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rickywho2  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on September 28, 2016
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The day girls are the best dancers EVER very sweet sexy very nice!!!!! Wow was so amazing!! I will always recommend this place to all my military friends and civilians. No doubt I will be coming back for more . Best strip club in San Diego.. 125 for g lounge is the best price around

rickywho2  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on August 21, 2016
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Meh. Went in after hanging out at Brewski's. Everyone was sitting awkwardly three seats apart which is fine, but meant it was pretty tough for my group of 7-8 to find seats. Noticed across the way there was plenty of seating, but it was furthest back from the stage you could get. Waved my friends that way and started heading over. Started getting seated and didn't realize I was right below the DJ. DJ yells at me "You can't sit here!" My confused response, "Oh, I can't?" as I looked around for a sign which didn't seem to exist.Snarkily, he replies, "Would I have said that if you could sit here?" My response surprised, "You don't have to be so rude" (I know I'm ridiculous, I should've been more angry with the way he lashed out)Walk over to my friends confused by Mr. Underbeard. Mouthed "Wow" to my friends. And then the nice bouncer from earlier comes over and tells me I got to go. No arguments and I just walk out. Once we are outside I ask why. I don't get an answer until about 5 minutes later because my friends were asking if we couldn't at least get a refund. Apparently the DJ said I yelled at him and said "F*** you". All my friends burst out laughing because that's literally something I'd never do. I slow the bouncer in his discussion with my friend about refunds or access to the manager. Bouncer's has a typical political response of "the manager's busy." The bouncer was super polite earlier and I wanted him to know forget the argument about refunds.. And I ask him "Can you please just bring it to the manager's attention how rude your DJ is?" He just chuckles about it as if this isn't the first time. So at this point this a review for the ladies working there. Might want to choose somewhere more hospitable. The DJ doesn't care about your money and certainly with that sort of attitude doesn't care about the customers. We had plenty of money and planned to spend it so. --Although Brewski's is owned by the same people, I'll be back to Brewski's. The staff there is excellent and I can't blame the owners as they may not know what goes on in their other establishment all the time.

Ed M.  on Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on June 28, 2016
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The less then favorable reviews are entitled to their opinions. I guess I have a diffrent pov. This really is a laid back club. I've rarely had issues if any with the staff and the ladies here are never too pushy for a dance. The talent level here isn't as high in numbers compared to a Cheetahs or Pacers. However, the quality of the talent has always been above average, if not very good. The ladies tend to be in their early 20's, fit, and friendly. There's a good mix of females who work here, however, the majority tend to be white. Management seems to have that magic touch in finding talent. There's a great dive bar next door (Brewskis) for drinks as this is an all nude club so no alcohol served here. There are also signs everywhere in the club in plain view about not using phones inside (previous people complaining about phones being used and rude staff were not paying attention). Respect the rules and pay attention folks. The ladies here deserve their privacy so if its gonna bug you to use your phone step outside. Thats something the door guys tell you upon walking in. The music played on stage tends to match the personality of the dancer if you pay enough attention. Its cool also that each girl has their signature move on stage...anything from a hip swivel to an upside down split (ok I'm observant, sue me). My suggestion when coming to this or any club is to chat with each lady to see who matches up with your preferences. Every guy (or gal) has different tastes in females. Respect the hustle and don't be cheap. You're stepping into a strip club and the ladies are working their hustle. Expect to drop a few bucks. Don't be that person that refuses to tip when the ladies step off stage. If you're not willing to throw some dollars around go next door to the bar or stay home. IMO this is the best strip club in town. Pay attention to the rules, don't get drunk next door and act like an ass here, and be polite to all the should have a good time.

yanard12  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on June 4, 2016
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DO NOT GO HERE! okay just had to write that so you'd stop and pay more attention to this review but Yea the prices were great but unless you want a lap dance with titties in your face don't go here. The only way you're gonna get that here is if you pay the $120's for the "gold" room.. From what I saw seemed more like it could be the bronze room

curtis17  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on June 3, 2016
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I can't get over the bad reviews. This place seriously has the HOTTEST girls I have ever seen. They all are young (under 28) sweet and amazing. I still stick to my original statement (ally is my fav) but seriously any one of the 30 or so girls here are 8's- 9's and 10s.

dannyboy7  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on November 11, 2015
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First review ever...of course it would be a strip club. Actually let's call it a strep club...horrible. I never write reviews. This place doesn't "allow" cell phones but I'm willing to step out for a quick minute to write a review. Dancers are wack. Had a girl ask me if I saw her dance on stage literally 2 minutes after walking in and copped an attitude after I told her I didn't see her...she still asked for a tipDon't get me started on the weak ass bouncers, acting like they work in some high class club...I'm not hating but we walked in with a group of respectful guys and they treated us like shit. I hope this place catches the vapors and closes down quick fast. Oh staff, since you're doing nothing but standing around and regulating on harmless folk, might as well disinfect that bathroom cause it smells like 50 shades of urine caked up in there.

Johnnyboy123  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on September 17, 2015
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This place isn't that great. Maybe I'm used to the strip clubs back home, but this place kind of sucked. It was a Tuesday and it was nearing closing time. There wasn't a single other patron in there, yet they wanted to charge us $15 each to get in. What? We finally negotiated and got in for a few bucks each. I don't remember what the girls were like because I was wasted but you have to sit really far away which is annoying. We literally had to crumble up our $1 bills and throw them so they would reach the stage. And that made us feel like we were being rude. Probably won't return.

Manolo D.  on Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on March 27, 2015
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This place was horrible. Waste of money, no one danced on stage for almost an hour. The dancers were rude and not very friendly.

igor34  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on March 22, 2015
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Nice place ...had a beautiful girl with nice beautiful tits that gave me a lap dance... She was Lithuania or something... But she had to keep her top on... A total Boner-Killer, what's the point... When I want titties in my face I tot ties I my face.

billtheguy12  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on February 22, 2015
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This was my first time here in a while as the last time I was here thisnplace was called eXpose. As most clubs like this go these guys have a small cover chrage but keep in mind that because the girls are full nude here they dont serve alcohol because of California worroes there stop off at Brewskis a few doors down before or after and have a couple in there.Most of the girls are pretty cute...typicaly flirty types that will walk around after their dance wanting you to tip them and will work hard to get you to get a "private dance" from them. Come preparred here with a good bundle of cash if you want to go that route.The parking lot this place is in has some tight spaces...its sometimes easier to park on the backside of building...parking spots there seem to be a bit wider.

AssnTits5  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on September 1, 2014
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I am going to start with the NEGATIVES since they outweighed the POSITIVES:NEGATIVES:ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLY ALLYA stripper by the name of "Ally" (blonde, skinny bombshell of a young lady with a sweet body) was, by far, the rudest stripper I have ever encountered. When she approached me for a lap dance, she didn't even initiate conversation or try to be nice. She came up to me like a begging peasant and when I informed her I wasn't interested in a lap dance, she told me that I must be gay and began to barrage me with insulting comments. What the heck??? This nearly made me leave the strip, but I decided to stick it out since there were some nice girls.Throughout my experience at this club, I continuously overheard "ALLY" complain about clientele and about how she was getting annoyed hearing people talk and having to talk to them and about how drunk she was. The SECURITY is extremely tight on phone usage, which is understandable since they don't want any filming to occur, but make you go all the way outside to use your phone and even yell at you if you attempt to use your phone in the restroom. What sense does this make???You cannot casually hangout with your friends without the girl dancing on stage come up to you afterward (regardless if you were watching her show upfront or not) and assume you owe her money and act pissed off if you don't give her money.Don't get me wrong, there are a few really awesome girls there (that will make me go back), and unfortunately I cannot remember their names, but generally the girls there are all really bad at initiating conversations and don't make you feel welcome and moreso feel pressured to get a lap dance upon approach and, if you don't, they act annoyed and pissed off.POSITIVES:Unlimited soda refills (use the "free coupon" on their website and get hit with a REASONABLE $10 drink charge to get in)The "bartenders" (they don't server alcohol) are exceptionally sweet and really liven that place up and make it enjoyable. In fact, they had better customer service and I would have bought several dances from them if they were dancers.$10 lap dances before 10pm. I thoroughly enjoyed these lap dances and, although you can't touch them, I had a great experience and the girls did a great job.Unfortunately I cannot remember their names, but there are a few really sweet girls there that are dancers that made me want to come back and I will for sure get more dances from them. After ALLY called me gay, she pretty much ruined my night, but I will definitely be back with a better attitude next time I come in and will avoid this girl at all costs.Two stars for the friendly bartenders and the few sweet strippers, otherwise this place would get 1 star.

XXXbeast  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on June 29, 2014
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I've been here several times, but the last two times were bad experiences. One night I walk in and the stage is completely empty for 15 minutes, so I get up and leave. The next time I go in and I get myself one dance. That dance was cool. But then I met Kylie at the non-alcoholic bar. She seemed sweet enough. Cool chick at first. So I'm thinking yeah I'll get a dance. It was a fine dance, she didn't seem all that into it but that's okay, sometimes there are off nights. But the kicker was when she asks if I wanna keep going.. I check my funds and I tried to go for 3 or 4 songs. The rate is 20 bucks a song. So I'm thinking, sure I'll swing that. She says it's 120 for 6 and I say I don't have 120. So she says go to the ATM, and I tell her no id better get home and all that. So I try to get up from the booth, and she stands in front of me and starts saying "give me money." Like what the fuck? I tell her no, and ask for the 80 I'd given her. She tells me to go to the ATM again and keeps saying that I have money. I tell her no. She's still holding the money and I wouldn't mind the extra songs.. I mean holy shit, I already the DJ pimp 120 for the private dance in the janky ass sunk in "VIP" chairs they got in the back. Anyways, this girl must be unhappy because she was complaining about a slow night or something, and how Goldfingers makes her work a certain amount even as a private contractor. I slip her a VIP card at Cheetahs and she gets offended and finally lets me get up. Anyways. It's a shitty place, with shitty VIP, and I won't be going back. Cheetahs is pretty damn awesome.

Ruben C.  on Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on April 21, 2013
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went here on my birthday awesome stage shows, lap daces suck tho

fritter17  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on February 6, 2013
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My first time in a strip club! Had an awesome time. The girls were hot! My favorite dancer was Jade who had an amazing body and really friendly. I'd definitely be down to go again :)

PissedOfStripper  on Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on July 11, 2012
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I hate this place, and the morons who run it. I will make sure everyone knows about it!

harryharry  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on January 20, 2011
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This was the first time I've ever been to a strip club and it was a good first experience. I didn't know what to expect (except for naked ladies), so I didn't really have any expectations. I went on a Friday night during their happy hour ($10 cover and $10 per lap dance, which lasted 2-3 songs). The place seemed small but was kept clean. I arrived early so there were barely anyone else in the joint. As my friends and I took our seats at the very front of the stage while watching a girl stripping away her bikini and working the pole very acrobatically and completely nude, we were quickly approached by a girl who was making friendly chat with us. There were a good number of girls working that night and, on average, were all pretty hot. My friend told one of the girls that it was my first time at a strip club. The girl got excited learning that it was my first time and began talking to me. She was very nice and had a very bubbly personality. She asked me if she could 'pop my cherry' and give me a lap dance. I got nervous and said sure. She grabbed me by the hand and led me to a room with black cushiony couches.I received two lap dances that night. The first one I received was awesome. My friend paid $20 for my first lap dance, which was about 4 songs. The girl was all over me, grabbing my hair, grinding, etc; I was enjoying it a lot! I enjoyed it so much, I decided to give another $20 for another 4-5 songs. O yea, she was HOT.My second lap dance wasn't that great. Once I came back from my first lap dance, I was approached by another girl who started talking to me. Caught in the moment, I let her take me to give me a lap dance. The girl tried bringing me to the VIP room ($120 for a completely nude lap dance for 5 minutes). I told her no thanks. She then took me to the other room for a regular lap dance. I wasn't impressed with her and totally regretted spending my $10 on this girl. Her performance wasn't very entertaining (and she claimed she was a porn star). She was probably the least hottest girl there too, smh. She asked if I wanted her for another 2 more songs but I said no.That was my last lap dance for the night, but it was still very early. I decided to spend the rest of my time enjoying watching the strippers perform on stage. I would say I was about sitting six feet away from where they were performing. Some of them were really good at working the pole, and some just worked the stage instead. After every performance, the girl that had just performed would come around asking for a tip. I'd tip them $1.We stayed for about... I say 1.5 hours at the place and left right before it started getting crowded, just when happy hour ended. In short: Go during happy hour. Girls are hot.

XhXeXy  on  Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on April 23, 2010
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The closest thing in San Diego to getting the Vegas experience. I first came here in January and have been back a few times ever since. When I first went here, the first thing I noticed is the club is clean. All the other strip clubs in San Diego seem to look old and run down. This place was nice, clean and organized. The layout of the club was spacious but intimate. There is enough room for one of the lovely dancers to sit right next to you. The lap dance area is one room with couches along the sides of the wall. Lot of open space in this room and not as intimate. It can get crowded and it is strange to see other guys get lap dances in front of you especially if it is people you went to the club with. VIP room is little more intimate. They have lace screens to separate each area. Really intimate and roomy. Even when other people are in the room you can not really see them and they can not see you so it is not awkward. Now the ladies. Ahh ... the ladies. They are hot. If you are into young (~21 years old) and tattooed ladies you are in luck. It is rare to find one you are not interested in. Most of the ones I have met are not pushy. For the most part they seem to be relaxed and easy going. I was very impressed with there skills on stage. The ladies of Goldfingers really know how to work the pole. They can do some really amazing tricks. The servers are pretty good looking as well also. Eventually you see them dancing on stage as well. Happy hour here is awesome. It usually runs from 3-10 pm. You get all you can drink soda and lap dances are only $10. Definitely the best Gentlemens club in San Diego. You will not be disappointed.

L P.  on Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on March 17, 2010
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I went Saturday night ~1a.m. (6th March). I can't give 5 stars because of the $$$ prices, but with a Marine base across the street they will always have steady clients lining up to admire the beautiful female form. Avoid going weekends of the 1st & 15th of the month if you're able so you don't witness young Marines blowing away what could have been their down payment on a first house. Bring a set amount of cash and leave debit card in the car! DON'Tt use the ATM, I thought 90% of the girls were hot and you will likely hit the ATM more than once if you're not careful. You can't say no to ''Heidi's'' Bambi like eyes and goofy smile (crack a joke and make her laugh) or ''Mary Jane's'' perfect butt...(wiggles) I will not go back, I've got a house to buy!

Re: Roxy  on Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on June 13, 2009
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Does a Latina who goes by Roxy happen to dance here? Half-Puerto-Rican, half-Italian, petite, kind of mature, from Chicago originally.

jim  on Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on May 30, 2009
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they are trying at this club but they need a few better looking girls and need to lower the dance prices to $10 until business picks up. i don't know if Xtcy still works here but she was great.

Ron Andersen  on Goldfingers Gentlemen's club

posted on May 21, 2009
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This club is small, hidden behind other businesses and looks like it was decorated by a woman. The girls are 1s and 2s and you're usually the only customer. If this is your kind of place, have fun.