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2763 Sierra Highway

Rosamond, California 93560

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Johnnyboy123  on  Zebra Club

posted on October 15, 2016
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a dump went there bouncer a tall black guy has an attude problem, probably a racies. he checked me like i was in la x. then i show him my id, n he tells me to pull it out. then he says very mean like 2drink min. very mean n rude, dont bother this place, its a dump.

S. L.  on Zebra Club

posted on December 20, 2015
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This is by far the worst club ever, management Freddie is the most unprofessional person I have ever met...he's rude and disrespect the woman who work there, I seen one of his dancers get sexually harassed. When she tried telling him he yelled at her!!!!! She was the prettiest girl there, beautiful black and Indian mix with tattoos, compared to the rest who look like they can possibly be on hardcore drugs, or alcoholics. Last night she didn't come, so another dancer tried to over charge me on lap dance $40 when the price was clearly $20, the one who wasn't there would charged 2 for $30. The drinks were over priced, and the bartender is rude. Where the hell is security???? I have never seen a security guard there, not even a bouncer...I have been there 4 time to see that one girl and her friend ...and its the only so called strip club in Rosamond/Lancaster area...besides snookies...and I would throw my money at rats before I throw a dollar at girl there... Anyways terrible service

fuckery12  on  Zebra Club

posted on February 5, 2014
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The guy bartender is SO nice I lost my debit card here and he took good care of me. It's my first time here I will be returning! Good prices on alcohol good for a spontaneous fun weekend!!!