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San Diego, California 92101

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Amy G.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on October 5, 2016
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Chelsea was amazing!!! The store is huge!! And so fun to explore. Thank you Chelsea and good luck in your move!

igor34  on  Hustler Hollywood

posted on July 6, 2016
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Great experience. Emma was so knowledgeable & helpful. The products she showed us were great and her ability to help with making various decisions was appreciated. I plan on returning for various items in the near future. The only unfortunate piece I would say is a reflection on their lack of stock for Plus-size items. Frustrating and a bit surprising(though, that's probably silly of me) that there is a limited & lower quality section of options for anyone beyond the smaller structure. Emma, keep up the good work! You made it worthwhile to stop there today. Thanks for the time you spent helping us out.

justinlk  on  Hustler Hollywood

posted on May 2, 2016
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Brittany was very knowledgeable and helpful. She answered all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable with making purchases of products we were unfamiliar with beforehand. We will definitely visit her again and have already recommended this store to friends.

Mistercap12  on  Hustler Hollywood

posted on June 28, 2015
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I had a great time shopping here the associates were very friendly and helped us to make all of our purchases. We spent 200 and had a great time checking out all of the newest products.

timmykilla  on  Hustler Hollywood

posted on June 11, 2015
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My gripe was that the store is not keeping stock of nude fishnet tights (the full legging ones) my savior was Johnny, who really did me a solid by locating another store (in Horton Plaza) that did carry them ...he even called for me. Super cool! I really appreciated that care in service ...With Representatives like Johnny providing beyond just the welcome in, just makes running errands that much better!!

billtheguy12  on  Hustler Hollywood

posted on March 28, 2015
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This was my first time there. The staff was super friendly and helpful, gotta give it up to Ralph who assisted us in choosing our product he was super nice and professional. The store is really organized and easy to find what you are looking for. They carry pretty much everything, lube, strap ons, dildos, lingerie, etc. And so far me and my partner are satisfied with our purchase and definitely going back.

Neachelle N.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on June 9, 2014
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I am excited for this. Their store is so misleading from the outside there are 3 levels. the store was immaculate. Everything was clean and well organized. the staff was friendly, the selection was amazing afrom clothing as in jeans and shirts to sexy outfits and shoes, they hold adult humor for parties, and birthdays, some various knick nacks like innapprioate fridge magnets which who doesnt love, as well asa large and extensive collection of adult sex products and toys. I was shocked I had no idea all that was there. The staff are really laid back which is wonderful if you are or were with someone who is shy about this kind of thing. Parking can be a bit of a pain but hey thats downtown

StripClub431  on  Hustler Hollywood

posted on March 27, 2014
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Great verity of lingerie and clothing (3 floors to play with) :)Some items are a bit overpriced....

Ami M.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on July 6, 2013
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WOW! I had so much fun in here. Nuff said.

Sadie M.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on November 1, 2012
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Haven't been in one these store in years! Wow, how things have changed. Things are super expensive but quality is great. This is the Saks Fifth Avenue of acceptable toys. Skip the first and second floor and head for the third. We walked out happy!!!

Cliff N.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on September 16, 2012
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The service here is perfect because there really isn't any. Which is something I look for in an adult store. The reason For the two star rating I gave them is due to the small selection of adult toys that we're available.

  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on July 22, 2012
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This place is just glowing...literally from the outside and is so tempting with all the pretty pink lights it's hard not to go in! To me it's basically a commercial watered down version of some of the more raunchy adult stores, if you want to be bold and daring go to Barnett's Superstore ;)It's more like pretty and naughty than kinky and freaky. However, I like their selection of lingerie and fun little knick knacks in the front of the store. Lube and toys selection are endless here, more than barnetts for sure because its bigger of course (that's what she said!). Add in the friendly staff & well organized clean layout, don't forget the bright lights and it makes it a fun, sexy and casual environment for all. Me likey!

adamrod  on  Hustler Hollywood

posted on November 26, 2011
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Very clean, very helpful staff. Coming here is easy. I don't feel embarrassed asking questions or buying something. Asking questions for personal items staff are very insightful of merchandise either through known documentation or self use. Other shoppers in there are not creepy looking. So you don't have to feel like people are watching and judging you. Big variety of movies, toys, gag gifts, books, and ointments. Only big drawback is you have to park in the street downtown.

fuckery12  on  Hustler Hollywood

posted on September 3, 2011
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A must do if you are visiting San Diego!! Especially if you Have experienced Hustler in larger cities..i.e., L.A. The employees Coco & Kaitlin are super helpful, fun & attentive. Coco, the manager, even exchanged a ripped pair of thigh highs (which is unheard of). The lingerie selection is fab. The movie selection covers any desire. The toy choices are superb. Overall, I'm most impressed with the level of customer service!! Thanks ladies for making my experience a memorable one!!QUICK TIP: Be sure to check in to receive a 20% discount..I wish I would have with the bill I ran up, lol. Still worth every penny!!

Ruthie S.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on May 10, 2011
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I have only been in this store a couple of times and each time I am in there I am amazed with the variety they have and the selection. I love going in there. My next purchase will be from there.

Michele B.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on April 10, 2011
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Employees were friendly and more than happy to assist (although I knew what I wanted). The climax here is a lot more than in fresno, but it was in a different kind of bottle that looked pretty cool. They have everything from shoes to lube in this place so be ready to explore and spend a good chunk of money for any of it! Let the fun begin!! Enjoy all!!

Patty F.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on April 10, 2011
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Oh hustler how I love you ..... Lol :) the best store no one can compete !

richard95  on  Hustler Hollywood

posted on January 29, 2011
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Been a good experience every time I've gone, and its a better and bigger place than the infamous Hustler location in Hollywood on the Sunset strip (which I've also been to a few times).Every time I've gone, the employees have been friendly, helpful, and very professional (take a guess at how easily a wink and a smile can become awkward for some in a place like this...). Tons of inventory, some of it very expensive, some of it not-so expensive, and more than enough to choose from to keep you busy browsing for quite a while if you're not looking for something specific.Parking can be a bit expensive and difficult depending on when you decide to stop by, but if you roll your visit into a gaslamp dinner trip chances are you won't have any problem - you'll need to park/walk anyway. Enjoy!

Ebs B.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on November 4, 2010
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I'm a hustler baby, so why don't you save me?! Ok, I forget who wrote that song or even the rest of the words, but come on, it's a fun song. The Hustler store was the same, fun!With three stories of clothes, lingerie, body latex paint, shoes, whips, and more "stuff" on the third floor, we spent way too much time here. What I really liked the most is that the items weren't way overpriced like at other similar specialty stores. What I didn't like are the people who work there. The girls told me stories of their ways of getting money in Vegas based on what they wore. The guys on the third floor were flirting with me (um, weird for so many reasons). All of them are just so wrapped up in the way they look and gossip.Fortunately, I wasn't there to look or listen to them. I was there to enjoy the Hustler store and I must say I did!

XhXeXy  on  Hustler Hollywood

posted on July 17, 2010
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Always fun times while walking around Hustler with my significant other! The 1st floor has both male and female apparel with a dressing room provided. 2nd floor has more female lingerie with accessories (such as shoes and cute paddles). 3rd floor is where the fun begins! Occasionally I have to show i.d. but once the staff glances at it you're good to go. The staff is there to make suggestions and are extremely helpful without being pushy. They speak from personal experience as well as what they hear from other customers. Lots of sex toys, good selection of vids, and miscellaneous things. They do offer a military discount so it helped us save a few bucks on the final purchase (thanks Trinity D. for mentioning it!). The two items we came home with was well worth it (thanks to a lovely lady on the staff who suggested a product I was looking for) and we will be returning again soon!

Chris M.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on April 27, 2010
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My girlfriend thought we should head downtown and check out Hustler. Turns out it was a very good idea, and I realize how lucky I am to have such a cool girl.Once we walked in, I had a smile glued on for the entire time. The place could double as a Borders as somebody said below. It's well lit, clean, and filled with fun stuff! The staff were all very friendly, and playfully flirty with both of us.We grabbed some lingerie and a couple school girl skirts that may have been smaller than underwear. After a bit we headed to the third floor where the real shopping begins. We had quite a bit of fun up there, took our time and grabbed a couple things to bring home.It isn't all puppy dogs and rainbows though. It's still a porn shop and had a couple of guys roaming around who pretty much will end up on America's Most Wanted. One of which decided to follow us around for 15 minutes and stand as close as possible every time we stopped while whispering about us to himself.Had to take away a star for the one person at a time rule on the dressing room. That's half the fun of going with your significant other!

kimberly k.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on January 2, 2010
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After reading the other reviews I feel it is necessary to make a few comments.1.Porn is expensive because it is SPECIAL and uncommon ( cant find it at walmart, so it wont be $10)2.if you are afraid of or uncomfortable with sex, porn, sex toys, or and explicit topics this is not the place for is not 'CREEPY' that the staff is so helpful...they are there to educate you on items that the average person doesn't know's not open late enough? it is open till midnight on weekdays and 2 AM on weekends! are paying for an experience and for quality...this store is a CHAIN and is franchise owned...therefor they price accordingly. not to mention...there are several sale sections for every type of merchandise (dvds, books, magazines, lingerie, toys...EVERYTHING!) and if you are on a budget..MENTION IT TO THE STAFF! they can help you find something to suite your needs.6.this is not a SPECIALTY sex store...they are not going to have chastity devices, complete compliance kits, OR heavy duty bondage items. this is a very mainstream store...if you want dungeon gear, go to a specialty store. dont complain about a store in the gaslamp district being too mainstream and not carrying your couture leather bondage can you be offended by items that you don't like/aren't into? just don't buy them...overall this store is absolutely astonishing. they have an amazing selection and the staff is so friendly, funny, and extremely helpful. not like the regular seedy establishments you see elsewhere.

Rick  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on June 26, 2009
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It was dead when I walked in. I watched a few dances and then proceeded to leave. A European (Russian) lady who goes by Gia stopped me on the way out and we worked our way to a private booth on the top floor. Some really good dances and then an offer for services outside the club. Jackpot!

Yellow Fever  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on March 10, 2009
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Love my little Asian doll Emily. Such a hot, tight body. I go crazy when she lifts her top and puts her little titties in my face. Keep up the good work, baby!

Princess Kim R.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on February 28, 2009
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I dig Hustler. Not only is it a bright, clean, boutique-like adult store, it's also a great place to buy items for your home (I'm not even talking the fur variety that slip around the bed posts). Skip the clothing on the bottom floor and head right for the little items. There are cool boxes of matches, Hustler chapstick with SPF (I once donated a bunch of these, through my church, to a charity drive for Mexico. Can you imagine some poor guy getting caught by police on either side of the border, having his pockets emptied, and the authorities finding that? "I'm a hustler, baby...I just want you to know."), jewelry, bath and body products, and candles. Usually, there's an area near the front with sale items; I've actually found some pretty high-quality soy candles, massage candles, and shower gels there.The second floor is pretty meh, just some undies and sometimes stripper and drag queen shoes.The third floor is where you can expect to get carded (no one under the age of eighteen). Once you're let in, you can browse TONS of porn. Who knew there was a market for girls cramming random-ass objects up their hoo-has? I mean, I knew about dildos, vibrators, even whale-penis-replica dildos...but apples? You can learn a lot here, if not from the DVDs, then from the staff.The staff is helpful, friendly, and won't blink an eye about any of your sex questions. They'll show you various toys and can recommend lubricants if you want them to do so. The only thing I found lacking on the third floor was the SERIOUS stuff. I work/have fun as a dominatrix occasionally (I hope to sweet baby Jesus that my family never reads this, but for the record, it's beatings only, no sex), and I found that the selection was pretty basic for that field. I want to inflict PAIN! Princess doesn't play around.If you're looking for something fun to do to waste time, or if you're in the market for a little something new in the bedroom, stop into Hustler Hollywood. They'll help you out.

Diana L.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on January 30, 2009
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If you've never been in a sex shop before, this is a good one to start with. It's big like a department store, spacious, brightly lit, and as clean-cut as a sex shop can possibly be. Not threatening or sleazy at all, don't be scared! As the motto goes, "Relax, it's just sex." In fact, it seems like the majority of people who visit this store are just kinda there for the novelty and the fun of it.... not really there to buy anything.There are 3 floors of fun, and as you go higher, they get naughtier. I enjoy trying on the 7 inch platforms with clear heels, just for the hell of it. Last time I went, they had 2 full racks of $5 t-shirts!! This is a pretty good place to shop for cool Hustler logo stuff if you're feeling touristy. The 3rd floor is wear all the gooooooods are. I'm no expert, but I was actually pretty impressed with their DVD selection because they had every "genre" you could possibly imagine! I learned some new terminology just by reading the genre labels. Whether you want to make love with some almond-scented Kama Sutra body oil, or bump uglies with some new cuffs and whips, Hustler will have something for you!

Alex T.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on August 27, 2008
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This Hustler store is very spacious, neat, and clean! 3 floors of naughtiness. Vast selection of toys, outfits, videos, keychains, etc. I think that Hustler brand clothing is actually quite edgy and cool, especially for the menswear. I was tempted to buy many things here. They also had a nice sale section when I visited. Great place to shop for that "special" gift. I also imagine this place to be a nice little conversation starter on a date around the Gaslamp district as well.

Brad B.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on August 5, 2008
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hustler is the cadillac of porn shops. classy. :)

Andy C.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on April 16, 2008
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This is an amazing Hustler!!I love coming here and just walking around. I love all the little knick knacks that they have here. Keychains, coffee mugs, t-shirts on the first level. The second level are all just random little bras and panties items that they have here. The third level is their porn and sex item heaven!!!!!! If you've got the hugest fetishes in anything, they've got it here. My friends and I were walking right past the whips and stuff, and then my friend gets the best idea and hits me on the back. except he misses hitting my butt, and hits me on the tail bone on my back, and then I was red for the rest of the night. They had a nice little sale area on their porn films. Interesting things set up on the third level and just so much too look at. Their store is amazing and they are always looking and checking IDs. I must give them props for keeping up with all of the stuff that is going on here. ******NOTE******When you are super careful walking up the steps because they seem to move....or it could have just been me!! hahahaha!!!!

Odie O.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on April 1, 2008
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Cool store, too bad their cafe is never really operating, nice clean store, cool clothes and nice layout of DVDs.

Looking for fun?  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on February 29, 2008
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Damien P.  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on November 9, 2007
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all i will say BIGGEST porn selection in san diego!

Bee  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on April 18, 2007
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Whatever happened to the customer is ALWAYS right??? You have a sorry waitress who harrasses your customers and made you lose lot.and lots of $$$$$. Sandra Nava Or Rene Nava whatever the hell she calls herself, is the worst waitress you guys have there. Hope $2 are the same without our buissness.

HOT! HOT! HOT!  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on March 7, 2007
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Swing into action with Mariah and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit "wetandplenty". This websight includes fantastic nude photos/movies/chat rooms it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interset to see more.

kyle  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on January 31, 2007
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hello guys i am new to Sd, i want to try this club, what is the price for dance? can u touch the boobies? any famous generous girls? is it worth it to go on Wednesday or Thursday night? Thanks

LarryU  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on January 28, 2007
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Is this just a viedo store? Or, is it a strip club? Or, is it a peep-show store?

GWEN  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on November 9, 2006
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wow thanks for the comments to all.about my tattoos i just got them cause i wanted my body to be different you know not the same.i came on here cause i was wondering if girls with tats can work at this place

dave  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on November 6, 2006
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Visited this place last saturday night. Pretty dead not that many patrons or dancers. The dancers & waitresses were just average in looks at best. Sorry but this place doesn't even compare to cheetahs, which is still the best strip club in san diego.

jonathan sweltzer  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on August 5, 2006
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is this place affiliated with hustler? as in the dirty magazine? cuz i found a hustler magazine under my dads bed and its really dirty. since i started my new management position at the mcdonalds ill be making serious money now andwill prob be able to afford coming here. i cant wait to check out!

nyc dancer  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on July 25, 2006
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Hi, I'm moving to san diego soon and am currently working at the hustler club in NY. What is this place like, is it comparable? What does "hostess club" mean?

yearone  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on March 9, 2005
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az dancer go work at expose or body shop.

az dancer  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on February 17, 2005
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Help! Want to dance in SD. Girls.. tell me about Hustler, is it a good spot? Etc... I am really excited.

Out of towner  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on October 3, 2004
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I was curious, because of the name.. but the high profile name is probably the cause of this place being a waste of time and money.

michelle  on Hustler Hollywood

posted on April 15, 2004
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greatest place in the world