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San Francisco, California 94109

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GarryWas  on  New Century Theater

posted on 19 November, 2016
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The girls here are cheats. Paid extra for after hours dances and she spent the whole time talking, I even asked if time started and she didn't give a straight answer, then had the gall to ask me if I wanted more time, when she didn't even dance. Another girl cheated my friend and after paying her she didn't even do any dances. Overall a mediocre club with less than mediocre girls. I hope everyone reads this and avoids this place, especially since there are way better places all around it

fisherdex1  on  New Century Theater

posted on 26 March, 2016
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went with friends and had fun (friendly staff and nicely decorated spot, not dirty or smelly).

yanard12  on  New Century Theater

posted on 10 September, 2015
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I would give it zero stars if I could but since I can't I'll give it one star. The staff was incredibly rude and one of the staff members named hunter (I think that was his name) put his hands on me when he had no right to since I asked for the other staff member to deal with the situation I was in. Then he has the audacity to try to kick me out after he was the one who put his hands on ME! The strippers were extremely aggressive for no reason they need to go to anger management class because she insulted my shoes for no reason. This establishment is extremely unprofessional and rude and I would not recommend anyone to come here and I came here on my birthday and they literally ruined it. Do not recommend what so ever.

eddyL  on  New Century Theater

posted on 13 October, 2014
Joined 8 years ago
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The " manager " was hitting on me and tried grabbing my breast ... I smacked him and shorty after he had some1 escorts us out for texting ... " really ?" wtf .. The manager is a unprofessional creep. Stay away from this place girls !!!!!!!!!!!!!The cashiers have terrible attitudes and a face of " I hate my job get me out of here ". This place discriminates such a shame . This establishment is so foul. At the end of. The day regardless of genders we're customers not nasty stripp3ersStay away it's not LGBT FRIENDLY .NOT worth your $

Franklyn  on  New Century Theater

posted on 2 October, 2014
Joined 7 years ago
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Not that I'm proud to admit it...but I've been to my fair share of strip clubs and New Century is among the worst. Here is why:They only play EDM...and while I was there, slower paced EDM. Maybe 2 songs of the 10 were "okay" for a strip club but the rest just made it painful. When I decided to try and ease the pain & requested a hip hop song, I was told they couldn't...not even if I offered a $100.00 tip (His words not mine. I only offered a $5.00 tip). He continued to say that maybe just prior to closing they'd be able to entertain requests. Well, because the music didn't feel appropriate, it made it hard to get too involved. The dancers seemed uninvolved as well. Very little eye contact, interaction, or smiling. And as my girlfriend said...not even a lil' bit of twerking. It's a sin to not have twerking in a strip club and we left embarrassed for New Century. As we left, I promised her another venue for another time.

winston12  on  New Century Theater

posted on 6 January, 2014
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apparently I went here. I don't really remember it. I bet it was grimy though.

Elvisa S.  on New Century Theater

posted on 7 August, 2013
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A pretty good line-up of girls. A little bit pricey for the entrance fee. The staff was very friendly which is hard to come by.

Hazen C.  on New Century Theater

posted on 29 March, 2013
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DO NOT GO HERE!!! BIGGEST RIP OFF in the city.... we went here and the place was a JOKE. We were there for 5 minutes w/ our girlfriends and they have no places to sit... so it's $40 to get in and then they want to charge you double to sit down. What a wasted experience. THIS is one of the WORST. Hope this helps someone else.

Harrison69  on  New Century Theater

posted on 14 January, 2013
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Being from the south We expect a gentlemen's club to be like a Cirque Du Soleil experience with beautiful women garbed in flashy uniforms performing sensual acrobatics. Not here. It's DRY BAR with women clad in lingerie from any random lingerie section of Macy's... at best. The cashier when you first enter (asian dark hair) was VERY pleasant! She needs a raise. Made us feel welcomed the second we walked in. Some of the dancers are very pretty. They have an exotic variety ranging from Nubian Queen to Caucasian Sensation and every nationality in-between... they have a few trashy ones too, hehe.Why 4 stars? They are open until 4AM! Great red bull nightcap! We didn't have a private dance, but maybe next time. BTW: DON'T FORGET YOU'RE IN THE TL! BE SAFE!

fritter17  on  New Century Theater

posted on 26 August, 2012
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Was out with the hubby and a few friends..Bouncers are friendly, got a deal in the vip areas, delicious vodka and cranberry drinks, surrounded by half naked women and lap dances all nite! :)Gotta work hard for these quarters boo!

Randy L.  on New Century Theater

posted on 4 May, 2011
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Came for bachelor party raucous! The place is in shady area with hoodlums chillin on every corner "holding it down" as well as hookers who I couldn't tell if male or female. The bouncer was a funny guy, the prices were standard to enter, they did try to jack it up an extra $10 till we told them to stick it you know where. The venue is outdated but at least the dancers were pretty decent, Some were much nicer than others as well as more willing to get a bit crazy! Didn't really have any issue with the dancers being overly aggressive, but also notice not many working the floor for private dances. Had a last second encounter with a cute dancer, who definitely was working it and the girl she was dancing with, as well as their "prop" lol, this alone may be the only reason I would possibly come back. (insert male sleazebag comment now)

Josh L.  on New Century Theater

posted on 10 November, 2010
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I would be surprised if this place remains open through the end of the year. Attempted to celebrate my good friend's bachelor party here and upon entering and trying to work out the cost was dragged out BY MY *NECK* and thrown onto the ground. No reason whatsoever except some over-eager juice heads that will soon realize the error of their actions... I wish I could give this place zero stars...

Michelle G.  on New Century Theater

posted on 27 October, 2009
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I used to work here. And yea the place is a rob. I mean even the current manager would steal from the club! ha! The newly appointed Dale, "so called manager" used to be a floor guy who knows nothing and was only appointed manager cause everyone quit! The girls are mostly hookers who will steal everything you got but you think this is bad, you should've seen about 5 years ago! If you guys go there for anything than just a dance, you better choose carefully, because they charge high and do nothing. They just lie to get you in there and take your money, and the management is in on it! They'll do anything to make sure the club is making money!!! I advise you go to the End-up or go home, but you are a dummy if you go there! It's not worth going there just because it's the only place open at 4am. No one is trustworthy! I will add though some of the girls are nice, make sure you ask specifically for what you want, and if they rob you just call the manager and if that doesn't work call the police. They know the NCT for being a place of robbery and prostitution!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!

fuckery12  on  New Century Theater

posted on 7 October, 2009
Joined 9 years ago
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I ended up here at the tail end of a bachelor party and could not believe the unprofessionalism and downright shadiness of the staff and management. To make matters worse, I lost my iPhone here and of course it was nowhere to be found when I called the next day.If you run into Dale, one of the so-called "managers" there, give him a swift kick to the nuts for me. Thanks!

iris nicholas  on New Century Theater

posted on 12 January, 2009
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iris nicholas, i am hiv positive.

maruioko  on New Century Theater

posted on 27 December, 2008
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happy new year showgirls.

Rachel F.  on New Century Theater

posted on 22 September, 2008
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It was "Scandalous Sunday." We started the morning waking up with beers and knew it was just going to get so wrong (yet, oh so right). After a wonderful time at the Lusty Lady, we happened upon New Century Theater. I was really looking forward to learning some dance moves from the girls, but they weren't all that into dancing, nor were they into getting naked. One of the gals worked the pole pretty well, but after awhile, I thought I'd have to get onstage to keep the party moving. I did feel flattered when one of the gals complimented my man and said that "women don't usually like their men going to strip clubs, let alone go with them!" I might just try out for Amateur Night on a Sunday ($500 prize). I think I can pull off some of those moves. Now if only I owned a pair of lucite shoes.

Perry S.  on New Century Theater

posted on 6 September, 2008
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I was determined to make this year the year I go to a strip club, and I did. It was overall a pretty good experience. All the staffs were nice and friendly. The environment was pretty laid back. I didn't get hassled (maybe cause I'm a girl.) General admission is $30 for guys but if you come with a girl friend, it's $40 for both. I have no clue how much they're gonna charge if I come here alone (not that I'm planning to.)The girls I saw on Sunday night weren't that pretty, but by no means they were ugly. Some of them were really good with the poles. Those are the ones worth my $$. They're all very friendly but you need to put that dollah on the dance floor to let them know you're interested. Just a few bucks they will dance all over you, shoving their ass right in front of your face. Highlight of the night: Peaches (on of the strippers) wrapped her legs around this guy's neck and hit his face repeatedly to her ass. I'm not sure if I will come back anytime soon. I'm planning to spread my wings and try other strip clubs, but if I do come back, I'd probably come another night where there are more girls.

Dag N.  on New Century Theater

posted on 11 July, 2008
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It would be so easy to bend these women to my will but they are already tainted. They are all too willing to subjugate themselves and get NASTY with me.I like them young, old, hot, ugly and willing to do what it takes to get nasty for a buck. Luckily, I have many of your pitiful Earth dollars and NASTY is my middle name.They displease me with their no alcohol rule...this is why I want to choke them.

Uncle AL J.  on New Century Theater

posted on 2 June, 2008
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So i walk in and girls just start talking to me. I have never had so many hot and skantiy clad women want to dance with me at once. they all smelt really good to. some of these lovely women even had there tops off ass they walked up and down a stage with a big pole on it. some even climbed the pole and slid down it. what great entertainment and only for a few dollars to watch them do it. mmmm boobies, or so uncle al says.

Composer  on New Century Theater

posted on 15 April, 2008
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Does anyone know if the pretty black dancer Jaguar works anywhere in town. I haven't seen her in over a year.

Towanda S.  on New Century Theater

posted on 19 March, 2008
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Everytime I go here i get felt up. I don't like going home smelling like old lube. Feed me alcohol and dinner before you touch lady!

Roamer  on New Century Theater

posted on 3 October, 2007
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I remember a few years back seeing a pretty dancer here, from Australia I think. Nice tits w large nipples, totally shaved pussy, and best of all big pussy lips. Had to get a private dance. She allowed unlimited touching everywhere .. I went straight for those big dangling pussy lips, fondling then, spreading them, and finger-fucking her vagina. Then she spread those lips wide open while I got off looking at her pussy from about 6 inches away. Awesome time.

Harley fan  on New Century Theater

posted on 20 March, 2007
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Harley Rains comming back any time soon???

Mariah and Scarlett  on New Century Theater

posted on 6 March, 2007
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Swing into action with Mariah & Scarlett and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit ("wetandplenty") This websight includes fantastic nude photos/movies/chat rooms and it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest to see more. xoxo

BRANDON  on New Century Theater

posted on 21 May, 2006
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i just wana say i love this club ive been coming here since i turned 18 and its been 3 long years and iam still there i love it its one of the best clubs in the city to goto i dont goto any other club just nct and i just wana comment and say that the manage ment there is good thanks Brandon

T  on New Century Theater

posted on 2 April, 2006
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A few years ago there was a dancer by the name of Mickey. Anyone know what happened to her?

Michelle I.  on New Century Theater

posted on 9 February, 2006
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ok. crazy story.... i met and became "friends" with a girl who worked here last year.(she has since quit and became a porn star... yes, a step up for her i guess) now, i grew up a very strict catholic girl, so i felt strangely naughty for having a friend who was a stripper. she invited me to the club a few times and i saw her dance. i have to admit she was pretty good. but then very quickly i realized she was absolutely NUTS.... she was high maintenance, insecure, needy, clingy. plus her life was high drama and out of control. which yes, intrigued me for about 5 minutes..... so 3 weeks into our "friendship" she tells me she's going to marry a guy she had just met on a movie set (yes, that kind of movie set) and she wanted me to be her maid of honor. i accepted out of sheer amazement and total confusion. 1 week later i came to my senses and told her i couldn't be her maid of honor..... well she went psycho on me calling my phone 80 times a day and threatening to show up at my house. eventually the calls stopped but to this day, just seeing the words New Century creep me out beyond words...disclaimer: BTW, i have nothing at all against strippers, just very scared of this particular one.

NYC Guy  on New Century Theater

posted on 20 May, 2005
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I will be coming to SF for business around the 4th of July. I would love to know what the lap dances are like and what the rules are??

KBE  on New Century Theater

posted on 2 May, 2005
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how can a guy feel robbed and unsatisfied when they are offering $10 LD specials!

Miss Jessica  on New Century Theater

posted on 11 April, 2005
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This place is just a step up from the infamous Market Street Cinema. Not a safe place for dancers, though the $ is great. Guys, beware. Most likely you will leave here robbed, and unsatisfied.

HARLEY RAINE FANS:  on New Century Theater

posted on 5 October, 2004
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Harley raine is appearing oct. 4-10. cum and check her out.available for private dances , private sessions, fetish parties . merchandise is available. enjoy the show.

Sodom  on New Century Theater

posted on 28 July, 2004
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I'm the mood for some tranEEs, anyone got any recommendations?

BigBoy  on New Century Theater

posted on 9 June, 2004
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Stay away from Remy. She's the best looking girl in the Club and she will rip you off.

noname  on New Century Theater

posted on 9 April, 2004
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Great experience. Will cost you some money. You can pretty much get whatever you want if you find the right girl.

Fetishboy007  on New Century Theater

posted on 2 March, 2004
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I thought about this club, so what's it like? what can you get away with?

jimboob  on New Century Theater

posted on 10 February, 2004
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I lost my wallet at NCT a week ago. If you find it, please don't take my money and return it to the manager.

Ana  on New Century Theater

posted on 28 January, 2004
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I would like to know how much a beautiful woman can make in a good and bad night here and what is the best club, moneywise todance in Sao Francisco.

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