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stripforme123  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on August 25, 2016
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This place is a bit of a mess. Like literally and figuratively. It's in a bit of a shady part of town at night and service is a bit spotty. Cash only folks and the ATM inside charges you $6 bucks for cash oh yeah! The girls are great, but it's not so fun when it's 72 guys to one girl, but if you want to sit back and relax then it's fine. We came here for part of the bachelor party, and while my memories were great at 18, it left a lot to be desired at 31. Plus, no alcohol. This ain't your everyday gentlemen's club it seems. Overall, I probably will never come again, unless it's for someone else and their special occasion.

DexterRexter  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on June 21, 2016
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Not the classiest joint. No alcohol served, but they have a snack bar. There were 2 pretty girls but the rest were pretty busted looking. If you're a female and sit in the front row, beware because you will end up on stage at some point and people will see your boobies.

williamr  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on April 8, 2016
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Not a very classy environment. The women were often overweight or 30+. Although there are some pretty cute girls there too. Not al of them are hotties though. Many of the Strippers had bad attitudes as well. The front desk girl told us to tip her when we first came in which was a huge turn off. It was a Naked club. Guys were touching girls vaginas in public on stage. Like fingering them. It was gross. Practically none of the girls actually danced on stage and many of them were extremely drunk (even though it's a no alcohol club). Many were high on other drugs as well. And overall 90% of them looked dead inside with blank, bored expressions. Not all of the girls were like that. But enough of them were that it was a turn off. Overall I thought it was a ghetto place and unfriendly environment. I've heard from multiple friends you can get a cheap handjob or blow job here. I guess thats how they make their money. There are many classier venues in the city and places more deserving of your money where the dancers actually put on a show.

dopeboy19  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on February 20, 2016
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So...this was one of the weirdest strip clubs that Kristian and I have ever been to! Ever!The neighborhood that it's in is pretty much ran down which you wouldn't think because the club is located right on Market. But you can tell as you walk up to it that it used to be an old theater which is cool from the outside, but the inside still looks like an old theater as well.The seating was theater style seating with an aisle down the middle to walk to more theatre style seating next to the stage. The stage was a carpeted cat walk with two poles toward the back part of it that we believe may have been used once. The decor looked like that of a high school prom with streamers lining the walls.The club was fully nude if that's what you like, but that means that they don't serve alcohol or anything actually...not even popcorn. It was filled with a bunch of creepy single guys sitting around and just staring.The dancers danced to three songs: fully clothed, topless, and nude. Touching was allowed. But there was also a lap dance room for more touching and a private show room for more watching of your favorite girl one on one.We paid $46 to get in which wasn't bad for California, but yeah.

Joshua E.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on September 18, 2015
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Really good club!

Johnson12  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on September 13, 2015
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Went the crazy horse this weekend and had such a blast!! The girls are smoking hot, and full of energy. I got a dance from Mika and she was great. She took me in the platinum room for 2 songs and it was only $100. If I didn't have a thing for Asian girls I do now! She was super sensual. When I first got there I couldn't find the bathroom but the super tall tattooed blonde guy helped me out. The atmosphere in the club is full of energy the stage shows are so awesome people were throwing dollars from all over the room. This place is a must when I come back to SF next month for my sisters bachelorette party.

nickstrip  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on June 17, 2015
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I went in to kill some time before an early flight. The cover was $26. Strip clubs are more fun than waiting at the airport. Two dancers were exceptional. Barbie put on an amazing show with a girl from the crowd.Gogo was special. She's a real raver who also strips. She loves dancing and that is obvious.She has rave gloves with LEDs in finger tips and knows how to use them. Getting a light show from her was fun. She even gave me a friendship bracelet.As a dancer, she will give you a great dance. I liked my first so much that I asked for another. For my second dance, we acted out a dance floor fantasy. So much fun! ;)If you haven't been to this club, they strictly enforce the no phones rule but otherwise it's not a look but don't touch kind of club.;)They have a few great looking girls, but you will need to wait to see some of them as they also have other girls.

Chris F.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on June 11, 2015
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Being on Market street in the theatre district and Civic Center neighborhood may make for an interesting walk to the club, but don't let that discourage you. This is the place you want to be. The stage is the best! Different set up than other strip clubs, but great performances by all dancers with lots of interaction. The lap dances and platinum rooms are then the way to go once you see a dancer you like. The rest is just expensive. Be sure to tip the dancers, they will then show how much they appreciate you!

Weedman420  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on April 20, 2015
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Not really sure how this place gets 5 stars from anyone? it's set up in an old theater. There is one catwalk down the middle with cheap seats on either side. At the end of the catwalk are the remaining theater chairs. $25 cover definitely not worth it.

bernadette p.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on November 13, 2014
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The five stars is for Audriana. She was super nice and everything about her was real. She approached me and my husband and asked if I wanted a dance. I got one while my husband watched and we both enjoyed it.

Nigel G.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on September 25, 2014
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I went there a few times a long time ago, when it was my favorite strip club, so I thought I'd return. Not much had changed, except the prices, which are pretty steep. The girls were pretty and generally very nice, but I made the mistake of getting involved with an Asian girl with big boobs (Melissa?). I thought I was too savvy for this, but she emptied my wallet in a way that no-one has ever done before, and in a devious way that I didn't care for. I've always found strippers very honest, if sometimes a bit pushy, but she was way out of line, and I almost complained to the front desk. Caveat Emptor, I suppose.To add a bit more. Due to a physical problem, I have difficulty counting out a large number of bills in my wallet, and, if we're talking about anything more exotic than an LD, I let the girls do it. They've always been completely honest until last night, when Melissa (?) undercounted my money by 50%. I should have stopped right there, but I merely protested. She ignored my protests, and kept up a steady patter of her own. Between that and her boobs, I didn't know whether I was coming or going.

Fannie S.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on September 12, 2014
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Cover charge of $25/pp. Full nudity = no bar. DRY club. Sack up and drink beforehand, if you need to.Dancers = good, if they got moves. I'm not into the heavy plastic surgery and/or makeup. But I was entertained. There was one dancer from Brazil. Pretty girl, but she had no emotions, and no personality on stage. Why was she even up there?! Roxanne was my favorite dancer. Loved her smile, personality, and sweetness. Yes, and she was my first lap dance!! Beautiful accent, too. :) My biggest complaint: WHY IS THE STAGE EVER EMPTY FOR MORE THAN TWO MINUTES? There's a huge lull in between sets (dancers), and we're all sitting in theater seats and watching a very empty stage. We paid cover for the show, no?

mathewater12  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on July 29, 2014
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I walk in to only be greeted rudly by the man at the desk and was charged 25 dollars each for me and my boys to enter the club. I'm going to say this sooner, rather than later. If you're not a big tipper, this is not your place. I was taken to the back by a very good looking woman who told me a private dance was 140 dollars, and she turned very very rude as soon as I informed her I wasnt paying 140 dollars for a dance. The best place to be by far is the front row stage side. Very sexy ladies dancing, and the value of a dollar is very high. I would throw a dollar on the stage and would in a matter of seconds have tits and ass in my face from a very sexy naked woman. Overall, I like the place, and plan to return at some point in the future. But only to sit stage side.

Franklyn  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on May 17, 2014
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It was pretty fun for my first time at a strip club. I wish there were hotter girls that's why it gets 3 stars but other than that I recommend it.

Alexis N.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on April 5, 2014
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I freaking love the Crazy Horse.By far the funnest fully nude strip club in SF!The girls are all smoking' hot--- MUCH better than those at any of the other fully nude strip clubs and probably right on par with those at the Mitchell Brothers.I love the vibe in here. Right when I walked in I felt like I was in a 70s porn. Nicely decorated, well lit, awesome runway like stage with theater seating. My boyfriend and I spent our drunken one year anniversary here and plan on going back for my birthday next week!HIGHLY recommend the Crazy Horse!!! It's worth trekking through the crappy area once you get inside. If I could give it a sixth star I would!

tonycluber  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on March 11, 2014
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Spent my 28th birthday at the Crazy Horse with a group of friends. It was my first experience in a strip club and the Crazy Horse was a wonderful way to lose my strip club virginity. The girls were all nice and don't overly pursue or pressure you into dances or anything. Good times.

Randy  on The Crazy Horse

posted on January 22, 2014
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This club is a joke. Upsell is nonstop, promises are not followed through, no booze. If from the east coast just save money until return home and then spend it in a real club

Alex J.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on December 16, 2013
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total rip off, the girls are like dancing behind mirror, that is what you will expect. paid 140 and those three songs finished with in 7 minutes. I totally do not suggest to go here. waste of money and time.

Deja B.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on November 2, 2013
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Went here to see Tori Black dance. Was very impressed with all the girls overall! Girls are very hot, nice and have fun with it. As a girl going to a strip club you never know what to expect but we ended up having a great night! A lot of touching and fun to be had. Did not have the sleazy gross feel like the other places I have been to. Definitely recommended for a fun night. Bring your 1's! For the people who say it is expensive it is about the same as a few drinks at a bar or a night at the movies.

Harrison69  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on June 18, 2013
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The best strip club in this city! And I would know, because I work there!

Gene B.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on July 30, 2012
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It's been my second time here. Seriously, I can't believe I went to this place without packing! It's straight ghetto, but damn these ladies let you touch. I was able to cup one these women breasts if you must know. The bouncer was cool. He kept on offering water which was cool. The only problem I've seen was the guys sitting up front not paying a penny. I wanted a seat up front but hardly got a chance. No other joint allowed touching. Take it from me. That's the truth. BTW, I seen the same Latina chick who tried to scam me the last time time for a private dance. Damn, she evil!

charlott or scarlet?  on The Crazy Horse

posted on July 24, 2012
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can't remember which it is but damm!!!!!! promised she would take care of me .... luved watching her fat a$$ bounce in my lap ... looking up at me wit those sexy eyes with her mouth on my d@#k ... who doesn't luv a chubby chick ... they do go the extra mile... i luv them fat bottom blonds...

Shirley W.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on December 18, 2011
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Ok where to start, went here with 2 girl friends and had some fuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn!!. Gotta say the girls here rocked that night. I don't know if it's because we were girls but the dancers gave us our moneys worth. Love Alektra Blue too, if she does a lap dance like that on my husband I'm gonna accuse him of cheating - very hot. Lots of pretty ladies, not overly aggresive and if you love large boobies (and who dosn't) this is the place to go. I went back to the private room with one well busted asian girl and OMG! Well to put it short and simple $20 to get in $150 later very hot and willing (my husband thanks you ladies) it was a fun night. you ladies can go with your other halves and have fun too. Check it out, just be careful about who you play with

XhXeXy  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on July 20, 2011
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The girls could use a little more exercise and a bar be nice.

maxxy1  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on June 17, 2011
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Yeeeehaaaaaaaww!! Nothing like 20 - year - olds on an epic birthday adventure fueled by edibles and a half - vodka - filled Pepsi bottle. This place was the perfect place to take my otherwise soft - spoken art school friend for his 20th birthday. We were both delighted to see that it looked just like a fuckin' movie set of a strip club on the inside. It was classic campy - ness, with the tinsel, the neon lights, the catwalk, the high ceilings, etc. When you're faded (or not. I guess you don't have to be) it's really fun to pretend you're in your own version of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas or something.We both came in with a wad of cash,but we ended up spending almost all of it on the cover, which was $25 for him, and $20 for me. (This was around midnight on a Thursday, just to give a timeframe) We couldn't make it rain like we wanted to, but I did try to courteously tip the girls at least a little bit, but, sorry ladies, we're college students as well, and I know we all gotta hustle in these tough times. To be fair, we didn't sit too close to the stage, so it's not like we were being creeps.I kinda liked the movie theater - style seating, but the lack of tables, chairs, and people going around serving drinks, gave this place a vibe of "If you want to go have a drink, so somewhere else, this place is strictly for having tits in your face." No creeps or drunken belligerents in the place, though. That was nice.However, the edibles kicked in at some point during the show, so we were having a good time chillin' in the middle of the rows, zoning out, shooting the shit, and watching the stage, and watching the girls interact with the audience, and it was GREAT! (FINALLY GETTING TO THE GIRLS,BTDUBS) If you sit in the front and tip, the girls will bust out some hot and nasty moves on ya! Like, DAMN! Most of them were hot, too! almost all white and Asian, though. Nice bodies, for the most part. A lot of fake tits, too, if you're into that. They weren't too pushy or anything, and I think we only got asked if we wanted a lap dance once or twice, so they mostly just let us chill. All in all, we both enjoyed our time at Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club. It's the perfect place to begin an adventure!

Leyla I.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on May 31, 2011
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Love it. I've been to all the clubs in this area and this is hands down my favorite.

Mariel F.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on April 23, 2011
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I find it amusing when people go to a strip club and all they seem to talk about is how they enjoyed the food or drinks. If I want food, I go to restaurant. If I want booze, I go to a bar. Crazy Horse is awesome because they don't have any of that. They are a strip club, not a food & beverage club. If I want to see naked, hot women, I come here. I don't want to see (partially) clothed females. I don't have to go to a strip club to see that. They take it all off here. I love that porn stars come here as well. I have never paid to get in here. I have been coming here since I was in high school. The dancers have been all over me, groped me, and motor boated my chest before. It was all in good fun. Crazy Horse is the only strip club worth going to in San Francisco.

Dave S.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on March 6, 2011
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I went to this club to see their first annual stripper pole competition and wow was it amazing. Cover is $25.00, sit in the front row and bring a wad of ones. The girls are mostly hot looking and get all over you. It looks like a great place to bring a date (not the first date but a girl who's game for it). It was a really good show but I lucked out and went on a good night!

Jay B.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on November 15, 2010
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THIS PLACE IS LIKE WHOA!!Went with a group of guys and girls.. I had an amazing time ;) Girls get more action then guys, sorry guys... The girls here are classy & hot!One of the girls took me up on stage and I was able to get a lil' sumthin' sumthin!!It was an amazing experience!

joseph1k  on  The Crazy Horse

posted on October 27, 2010
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COVER: $15-20 depending on your negotiating, I think $25 is the reg. GIRLS: Friendly, and a fun mix of hot and not-so at this establishmentDRINKS : no alch sadly, this is a Full frontal jointENVIRO: usually busy w/lots of seating, mix of a few grimy regulars and classier younger folks. most toss a couple dollars on the stage and the dancers give them a good amt of attention.went here for a bday thing, my friend was dragged on stage, gave a horseback ride to the dancer, fell, dropped her on her face also, DJ kept playing the music through her set. how awesome is that.

Daniel W.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on October 25, 2010
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Big fan of the place, I like the set up and love the atmosphere for the most part.The music could be better at times but.. what are you gonna do.The girls are about 80% hot, I think I agree with the complaints that some look malnourished and sick.. I guess if the petsmart women worked here it would be 5 stars lol

Eric S.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on October 20, 2010
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I EFFIN love this jointfirst of all u get bang for you buck....almost literallythe chicks actually give u some nice attention and it feels more like a big bachelor party where you can actually touch the dancer and noneof that keep your hands to yourself BS.Some of the women that dance are hot and full naked lap dances dont cost an arm and a leg like other placesPatrons that show up are chill folks....due to the lack of booze everyone is calm. I like showing up hammered tho cause booze makes everything more fun =DHands down the best strip club in SF 4 sure! go peep it out =D

Kirk C.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on April 29, 2010
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The previous night I was at Gold Club and was seriously let down. The next night, I walked past Crazy Horse and decided to pop in to see if the strip clubs in SF all suck... Thankfully, they do not.First off, appearance. This is a very strange club, it appears to be a movie theater converted into a strip club. It is very long and narrow, with T shaped stage and and a few rows of seats next to it. All the other seats are in the back and far from the action. Whatever you do, get a seat by the stage. For a few singles, the girls will really give you a good show. It is a full-nude club, so this can prove to be a very up-close experience.As for the girls, they are mix-and-match. Some are really hot others not so much. But I didn't see a single girl that I thought was ugly. Thankfully, the hot girls are friendly and approachable. After you have some fun tipping the girls on the stage, make sure to spend $100 on a private dance. The previous night, I had a bad experience at Gold Club, so I was a little unsure what to expect. Fortunately, the girls at the crazy horse know what you're there for. Once you get your private room, you will be informed that it is a hands-on experience. Now we're talking fun! The girl I was with basically fit my definition of "perfect". Amazing body, beautiful face, and a personality that was fun. Sure I was giving her cash, but I didn't care because she was so damn good and I feel like she had telepathy because she knew what I wanted before I could think it.I won't say what happens next, but find yourself a pretty girl, take her to a private room and be generous with your money... You'll have a damn good time.

David C.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on April 26, 2010
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awwww mannn this used to be the place me and my friends would go when we were young and single and had nothing else to do haha..good times.. the only other strip club ive ever been to is larry flynts hustler club and the girls at crazy horse are a lot more generous and hustler club, i constantly felt pressured to use more money but the vibe at crazy horse is a lot more laid back and fun.haha been here for a couple features...jenna haze, charmane star, kaylani lei, michelle maylene who i had a very good time with on my birthday haha..even the features here are friendly, sit in the front row and you can be a part of the show, chat them up in the back and they'll give you some free goodies, ive gotten a couple free posters and polaroids n posters for free. man i miss this place haha might have to pay it a visit soon.JADE and JESSIE ARE DA BOMB. SKYE is really nice too. take them to the back and you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Andrew Y.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on March 14, 2010
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The Crazy Horse is CRAZY! When you walk in, it's weird. Won't lie. It's a movie theatre converted into a house of ladies. There are a lot of seats lined up just like a movie theatre which places you far away from the main can't see much. A word to the very wise, get up to the front row. It's sound advice, trust me. And you'll have the best time ever. Most bang for your buck! We were not harassed much for dances, could have been because we were in a group of 10. But one unlucky soul did get to go in the back for 3 songs. I was not there, I won't comment, but I hear there is tissue. Anyway, it was $20 and the bachelor gets in free. I think normally it is $25 to get in. Of note, the washroom is 2 urinals. No stalls. No funny business people!

Raja T.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on March 2, 2010
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After a rip-off from MSC, we entered this place. This place is great. One of the girl MIMI saved the day. She was awesome and the attitude was great. Unlike in MSC no one pushed for private dance. It's a cool place and we really enjoyed the dances. You even don't need a lap dance as you get everything during stage show.

Mike E.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on January 23, 2010
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First, the good points. Some of the ladies here are fantastically beautiful. This is a nude joint, and while I'm partial to topless places, these girls tend to be so hot that I think the nude dances are a blessing. There are a lot of really good stage dancers here, and most of the dancers I've spoken with seem to really like the place. The "want to buy a lap dance?" pressure is higher than at the Hustler Club, but not too much - very reasonable. The girls are all cool and they'll leave you alone after they ask the first time. In the past there were a lot of Asian dancers here, the ratio is a bit lower now than I remember it being.Lap dances here are very high-mileage, as they say on I highly recommend the VIP three-song deal. But even the regular $20 dances are great. Man, these girls know how to make you fall in love with them.The website has a nice feature - you can see which dancers are currently on-shift. I strongly encourage you to visit Kennedy or Mallory...Expert customer's tip: sit in the front row as close to the stage as you can and tip generously. The dancers tend to "break the fourth wall" a lot, especially the more you tip. This would be a five-star rating except for the following points:The place is rather cramped. I realize that it's an old club, but when you walk into the main room you feel like you're in one of those old postage-stamp-screen movie theaters. The seats are old - they're clean but it's like being back in your middle-school auditorium. The passage from the seating area back to the lobby is really narrow, and strippers going or coming from the lap dance room tend to congregate there, as well as dudes that have just walked in or are in the process of leaving (dudes - either lead, follow or get out of the way...)I would say that from time to time I have seen some ladies working here that I thought were too old for the job. That also counts against the place.Lastly, the neighborhood is very clearly Tenderloin-adjacent. This ain't North Beach.

M C.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on October 21, 2009
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If your not White and wearing a suit don't bother going in. I completely wasted my money going there tonight. All those women was dancing for a few guys sitting at the end in suits. What is the difference between my dollar and his, considering we both put the same amount down?This place is becoming a hell hole. I need to promise myself not to waste money here. The girls dance and shake their asses for whomever they feel like. I put down $5 and the girl kept shaking her ass off stage to this White guy with a $1. WTF!!! I paid $25 admission for this?

Johnny B.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on March 3, 2009
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I think this place used to be one of my fav's, they had 2 for 1 college student wednesdays. They had classy good looking women. Now all they have is cheap asian broads. Defnietely not worth it anymore unless you happen to go during one of their famous pornstar your money for the o'pharrell theater.

Elizaveta C.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on January 22, 2009
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I come here with friends. They say girls come free and I had to pay. Well I go in and at first I no like. I no like I need to pay to come in. I see other woman and I happy. Many attractive women. I like the women, they like my friends. I talk to them before they dance on stage. And lap dance, they dance for me. I dance for them.

Marlo V.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on January 2, 2009
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Man, if you love Asian girls... I mean if you love Asian girls.. even Asian (and other nationality) pornstars that make guest appearances... come thru here!! I've been here maybe, 4-5 times? God I love it I mean shiet. The owner, is so soo cool he always comes up with this line when we enter (well when I went like couple years ago), "Guys I know you're anxious and that you're Dicks are hard, welcome to Crazy Horse, not much of rules but you are allowed to slap the girls on the ass and grope their titties only when they grab your hands and guide them on there and grope 'em real good" well its somewhat close to something like that to what he said and I just made up stuff but hella cool guy. Prices are worth it and I wonder what VIPs prices include... hmm.. hmmmmm.... maybe I should save up.. soon. anyhow.. last time I went.. A FIGHT BROKE OUT.. looked like Mexicans vs a group of Asian guys.. like Mexican Mafia and Chinese Mafia..dunno what cause the fight but they took it outside and we watched but bouncers warned us to go back in or be done with the night. So we went back.. and man.. one Asian girl, that I almost fell in love with.. but can't.. I still know her name.. I'm sure its Jessi or Jessie and she has paw print tattoos I think on her leg or thigh. She liked me she really rubbed it in giving me a lapdance on stage!!

curious  on The Crazy Horse

posted on September 28, 2008
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does anyone know if Cali still works here? Haven't see her here in a long time

Candy T.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on September 26, 2008
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i love upscale atmosphere for stripper bar;i'm an Asian girl so that i love to look at young, beautiful girls other than Asians;this is too ghetto for my taste;

Roo M.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on August 29, 2008
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Review # 69 for me and what better place to spend it than the Gentleman's Club that holds a very special place in my heart.This is the first strip club I have ever gone to and every visit following that has always been a satisfying experience..... well, as satisfying as it can possibly get while walking out with a set of Cobalt Spheroids I've always gotten nothing but love from the ladies of Crazy Horse.Apparently, the majority of them love men whose heads are freshly shaved since my baby-smooth melon always seems to get special attention.Being Non-creepy and just enjoying the ladies' company helps them to enjoy what they are doing, hell, I've even gotten a few lap dances for free just because the ladies didn't feel like getting pawed at by some decrepit old perv and just wanted to talk and have fun. Hopefully the atmosphere is still the same, I'm hoping to make a re-visit soon after being away for over 10 years.- Stay Tuned for updates

cat  on The Crazy Horse

posted on August 4, 2008
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I work in massachusetts, but want to move to san fran I have 2 yrs of school left. will I be able to make between $400-$600 a shift there or in any of the clubs.I won't have trouble getting hired. any info will be helpful thanx

Daisy S.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on May 20, 2008
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There's something about the name of the Crazy horse that smashes the promise of excitement and raw action in your face! This will be my fist born son's middle name. Barry Crazy Horse M., wow!This theater of titillation and flesh packed a wallop of hot chicks getting very naked and very personal. Every girl wanted to hang out with me, "Let's party" they would say, "You wanna' dance" they would ask; I felt like a pimp for once and not a chump!There is no alcohol here for it's all nude (aside from the six inch heel the girls wear).And though I had a great time and everything was magic I kept wondering how many of the dancers were cheerleaders just a couple years removed.Strip clubs are fantasy but this one cast me $400; that's a lot of bills!

dude  on The Crazy Horse

posted on May 8, 2008
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is there a cover? what about a private room cover? Coming to SF soon and want to check it out.

Rommel N.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on May 4, 2008
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Ahhhhhhh, Home Base... so many fond memories. I remember all the renovations and remodeling this place has gone through. Yet through all the years it has remained by far the best gentleman's club in the city. Yeah, some may say it's ghetto, or that it looks seedy, but one thing they can't say is that the girls don't bring it every night. Yeah, there are some girls who like to play guys for their cash, but there are a lot of girls here who work hard for their money.

HornyDude  on The Crazy Horse

posted on March 6, 2008
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Hey Cassandra is fine and a good f***. Just 2 papers.

Harry B.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on November 26, 2007
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I like to make it rain here wit........spare change! The strippers were dodging each coin, but I kept yelling out "Its legal tender! Now shake em!". The bouncers had to toss me out and to this day, I am not welcomed there. Good times tho.

Bryan Y.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on October 11, 2007
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i rememeber going to this place after classes when i was in college. the guy knew me in the front from one of my birthdays so he always let me in free whenever i showed up. my boys and i used to get hammered and hang out at this place. i've somehow managed to gain friends from this place. the chicks would ask me if i was bored and i'd always say "yah, theres nothing else to do for another hour",. i hung out with a few of them and even got offered a managing job once.haha.i haven't been to the horse in a while but i heard it's pricey as heck now. what's good with strawberry?

mtrocks  on The Crazy Horse

posted on June 24, 2007
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Guys! This club is fucking expensive and a lot of gals are really bad. There is a gal named TAJ, please dont ever go to her. She is a fucking piece of shit.

thien h.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on June 14, 2007
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i like this place girls are nice some of them will rip you off like crazy they make promises they wont fufil i dont like that but the last time i went it was great had the cheapest dance in the world with a little extra just dotn wear nice clothes unless u want them to rip it off of you

The Count  on The Crazy Horse

posted on April 18, 2007
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As far as clubs go this one isn't bad. Small, and seating isn't that good, and the stage is small. But as far as contact between you and the performers it is great. If your kind and nice to the performers you can have a wonderful time. All and all I dropped about $250 for a fun 1/2 hour of a topless lap dance and two private dances, guest to dancer contact is what I used to in WVA at SXP. (which allows for you to touch T&A) Thanks for a great night my Russian friend, If I have another overnight I'll drop in again. -The Count

BukkakeJoe  on The Crazy Horse

posted on March 31, 2007
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If you love Asian dancers....this club is for you. Most of the girls there were a 7 to 9....half of which were Asian ( which I prefer ). I got a couch dance with Tiffany an utterly stunning Asian dancer that had a very nice slender body with great legs and T&A. The price for a private dance that she asked for was more then I wanted to spend ( $200 ) but the price for a couch dance was more then reasonable at $40 for 3 songs. Since it was a couch dance....there wasn't anything more then "grinding" that was involved...but it was more then enough for me to get a "happy ending" just from the "grinding" and "rubbing" alone.

bart  on The Crazy Horse

posted on February 23, 2007
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Avoid the Indian bich at all costs - she is a lying con artist. Better yet, avoid this place completely.

out of towner  on The Crazy Horse

posted on February 5, 2007
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A lot of very hot girls, definitely nude, pushy but not too pushy, and great private dances. Go for the 3/$100 deal, private room, full nude, touching allowed. If you're used to NY or NJ clubs, this place is gonna blow your mind. There were at least several girls I'd want to get dances from--it was actually hard to decide. But it gets very crowded on Fri and Sat night, so you've been warned.

Think First  on The Crazy Horse

posted on November 15, 2006
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Hey.. Hey.. I am wise on these things... Please think first.... before jumping...... into bed .... with a a bunch of people like that.

visiting  on The Crazy Horse

posted on September 6, 2006
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Hey guys I'm gonna be in san fran this weekend till wednesday and was just wondering what this club is like. Hot girls? quality dances? and how much are lap dances and is there an entrance fee. I'll be in Richmond but will be going to San Fran almost everyday. Please help me out here.

Not Dehl!  on The Crazy Horse

posted on August 31, 2006
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Crazy Horse has mighty fine women especially in the day shift. PS is the way to go. Many reqquire you to self serve but get to em and they will go along with your needs. Mykel is mighty fine, a big ol ass to warm up to and Tammy enough said she can take care of the old pole like no one else.

Rocco B.  on The Crazy Horse

posted on July 29, 2006
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We got bored at the pride festival and I have this horn dog of a co worker, so we decided to go to a noodie bar.Well on the way this guy (who's new and pretty reserved at the office) starts tellin me all this crazy crap about how he was bangin some chick and tried to jizz on her face, but she dodged outta the way and he got it all over his pillow instead.But that has nothing to do with the crazy horse.Anyway the guy was all excited and thought his cousin was working (hmm?). Well she wasn't but besides that it was a pretty good time.There was this one stripper that was my kinda woman. Busty, kinda latina, and scuzzy lookin. Well I was all hot for her and then she comes over and gives me a little pussy in the face show. I was really diggin it, but then I got a big whiff of butthole smell.Oh well, I'd still do her.

Guru  on The Crazy Horse

posted on July 25, 2006
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I? m thinking about moving to the S.F. area and I was wondering what the earning potential for a DJ is. Hourly and tips. Also, what are the best places. I would appreciate any info.

No pulse ...  on The Crazy Horse

posted on February 1, 2006
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...not much activity on this board. Anyone ever go to this club?

Heading to SFO ...  on The Crazy Horse

posted on January 26, 2006
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Any fun in the weekday afternoons at Crazy Horse? How many dancers, prices, etc.?

marc  on The Crazy Horse

posted on January 4, 2006
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this place is great many of the girls are hot and sexy with the exception of a few with bellys that could stand to run on the treadmill a littlebit longer, but a 20 lap dance and you can touch and grab em all you want!!

Jim from PA  on The Crazy Horse

posted on December 16, 2005
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stopped in last night and got incredible dances with Angeli! wow, she is gorgeous filippina with incredibly super long hair and fantastic body, and really fun to sit and talk with as well. super personality! going back to see her again friday before i go back to Philadelphia. Awesome!!

wallyburger  on The Crazy Horse

posted on September 15, 2005
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My friend "Horn Dog" is travelling to S.F. next week. He is flying down to see his favorite Asian babe-Charmane Star-at the CH. King of Utah-sell those goddam potatoes and join him. And for the rest of your holiday, you can bring your leather outfit for your spanking session by S.F. finest TV.

piston  on The Crazy Horse

posted on September 2, 2005
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The girls here are quite hot. pretty diverse. the dances are expensive (20 for regular and 40 topless) but by getting a 20 dance in the group room, you can see who is good and who isn't. no one offers anything extra. At best, you get to take care of yourself in front of a girl.

Wallyburger  on The Crazy Horse

posted on September 2, 2005
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My Speech: I have and will visit all places in the world that has beautiful, sexy girls. Driving down the I5 and Visiting the CH to see Teanna Kai was one of the best road trips in my lifetime. My present will be felt from Las Vegas to Eruope to Asia-going to Vietnam/Thailand later this year. Had more fun in one year than the King of Utah had so far in his lifetime. The King of Utah needs to break away from his closet enviroment and get a BFE from a TV. A little rimming, BLS, backdoor slamming and CIM from a TV will relax the UTah Man. Sell those potatoes, you cannot take them with you.

Dancer  on The Crazy Horse

posted on June 16, 2005
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I am going to be coming to San Fran in about two weeks and I would like to honestly know what is an average night here $$$ wise. Would it be worth a trip from the east coast?

visiting  on The Crazy Horse

posted on May 2, 2005
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Can you touch the girls here?

Sufluck  on The Crazy Horse

posted on May 26, 2004
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This Club is tight. Asian women are off the hook. Great lap dances by stage. A few dogs but all in all top notch. The girls know how to take care of the customers. Personal Shows (PS) are very personal. Try Mykel or Didi--awesome tits!

Shnikkaman  on The Crazy Horse

posted on February 9, 2004
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Went on Friday 2/7 and had an astoundingly good time. Dj was a little overbearing at first, when no one was sitting up front, but as soon as the money started flowing, he got better. Want to point out 2 dancers specifically. Misty (i think) tall black woman with thigh high vinyl boots is truly a special lady, and Angel was very attentive as well as beautiful (and will be featured at the end of Feb). Remember to treat them right guys.

Jennifer  on The Crazy Horse

posted on February 9, 2004
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Hello, all! This is fire-breathing porn star Jennifer Steele, and I just want you all to know I can't wait to perform at your club Feb 18-21! You're sure to be entertained...feel free to send me an email from my site. Can't wait to meet you!!!

Ana  on The Crazy Horse

posted on January 28, 2004
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I would like to know how much a beautiful woman can make in a good and bad night here and which is the best club, monywise to dance in Sao Francisco.

Jackson meoff  on The Crazy Horse

posted on January 24, 2004
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Dont even waste your time. The place sucks. The type of girls there will ask you to hold the baby there breast feeding while they go on stage. If you do go, Make sure you dont get a dance from Matilda. She is hot, with a bad boob job, but her dances about as erotic as a rubbing a dead fish around your crotch. And whatever you do, dont go in the room. I've been to strip clubs from coast to coast and this is by far the most expensive and worst quality. Just trying to help guys like me.