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CrimeStoppers  on Garden of Eden

posted on June 21, 2019
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rickywho2  on  Garden of Eden

posted on November 10, 2016
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Paid $30 cover charge as a couple on a Saturday night. I walked in because the guy working outside convinced us and talked it up. It's a small room with blaring music and watered down beer. Limited seating. The bar is just a small counter in the corner. Mediocre music. I wish I had looked it up before paying the cover charge. I'll take it as a learning experience.

ryan123  on  Garden of Eden

posted on October 10, 2015
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It was meh... I did feel like i got scammed. For one, the service is too damn expensive for such a small place, a topless lapdance is 60 bucks?!! The vip is 350 when most places is 250. The only good part of it was that the lady giving me service was really attractive.

rogerrab2  on  Garden of Eden

posted on July 10, 2014
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Avoid this place like the plague, or ask lots of questions before commiting to any private lap dances.!! What I paid these two strippers, I could have hired a high quality escort for an hour with more action.!!This place is extremely tiny, and mostly consists of a small stage and numerous back rooms. I met Miley and Eva? Yesterday Sunday June 29th. They are a couple of gold diggers. They didn't clearly explain the club's fees to me, and I feelvery cheated. !!!!It cost me $300 for 10 minutes with the two of them mostly naked. They way over-promised what I actually got versus what they said I would receive. I've had way more erotic lap dances for what I got. I almost asked for my money back.10 minutes is 3 songs. So go elsewhere, anywhere where the dancers/strippers explain fees clearly to the customer. If I could have given 1/2 a star I would have. BEWARE of this place..!!!

Harrison69  on  Garden of Eden

posted on August 5, 2013
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egh it wasnt too bad. some hot chicks some not so hot, but it was worth it. Show would have been better if I had a beer.

Tony N.  on Garden of Eden

posted on August 23, 2012
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this place has nothing but girls with stretch marks and the girls are super super desperate to give lap dances. i mean this place was cool and all but its just too crowded.

Alicia L.  on Garden of Eden

posted on November 4, 2011
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Me and my friend went (2 females) and walked out about an hour later. GOE is no where near as good as the strip clubs on Market St. We got there and it was dead just 1 couple and 4 strippers. (Yes, only 4 strippers and the danced in the same rotation over and over). Me and my friend were pretty much ignored. Just cause we're females does not mean that we wouldnt enjoy a lap dance or the same attention as the men. Hell we tip better when we like a girl or think she's cute. Eventually 2 more girls came and it became the same 6 girl rotation, doing the same moves, in the same outfits over and over and over. The only good thing was we got in free.

Jordan F.  on Garden of Eden

posted on September 3, 2011
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If you like your strippers with stretch marks, cellulite, and a $20 cover, this is the place for you.

Jeremy V.  on Garden of Eden

posted on June 30, 2011
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I will not deny the fact that I had an absolute blast at this place when I threw my cousin his bachelor party. We had a party of about 16. We each paid $20.00 for a wristband that would get us into three other topless/strip clubs in the area (I cannot recall the names of the place). Either way, the staff seemed professional in greeting us at the door and being prompt to offer the groom a slough of lap dances. We waited a really long time to see if there was a girl-on-girl strap on show, but we got too drunk to stick around and see it. Apparently it happens toward the end of the night, but I have a hard time believing this. It's A-OK. It's pretty small, has decent women dancing. Some women who have the ability to flex their pectoral muscles. I mean how can you turn that down? Oh and plus points for the dancer that looks like Winnie Cooper.

Franklyn  on  Garden of Eden

posted on June 4, 2011
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So we were out and about with a girlfriend and she got to talking about how it would be fun to enjoy some erotic art. We figure sure.. why not?! It's a Thursday night and really we just wanted to enjoy good company (our friends, not the stippers!;). We got here around 1:40, just in time for the last dance. We notice nobody's sitting at the stage so we pull up. The girls is cute and we're having ourselves a good time. Right before it was about to rain, the DJ, some dude in an all black tall T & black Jesus piece, makes a comment from across the club about me rearranging my tips to be more presentably worthy of the dignified effort being put forth by the beautiful young stage performer. Fine dude, you made your point, whatever it was... but no, he keeps on going on saying how he'll "rape me!!!" Riiiiiight... time to bounce. She grabs me and says "please stay.." Sorry honey, I know we're the only ones tipping you at the moment but my anal virginity is being put at risk. Duces. Before leaving, I head over to the DJ booth with smiles to try and smooth things out - no sense in leaving any interaction on bad terms. He's hostile like he wants a fight. E'z up, as they say.. On the way out the bouncer even said the DJ gets angry toward the end of the night. All I can say is, good luck with life! To the proprietor: I can give you one good reason you're not making as much profit as you could be... Your help is almost literally chasing people into the streets! It's sad, I can't say that I come here often necessarily, but I do remember having my 18th birthday here. Also can be said that I won't be back here anytime soon. Maybe when they get some better taste in musical selection............Keep the girl tho.. she coo.Note: I'll be happy to change my review if I should ever have a change of heart. Not likely soon.

James F.  on Garden of Eden

posted on April 2, 2011
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If you're going to go to your first strip club, this is the place to go. Mind you that this isn't the type of strip club you see in movies where there is alcohol and fully nude women. Apparently, in CA, you can't serve alcohol at a fully nude strip club, but they offered us a topless bar across the street for free to get drinks. Problem solved!!! So we went in and sat down. We checked out the dancer on the stage briefly (she was average at best). We were then approached by this short girl who was very attractive. My buddy, being intoxicated, started propositioning her for a dance. She told us she was the bartender and asked us if we wanted anything to drink, meanwhile, I decided to stand up to see how tall this girl was. She couldn't have been taller than 4-9 or 4-10. Awesome!!! They employee midgets here!!! So we ordered our Redbulls, and got some change to tip the girls on stage. Next thing we know, a parade of girls come strolling out of a locker room, and there were several girls that were jaw-droppers, just super hot!!! There were a few that were average, and a couple of ugly girls. Oh well, you just kind of have to anticipate that... Apparently the DJ was running a special, and the girls were approaching all the customers. Luckily for me and my buddy, we were approached by 2 of the hottest of the group, Hailey and Nadia. They led my buddy and I back to the lap dance rooms, and showed us around. We both ended up getting dances, with my buddy staying in the back for at least an hour with Hailey. We ended up hanging out with the girls for most of the night, just talking, getting dances, and smoking. The doormen were funny and entertaining. We'll probably end up going back really soon.

richard95  on  Garden of Eden

posted on December 9, 2010
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$20 for a wristband that gets you into several clubs?!?! you know i'm in there like swimwear.a couple of VIP tables lining the back, a smaller stage circling the seats. i've been to other clubs where the girls pressure you way harder for dances. every time i've been here we all have been BLASTED. the girls looked decent and they pulled one of the home girls on stage for a little menage a trois action-e!tried to get her to show her stuff but interacting with the females in the audience is a definite +1!

eddyL  on  Garden of Eden

posted on June 7, 2010
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Monday night, all bored... what can a couple teenagers do on a weekday? Not much to do really. Maybe go smoke some hookah, watch a movie or.... strip club! Me and my buddy decide to head down to Broadway to try out the clubs around there. First of all, I was really impressed with all the flashy lights which made the street energetic. It kind of made me feel like I was in Hollywood again. This guy out of no where jumps in front of us and offers these $20 bracelets which makes it possible to go to about 4 offer strip clubs in the area. I was like OK, it sounds like a deal. Believe me, it was not. This place was like a brothel with over due college students, who only work to pay for their tuition *wink wink*. Of course that's what they want you to think but what the hell. Their was like only one good looking girl but she doing her own thing sitting in the corner....The place is ubberly small and I cannot stress that enough. DJ was like chilling the whole time not giving a damn anything. The smoke machine they have in place would be a nice touch if the place was BIGGER. I've been to strip clubs allover SF and this is the WORST. Garden of Eden? More like Garden of Whatt the ....! Save your money and go to Crazyhorse or Centerfolds. I hope I can save you from this place.

maxxy1  on  Garden of Eden

posted on June 5, 2010
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Went here with my girl on Friday night. We got there a little early around 830, so there was no crowd at all. The guy at the door was cool and not pushy at all. We got a wrist band that allows you to enter Garden of Eden, Condor Club, Little Darlings, and Roaring 20's. $50 for a couple was a great deal. Walked in and took a seat next to the stage. Music was good and not overly loud. Dancers EVERYWHERE hanging out. Some walkin around naked, some sitting and watching the show, others talking to patrons. After about 7-8 dancers, I went and asked the DJ how many dancers were in the line up. "About 20 so if you see one on stage, you wont see her rotate back on stage for about 30-40 minutes minimum" Sure enough we didn't see a repeat for almost an hour. Girls were great looking, and the ones that talked to us were very fun and nice to talk to. Not overly pushy, if you said you were not interested in a dance right now, the typical response was "ok if you change your mind let me know" and that was that. Quite a few of the girls had tattoos. Black, asian, latina, blonde and brunette. They were all there. All different breast sizes, and healthy looking girls for sure. I didn't see one huge girl or one "too skinny skeleton" girl either. For a couple of dollars on the stage, the girls would hang out near you while dancing, lean down and tease you a little, the normal stuff. After about an hour, my girl and I decide we want a couples dance. We talk to one of the girls that we liked, she was super friendly (not in a fake way) and joked with us for a bit. We caught her at the right time, $60 for four songs special. (This happens about every 15-20 minutes in the club) She takes us a back room/booth which was private but pretty small. none the less, she is naked and proceeds to give us the best dance either of us has ever had. And as I said, we are no strangers to strip clubs. After the four songs, I asked if it would be $60 for four more songs, and she said sure no problem. (That's right, $120 for 8 songs or about 20 minutes to dance for/on us both) After the songs were over, she hugged us both and thanked us. We go back into the club, sit at the stage. She came back over after a bit and just chatted for a few, not asking for anything, just chatting. We left and went to the other three clubs I listed, but came back within an hour or two to the Garden of Eden. The others ones (Little Darlings, Roaring 20's, and Little Darlings) didn't have nearly the quality or quantity of dancers. The placed was packed now (1100-1130) and there were still dancers everywhere. They had a few two-girls on stage shows, as well as the normal single girl dances. We never encountered a rude or overly pushy girl, all of them were polite and the ones we chatted with were fun to talk to, which was nice. We will definitely come back to this place.

Jason T.  on Garden of Eden

posted on March 23, 2009
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Good looking girls, best in the area on the night that we went.Sometimes they'll offer you something for free. Just a free preview. Take it, enjoy it, but don't pay anything else (I mean, $60 is way too much).Other times, a girl will talk to you, then get on the stage and focus for an entire round only on you. Pretty good stuff, but I would advise keeping the wallet tight enough that singles don't just randomly pop out.

Julie F.  on Garden of Eden

posted on March 16, 2009
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This was my first time ever going to a strip club, and I was not impressed. The girls were not very attractive (sorry to sound mean, but really, they weren't) and they weren't even that talented at dancing and working the pole. I guess I had higher expectations.

renee deja vu seattle  on Garden of Eden

posted on February 2, 2009
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hi it's jennifer my name in deja vu is renee. Husband doesn't know that i like to fuck married guys, tell me how slut u think i am? adam know.

maki  on Garden of Eden

posted on December 27, 2008
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happy new year showgirls.

showgirl  on Garden of Eden

posted on December 27, 2008
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happy new year showgirls.

Chelsea P.  on Garden of Eden

posted on November 26, 2008
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Garden? There was nothing organic, life sustaining or lush inside this dump.It's sad to say my trip to this place was my first time at a strip club. I can only wish any of you are not as pathetic as the clientele in here. Dis-gus-ting.Seriously, go around the corner to the Larry Flynt's Hustler Club. Have a LITTLE class.

mk  on Garden of Eden

posted on August 21, 2008
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I like garden of eden, is the best ever, dancers are so nice,

X-DJ  on Garden of Eden

posted on November 7, 2007
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It was fecto huh? haha

Raquel  on Garden of Eden

posted on October 2, 2007
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Brought my boyfriend here for his bday awhile ago. Rude strippers, and some bald old manager looking like a wannabe mob boss trying to offer me a job. ewwww :(

VEGA  on Garden of Eden

posted on September 16, 2007
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I give plenty Love to the Garden. The club has improved since I've stepped foot into that building. Staff is wonderful, girls are one of kind, and the club is very welcoming. Miss you All!

Tiny  on Garden of Eden

posted on September 14, 2007
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I went there for my 18th birthday and it was the weirdest birthday I've ever had. This one girl grabbed my breasts and offered me a "private dance" because she "loved the ladies who love ladies." Then when I said no, she offered me a job. Said I could make great money because I'm so petite.

New Dancer 9/2/07  on Garden of Eden

posted on September 2, 2007
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This place rocks! under new management (John is so cool). I adore the atmosphere, very forest-disco. Apple was crazy with the pole! And I'm not sure what her name was but this little black girl has the most badass high heels with water and fake fish in them~lol

Chops  on Garden of Eden

posted on July 21, 2007
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Was here several weeks ago. $20 doesn't cover it. $60/dance unless its a 2 for 1 or 4 for 1. Great looking girls though. One black girl took me for $200 for a bj that never happened.

SonnyBlack  on Garden of Eden

posted on June 24, 2007
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There's only one reason this place stays in business ... because of a beautiful seductress named BRAZIL. Damn she's hot!!! (Secret Tip: If you get a chance to see her amazing performance on stage, give her a 17 (1 ten dollar bill, 1 five dollar bill, and 2 one dollar bills) dollar tip and watch what happens. It's her lucky number and she'll make sure it's yours as well.)

stripfan  on Garden of Eden

posted on May 17, 2007
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I usually don't like to dis a dancer, but before you get a dance with Apple, know what you're getting. I paid her a lot of cash up front for what turned out to be a 3rd rate dance. All she did was ask for more money and complain that I didn't pay her enough, or that I should tip her more. If she danced as well as she hustled, then it would have been very happy to see her again.

PBM  on Garden of Eden

posted on April 22, 2007
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Avoid this club like the plague! very dirty, and only really ghetto looking girls. way too pushy. this place scared me. i walked out without any dance, and one hand on my wallet to make sure it wasn't snatched. on a street with such great clubs, do not waste your time here.

MARIAH  on Garden of Eden

posted on March 7, 2007
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Swing into action with MARIAH and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit ("wetandplenty") This websight includes fantastic nude photos/movies/chat rooms and it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest to see more.

SexyMama22  on Garden of Eden

posted on November 16, 2006
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This place is not all that bad. This chick named Vega DAMN! She was sexy ass hell. Asian chick got me all worked up and more and gave my man a dance to! Good price and she let me touch wherever i wanted!

Victoria R.  on Garden of Eden

posted on July 25, 2006
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This is the 18 and over, ghetto type of nudie bar. I rate it 3 stars because my husband and I had a really good lap dance there. You get more for your money. LMAO...We got in free because it was at the end of the night. It was packed with horn dogs standing around. A little too skanky, not a classy place.You probably will find 1 or 2 attractive ones out of the bunch.

EZ-Texan  on Garden of Eden

posted on May 2, 2006
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Avoid this club. Clueless teenage boys go here and get ripped off older women. It's dirty inside. No Garden of Eden!

Taylor P.  on Garden of Eden

posted on February 12, 2006
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Somewhere there is a picture that shows me on Broadway giddy and smiling, pointing to the large blinking sign outside the Garden of Eden. It was a memorable photo that was also the first nude strip club I had ever visited. I was under 21, but that is OK here. Since they don't serve any alcohol, the age limit was 18. After paying an exorbinant fee to enter the premises, guests are handed a large bucket size Coca Cola (R) glass that can be endlessly filled from a tap machine in the back. A tiny stage surrounded by chairs offers patrons to "Sniffer's Row" a front row view of the action. Upon my first visit, a slightly willing female compatriot was yanked onto stage and had various articles of clothes ripped off as she joined the stripper in her act. Most of the women were cute, but some looked completely washed out. The requisite smell of stripper perfume filled the air and my clothes and I savored every second of my first experience -- until I grew older and realized that this place was pretty much a seedy dump. A few years later I had a coupon that supposedly admitted you free. When you get to the front door, the con men ( err, I mean door men) insist that you still must pay 20 bucks to get in to cover your "drink charge." In a town known for amazing food -- this has to be the most contrived and outrageous price for a soda...ever! For your next night on the town, skip the Garden of Eden unless you can wile your way past the tards working the door.

re; supercash  on Garden of Eden

posted on January 12, 2006
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Uh that was soooo hotttTT!

To supercash  on Garden of Eden

posted on January 11, 2006
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Stop duplicating your posts, you moron.

supercash  on Garden of Eden

posted on January 11, 2006
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The last time i went to this place it was ronchy the girls where a bit big but one girl stood out and that was violet and I just want to say that she is dam fine and it was worth the $20 to get that dance =).

??  on Garden of Eden

posted on January 5, 2006
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does anyone know a girl about 5'8" or 5'9" named sarah? if so is there a link i can find pics of her?

Violet  on Garden of Eden

posted on June 3, 2005
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Yes Steve is still managing your little Garden of Evil, and doing a great job. He's by far the best manager I've ever worked with.

MIKE  on Garden of Eden

posted on May 2, 2005
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are the dances "air" or grind?

X-DJ  on Garden of Eden

posted on February 22, 2005
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Is Steve still GM at the Garden? And does Jay still DJ? Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Coolguy  on Garden of Eden

posted on October 17, 2004
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This place glad that this place is there in SF. Its worth the money