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5700 Yosemite Boulevard

Modesto, California 95357

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Maket-Dollar Today  on Antonio

posted on March 19, 2008
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In the toilet. $160, 000 gone from retirement funds the last couple months so I guess I should be happy with the $600 "stimulus" check when I get it paid with devalued dollars

no one  on Antonio

posted on February 1, 2008
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I went there for my birthday with over 20 + people. we all payed $10 to get it...we were there for over a fucking hour and all we saw was some he/she smack her boots down on the bar. the bathrooms were fucking discusting... i will never ever go back... furthermore i know people that work there... get an std check asap!

Scarlett  on Antonio

posted on March 6, 2007
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Big Red teddybear  on Antonio

posted on August 19, 2006
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Went last monday awsome time make sure you get a few dances from Summer it was great

Eddie  on Antonio

posted on April 21, 2006
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Is this place still open? I was goin to give er another tri but thar were more tumblweeds than wemons. Har!

JWG  on Antonio

posted on February 15, 2006
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Went here tonight...late afternoon. Was there for 45 minutes. Saw 2 girls dance. Both good looking. A 3rd girl was coming up, but I was afraid of turning to stone, so I left. Bored out of my mind. This place has a 6 foot rule. Beers are $3.50-not bad. But the building looks as though its 1 string wind storm away from caving in on itself. Don't think it had been cleaned in about 10 years either. Bring hand sanitizer if you come here! I've seen cleaner truck stop bathrooms then this place!!

Jason  on Antonio

posted on January 27, 2006
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Went in and checked it out, club has greatly improved with the girls that is. Saw Sydney what a cutie a little to thick for my taste but beautiful face. Same with candy both gorgeous girls for me I loved Kya and Diamond because they were thin and athletic type bodies. Kya has a kick ass body, she has a six pack on her abs better then mine and no body fat, diamond has great body and ass to. I will definitly go back I give the girls a 10 and the club itself a 2. They should fix that place up before the hotties all leave for another club.

joey  on Antonio

posted on April 20, 2005
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recently checked out club only to see this casey i read about and she has a great body from the neck down. Gonzo nose. Anyways cute girls very nice on day shift. stayed a couple hours to see night shift. Beautifullllll girls on night but total b*tc*s. who do these girls think they are? They said they were ex de ja vu girls who decided to take over this club. Anyways did meet a real hotty with the most stunning brown eyes and she said she comes down one time a month from oregon. The cost is 5 dollars to get in and the dances were 25 per song. Find one girl and stick with her and you will be good.

Eric  on Antonio

posted on September 15, 2004
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Ok, so this club pales in comparison to what a typical "Big City" club has to offer, and several of the previous comments pretty much sums up the ambiance. This club is where the locals hang, play pool, drink a few brews, check out the talent and still go home with some change in their pocket. The talent changes often, and it's hit and miss catching top-notch dancers that come and go. Several of the reg's are pretty incredible, for instance...newbie's or reg's for that matter, check out KC, the 5'-5"ish brunette babe with a rock'n body, impish smile and great attitude. Caution!!!...Her private dances ROCKS! This club is not for everyone, but the place can still provide you with great entertainment if you look past its ambiance.

paul  on Antonio

posted on August 16, 2004
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my buddies were expecting to see a mechenical bull in that place! very quiet place. beer only! I had to keep going out to my car for a drink.

WTF  on Antonio

posted on August 14, 2004
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Ok thought I would check this place out since it is just 30 miles up the road from Merced, II walk in there at 7 pm on a Friday and they don't even have any strippers there ! Well I made the trip so I have a couple beers. After 45 minutes they finally get a girl on stage, not bad, not my type, but one girl ! on a friday night ! What I don't get is that this place has a pretty good location, and Stan County is pretty big. Hard to believe they could find the girls or the customers to make this place happening if it were run properly. Guess I have to just keep driving to SF.

Dan  on Antonio

posted on April 20, 2004
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This is the kind of place that you wipe your feet before you leave. A shower at the exit would be very appropriate. Some of the girls actually aren't bad but the place makes the northern border of Mexico look like Park Avenue. For all of you snake owners out there, the premises might be a great place to find feeder mice.

Eddie  on Antonio

posted on March 17, 2004
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What the hell happened here? I found to of them Mullets and had to leave. What a waste of a trip from old 99.

Bing  on Antonio

posted on February 5, 2004
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Not much to add to the previous posts. Pretty much the same. No improvement.