here in town you should go here. A super creepy/weird name, cheap drinks & dancing girls! It's rumored to be all female owned & operated and the girls wear tassels so it's might be the most family friendly strip club on the West Coast.

Candace L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 31, 2013
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Oh good heaven, I'm pretty sure I'm still drunk from last evenings escapades that ended a few short hours ago, but before it is all a complete blur I'd better leave a review for Jumbo's! Were we filming Hangover 4...? No, couldn't have been there were no animals or babies involved and I don't think we left LA, although there were a lot of tattoos on stage...Let's just say, we started our evening at a pretty swanky restaurant sipping red wine and tasting olive oil and a few short hours later we were making it rain up in this fine establishment! Thank the lord this is a written review and not an oral because my voice is completely gone from providing my support to these dancers last night.It was quite an interesting evening, here's what I learned:1. get singles for larger bills simply for the visual effect - it looks great throwing tons of dollars on stage, me dropping a few large bills just does not create the same dramatic effect but then get ready to watch the gals have to collect from all around the stage after their song, sort of weird! 2. Perfect your aim - mine is pretty sweet I must say, I've got a good arm and sat comfortably at my bar stool and got cash on stage - fold or crumble your bills and toss'm up, out and back3. be ready to assist any and all dancers you meet in the restroom if you have to go as much as I had to last night and be ready for some interesting conversations 4. Know the words to all of the songs so you may sing and dance along with them (because that's just the way Kevin and I get down), makes the experience that much more enjoyable and 5. Have as much fun as you wantbecause that's what this little fun house is all about my friends!I didn't care much for the dancers bangs, glasses, head accessories, dresses, outfits, shoes, panties, lingerie, nighties, tights etc. (Ok, sure they may not be able to hire a stylist but they could use a little help in this dept.) I was impressed by the crowd, a bunch of semi regular folks and by regular I mean the type of regular you find at a sort of strip club in the wee hours of a Wednesday evening.Good Times! Thanks Kevin T, without you, Eli and I would have probably spent the evening sipping a latte in a coffee shop and I wouldn't have had the opportunity to show off my drink spilling skills :) Joseph N you are a gem, thanks for joining and critiquing with me :) I must admit we make a pretty fine Wolf Pack ;)Next up... Sam's!Oh! $5 Valet in front - ya know I couldn't omit the real important parking tip I always leave

Devin W.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 28, 2013
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Well....where do I begin. The moment I walked in there was an unpleasant air in the room. People were awkwardly standing around just waiting for the next girl to get up on stage and do her dance. While standing at the bar I was locking lips with someone and was scolded multiple times by the bartender. It was as if what I was doing was disrupting the show going up on stage. If that was enough to piss me off, the supposed entertainment wasn't too engaging either, so I left.Overall, if you want a sleazy bar to go to with half-naked tattooed girls dancing around a pole, then be my guest, this place is for you.

Petey K.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 9, 2013
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Early this month, I choose this place for my birthday party. I mean I like booze and I like boobs... so what better place to have a party. It was a full house that night. The girls were amazing as usual. They even got me on stage and had all the lovely ladies dance in front of me... I wasn't sure what to look at since there were butts and boobs everywhere. FUCKING AWESOME! My female friends that never been to this place LOVED LOVED LOVED it. One drove all the way from Chino Hills. That's a true friend there. :D Anyways, I'll be back soon enough. :D

Soraya L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 21, 2013
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I went on a Monday afternoon around 5pm. There was no crowd (not that I expected there to be one), but the girls were still more than willing to showcase their skills. All very pretty and very nice. The bartender was also very friendly.Will definitely go again the next time I'm in town, hopefully on a busier night.

Mitch E.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 13, 2013
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Jumbo's Clown Room is an interesting place. Typically I don't care for dancers. I don't really get the point of paying women to dance for me when I can go out and just talk to women myself, however when you go out and talk to women yourself then have them suggest going to see dancers well I'm not going to decline.Jumbo's beer selection isn't the best in my opinion and the girls on stage weren't anything special. They had the same five girls on repeat. Did some cool tricks. Jumbo's is a place I'd suggest to check out just to check it out.

Peter M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 8, 2013
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Jumbo's - go for the clowns, stay for the dancing. I am generally uncomfortable in strip clubs/ pole dancing establishments due to the nature of the type of "clowns" that a place like that attracts. I was dragged here by a friend who was really excited to go drink here, so I tagged along for the ride. I can't fault the employees for my general strip club nausea, from the doormen to the entire bar staff- everyone was very nice and attentive. Also, if you stay long enough you will start to contemplate your stance on whether or not you believe pole dancing is a sport/ legitimate artform- which is something definitely up for discussion given the athleticism and grace of the Jumbo's dancers.

Nick W.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 24, 2013
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What a fantastic establishment. As reviewer below said, it's hard not to enjoy yourself here.We waited 20-30 mins to get in, and I had no idea what to expect, but it was well worth the wait. As soon as we walked in this lovely girl took the stage and everyone in the place was off their chain (and I'd say it was half fill with women). Beers were really cheap as well.Great place to BS with friends and watch girls dance in their bikinis and laugh at the world we exist in.

Monica H.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 13, 2013
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What's not to love. The name says it all... wait, no it doesn't. Ah who cares, it's a great bar... Reminds me of Mary's in Portland.

Katie B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 3, 2013
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This place is terrible! From the losers lurking around outside harassing everyone who walks by, to the over-abrasive, pushy doorman who barks the "rules" at you, to the tiny inside that fits maybe 30 people comfortably. To top it all off the guys inside looked like serial killers and the dancer we saw was flat as a board. We walked in, took one look around, and left. What a waste of $5 for valet. Maybe I came on an off night but I don't want to come back a second time to find out. This is definitely a bar for convicts and creeps! Gross.

Erik C.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 20, 2012
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Loved this place, great dive bar and entertainment isn't bad either!

Thomas K.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 24, 2012
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Pretty cool pole dancing! Not shady and no nudity.

Miao W.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 23, 2012
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Fun girls. Excellent dancers. I wear Jumbo's cap like heaven.

Sahina K.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 13, 2012
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Ugh...this place is so skeezzyyIts such a weird set up...there is literally no room to squeeze by...I kinda felt bad for the dancers...cause it didn't look like they were making it rain the night i went...I just felt sad...

Abraham N.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 24, 2012
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Dont come...requiring a purchase of hats or shirts...They said the place was full and that they could not let anyone in, but anyone who purchased merchandise for 10 dollars could get in. Why not just ask for a cover? Whatever the case, just didn't appreciate the shadiness... This was on a Saturday, I have been there before on other days and there was no "cover..."

Michael E.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 21, 2012
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Top notch pole dancing.

Christine A.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 7, 2012
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The girls really run the gamut. Some are quite talented, flexible, fun, and friendly. The best ones are practically gymnasts, flying through the air in spiked Lucite heels. A few are terrible. We're talking the odd trainwreck with frizzy hair and sunken-in eyes who'll climb up to near the top of the pole and then rub her fingers together for the entire song, indicating she'll only do something if people tip her. Which they don't do. These ladies are in the minority, and it's their actions that are the huge turn-off. The more middling dancers tend to stay on the ground rubbing the pole between buttock cheeks to Blondie's "One Way or Another." This leads to other dancers coming out to Windex the poles. As others have undoubtedly mentioned, the procedure is such: the girl comes out and performs her pole-centric dance, everyone keeps their distance and drops their tips on the stage, when she's done she crawls around collecting the bills on the floor, and then the next girl goes on. There's no nudity, and even when the occasional girl slips a nipple for more tips, the bartender or even a wandering bouncer will put a stop to it quickly when they notice. Most patrons are reasonably well-behaved, but then you'll get a woman who slaps one of the dancers on the rear or drunkenly shouts, "Take it off!" It's usually a desperate act, attempting to communicate,"See how much fun I am, boys?" I went on my 21st birthday despite an older friend's warning that it's "where strippers go to die" and to take the fact that she used to watch Courtney Love dance there as reason enough to never bother with it. I found many of the girls quite friendly and talented. Jumbo's is decent, even if you're more interested in the dive bar portion than the view. No cover, so there's no real loss.

Tina L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 26, 2012
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No cover charge.Inventive dances.Intense girls.Wow.

Gwenny K.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 17, 2012
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Few things to consider before you go. This is not a strip club, even on the website they say they do not take off their clothes. So unless you like to just watch women dance I suggest you don't go. Also, you're in Hollywood. It's not a nice place, in fact the people are known for their attitudes and overall foulness. So if you want fast friendly drink service with people that kiss your ass, you should also not go. It's kind of a dive bar, which I loved, and it was packed on Saturday. I suggest getting there early if you want a good seat. The dancers. WOW. I dance so I appreciate the skill these women have. I loved the tricks and little sass the girls had. I even loved when they yelled at us for not tipping enough after a unusually hard routine. It was a great night.

Ernesto R.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 30, 2012
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Its everything you've probably heard of. The place its pretty small....but ok. The Dancers are unique and def have skills. They have interesting choice of songs....I've never seen a girl pole dance to Radiohead and Yeah Yeah Yeahs....which makes this place one of a kind! The thing I dont like are the bartenders, theyre mediocre at best. They very much lack customer service skills and should go back to bartender school and learn how to make some drinks! Oh yeah....and have those singles ready for the dancers!

Raffaal N.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 24, 2012
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Love this place.. Great way to end a great night.. Great dancers and decent priced drinks..

Johnnyboy123  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 18, 2012
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Argh.Stopped by here with a couple of friends a little while ago to hang out and have a couple of drinks. We ended up getting seats in front of the stage.Everything was GREAT; we were having a good time watching the performances (all of the girls were very athletic and some of them were like gymnasts - it was crazy) and just chilling. We were each tipping every girl at least a dollar and often more. Does that make us big spenders? No. But every girl got at least a few bucks from us and for most dances, they got more than that.So where am I going with this? One of the dancers, an Asian girl who was probably the most impressive as far as her athleticism and the one who I'd definitely tipped the most was bringing around 1's to change for 20's. She asked me if I needed change. I made a corny joke that was something to the effect of, "You're going to give me 20 dollars?!" and she got PISSED. Not like, "Whatever dude, you're lame." Not even, "Piss off, you're annoying." She started yelling at me about how it's not a free show and I need to tip, then demanded to see my one dollar bills as proof that I could actually provide tips. It was weird. I had about 4 bucks left in my pocket because I'd already tossed out the majority of the 20 1's I got from the bar plus the few that I already had in my wallet when I came in. We'd been sitting there for less than an hour and I thought we were tipping just fine. It was too bad. Sure, maybe she was having a bad day and my joke rubbed her the wrong way, but I thought her reaction was excessive. I was especially irritated because we were tipping at least as much as anyone else sitting near the stage, save the planted employee who makes it rain every few dances. We bailed after that happened.Argh. Whatever. I think most people would have a fun time here - we were enjoying the show - but I'm giving only 2 stars because of that ridiculous incident.

Heidi H.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 17, 2012
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The entertainment was TOP SHELF! The ladies were not only beautiful but highly talented dancers. Over all I enjoyed the evening.I would give Jumbo's 4 stars but the bartender on the evening I went was terrible. I went this past Tuesday night and I was out with 4 of my guy friends celebrating a birthday. I was told by the woman behind the bar that there was a 2 drink minimum. I settled with a watered down, over priced Manhattan and a shot of Bourbon since the bartender did not know how to make an Old Fashioned. Not only did the self professed "Madam of the House" not know how to make basic cocktails but she loudly verbally insulted my group on multiple occasions. We were all uncomfortable and would have moved away from the bar but the place was packed and there were no other open seats available. I am sure I will return to Jumbo's but I will not sit at the bar if this woman is working. Save your money on drinks (order beer) and walk down to Harvard & Stone and enjoy a real (strong) cocktail made by expert bartenders for the same price you would pay at Jumbo's.

Albert G.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 4, 2012
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If you like beautiful women moving in beautiful ways you need to make it a goal to come visit jumbos clown room. Like countless others have already said, the place is very small and it gets crowded quickly! Do yourself a favor and arrive before 9 if you want some sort of seat. If you arrive after 9:30 expect to wait in line and once you are inside its a tight fit. All the dancers are great, of course some better than others but you should still tip! and don't throw your money at them with the purpose of hitting them. I saw a couple of ass goblins trying to purposely hit the women with their balled up dollar bills.The atmosphere in this place is for the most part good, you have the hipsters, dude-bro's, and straight up old timers who are probably regulars roaming around. The girls put on quite a show and really work for their tips, they even come around after their set and break 20's into dollar bills for you! How convenient is that!? Now the bad part of jumbo's other than its small space. The parking is a nightmare so just valet and be done with it. The men's restroom is what you would call a sea of piss so if your wearing sandal which I saw one dude wearing be ready to hit the free clinic the next day for your STD test. The smell of piss would put the kid from your childhood that would come into class everyday smelling of urine a run for his money. Visit Jumbos and have a small slice of the California pie because this is what its all about my friends, good drink, good friends, and hot women dancing to Rage Against the Machine's - Killing in the Name Of.

Robert K.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on June 17, 2012
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Bullet Wounds, Pregos, Cesarian Scars, Saggy Tittys and the occasional Midget Tranny. Oh yeah and cheap drinks. Kinda like a German film festival under one roof.Now thats a fawkin' party yo!

Justin M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 30, 2012
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A titty bar without the tits. What the fuck is going on here?

Allie L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 27, 2012
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I admit, where else has free admission? There's a catch. Parking is absolutely horrible. There is almost no way except to either pay for valet or $5 parking inside the lot. There is ENORMOUS pressure to keep ordering for drinks or tipping the pole dancers. The security guards are constantly keeping an eye out to double check if either you are ordering a one-drink minimum or tipping. The bartender that night was also very rude and said, "Sorry i'm just doing my job. Miss, you have to order a drink. Oh yeah, sorry but if you are using your card, there's a $20 minimum purchase." So Beware. Use cash or order twenty dollars worth of drinks.

Ivy T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 21, 2012
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I love coming herePros:Super hot Alt girlsStrong drinksNo coverGood MusicCons:There's no nudity

ryan123  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 1, 2012
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Strong drinks, best music selections, babes with talent! LOVE LOVE LOVE a party at the clown room!

Rod C.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 26, 2012
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Saw it on layover and jeebus what a let down. Bottom line its a retirement home for bitter old strippers. One even said that if we're staring we should be sharing but there was no talent at all. It was friday night too and putting away numerous drinks could not salvage the night. Save your money and avoid jumbos.

Danny J.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 22, 2012
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This place is a bust. The girls aren't attractive. It's a much older crowd. The bartenders are two old ladies that act like they need to get some loving in they're life because they are super crabby and bitchy. SAMs is a way better bar. Never again

Dan L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 16, 2012
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After seeing this place on The Layover, I decided that if I was ever to go to LA, I would have to come here!. I came on Tuesday night, but unfortunately I was only able to experience it for an hour. This place was pretty rad. Most of these dancers were better than any stripper that I have ever seen. They knew how to work it! It was definitely a mixed crowd in here. Anywhere from young horny guys, to attractive young women to older women. Just the vibe in here is some solid entertainment. Nothing pretentious, just people hanging out looking to have a good time. I would suggest though going with a group of people. It's more fun that way than say just you and your buddy. We pulled off some shenanigans, had a bunch of laughs, and had some eye candy. Yup, I'm a fan of Jumbo's!!

Harmonie T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 15, 2012
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How does a girl like me end up at Jumbo's Clown Room on a Monday night? Well, my friends from Seattle were visiting and since we were having drinks down the street, I suggested we head to this place. Of course, the boys in our group were like "yessssss!" ;DHowever, for someone like me who enjoys pole dancing as a form of fitness, I was there for very different reasons!The friendly bouncer explained the rules before we entered:- no photos- tip the dancers- have fun!For a place that has no cover and no drink minimum, the rules sound reasonable to me!This place is much smaller than I imagined and for a Monday night, I was impressed to see a full house! Even though it was mostly men taking the front seats right up by the stage, it was also cool to see that at least half of the patrons were women.At the bar, I got a bit of a vibe that the girl bartender didn't want to help me. Whatever, I didn't let it ruin my night. Especially since everyone else was nice to us (bouncer, our waitress, the dancer girl I met in the ladies room, etc.)The pole is only about 8ft tall so I was wondering how complicated the pole tricks will be. There's only so much you can do. But the dancers worked it! It gave me lots of ideas on what to work into my own fitness repertoire. I also like that the stage has so many mirrors all around.Years ago I once heard a guy say about Jumbo's Clown Room "Where strippers go to die." I don't know what he's talking about because the dancer girls looked like they were in their 20's (maybe early 30's) and they were all beautiful and I loved several of the shiny studded outfits that they were wearing (or "have to wear" since there is no nudity.) My friend even pushed a $5 bill toward her hubby and said "Give the pretty pole dancer some money, dear!"hahaha I think that took the thrill out of his experience. But we all had a good time :)

Howie G.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 8, 2012
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R Rated strip show, cheap enough drinks, good time as your middle-of-you-night-out bar. class A Hollywood Dive bar. If you are looking for a real boobs-in-your-face strip club, this is not for you. This is more burlesque a la Courtney Love style.

Susana N.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 26, 2012
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come here for a GREAT time! the music selection by the performers is great!:)

E T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 16, 2012
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SEEDY, SAD, FUN.If you're a dude you'll love it. The type of place where you can look at **it** and not be bothered or completely creeped out. Rub elbows with sad porn producers who have to pay for a woman's attention and laugh at guys giving the "she totally wants me face." The dancers actually pick really great and interesting, songs not giving a shit if you're into it, very cool. If you're a lady you'll be at the equivalent of a professional tournament where women are performing feats of valor and spiking the metaphoric ball with their ass grinding on a pole. It's cool till you read the subtext behind those eyes. At the bar sit old aging women who only serve men first, women when they feel like it and minorities last. The bouncer is nice enough but if there's a line do yourself a favor and valet your car to get in faster. Everyone inside is disgusting, including yourself. You may try and get a corner spot but you can't help that face you make when the dancers slide on the pole -- so be prepared to loose a little dignity. And if you loose ANYTHING it ain't coming back to ya. So check your silver in your car and don't bring your phone, people be shady. Enjoy yo self.

Barry W.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 10, 2012
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*** Ok, I finally made it to Jumbos! ***I have never heard of a "bikini bar", so curiosity got the better of me. I tried it.Basically Jumbos is a strip club but thedancers don't strip, they just pole dance.That is not the only difference b/c mostpatrons (at least this nite) were women. I suppose since pole dance classes areat an all-time popularity high, women dowanna check out dancers for technique?The bar pours 'em deep and keeps 'em cheap, so it seems Jumbos is a trifecta.Happy hrs 4-7pm daily. $2-5 draft beer.It's also owned & operated by a woman.*** Nice nitecap aft Harvard & Stone. ***

Alexander F.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 20, 2012
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Girls could ALWAYS be hotter, but it's better than the bullet wounds, c-section scars and track marks you'll find at most cheap dance-bars in LA. Fun atmosphere, cheap alcohol and good staff. Me likey.

Ken D.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 10, 2012
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jumbos has been around forever! everyone used to say this is where old strippers go to die but its more then that. its fun burlesque with older ladies.great place to go have a great time. its not serious and so laid back you dont want to leave. i dont like strip clubs but this is charming and fun :)

XhXeXy  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 8, 2012
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My Oh My, What a Wonderful Place! Classy Dancers! I saw it on Anthony Bourdaine's Layover and had to make a visit. The super bowl party was nice with food. Happy hour special was cold bud on tap. The girls were hot, erotic and sexy! Don't take pictures, there is a strict policy regarding any photographic or videographic recordings.

candie s.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 7, 2012
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I have mixed emotions about Jumbo's ... maybe 2.5 stars.On one hand it's a great dive bar with stiff drinks at cheap prices (cheap for Hollywood that is). On the other, the dancers are hit and miss. Some are aerial geniuses on a pole ... others are depressing and just sad. All in all, I'd say you'd just have to go in and check it out to formulate your own opinion. $2 happy hour beer mugs ... its worth it just to check the place out.

Jax F.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 25, 2012
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AWESOME! I love this classy joint. Great dancers. Some are really friendly and talk to you and some well, they flick the whole place off because no one tipped them. Honestly, I get to be pissed but I don't think flicking everyone off is gonna get you more tips. Great service, the bartender is really awesome. She'll let you know when happy hour is coming to an end and give you a max of three beers at happy hour price. Just overall awesome bar. Exactly what I expect from Hollywood.

leeanne j.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 21, 2011
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this place gets credit for most random strip club name. ever. and its fun, not in a get ur nuts off way, but in a get ur drink on kinda way.

Jonathan M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 24, 2011
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Oh Jumbo's, how I've missed you. Coming back to town on an epic bender that would've left Hunter S. Thompson jealous, we made our way to Jumbo's Clown Room. As a youngster, I came here often to see amazing things -- women that ranged from the beautiful to the well... not so beautiful, scary clowns, a scuzzy crowd, and cheap drinks. Some things have changed -- namely, the girls look better (but stay slightly covered) and there is now a 2 drink minimum. That said, $5 beers, great music on the juke box, cute girls doing good stripteases (the girl who ate the sandwich on stage was incredible). It's wacky and weird and awesome. Go.

Cameron X.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 18, 2011
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Do you like boobies? Do you like to see young in-shape women prance around in their underpants and frilly bras? Do you like to drink adult beverages surrounded by such women? If you answered yes to any and all of those questions, then you'll most likely enjoy yourself at Jumbo's Clown Room.Unfortunately, the women are not topless (but if you're an attentive viewer like me, you might spot a stray areola popping out of a bikini top as the dancer performs a sexually explicit gymnastic maneuver on the brass pole).I went there on a Thursday night around 10pm. It wasn't crowded, so you could sit right next to the stage. Close enough to smell the lovely scent that all dancers have for some reason.Good Times

Nick S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 3, 2011
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I was a fan before I even stepped foot in the place, to be fair.

Sophia C.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 5, 2011
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I dig a strip club where the crowds are few and in between, there's no cover charge, and most people are too retarded to imagine that with a place with this name, it'd be a place of women about 90% naked.Anywho, came here with a friend to get some drinks during the weekenight. I must have traumatized him a bit when I suggested here for drinks. We already had dinner in Thai town.He was shocked by the scantily-clad dressed ladies, I've seen worse (sorry, lived in Vegas for a year and visited Portland and their buck naked strip clubs). I've been here before, so it's not shocking. We grab a spot against the wall and watched 2-3 ladies strut their stuff. I'm guessing because it was the weeknight, their selection of ladies...was sub-par. Looking borderline blown out...but can get on that pole or grind herself like a damn peppermill. I give kudos to that anyday...cuz there aren't enough drinks for me to dance like that in public. I don't even do that in the privacy of my own home.The place is small, very dark and the drinks are meh. Their music selection for the dancing is interesting, to say the least. But, for the price of nothing to get in, why not experience a cheap thrill on a weeknight?

Stephen N.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 4, 2011
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Tiffany L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 15, 2011
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This place was so so fun! I really want to bring my girlfriends here now! The dancers were amazing, some were actually kind of freakishly flexible! All in all... very sexy girls and the drinks were stiff. Get there early so you can get a seat. By 10pm there was a huge line out the door!

Joseph F.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 10, 2011
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I love T & A just like the next guy - but when the girls don't really show it and make it some sort of burlesque act instead, it's totally awesome. Jumbo's is a strip club without the huge lame ass hustle. It's way more erotic when women have their cloths partially on (most the time). A girl actually took me to this place, which is why it gets 4 stars, and the really small amazing looking Latin girl bouncing all over the stage gives it a 5 star. Woop!

Val B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 27, 2011
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Tiny. More like a bar w/ entertainment than a strip club. No section for private dances so no dancers trying to chat you up. The dancers are amazing which more than makes up for the fact that they might be not be the typical hot playboy/maxim type. The bartenders are great, friendly, fast. Door guy was also very nice. Good fun.

larry1  on  Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 16, 2011
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This place is two strips of twine away from being family friendly (my family at the very least). Definitely the most aerobatic performers I've seen and no nudity equate to a mesmerizing experience.Only bad part is you're sharing so much air with hipster douche bags, but then time stands still and as I see the foreground of flesh eviscerate into a blur and my reflection in the mirror becomes clear I realize I am the scenery. If you are my friend - you will like this place.

john s.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 29, 2011
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TO BETSY:I was there and that's not what happened at all! I was sitting next to the alleged victim...The lady was in a slave harness and drinking schnapps. She wasn't tipping and talking a lot of trash-smack my b%&ch by prodigy was playing and the uber hot dancer came up and said something in her ear and then slapped her-Betsy then made squeals of pleasure-so it seemed to be part of the act-then she then got change and stuck around for another hour without any complaints or calls to 911. The dancer did come back and the woman grabbed her for a kiss and she got another tap-and again no complaints-I think she'd better get her story straight before slandering the talented 9 that were dancing that night. I'm a regular (that comes with his wife) and those girls work really hard for very little sometimes. Guess she and her husband have some issues they need to work out on their own time and keep their clowning around in the bedroom. Lastly, I've seen women customers treat these dancers worse than any man could think of-out of spite or jealousy or what have you. It makes me sad to think women could be so cruel to each other, but this is LA and clearly, I'm an idealist. Betsy from Glendale get a grip on your situation and lose the harness and instead of posting a bad review because of some twisted complex, get a lapdance. $20 per person per song (+a tip) well worth it (my wife likes to watch;). Note to couples: making out at the stage(or anywhere inside) is frowned upon so wait until you get home. Best place to go on any given night-we prefer weeknights but if we hit the weekend it's best to arrive early. There's always a line after midnight.

Anna Z.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 25, 2011
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This place was A-OK. It's very small and kind of uncomfortable. I went here with a few friends about a month ago and we started off our night here. I'm glad we chose to come here first because this place gets PACKED on weekends. When we left around 11pm, there was a line out the door. Also, in my opinion, this place is inconveniently located if you want to explore the rest of Hollywood. Everything is driving distance. Your best bet for parking is to valet for $5 right out front since the surrounding neighborhood isn't exactly Rodeo Drive. The "dancers" were average. It's a dive joint so I definitely wasn't expecting Adriana Lima to get on stage. There was one girl who really bugged me. She was extremely masculine and had a painted clown face that creeped me out. She was very rough on stage, not sexy at all, like she was going to break something. The drinks were weak so I switched to beers. Ke$ha was there that night and that alone may give you a better overview of this place than I could ever write. Don't come here with any expectations. I'm not eager to go back here but I don't regret coming here in the first place.

liz v.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on February 2, 2011
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i freakin love dis place! good vibe good music and the girls r so sexy and have good dancing skills..veyr down to earth and not pushy at all..only complaint would b cramped area n bitchy bartenders which sumtimes seem to ignore u wen u craving ur drink..other than dat would very much recommend this place!

Carolyn A.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 25, 2011
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Came here on a Monday night with a group of 4 ladies, it was my friends' last night in LA and they had been to similar venues in their hometowns so we thought we'd check it out. We were not disappointed. While it had been described to me as burlesque, it is most definitely just pole dancing and stripper moves, but no actual nudity. There were I think four dancers who rotated, 2 were hot, 1 was OK, 1 was... eh. One of the hot ones was SUPER talented on the pole hahaha and they were all good. Definitely diverse musical tastes, not necessarily what I would think of for stripper music.Anyway, the drinks were very weak and expensive, and you have to buy 2. I made my second a beer as it was probably stronger than the rum and coke they made me. It got much busier around midnight, at least full, if not crowded. Our waitress ignored us once other people came in, but hey, she was sluttin' it up with the male customers, who can blame her. My basic thought was this is like a strip club you take your girlfriend too (and in fact there were several couples and mixed-gender groups), so, not a strip club. But, very entertaining, and we had lots of fun gettin' drunk, makin' it rain (and they WILL make you make it rain haha), and watching some talented ladies dance.

Cara C.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 22, 2011
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I'm a straight girl and I love Jumbos and their girls. Went with two of my girlfriends and loved every second of it... minus the bar mom yelling at us and threatening to kick us out for having too much fun. Apparently giving the dancers money and screaming for them is too much! I think she's just jealous. Anyways, I think I've got a slight obsession with this place now! Especially when the girls dance to anything from Dr. Dre to Smashing Pumpkins. Sign me up for some pole classes!

Tim W.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 6, 2010
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Like watching the girls dance, but mainly like it cause its close to my house. Kinda typical bar prices. Not great if you're trying to get drunk. $5 for bottle of Budwiser. Mixed drinks I'm sure are like $8 to $10. Its a cool place for sure. I saw Lemmy Kilmister walk in the other day. I guess it's known for having celebs there, but who cares. I'm there to have a drink and get some entertainment.

Leslie C.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 1, 2010
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By far one of my favorite places in Hollywood. This place is not just for Dudes and Lesbians either, I (a straight girl) have so much fun every time I go there. The caliber of talented pole dancers can not be beat. They are more then just dancers, these girls are performers. And they put on one helluva show!I am always impressed and captivated by the amazing display of talent that these performers posses. From the costumes to the music and the pole stunts, I don't see how anyone could ever be bored at Jumbo's.Each girl has her own unique style and set of signature moves on the pole and floor. All of the girls are very nice and approachable, sweet and sincere.I can have a great time if I'm with my guy friends, my girl friends or even my boyfriend.I always make sure that I bring lots of cash. And If i need singles i can usually change it at the bar. The drinks are well priced.No matter what I walk in with a smile and leave with a bigger smile.

Jayi R.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 16, 2010
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I've never been to a strip joint, but I've been to a Clown Room...it's a bar and it's a showcase for some of the most talented dancers I've ever known to perform, practice, perfect, and receive praise for their art. Having only been once thus far, I do already have my favorite dancers, and I have already had two private dances (gifts, from two very kind patrons of the arts). As this was my first time in a clown room or anything like it and I have to say that being a non-nude bikini bar, it was the perfect place to start. The fact that they serve alcohol and diet coke (though no iced tea, bummer) *and* host a bounteous variety of beautiful, talented, and oh-so-sensual and sexy women shaking and slinking around is enough to keep me coming. However, it's also a local bar and the locals are quite friendly if you follow the etiquette, which seems to be:-Down in front and on barstools -Dress really cute, but not TOO sexy or people might think you work there and grab your ass for free (doesn't apply to men). On that note do not touch the dancers or the patrons. NO touching.-Don't open a tab at the bar, use cash. There's a $20 minimum and the surly bartender might have to end her shift at some point before you've met your minimum. -Tip appropriately, especially if you are sitting at the stage (ie bring ones and fives, as in $ bills folks). You are being entertained, receiving a service that requires time and often extreme effort and you didn't pay a cover. Show a little appreciation in the form of your time and effort--$$.-It's okay to clap and cheer along with others if you particularly enjoy a dancer's performance.One side note is that I would love if the stage pole were even bigger so that my most favorite dancers could get up even higher to work their magic--I think they might like a higher pole too.Don't like a big crowd while enjoying the talent? Go early or on a weeknight. Are you ready? Grab your big shoes, red nose optional, dollar bills, call me up, and head on down to the Clown Room.

Annie H.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 5, 2010
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Love this place! The perfect cure for a so so weekend night out.Jumbos was first introduced to me as a hipster burlesque bar. Its a small, kind of divey place, but really a hidden gem totally unique to LA.The girls are provocative, unique, each bring someplace different to the place. Some are costumed in vintage attire, as well as lingerie. The music varies, one girl I think danced to a country tune. These girls all got moves, i was in awe of the acrobatics they performed on the pole and stage. BRAVO girls!I like how the performers on stage reveal and show some skin, but they won't show more than what you'll see at a beach. This makes it fun for me to go with girl friends and guy friends.I never had any problem with the bartender or service. There was only one problem the first time we went there, but I don't think it was the bouncer's fault there were just too many enthusiastic people not leaving the club.No cover, but theres a posted 2 drink minimum, but not sure if they enforce it. Please bring dollar bills, the girls certainly take tips. DONT go here if you're looking for something ordinary or a traditional strip joint, this is not the place.

Felix U.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 8, 2010
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Love this place. It's a bit crowded on the weekend, because all the clowns come to Hollywood on the weekend, but the weekends still rock. This is NOT a strip bar, if you want to see titties, go someplace else for your smut. I'd call it more of a Burlesque or Cabaret, and the girls here are for the most part fantastic dancers and excellent entertainers.

Stacey R.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 31, 2010
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I used to love Jumbo's .... I have been going there for over 10 years. And I would have to say they have stepped up there game a million times. The girls are Aaaamaaazing!!! So I decided to take my friend there for her 26th birthday last weekend. Granted it was 11pm when we arrived so we all assumed the line would be long... which it was. The door man immediately said " you guys will only be allowed in by 2's " I proceeded to tell him that it was my friend's birthday and we would wait until our whole party could get in. (We had about 6 of us) He said it to us about a zillion times, which in my mind I was like ... is he telling us to go??? Like it wasn't worth waiting because we wouldn't get in... maybe because most of us were girls??? So we decided to just keep waiting. He then came over to us and apologized for the wait ( which I thought was redeeming) I thought to myself.... "Okay this guy isn't a total dick" ... He stated it was management and that they were at capacity. I understood that.... so we wait. THEN!!! a group of like 10 guys get out of a car and go straight to the door and hand the door guy some bills secretly .... I noticed this and was like WHAT!! really??? He just came out all sympathetic that it was my friends birthday and that we couldn't get in and now he let all these dudes get in right in front of us. WHAT A DOUCHE BAG!!! ... I say to him... " Can I pay you?" He then said " Am I friends with you ? " .... I said " No, but I'll give you money to let us in, because I just saw those guys give your cash" ... He said " You did, well guess what your friends can come in but you can't" ... I say " Whatever, we'll go somewhere else" ... I just can't understand why bouncers have to act like douche bags... why must you use your position to make patrons feel inferior to you. It's a joke. This guy probably only makes his money through people throwing him cash to get into a strip club. Dude ... if your reading this, I've never witness a bigger loser than you buddy. Good luck trying to make it. hahah... I suppose we will never return to our favorite place if this guy still exists there. So jumbo's FIRE THIS DUDE WOULD YA!!!

Charlie L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 27, 2010
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Fun experience! Although my girlfriend and I looked super young..and got carded twice...and got passed the "bitchy" bartender...We got to enjoy the show =D...I love how they played music that I love listening to..and seeing them do their little struts...funny when the metal chick came out...she had great moves..and kept clapping her platforms...it was awesome..quite an experience! =DViva El Jumbos!

Amy T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 21, 2010
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This is the kind of place girls can go and feel proud of their fellow sex!The dancers are beautiful, sweet, and talented. I love the great music they dance to (think Beck, Prince, MGMT, and the Cardigans) Make sure to bring lots of singles so you can make it rain.Always a fun time at Jumbo's!!

Uncle L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 5, 2010
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The girls are outstanding & actually talented. The service is TERRIBLE and the bartender is (usually) a bitch.I really liked it when I started going about a year ago. The place is the most amazing non-strip club-strip club Ive ever seen. Hottest white girls in LA; theyre all statuesque, have 6 packs, and could probably be in the fuckin Olympics with the pole & dance skills they have. The music they perform to is eclectic and you would not expect most of it. Good random celebrity factor too, you never know who's gonna pop in.The problem is it's too small, there's never any parking, and the wait staff are the WORST. The bartender, although hot as hell, is rude and unfriendly. You get the vibe that youre bothering her and that youre definitely not cool enough to be drinking there; everything I hate about an "LA bar." I got a jack & coke for $7, it's worth about 2 swallows and it's gone. They might as well serve it in a fuckin dixie cup. Place could be a lot cooler if they put more effort or at least less of an attitude into the bar part of it.

Shaun L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 4, 2010
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This is not a strip club.This a professional dance show with the most death defying dancers I have ever seen in my life.That just happen to be on a pole with a lap dance thrown in.This place is THE BEST.

Apple B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 27, 2010
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Best birthday ever. Thank you jumbos.

Ryan R.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 26, 2010
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ok so let me tell you about my night and this place. first time there, no expectations. its hard to excel when your a dive bar, which is fine. small but fun place. the girls are cool, music aint too loud and the drinks arent half bad (kinda hard to mess up jack on the rocks). we sat at stage cause there wasnt anywhere else to sit. some cute girls came out and some had some good moves. we tipped accordingly. we were out of money so we were gonna finish our drinks and leave. well as we were topping of our drinks and pay our bill and decent but no that great girl came out. she sat there and waited for us to tip. i borrowed a buck from my friend and threw it on the stage to make her go away. upon completion of her song she didnt have much on the stage and proceeded to bitch out the who room and then proceeded to bitch out everyone sitting at the stage. we got an extra bitch out because between 3 people we only tipped out a buck cause thats all we had left (which was why we were leaving). the bouncer apologized for the attitude but i highly doubt anything will be done. im now apprehensive about going back there for fear that im gonna get bitched at for not giving every flippin dancer on the stage a $20 bill. if you go, dont sit at the stage. i totally get that when you sit at the stage, you take on the responsibility of being the big tipper, but dont ever make the customer feel like crap cause they didnt tip you. i will tip whoever i want. why should i give you a tip cause your not that cute and not that good of a dancer. i tipped out the waitress almost 50% of the bill to show that i wasnt broke, i just didnt like her. being a dancer, you accept that tipping can suck. dont like it, get a real job.ok done venting. its a fun place, go with no expectations and avoid the bitchy dancers and this place is a lot of fun!

Helena P.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 14, 2010
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Strippers are disturbing. LIke the bright plastic sashimi you see in the windows of Japanese noodle houses, they're glossy but deeply unappetizing. Something about "perfection" that leaves me cold. Not so at Jumbo's, where real girls, imperfect girls, down right weird girls. strip for your pleasure and theirs, apparently. Clothed in bikinis, vintage corsets, even a post-partum girdle ( I'm so not making that up. One day I'll see a Burkah ), Per LA's no public nudity law, they cover up and stay that way, But what they lack in nudity they more than make up for in double -jointedness. These chicks are talented, know what they're doing and have that kinda dirty, rock and roll quality that mesmerizes. Cheap drink are complemented by clean, safe environment for couples and ladies on a night out.

Arnel S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 30, 2010
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The hipsters are coming! The hipsters are coming! And they're taking over everything, including what has been the bailiwick of the older, skeezier, perverted single man--the strip club.Jumbo's Clown Room is a small setting with one pole and one stage, a bar, and a jukebox that the dancers use to select their music before making their short trip onto the stage.The environment was more like a bar where there just happens to be a woman dancing around a pole instead of the main focus being on the dancing. All sorts of people were there--hipsters, girls on a night out, dudes, couples. This was not a place where you felt dirty for being there.I don't know if I was just there on a unique night, but I was told that this was kind of a stripper graveyard, where the older strippers go when their old clubs no longer want anything to do with them. Not on the night I went. These girls were hot. And great pole dancers. When a girl has the muscles to clench a pole in between her legs and do half her show upside down, you just have to go, "wow."

Gabe S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 5, 2010
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I'm not a very big strip club fan but Jumbos was a good time. It's dark and seedy with an unattractive bartender, just the way I like my dives. The booze is a bit on the pricey side, though, so I'd recommend a little pre-game action before throwing your money away, literally, on some very attractive, mostly-naked girls. The ladies are the best part of this place; there are a variety of girls with everything from a Betty Paige lookalike to a girl I could have sworn was Sandra Bullock. Between sets they walk around to no doubt encourage you to toss a couple of bucks on the stage the next time they perform. Regardless of their motive, the girls seem genuinely nice. It is small, though, so I can see it filling up quick. I was lucky enough to go when there weren't many people but there is potential for it to become a cattle chute. Jumbos is, without a doubt, not for everyone. You either, "get it" or don't, I guess. It seems like a good place to go with a group of less-than-classy friends or for a night of sad, sad self-pity drinking. Parking can also be a bitch, you'll probably have to walk a few blocks unless you want to pony up the cash for a lot spot and don't forget to go with a buzz 'less you want to drop a decent amount of cash.Also, if you walk a few blocks west you'll spot this Thai dessert place (bit.ly/dkERn7). I had this thing wrapped in banana leaves that was made with sticky rice, milk, and taro... not bad for $1.25.

Mr. L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 23, 2010
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In all fairness Jumbo's clearly says that it is a "dive bar", but I don't think it's possible to emphasize the word "dive" quite enough for what Jumbo's really is. It is too small and the crowd is rough at best. The stage is about 40% of the whole place and the talent, if you can call it that, looks like the random hire of the day. All that said, Jumbo's is an experience and if you have all your shots and plenty of Purell, it is worth saying that you have been there.

Siouxzie Q.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 21, 2009
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One of my most fondest strip club memories. Went on a slow night and ended up sharing a box of Cracker Jacks with a stripper wearing leg warmers, before they were ironic and trendy.

nick m.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 30, 2009
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I will have to say that gay men are much harsher critics then straight men, even when it comes to pole dancers (sorry straight guys, we are!!) but I must say these girls are AWEsome because:- they each have their own style and own the fuck out of it!!- they have great musical taste (Bjork, Massive Attack, Marilyn Manson, Bauhaus, Zeppelin, you get the point)- they know how to actually dance and work the poleI haven't been to many bikini/strip bars but these girls set the standard for me. If you're a dumb douche bag who just wants to see an attainable lame ass girl this isn't the place for you, sorry! These girls are unattainable rocker chicks that will fuck you up if you step to them! And tip them geez, I saw so many guys just enjoying the show for free and then you wonder why the beautiful girls love gay men!

Jason E.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 5, 2009
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you just gotta go...

Chris S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on July 1, 2009
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These ladies rock a pole and are super hotties in a hipster not trash sort of way. Think suicide girl. Very entertaining and a for sure to go back to.

marissa N.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on June 10, 2009
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the really only bad part is that its not actually a strip club.but it IS amazing.its a cozy little dive bar where everybody knows your name and those who dont- perhaps the 65 year old vintage retired dancers behind the bar- yell "hey girl" atchya when they need your attention- and you feel right at home.the crowd is a mix- young black t-shirted hipster guys, some alone, some in pairs, some in a group with one tall skinny non-stripper girl who thinks she's better then the girls on stage, she's not. the hawaiian-shirted sailer-hatted regular who looks like he roped up the yacht outside, old man by the bar who buys the girls treats from the vending machine, ummm, me and my friends for our homie's birthday, and some other characters.its tiny, and the stools have backs and are comfy. i was told by some returning customers that we came on a good night- all of the girls had teeth and were under 50.i thought the ladies looked pretty nice- minus the one super skinny chick who came out in one rotation in a goth wedding dress 3 sizes too big... wrong call honey.what's not fun about great lighting, lots of deep red hues, excellent people watching, well known tunes, granola bars in the vending machine and ladies shakin it with a pole on a tiny stage? if they served lunch, i'd get a frequent dining card.love it!

Maria O.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 16, 2009
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When I say dive, I mean dive, like scuzzy, gritty, grimey...Jumbo's Cheap drinks, odd characters, awesome staff. The dancers do a whole hell of a lot on a pole with little room to manuever. After a few Jack and Cokes i feel like I'm suddenly in "Fear and Loathing " and I'm shadowing with Hunter in that f*d up Carnival at the Circus Circus. I feel dirty and bad and unashamed and lurid.. and that's good.

Lisa V.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 16, 2009
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Jumbo's...where do I begin? I consider it a treat to take anyone to Jumbos that has never been there. It makes me feel worldly. The moment I said to myself, "this makes me want to cry" was the moment I gained respect for all strippers. You see at Jumbos my friend, they do not have an expensive sound system that comes on when the girls leave the stage for the "in between" stuff that goes on while you wait for the next stripper gal to take the stage. No, not at Jumbo's. When a girl is done dancing, the music stops and it gets pretty quiet in the bar, the girl literally gets on her hands and knees, if she wasn't there already, and picks up her money piece by piece, all the while looking into each patron's eyes and graciously thanking them. This is where I wanted to cry. It all felt so very surreal as I watched the girl pick up the money I had just thrown on the stage and she very sweetly thanked me personally. I was touched. I'm sure most people don't feel this touching moment and no, she was not hitting on me. She did this to everyone that tipped her. Are the chicks super hot? I don't know, that's a question you have to answer yourself. Depends on the type of gal you like. To each his own I say. I will say however, the last time I was there I didn't see a fake boobie in the joint. Not on the dancers that is. Some guys like natural so it may be the place for you. The girls are not typical strippers you would find at a super nice club that charges a huge door fee and has expensive drinks. They're kinda like normal girls just doin' their job. There was a goth girl there and I appreciated her tats and costume. I say costume as she actually had something groovy on. She put a lot of thought into it and I believe sometime a few years back, she may have been a real dancer. I really liked the selection of music most of the girls chose too as it wasn't that cheesy stuff that you find at regular strip bars. I heard everything from classic rock to heavy metal to blues. I say that like I go to a lot of strip bars or something, which I don't:) There was one super hot chick that looked possibly Russian who clearly gave every guy there a hard on. She was about 5'9", had these sexy long legs, the tiniest stomach I've ever seen, perfect little titties, and the greatest ass in the world. We're seriously talkin' 14 years old at tops. OK, she LOOKED 14 (and very well could have been but the cops would be on that place so fast if she were right?), and she could barely dance but it didn't really matter as she could just stand there with her super little girl body softly swaying and look sexy as hell. I tried it at home but something about the cigarette I had in one hand and the scotch and water in the other hand made my sway look more like Elizabeth Taylor in Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. I don't know, where is the fucking fountain of youth?! My favorite performer was the Hispanic gal who picked up dollar bills with her ass. Yes, you heard me right. It's quite a talent really considering it's hard to get down low on the floor with 5 inch heels. Tried it myself so I can attest. She's a pretty beefy gal and the dudes there really dug her. She also yells a lot of shit in Spanish and cracks a whip. I'm pretty sure I saw a little mariachi cockroach band playing on the sidelines with a mini trumpet and little maracas as she took the stage but maybe it was the drinks....The drinks. At this type of place, I suggest only things that come with a lid attached. Beer. Only drink beer here. I'm not a beer drinker either but this is my spot for an ice cold one. I hate to judge as you can get all sorts of bacteria just as easy at The Ritz Carlton as you can at Jumbo's Clown Room but use a straw if you drink out of a glass. Just my piece of advice. If you like to live life and experience everything out there, this place is a good start.

John B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on May 16, 2009
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4 and 1/4 stars just like star search.To be honest, I was actually intimidated to step foot in here. First, I hate clowns. Have you ever seen that picture of the sad clown? Exaggerated frown, droopy star eye make up. I don't know why but just thinking of that gives me a feeling of sorrow filled hopelessness. Aaaaanyway, that and the fact that there were stories of hells angels about along with passed out midgets under the tables didn't sound all too appealing. However, the fact that this is one of the few bars within walking distance of my apt took precedence and I finally manned up and stepped through the doors. I still remember how I started laughing to myself because other reviews used the words strip and club to describe Jumbo. Strip and club have no business being mentioned with Jumbo or his Clown Room. The girls here don't strip. They may take a bra off but that's because they're wearing like 4 other ones so really, it may be more of a comfort issue for the dancers. And to call this place a club. Hahahaha. It's basically a dive bar with a stage and a pole. I mean the DJ is an old run down jute box and I double dare you to change the song when there's a girl on stage. Not recommended. Well drinks are 7 bucks and Stellas are 5. They have some domestics but since Stella is the only beer they offer that comes with a covered cap, I have no idea what other beers cost.This brings me to why this place was deprived of the 3/4 stars for a full "WooHoo! As good as it gets!". It gets nonsense on the weekends. Seriously, how these people find this place in the middle of east Hollywood is beyond me. Weekend crowd is the sux. Exit scene.

Sako B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 6, 2009
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Pretty much chuck e. cheese with a full bar and bikini dancers instead of the robotic band. a lot of tattoos and silicone. drinks are moderately priced. great place to go when your night is sluggish and you want to step your game up.

Ariel P.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 28, 2009
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A great place to go for a fun night out!This place is f*n rad. I wouldn't call it a strip club more of a t*tty bar. Think where Al must have gone all those years on MArried with Children haha.The girls atren't the best looking out there [ which is the cause for 4 instead of 5 stars] but they are all different and curvey and tatted up which is kick ass. The bar makes pretty strong drinks and the atmosphere is fun and kitchy and you dont feel like a super perv watchign the girls and tipping them like you might at other places. The drinks are strong and pretty good in price. parkings a bitch cuz if you don't find a spot in the small shopping center then you have to try your luck with the los feliz streets and if your from the area you know thats nearly impossible.the best best best thing about this bar is there is a stripper pole located toawrads a back booth where you and your friends can try and see who the pro in your group is=] a great fun time to be had by all- unless your looking for supermodels then you should pass.MAD LOVE FOR JUMBOS!!!

Bodhi B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 11, 2009
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I love Jumbo's. This place is nowhere near as expensive as a strip club but it is almost as fun. Seriously, a great bar to go to with a group. Good time pretty much guaranteed. They don't have a cover either which is awesome. And there are definitely cute girls who are fun......

Mary M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 10, 2009
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I have been to a hand full of strip clubs in LA and a few in the Valley as well. Jumbo's is the only one I ever wanted to go to again. The girls wear cute outfits, and I like the fact they wear panties and bra's, seems a little more burlesque. Most of the girls have awesome taste in music as well! I think that's the main thing I like about this place, Alternative type strippers, not your normal trendy looking chick. To name a few tunes I've had the pleasure of hearing some of them dance to include Nine inch Nails, Metallica, Bjork, Bauhaus, Fischerspooner, among others. Also this place doesn't seem as sleazy as most others. For one it doesn't smell like ripe ass in there, haha! Also the guys that seem to hang at this place seem a lot less creepy than most other places. I've had many random friendly conversations with various males and females at this place. Drinks are reasonable prices, and while not as strong as I would like, they always taste good. Yay for Jumbo's. I'll be back!

Kerri T.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on January 9, 2009
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No trip to LA is complete without a visit to Jumbo's. Of the girlie exotic clubs I've frequented in the cities I've lived in or visited (most recently San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle) this is by far the standout. It helps that it isn't situated in a cavernous warehouse, aka "stripper Costco," (like many of the clubs in Vegas). This place is more dive bar than strip club, so having some hot lady dancing action is a big entertainment plus.What sets it apart are the mostly gorgeous ladies, each with their own eclectic style and musical preferences, who really know how to dance - you aren't going to be pounded with headache-inducing crappy one-beat-wonder techno for three hours in this joint, or be forced to watch uninspired plastic-surgery-blonde-tanned-teen after plastic-surgery-blonde-tanned-teen (all with the same pert breast augmentations) strut and thrust.No, at Jumbo's your ears will be treated to a bit of Rolling Stones, The Clash, Rage Against the Machine, NIN, Eagles of Death Metal, or whatever else the girls have picked for their moment in the spotlight. And your eyes will be treated to beautiful girls of all shapes and styles - maybe one with pigtails and catholic schoolgirl skirts, followed by a goth with blue hair and tattoos all over her back and arms, followed by a hair-metal-band hottie, followed by a redhead with striped knee socks and a Raging attitude...followed by me throwing dollar bills all over the stage. I fall in love at least once every time I visit.If strip clubs don't totally turn you off I highly recommend that you visit Jumbo's and see the fabulous female form in all it's glory. Bring some ones.

Brian M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 29, 2008
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I like the way the price of drinks radically changes as an evening of drinking goes on here. They also have good coffee served in a glass mug which goes against my rule of only drinking out of bottles at bars in general.

Christina I.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on December 20, 2008
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I KNOW that I had a good nite when it ended with Jumbo's Clown Room. When with a group of people and you're not sure what to do...go to Jumbo's. I personally am not a 'strip club' fan (im a chick and i hate the mediocre chicks at typical strip clubs) but the girls at jumbos are curvy, sexy and funny. Also remember, if you don't tip--the dancers wont be happy and your time will sour! so bring a grip of 1's and a bunch of friends. Va Voom!

wendy w.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 24, 2008
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I've had a great time every time I have been her so far. The people have been chill....and the entertainment is fabulous. The girls know how to dance, and it's more like performance art than strip tease. I like that the girls pick the music they dance to. I'll be back.Update: I have been back twice. It never disappoints. :-)

anthony b.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 30, 2008
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This place is a crack up! Great dive bar with a circus atmosphere! Recommended to me by Furious Styles drummer, John S. as the best place for a drink in Hollywood -- I have to agree.

Vaughn B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 28, 2008
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Hollywood's version of the Claremont Lounge Atl. but with a circus theme. There are very few places as perfect as this. Strong drinks, strippers and some of the most "interesting" conversations I have ever had. Always worth the stop. One time I saw a midget sleeping under a table here and one of the girls gently placed a coat over him. Touching really.

dan m.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 19, 2008
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Those people that gave jumbos a bad review have no idea what they are talking about. Sometimes a dive place can be the most fun you'll have all night. This isnt a seedy place where young girls take their soul to die, its just a fun strip club sans the nudity. Great fun.

Andrea Z.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 2, 2008
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Jumbos's Clown Room is God's gift to the earth!Ok, ok, maybe just Thai Town's gift to LA. Either way this place is amazing!I have to thank Pebbles for my most amazing private lap/pole dance- and my first legitimate one too! ;)Being a gal, I felt completely comfortable in this place. The atmosphere is laid-back and super fun, while also being classy and respectful All of the girls stay clothed... but those outfits and their moves are to die for.The girls are gorgeous, and there's something for every style. All of them were quite impressive and left me wide-eyed at the sight of their pole skills! Tip 'em well! They deserve it. I honestly thought pole dancing should be an Olympic sport when I saw them perform. I mean, their strength and agility is to be commended! ...like with medals! Drinks were affordable and the bartender was incredibly friendly.Bonus points for not charging a cover! :)

Kale B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 23, 2008
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So up until my visit to Jumbo's Clown Room I had heard a rumor that this is the place where strippers go to die. A place so horrid that it is as if they took the cast of CACOON and made them grease up and dance on a brass pole. So one Friday night while trying to decide how spend our evening my slightly intoxicated friend in jest suggested the Clown Room. After spending months using Jumbo's as the butt of oh so many jokes we finally decided that maybe we should actually witness first hand the horror. So that was it we decided to head off to the EXOTIC DANCING club. When we got there we quickly found parking and discovered that there was no cover at the door. WOW we thought, we are gonna be able to punish ourselves for next to nothing. We entered the tiny bar. It is all dark save for the stage where one Brass pole resides in front of a mirror large enough to cover the whole back of the stage. We sat down and our waitress who looked like a dirty version of Estelle Getty from the Golden Girls. She was in her 60s for sure, but looked older. She was nice enough though, and asked is if we wanted anything to drink. We each got a beer which turned out to be surprisingly cheap. When she returned with our change she gave all plenty of ones. Tricky lady... Then the music came on. We prepared for the worst. Some covered their eyes with their hands others turned their heads, and when the performer came on stage we were oh so disappointed. The girl was young, thin, and decently attractive. WTF. There was no stripping. The girl came out in skimpy outfit and then danced around the brass pole well enough to make a ballerina jealous. The dollar bills were tossed in her general direction and then yet another attractive girl came on stage. While it isn't what I expected or even hoped for that night overall the place is fine if you are looking for a place to toss some dollars bills at scantily clad women and drink some cheap beer. would say that this is a cheap way to spend an evening, and could be fun with a big group of drunk guys. Just remember that this isn't nude and cloths are not really removed, and No strippers were harmed or died of old aged during this review.

Lauren G.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 21, 2008
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I was forced to go here due to my friend's fascination of the prospect of there being a "midget stripper". Well i didn't want to go! I don't appreciate exploitation of little people just because they're little people! Well, i don't! Call me oversensitive, but i'll do as i please!So I was delighted to find a really great little strip club. Can I call it cute? Listen, I'm from Portland and in the naked naked strip clubs I've been to, I've always been hyper aware of men just sitting and vacantly staring at women's cooters, so it was fun and cute to see these girls dancing around in cute outfits, to good music and totally entertaining a captivated crowd.cute!

Melaney N.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 16, 2008
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Two of my favorite things all in one place- Tattoos and Boobs. This was the second stop in my birthday party extravaganza this year... and old Jumbos did NOT disappoint. I loved that the girls left something to the imagination by not completely disrobing. The girls were surprisingly hot- in that retro kind of way and from what my friends told me, the drinks were reasonable. It was less scary than your average strip club in the sense that even my more square friends seemed to be enjoying themselves.My favorite part of the evening was getting pulled up on stage for a birthday present to end all birthday presents! 7 beautiful ladies with 7 equally amazing bodies all dancing around a chair that I was managing to not fall off of. Thanks to Jumbos, this past birthday has gone down in the books as the Best Birthday Ever... as I drunkenly stammered to my onlooking friends & boyfriend after the stage experience.

Anna C.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 14, 2008
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Man I love love LOVE this place! Total dive bar scene with the perennial fun/sleazy Hollywood crowd, cheap STRONG drinks and a bunch of hot, scantily-clad women gyrating onstage and grinding up on a stripper pole. Excellent music selection (Zeppelin, Portishead, En Vogue hahaha) and good service and did I mention the hot chicks? I fell in total lust with one of the dancers-- super tan Asian girl with a short blonde wig. Unbelievable moves. There was another really cute girl who wore a black silk flower in her hair who kept doing this grind-y thing against the (super dirty) mirrored wall.. mm, hrrm,....It's also right smack dab in the middle of Thai Town, next to Sanamluang for Christ's sakes, how do you not love this place.

Kellee S.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on April 7, 2008
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Take note of the fact that most of the negative reviews for the place are from guys, and most of the extremely positive reviews of this place are from women. THIS IS A POLE DANCING PLACE YOU CAN ACTUALLY GO AND MEET WOMEN IN. I wouldn't consider this as a stop on your guys-night-out-let's-do-everything-we-can't-do-when-we're-with-women night. I haven't been to many strip joints, but I wouldn't really categorize this as one. However! It's got this kind of burlesque kitsch factor to it that allows women to feel somehow comfortable as women contort themselves on stage around a pole in a bar room the size of a dressing room. It was a lot of fun, and it was great to enjoy the atmosphere in mixed company - the crowd at the bar was a pretty even ratio men:women. As a strip bar? No, not too great. As a stop on a night out with mixed company looking for fun times? Hellz yeah!NO COVER.

Kayleen B.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 21, 2008
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Fun place! Small go-go dancers bar. Been there a handful of times and it's always fun and interesting. Seen some interesting people. Getting in on the weekends a few times I've had to wait in line, which totally sucked. And sometimes it's hard to get a drink at the bar if it's super crowded. The girls aren't "Super Models" or anything, but they play kick ass music - ala.. old school Crazy Girls : )p.s.. tip the girls well - they work for tips and tips alone!

Rachel M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 17, 2008
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People who knock on Jumbo's are either A) too slow to get it or B) have never experienced great strip clubs. Being from Miami (where some of the best strip clubs in the world are) and having bartended at strip clubs, I am very aware of the scene. Jumbo's is a refreshing twist on traditional strip clubs where you are sucked cold of all your cash, force fed with lap dances or have to listen to annoying ass music. It's a total alternative scene which is more like half burlesque/half strip club. The girls are hot as hell and all know how to move. They all have their own nitch and pull it off very well. It's more like an erotic art performance than a strip club...definitely more entertaining and MUCH cheaper! Forget getting suckered into $20 lap dances, all these girls take are singles while they're dancing, and graciously I might add. Sure, they don't get naked, but in L.A., you can't drink if they're naked so its well worth the trade off as far as I'm concerned. Take it from a girl who appreciates beautiful women and likes to have a good time. If you're in the mood to go to a bar with a relaxed scene (and great music), rather than a stuffy, pretentious nightclub, check out Jumbo's! F.Y.I COURTNEY LOVE started out as a dancer there.

Mike L.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 14, 2008
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I just don't know why or how I volunteered to go to this place. Maybe it was just a fascination or that I really have no control for myself. Either way, I needed a cheap fun and drinks before the night goes out for me to realize that I have a responsible job in the morning.It was one of those kind of nights where it leads me to one hour sleep where the next morning I am downing coffee like a pick me Ginseng vitamin pills.First thing first, people wants to know what kind of strip bar this is. (oooh, you didn't know I was coming here for that kind of fun? Please pretend it's a dive bar). This place is a dive bar with an OK price. It is a $4 beer and a $7 mixed drinks kind of bar. If they served alcohol, then they probably don't have full nudes. Not even topless, this is a bikini bar.Yep, it's a bikini "strip joint". The ladies that performed do stripped, but only to the bikini. Yes, that is a useful info if you are determining how far of a fun you really want.With a dive bar atmosphere and a stand up performance round stage as a pole dancing center stage as the whereabouts, you'll have a raveling of a good old fun.We got a few guys who were next to us that was doing their best Pacman Jones impersonation by making it "rain" for the ladies as the dollar bills sprinkled like a California drip onto the stage. Then you got this kid sitting next to me by folding a paper airplane and launching a GW up the stage. Yes, I don't know which one of them was more classier... the rainmaker or the Howard Hughes wannabe. You decide!As in for the ladies, you won't find a beauty pageant contestants or any Maxim's cover models. You get more of these *ahem* natural looking non-laser surgical facial dancers as you will. Still not bad looking though.I think majority of them has some great agility though to do some of these gymnastic moves and has shown plenty of "cheeks" action with the pole. Now I am going to be embarrass whenever I am going to watch the ladies gymnastics during the Summer Olympics.It's a cheap clean fun with something that is probably along the lines of a wet T-shirt contest during spring break. Just make sure you leave your judgment at the door and reserved it for the next day as it only took me one rum in coke to sprinkle countless of dollar bills on stage. I think I gave that Asian dancer more tip than I did at my lunch today at a Chinese restaurant. Yep, that's how much more fun I had in Jumbo's than spending money on food.

Alexia P.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on November 19, 2007
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girls night out. :") a dive bar with upgraded entertainment. its as if they scrapped the pool table and darts for something that might bring some hot girls to the yard. one star less cause i spend too much at the rail. as far as strip clubs go, its more of a side show // burlesque experience. low skeez factor. no cookie to the face.like i said, girls night out. xxx

nadia b.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 5, 2007
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Great place to study for exams.

Shelby K.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on October 2, 2007
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This is where you'll end up after you've spent the evening getting drunk for free at a nearby art show and meet some random dude who just got out of jail (for meth) who decides to pick a fight with a stripper's boyfriend outside and diffuses the situation by taking off his pants. kind of wish there was more clown stuff on the walls though.

Greg W.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 16, 2007
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It's a sweet little bar, with some dancers (not all of them) that are as talented and badass as they are sexy, dancing to some tunes from the dancers-only jukebox that make you say "I never thought I'd here that at a strip joint (but I like it)". Everyone should go to Jumbo's at least once.

Emily F.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on September 8, 2007
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Where can two single girls go and get a little entertainment to go along with their beers? Yup, it's jumbos! I love hangin out at Jumbos for a little cocktail and tease. The dancers are all different, but very fun to watch. One of the best things about Jumbos is there's no cover charge. The place is a little bit creepy, but you'll get over it real quick once you start watchin the girls shimmy and shake.... This is a bikini bar so there is no nudity. Audrey was my favorite dancer the last night I went. The minute she jumped on stage and Goldfrapp started playing, I knew she was my girl. Jumbos is a great place to go to with a group of friends or take a date, after all- it was rated best strip club to take a date to by L.A. weekly......

Jason M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on August 27, 2007
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There's a surprising amount of lesbians here. Bi-sexual lesbians.: )

Max M.  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on June 30, 2007
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Jumbo's is certainly one of the most surreal strip club experiences I've ever had.A friend of mine, recently returned from reporting on the Serb/Croatian war, came to visit me in L.A. wanting a rollicking good time to get his mind off the Serbian rape houses, mass graves, and torture chambers he had been reporting on for the last two years. I happily drove him on a bar crawl, along with another friend, a reporter for the UK Independent. (As a side note, if you ever have a chance to go on a drunk crawl with two foreign correspondents, I HIGHLY recommend it.)I saved the best for last. Our final destination was Jumbo's Clown Room. Why Jumbo's? Because you can see high class ass at The Grove these days. If you want to see GOOD plastic surgery, just walk about Beverly Hills, or run along the Santa Monica beaches. You've got to dig to find despair on display. You've got to turn off the light and wait for the floor to start moving. In Los Angeles, we hide our deformed cousin in the attic and stuff a rag in his mouth while the neighbors come and visit. Those scratching sounds you hear are the denizens of east Hollywood demanding to be saved.Jumbo's did not disappoint. My friend recognized the accent of the bar wench and they began having a long conversation in German. A half eaten birthday cake sagged off the side of the stage, while the dancer slowly churned her torso under breasts that had been bolted on like a doctor had juiced two grapefruits on her chest and left them.The decor can only be described as your grandma's living room circa 1962. I only wish there was more plastic on the furniture.

With two is more fun  on Jumbo's Clown Room

posted on March 7, 2007
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