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6630 Lankershim Boulevard

North Hollywood, California 91606

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nickstrip  on  Star Garden

posted on November 6, 2016
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I used to be a regular but this place has gone downhill. The girls have downgraded greatly and I never used to get harassed with getting a drink (which I've bought a ton of in the past here...but I'm trying to give up booze), but was threatened by uncool bartender that I could only stay if I bought a drink. The only reason to come here are the girls and to be comfortable and enjoy. If that's not fulfilled, there's no reason to come. I don't come here for the rough venue.... There is plenty of competition.

XhXeXy  on  Star Garden

posted on May 24, 2016
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This is a great place for a lonely guy like me. I went there yesterday night ALONE. i dont drink alcoholic drink. But they had non alcoholic beer n mocktails too. Awesome. Some of them are really good dancers. Especially one girl who has short hair was very impressive. She had a slender body type and skillful dance technique. You should see her intro performance like prone to lean like a bow. It was quite sensual and unique posture. If u throw fair amount of dollors then she sends hand kisses and sweet eye contact~ i recommend u to sit near bar area. There is the place people get aquainted and have fun. I sat close to the wall far from bar and was quite lonely. I wish to have some courage to talk and aquainted with girls there. They are not pushy so they dont come first. When I passed by them to go to restroom one girl gave sweet eye contact so they seem to wait for u come to them first. The entrance cover is 5 dollors and the most beverages are cheeply priced too. So u can throw the rest of ur budget to the show girls happily. You can break ur bigger bills to singles at the bar. I want to discover more next time soon.

stripforme123  on  Star Garden

posted on February 6, 2016
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Visit: 12/04/2015When they say don't judge a book by it's cover, people tend to ignore that particular phrase when nudity is involved. We will not lie, we judged Star Garden as soon as we pulled up and parked. We judged it so much that we debated in the car whether to go inside or not. But we did....and surprisingly enough, we actually enjoyed ourselves. The club reminds you of a small dive bar from the outside; mainly because it pretty much is a small dive bar...but with tits...and ass. The Cheers of strip clubs even. lol. You walk in and there is a small stage in the very back corner as well as two to four couches for lap dances. The bar lines the right wall after that and there appeared to be enough seating for a handful of patrons. The main stage, with one spinning pole, was lined with mirrors on one side and was centrally located on the left wall across from the bar with ten to eleven tables between; they were pretty small tables in a very tight little area. There were some chairs lining the stage; this is where we decided to seat ourselves.There was a pool table in the back corner with maybe a few more tables and I believe they may have had darts too. So as Kristian and I stated...the Cheers of strip clubs. It was very much as if your local Buffalo Wild Wings had strippers. Granted...we are pretty sure a few Buffalo Wild Wings girls are strippers, but it was as if you got to see a show in between wings, except the place was smaller and we don't think they had food.Now, our description is not meant to be negative at all. We can't think of one person who wouldn't like to have a place where everybody knows your name...and then shows you their tits. Speaking of tits...let's get to the good stuff. Her name was Mia...Yes, there were other dancers; one in particular was pretty damn good too..but none as flexible and as dirty, nor as talented as Mia. The dancers only got one song...and Mia got cash cannoned three times during one song; just saying. Unfortunately the music was too loud for the size of the club, so we couldn't hear if she told us thank you or meet her outside so we left.

Max P.  on Star Garden

posted on October 17, 2015
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Not a fan of strip joints. Something about paying woman to expose themselves just rubs me the wrong way. Guess I'm just old fashioned. Yet this place, even though dingy, has a special attraction that I couldn't resist. I came here for a friends birthday and I gotta say I had a amazing time. The girls were not pushy at all yet extremely friendly. Not at all like this soul sucking demons in Las Vegas. I ended up tipping a whole lot more because I wanted to, not because I felt forced to. Yes I might sound like a cheap ass, but it's all about the principle for me!!Tequila shots were $3! How freaking amazing is that? For the first time ever I felt like a total baller buying rounds of shots for all my friends and the birthday girl.Will totally come back for any occasional that calls for a night of debauchery!

richard95  on  Star Garden

posted on August 22, 2015
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I've been to so many strip clubs featuring Barbie doll dancers with fake tits that I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the great variety of REAL girls with REAL boobs and bodies here! Who knew such a place could exist anywhere near L.A.? Sure, some of the girls match the stereotypical body type (thin & fake boobs), but you actually see some wonderful variety in body types from the typical girl next door to the cosmetically enhanced Barbie.All the girls really seem to enjoy dancing, too, and no one pressures you to get lap dances.Oh, did I mention that they have an EXCELLENT variety of craft beers at reasonable prices AND a pool table?I love Star Garden!Just be careful driving in the area because the NOHO cops patrol the area frequently. So, either choose a designated driver or uber it, because a DUI is not worth it.Enjoy the beer and boobs! YAY! ;-)

igor34  on  Star Garden

posted on February 4, 2014
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Decent spot for naked ladies and beers. The dancers weren't much to look at but after a few beers who cares, just sit back, have fun and enjoy.

Cameron P.  on Star Garden

posted on November 29, 2013
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Surprisingly good time. There were about three paying customers and about six dancers on this lazy Tuesday night. The girls were friendly, fun, and void of any C-section scars (from what i can tell).They have a ton of beers on tap and prices are pretty low to get buzzed. The girls generally seem just as over being there as I was but hey, I had a mission of showing my friend a good time. Cause that's just the type of guy I am. =)More interesting is that this place is close to this oddly incredible sushi place down the street called Chiba. odd only because of the location, go read my review of Chiba and try it out if you happened to lose a bet and have to eat sushi in the valley. I'd put Chiba up against most places in little tokyo.What was this review for again? =P

curtis17  on  Star Garden

posted on October 20, 2013
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I went a saturday night with my biyfriend and some friends and Had an awsome time but it wasnt because of the strippers. It was because of the mariachi. It was some strippers birthday and they hired a mariachi band he got on the pole made everyonelaugh it was such a great time. Cheap pitchers, the prettiest chick in there was the server. The dancers were lacking in the bust area. Which kinda defeats the purpose of being a topless club if there is no top to see :(

tonycluber  on  Star Garden

posted on August 27, 2013
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Star garden is one of those places that you can't help but love. Even if you're not too fond of it you keep going back..

Elizabeth R.  on Star Garden

posted on November 19, 2012
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If you are looking for a couples friendly strip club to attend then this is definitely your place.My Husband and I are regulars here we visit twice a month the bartenders are nice and are always attentive beer is affordably priced with many differant varieties.The bouncers keep it safe.The important feature the girls are friendly and alot of Fun to be around especially Lola who is also gorgeous and fun.None of them are stuck up at all.So if you really want to have a good time go one a Friday or Saturday although anytime is good.Elizabeth from Canyon Country

adamrod  on  Star Garden

posted on March 2, 2012
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It's been a while since I was at Star Garden, but it was definately a fun place to hang. Management, bartenders and dancers alike are friendly and easy to get along with. Beautiful women on every shift (my favorites are Tyler, Prescilla, Luscious and Sparkles). Make sure to tip your dancers and bartenders....and have a hell of a time!

harryharry  on  Star Garden

posted on December 9, 2011
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Very nice little joint with tits, small tits but still fun non pretentious cheap $15 pitcher of beer most of the girls are blah except for one or two that are really hot, we paid a $5 cover on a late Saturday night highly recommeend if its your first time and wanna chill with topless girls

Andrew R.  on Star Garden

posted on October 1, 2011
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This isn't the kind of place you go into for some real "nude" entertainment... no, not even close. What it is though, is a great "neighborhood" bar for people who live nearby. The beer on draft is really cheap. By the pitcher, you can get Fat Tire for about $14. That's pretty damn good. The staff, really nice actually... I had a hilarious evening here with my friends who live nearby. Luckily for me, those friends are some of my best, and I hang out with them often, so we are certain to have more hilarious nights at this awkward and odd "bar." Check it out, don't be scared, it's one of the better dive bars in the Los Angeles area.

Bobby C.  on Star Garden

posted on December 8, 2010
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This is a great little nudy bar in the heart of the Valley. There is usually no cover and you can get a $3 domestic brew--no hard liquor but that allows for the boobies to be shown--so don't bitch too bad.They have a couple really talented (and tattooed) dancers which include the world famous Sin Fisted--she's a contortionist!In case you're one of the creepers, this isn't a bar you can put dollar bills in your mouth have it plucked out by a set of cans. The rules and girls here are strictly enforced.A lot of pretty girls and a friendly staff but to be honest there were a couple dancers I could have done without.THEY ALSO HAVE A HALF DOZEN SMALL TV'S TO WATCH SPORTS--THAT'S HUGE.

larry1  on  Star Garden

posted on November 25, 2010
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So, I hear that Star Garden has the NFL Sunday Ticket, and is getting new flat screens installed. All I need now is wifi and I can run my Fantasy Football operation and my Fantasy Dancer operation all in the same place. Speaking of which, I wonder if I can do my next years Fantasy Football Draft here next August?Hell, I'll start the "Star Garden Fantasy League" and run the commissioner duties, if we can have the draft there. 12 team, ppr, flex position, much like the high stakes scoring and rules. Who's in?

Mr. B.  on Star Garden

posted on March 23, 2009
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Oh, Star Garden. Words are not enough. All I can say if you go don't expect too much you wont be disappointed. I come for a pitcher of beer or two and leave happy without spending more than $50. For the same treatment anywhere else I would have spent way more. Not saying the girls are cheap - they just don't bug you for money. I like that and look forward to coming here. Not like other strip clubs where I know I am gonna get taken for my dough.

Dancer  on Star Garden

posted on October 28, 2007
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Dident they film spun here?

Stephy S.  on Star Garden

posted on October 12, 2007
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Okay, first off, there is absolutely no way in hell that I am going to be able to beat Richard C's review on this place, so I'm not even going to try. Guess it's the curse of us Valley kids, totally scooped once again!!Anyway, my boy RC totally nailed it and having been a patron of this "sh*thole" for many moons now, I can tell you first hand that, yeah, you will be hard pressed to find a seedier place with such a cool atmosphere. You'd be surprised how hard that combo is to attain.My favorite memory of this joint: Slayer Girl *sigh*My friend Merk and I used to come here back when I was a total Tomboy and practically lived in overalls and combat boots or slip dresses and combat boots. I had purple hair, was in the music industry and practically lived at titty bars. Yeah, I said it! And this was one of my faves! Why? Because this was where we used to come to see this rockin rad chick who would bust it out to Slayer and did it with authority. Complete with ripped up Slayer shirt and big hair, man, she was awesome and my friend was in love. We'd be driving around town and all any of us would have to say is, "Slayer Girl" and he'd turn into a misty eyed fool. It. Was. Awesome.Sadly she doesn't work there anymore and who knows where she ended up. Maybe she fell in love with a Vato named *Skeptik* or *Baby Joker* or *CrazyFace* at this club and ran off with him to a low rider land of Dickies and wife beaters (the shirts, people!) Or maybe she joined the actual circus, who knows, all I know is, she made me a fan of Star Garden and if you are looking for a cheap beer and some no 'tude tah tah action, then this is a great bet.Also as a bit of trivia, this is where they filmed Dancing At The Blue far Darryl Hannah's worst role to date, but it had some good stripper scenes in it. :)

Jeff K.  on Star Garden

posted on August 1, 2007
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First off, Star Garden is a topless bar. So anything that gets typed henceforth must be taken into consideration that we are in fact talking about a titty bar. So here it goes.I call this place home. If one were to look at my pay stubs they would see a tax deduction in my checks next to FICA called "ASS". It reduces my paychecks to about $3.43. This money gets wired directly into the tab at Star Garden and saves me the energy of having to walk up to the stage and toss over a few duckets. When I'm about out of money, one of the courteous employees will kindly inform me and escort me to the door. The downside to this is my skillful wrist action dollar fling has suffered and my wrist action (no jokes please) is just not as fluid as it once was during the golden years.Anyway, Star Garden is a total dive bar. While that may turn off many (most of my friends included), this is a huge plus for me. You see, I hate strip clubs. I know that sounds weird, but I do. I hate walking into a bar and feeling like a guppy being circled by huge, hungry, blood thirsty sharks. Secondly, when I go into a place like this, I want to have a good time and drink some beer. Relaxing with a botte of Crystal Geyser or a can of Sprite is hard to do. I want New Castle, or Guinness. Heck, even Budweiser if I'm low on cash. Thirdly (and this is personal preference), when I want to have a good time I want to listen to the music I love, which is hard rock and heavy metal. If I wanted to hear 5 hours of rap and techno, I'd go into Hollyweird and listen to all the pricks cruising the boulevards, blasting their systems.I SAY NO! I want beer, I want tunes, I want girls, and I want (for the most part) to be left the F alone! I don't want a dance. If I wanted one, I would ask for one! Anyway, this is what the Garden offers me. Just like a dive bar, expectations are low. Girls tend not to hassle your for stuff, and everyone there is pretty low key and cool. Having said that, it's not uncommon for "some shit to go down" as they say. I've seen power outages, people argueing, beer thrown, guys getting kicked out, and one tweeker who rumbled in. I've seen a security guard jump onto the stage and do a jig and I've seen one particular dancer bend the stripper pole.Yes indeed, the Garden is my one-stop-shop for most things vice related. I love the place and as long as they serve beer, play metal, and offer some nice chee-chee's, you'll find me sitting at one of the tables, laughing with friends and having a good time!

Serious Web  on Star Garden

posted on March 7, 2007
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Swing into action with Mariah and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit ("wetandplenty".) This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interset to see more.

Bachelor  on Star Garden

posted on September 17, 2006
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well we had a great time.... but we want some more action. we are so ready to spend more money on some girls hanging with us. nothing serious just a bunch of drunks celebrating.... good tips....

Edwardo Gonzales  on Star Garden

posted on October 11, 2004
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best club in LA, very friendly, nice girls, the place to be