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2651 El Camino Real

Redwood City, California 94061

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Weedman420  on  Hanky Panky

posted on July 17, 2014
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This place has spent a lot on upgrades in the past year. The outside and inside and very clean and attractive. And speaking of attractive....some of the ladies that dance their are very pretty and are pleasant to talk to. Beers and liquor are moderately priced for a fun evening out! I definitely recommend.

StripClub431  on  Hanky Panky

posted on May 14, 2014
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happy hour has $ 2 off Tuesday through Thursday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm the place is nice a good time to have fun after leaving work women are friendly I recommend it

Sisi W.  on Hanky Panky

posted on July 25, 2011
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how do you review a strip club?!?!well some girls were pretty and some were like WTFFFF????? it is my first time here and first time to a bikini bar. Came with my girl-friends and we had so much fan! We had a "sugar-daddy" gave us money to give to the girls, girls were loose with us, since we are girls too. it was before a long weekend, so not a lot of people there, that is also why the dancers paid more attention to us :)Didn't like the cover charge but oh well. it was fun!

Tara T.  on Hanky Panky

posted on April 9, 2011
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I have to start out by saying it's been a minute since I've been here BUT-It sounds like nothing has changed.When I had a mile-stone birthday, some of my guy friends took me out and about for an "adult experience". I got in for free ("It's My Biiiiirrrrthday!" shouted the drunk girl) and got out for free a few minutes later. I would have paid any amount to get out. Ho.lee.mo.lee.This is where dreams go to die. It smells like stale beer and mildew. The area around our table smelled like vomit. And I just felt really bad for the girls. On the plus-side, the place is pretty small, so escaping is quick and easy. As long as you don't have a stripper smushing your face with her love-muffins like my friend Nick did. Sorry Nick! Hope you made it out alive!

larry1  on  Hanky Panky

posted on February 8, 2011
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It was our buddy rods birthday this weekend we wanted to show him a good time.. Let me tell you..he was beyond thrilled to get the "special' treatment from the little person stripper by the name of "biggy". A must see.

Chelsey G.  on Hanky Panky

posted on December 1, 2010
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I have been driving past this place since I was a kiddie. It was always a silly joke, yet I always wondered what it was like inside. So finally the day came. After my bestfriends grandmother's funeral we headed over to BJ's for a drink and a hint of Molly. We laughed and laughed and reminisced and spent a few minutes deciding where to head to next. Back to SF? Bars in Palo Alto, and then as a joke someone mentioned the Hanky, we laughed, a moment of silence and it was decided we were going. So at the door the small non english speaking door man wanted us to pay $8. I was surprised. 3 hot young chicks to pay $8 at the Hanky Panky! Whatever, there was no turning back. So in we go. Sausage fest as expected. seedy dark, as expected, older blonde strip, thick latina strips, one cracked out skinny strip. Thick latina strips were the hottest, they were guzzling coronas and small bottles of sutter home I found stashed in the women's bathroom which also doubled as their dressing room. There was a pool table and private rooms or more like stalls urinal stalls in one area. The dudes were cheap and creepy and kept asking when we were working. but we deserved that for even stepping in there.The women, though bruised, old, seen better days, and some chubby, were giving some pretty stellar effort. I saw some real moves. One of my friends had her nipples licked by one of the ladies, ewww, another had her face sandwhiched between on of the girls ass cheeks, ewwww, I was in the corner drinking a $3 seltzer water. Then we noticed a sign on the wall saying Thursday was Ladies night and all women were half off, so $4 instead of $8. So I marched up to the doorman and got out $4 bucks back. yea take that! Anyways, I generally find women sexy, but my bisexuality fell a few percents after this experience. Worth the $4 bucks just to finally know what goes on inside.

AssnTits5  on  Hanky Panky

posted on August 19, 2010
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I was there on a thursday and thursdays are supposed to be half price. I gave the security at the door 10 bucks, he gave me back only 2. I dint want to fight for the $3 dollars, I dont care, but I thought, these people here are not honest. Anyways, then I ordered a drink at the bar. A black stripper walked up to me and we were talking. She was very unprofessional and totally disinterested in anything I said. Then she asked me to buy her a drink, I think she got a shot of water for 10 bucks. Then she offered me a dance. I said ok, assuming its going to be a lap dance, it was not. They take you behind curtains and dance on the stage and you watch. 1 song 20 bucks (its supposed to be half price but no, its not).So a total waste of my time and money. I would suggest don't even try. If you cant curb yr urges, don't try the black girl ( I like black girls in general), probably some Latino or Asian would be a better choice. The liked more lively and had some ooomph. I would have tried others if I were not so pissed.I created my account just to prevent others from going there :), its that bad.

Jennifer C.  on Hanky Panky

posted on December 25, 2007
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It's funny, I thought to myself... Someone reviewed the Hanky Panky... then go figure. . . look who it is. I was with her. . . and target bathing suits would be a compliment. This place smells like beer, mildew and that stripper perfume. . . However, they do have a bouncer to keep it classy.We did have fun though...

dude  on Hanky Panky

posted on September 6, 2007
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At first I was really disappointed. To girls that approached me at first were really not my stile and the dance that I got from on of them despite my better judgment was horrible. After a little smoke I took outside I decided to come back and give this place another beer long chance. I am glad I did. There was this very pretty petit girl on stage and she was actually dancing. I got a private dance from her and it was worth every penny and more

Juan Diego  on Hanky Panky

posted on July 22, 2007
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$6 for drinks at a bar that is only topless...... this place sucks!!

bob  on Hanky Panky

posted on July 3, 2007
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I went there last weekend. There is a new girl named Angela she is HOT!!!!! Her lap danceis well worth it.

See to believe  on Hanky Panky

posted on March 7, 2007
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Str8hornknee  on Hanky Panky

posted on February 8, 2007
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Just went to the club 2/7/07, it sucked. The girls were ugly, only 4 of them were there, the place is old and shitty, parking is on the street and I felt nervous leaving my car there. Mostly mexican dancers speaking broken english, I like a variety or dancers, cheap cover and cheap drinks.

Jack C1  on Hanky Panky

posted on January 31, 2007
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Thursday, Friday, Saturday are the best nights. There are several hot chicks and everyone is friendly. You can get away with a lot with many of the girls - just don't let the owner see you do it. The booths are curtained and fairly private.

Lap Dance  on Hanky Panky

posted on November 20, 2006
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Save your money! Unbelievably lame dances. I like out-of-state best where you can get real service! )or services, including full service at times, although that is more rare)

gonna get nailed  on Hanky Panky

posted on November 20, 2006
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have a great time with her! spend a little and have fun yeah

crazy nailzzz  on Hanky Panky

posted on November 20, 2006
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wheres crazy nailzz dancing these days? havent seen her

ok  on Hanky Panky

posted on November 9, 2006
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sure sue i would love to contuniue converstaion later great chatting

Blue Jeans  on Hanky Panky

posted on October 21, 2006
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Too much for cover. 90% of girls just average to chubby looking. Beer prices average. No touching with lap dances-dancer 2-3 ft in front of you in private. Not my thing, I like em on your lap. DJ music kinda spotty at times.

No Hanky Panky  on Hanky Panky

posted on September 6, 2005
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Maybe 1 hot chick on a Friday/Saturday night. Table dances consist of you sitting 3 feet away as they move awkwardly on narrow table. Basically the cheapest SC in the Bay Area.

San Franisco dancer  on Hanky Panky

posted on March 1, 2005
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I worked their I{m sure you would be happy to meet me one day I might come in their to work

Spike  on Hanky Panky

posted on February 17, 2004
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12 Girls? Where are they? Show me one girl? I stopped by one evening and was patted down at the door where they also collected $5. The place was dead and the bartender spoke very little English. I had a beer expecting some girl to pop out and dance on stage. After 2 beers I left without seeing a single girl. You can guess how far I got when I asked for my money back.