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1331 Colton Ave

Redlands, California 92374

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dede g.  on The Library Gentleman's Club

posted on April 7, 2016
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Usually at every gentleman's club the door staff is rude and make you feel unwelcome. That was not the case at The Library, the staff was so friendly it took us by surprise. This was not my first time at the venue over the years but it was by far the best visit due to great service. We will be back more often

Harrison69  on  The Library Gentleman's Club

posted on September 3, 2014
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At least get some girls that WANNA work there. Not these bitches with bad attitudes. The other negative thing about this place is you can watch some dude get a lapdance while YOU'RE getting a lapdance. But at least they sell beer. No pitchers though. And the girls aren't the most prettiest things in the world either. The waitresses/shot girls are cuter. They should get on the stage. All in all 2 stars

tonycluber  on  The Library Gentleman's Club

posted on April 27, 2014
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0 stars.... i have been a regular to this place when it was deja vu larry flints then deja vu again Even though they re did the place it is still a piece of shit ,they put cameras in the area where you pay for awful 20$ dances oh and cant touch dancers, the dance specials 2 for 20 or 6 for 100 how is 6 for 100 a special?, the couches are way too low and the females that work there have an extreme attitude problem, The crappy music way too loud and im deaf in one ear, Weak drinks price gouging no pitchers of beer. Came here on busy night paid 10$ cover there is a section by the dj that was empty vip bottle service area a lot of ppl were standing be prepared to bend over when you come to this p.o.s of an establishment. Boo library They are not going to last long.

james1412  on  The Library Gentleman's Club

posted on April 17, 2014
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They spent some money on the decor, but it's still ghetto. Prices are high, staff is intense...(maybe they have to be that way if there are a lot of fights, otherwise they are just full of themselves), girls are big.... if that's your thing, then you may like it.