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Reseda, California 

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Wild&Wonderful Girl  on Frisky Kitty

posted on March 7, 2007
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Mr Abega  on Frisky Kitty

posted on November 26, 2006
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This club is a scam. The girls are nice enough. I got a lap dance that I was told cost 35 dollars + 8 dollars for a lady?s drink. After what turned out to be a lousy lap dance they charged me 125 dollars + the 8 for the lady?s drink!!! I was taken to the back of the club and I felt ?pressured? by 3 of the staff to pay. I agreed to pay 100 dollars just to get out of there. I was in this club 3 years ago and then it was nice but it seems they got new management. This club better be avoided.

John Smith  on Frisky Kitty

posted on November 13, 2006
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this place is ridiculous... i went in for 2 dances... i got a 2 for 1 and one more after... they said 35$ each... i thought it was 30 like the web site said... so i gave them 65$ and they said i owe them 40$ the security guard pushed me very agressivly got in my face and threatened me...took my wallet and wouldnt let me leave. then threw it at me... and still used physical force and held me against my will... i told them we can call the police and get this handeled in court.

excellent  on Frisky Kitty

posted on November 9, 2006
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great time in bed sarah is awesome

hi fellas  on Frisky Kitty

posted on November 4, 2006
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im in ca now! come see us

Matthew  on Frisky Kitty

posted on February 2, 2005
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I was just at the Frisky Kitty last night (Feb 1, a Tuesday). The girls were all very fine looking and extremely friendly. They has different flavors or girls for everyone's taste which I really enjoyed. There were many lap dances being given and I had my share which were excellent and the girls really went all out to make me and everyone else happy. At least everyone was smiling when they came out of the private area. I like the smallness of the club because even at a table against the wall, it's still a very nice view of the stage. I will be back on the weekend to visit Jez and Emily because they are wild ones and I kinda like that!