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Chris P.  on Little Darlings

posted on April 20, 2016
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Horrible club, went for a friend's bachelor party. We were dropped off out front and right away approached, great since we had not decided where to go. Finally after talking the owner or manager on duty comes and says if we come in he will get us in for free at another club. Which didn't happen because they are owned by different owners, so they lied! After entering there is a capacity of 49, immediately shown to the back room where she wanted $200 for 30 minutes. When I said no she started bargaining with me saying fine $100 for 15 minutes. Ummm That's the same price.... NOT attractive or personable females. Not a good experience for the night. Saturday night should have the A team, not the watergirls......

james1412  on  Little Darlings

posted on November 30, 2014
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WARNING!So I'm walking by this place looking for a nice strip club to enjoy a few drinks and dances in. A nice looking lady invites me in and I say, what the heck? Let's give it a go!They walk me back to a $100 room. I'm thinking... SWEET gonna get an epic lap dance from two ladies. Boy was I wrong.Once I was back in the room the ladies asked for a tip and some money to get some shots. Cool. A bit fishy but I'm down. I decide to go up to the ATM to get some more cash because I was running low.So I head back to the room where one of the ladies had our drinks. She handed me one and told me to drink up. I was feeling suspicious and picked another of the three drinks instead. She protested saying that wasn't my drink. I insisted.She then took the drink intended for me and split it between her and her coworker's glasses. She said "oh honey your drink had more in it" as her excuse. My eyes work. The drinks were equivalent.Needless to say, I got very uncomfortable. From where I was sitting these ladies seemed like they were trying to drug me. They carried on for another few minutes trying to get me to tip them $400 on top of the $200 I already spent. I refused and left the place.Oh they also offered me sex, cocaine, and a "happy finish." So that part was fantastic. If you're looking to get laid then this is an easy place to do it. I wasn't interested in that. So it was a no go for me,But, under no circumstances should you take any drinks from these ladies. They want to drug you and steal your money! All in all I left $200 poorer and with nothing to show for it except this awesome story of when two stripper whores tried to drug me and steal money.You've been warned!

XXXbeast  on  Little Darlings

posted on June 22, 2014
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My review was taken down because it contained "personal attacks". But "Little Darlings" made it personal - right there on the street. These door people try to talk you in or lure you in. This woman working at the door (on a Thursday nite) nastily yelled "Come here!" "Did you hear me? I SAID COME HERE!" I had absolutely NO intention to go inside, as I am homosexual. I had to tell her "NO" several times as I tried to pass by, but she didn't seem to recognize the meaning of the word. Her approach was awful & downright disrespectful. She then stated that I was "too feisty for being such a little person!" This woman needs to be reported & her awful behavior reprimanded.

David H.  on Little Darlings

posted on April 14, 2014
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Came in on a Saturday night and paid $20 cover charge. Immediately girl grabs me by the hand and pulls me into a booth in the back.I tried to tell her that I just got there and I wanted to sit down but she wouldn't listen. She asks me how much money I have. I told her I just got there and wanted to sit down at a table first. I paid her $20 Then she gets up and says they are calling her on stage. Which was not true! I paid $20 and didn't even get a lap dance. All I did was talk to her. I have never felt so ripped off in my entire life. Don't come here! This establishment is so shady!. They shouldn't be allowed to operate. The girls are not even that attractive. They want to rip people off. Be warned!

adamrod  on  Little Darlings

posted on January 7, 2014
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Had a very fun girls night out here. The dancers were for the most part sweet (there was one sour one that seemed bitter that we were all having so much fun). Overall the dancers are cute, not the best on stage, but they try. The crowd is a bit stale and the co-ed bathroom thing is disgusting.

Sida K.  on Little Darlings

posted on June 23, 2013
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Came out last night with my friends.18+ Full nudity. Girls are alright. Little bit on the thicker side but they could make their booty clap And one girl did look like a skinnier Nicki Minaj. But as soon as we walked in, I noticed how small it was. One stage with chairs lined up, like usual and like 5 booths you could sit at. Co ed bathroom was gheettoo. You walk in and immediately see 2 urinals and one women's bathroom stall literally next to them. DISGUSTING if you ask me. And strippers had low energy. Would not recommend to anyone else, and I would not personally go back.

XhXeXy  on  Little Darlings

posted on July 4, 2011
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So even though I'm a big ole' bottom queen my galfriend drunkenly forced me through the door as she felt an intense need to watch strippers while leaving a nearby bar. This was my first stripclub and I was a little nervous to be honest, as my previous image of stripclubs tended to revolve around bloated, 50-something geezers with mullets drinking Budweisers and high-5ing each other while throwing pennies at the stage.I was wrong! The bouncers weren't douches at all (actually very friendly), and they only charged me $10 and my friend nothing; I guess I thought strip clubs were extremely expensive.While I did nothing from that point on other than watch the dancers, and while the place aesthetically isn't particularly special, the 4 stars that are deserved go to one of the dancers. I don't remember her name, but OMFG she was BEAUTIFUL, had the nicest girlparts I've ever seen, but danced in a way that was so sensual, so alluring, and so hot. She moved in a way that made me even question my own sexuality. She was a dark brunette, slender but with curves, and well proportioned. She could tell instantly that I was gay, so she paid me no attention, but I noticed how much eye contact she made with other guys and she was doing her job very well by making them feel comfortable etc. This is a bizarre comparison, but you know how snakes move? That's how she dances...and spreads, and twirls, for all of you straight men, I recommend this place, because it's a lot of fun, and the women are top notch and not skanky. Esp. this chick, whoever she is!

Franklyn  on  Little Darlings

posted on March 30, 2011
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One of my good friends from Long Beach was in SF for two nights so we had to take her to Little Darlings. She was apprehensive about it at first but after about 30 shots of Patron between us at a bar one town over, we called up the strip club connoisseur to pick us up and we were on our way to LD's.The really cool door girl was there and got all four of us in for $20 (thanks, Kelsey!). It was a random Tuesday night but it was pretty busy and there was a good selection of girls. Spent some dollar bills at the stage, spent some twenty's for lap dances. My friend tried to be that drunk at the ATM but I came to her rescue.This place is as fun as you make it. We're still talking about that night and my friend has decided that Little Darling's will always be one of her stops whenever she's up in SF.Note (again): Tip at the stage. Tip the door girl.

harryharry  on  Little Darlings

posted on February 23, 2011
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OK, I give. This was the most fun we've ever had at one of these things. Pretty expensive ($20 clothed/$40 topless/$60 fully nude), but no buyer's remorse after taking the middle option. Maybe it was just pure luck (what else would it be?), but the quality of girls was especially impressive on this night. Out of 10 or so girls, only 1 was clearly less than a 5, 2 or 3 were about a 5-6, and the rest were all 9-10's. Seriously don't expect it to be this way every night, but at least it's nice to know that on certain nights, the spread can be that good . Worth the price of admission (if you get the discount, which we didn't, for some reason) and worth it if you wait for the 2-for-1 deals (which we did, thankfully).

joseph1k  on  Little Darlings

posted on February 11, 2011
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Wow... Best place ever! Lots of hot white chicks! I even got to meet Redman. They have such a cool place even famous people chill there!

Johnnyboy123  on  Little Darlings

posted on February 6, 2011
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got in on a wristband from some guy hollering across the street, great service, and a wide variation of entertainers! whoohoo

Alexander E.  on Little Darlings

posted on December 16, 2010
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Before I begin, I should note that I have an unconditional love for Little Darlings, San Francisco. I may be a little bias, especially as this was my first gentlemen's club experience at the tender age of eighteen. Nevertheless, Little Darlings is one of many clubs on the Broadway Strip in the North Beach neighborhood. The club is located on Broadway and Columbus and is within close proximity to The Condor Club, a neighboring gentlemen's club. A cover charge can be expected unless you're there at 6p.m. when the club opens. The advantage: no cover. The disadvantage: the club is dead. You can usually haggle at the door to get in for $10 before 8p.m. and it'll usually run you $20 after that. Once you agree on a price with the doorman, your ID will be checked and you'll pay the cashier before stepping through the red velvet curtains.The club itself is incredibly small, yet the space is perfect for an intimate strip club experience. The stage is immediately to your left and is surrounded with plush seating and drink tables. A row of chairs surround the stage and is reserved for tippers. Don't expect to sit center stage, get front row action and not tip generously. The back of the club houses a row of VIP tables, which can be reserved by the hour or for the night.A second stage is located towards the back of the club and is opened on busy nights, typically Friday and Saturday. The backstage is much more intimate as there is no seating and it's usually a two girl show with or without toys, depending on the night. The club is fully nude and serves non-alcohol beverages as per state law. The club offers a range of drinks including: Red Bull, St. Pauli, Italian Sodas, Slushies, Vitamin Water, Bottled Water, and soft drinks.As for the main attraction, the women are plenty and generous. The selection of girls varies with big booty white girls to curvy black girls with plenty for the choosing. The girls tend to be more relaxed and less aggressive in comparison to other Broadway clubs, which I find comforting. The music varies as each girl selects her music, but expect hip-hop with some rock here and there. Lap dances vary by girl, but I've always had a good experience both on the main floor and in private and VIP. Little Darlings is the perfect club for someone who prefers to skip the huge and loud experience of The Condor or Larry Flynt's Hustler Club.Little Darlings Pricing Structure:Cover: Varies (Free to $20)Drinks: $3-5Lap Dances:Bikini Dance: $10Topless Dance: $40Fully Nude: $60VIP Dances:Quarter Hour: $200Half Hour: $400Hour: $600Special:3 for $100 (Topless)

richard95  on  Little Darlings

posted on June 5, 2010
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Went there on a Friday night around 930pm with my girl. We are no strangers to strip clubs. Bought a pass to all four (Garden of Eden, Condor, Little Darlings and Roaring 20's which are all owned by same company) clubs for $50 which is a good deal. Dancers were average, not real pushy, and a few hung out and chatted and were fun to talk to. Nothing outstanding about the place or the dancers. It was average as were the dancers.

Jessica H.  on Little Darlings

posted on May 16, 2010
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This spot is pretty fun, I went for my 18 bday on monday and I got in free. Fuun times in there, the girls were cute except the last one, who was pretty much begging for a dollar. The other 3 girls before here were sweet and nice to me, and gave me a lot of attention, which I loved cause I'm a girl and I have heard that girls dont get too much attention, maybe it was because I had my stack of ones

Bobby L.  on Little Darlings

posted on August 13, 2009
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I use to have a lot of fun here. You can't drink here but you can drink next door then just walk back and forth cause they give you a handstamp. This places is small very small. On the weekends it's full of wannabe hustlers (packs of them) and most of the customers are broke with less than $10 in their pockets. You're a pimp on food stamps get back in your 89' Corolla! Reason y I'd come here a lot? They let me in for free? Back to the girls: they're not great I'd say most are a 5 with a lot of makeup and no clothes (it's full nude) so you can see everything cause they do spread them. They'll try to steal your money if you're drunk. Try looking like your wasted and not talk during a lap dance and you'll owe $140 for 2 songs and that's just a bikini dance. They're ghetto dint blame them. Yes I've been to many strip clubs all over this world and these are GHETTO. It's not worth stepping into. No talent no alcohol. Save your money.

AssnTits5  on  Little Darlings

posted on July 18, 2009
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Oh, and there are 2 stages. The one in the back isn't open during slow times but when it's busy it's a great place to be. Very intimate and up close, semi-private feeling.

renee to adam  on Little Darlings

posted on February 3, 2009
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i know that u lie to me, i know that u gona stay with ur wife but i love u adam

Ju S.  on Little Darlings

posted on January 5, 2009
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Okay, this is Broadway not Vegas so I'm not expecting anything spectacular. Staff does their job well. The dancers aren't all that amazingly good looking, but I prefer these dancers than those from the Hungry Club and Roaring 20s. The bouncer, "Man," was very friendly and let us all in free of charge (suprising b/c I was going in with a group of maybe 10 guys and myself being the only female). Overall, a not-so-bad night for not-so-bad entertainment.

marina  on Little Darlings

posted on December 27, 2008
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happy new year showgirls.

Lolita Fan  on Little Darlings

posted on November 6, 2008
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LD's Lolita is SOoooo! HOT!

VOTE AGAINST OBAMA  on Little Darlings

posted on November 4, 2008
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Barack Obama, A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing..

crispino d.  on Little Darlings

posted on August 13, 2008
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I came here with a friend to see one of our high school classmates perform. I must admit she did put on a really nice show, never knew she was so flexible. ( she hardly ever particpated in P.E)She was actually the only good-looking stripper in whole place, the rest looked like some Juvenile Hall rejects trying to be America's Next Top Model. As for the place, it is small, hot, and musty, luckily I got in for free.

cat  on Little Darlings

posted on August 4, 2008
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I work in boston now, but want to move to san fran I have 2 yrs left of school and wanted to know if I could make between $400-$600 per shift in any of the clubs there? I won't have a problem being hired thanx any info would help

Maria D.  on Little Darlings

posted on June 28, 2008
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Good value if you are a girl: no cover for women (if you bring guys with you) and the dancers will defenitely molest you a little bit if you sit up front. The back room is more private and super raunchy; you can basically get a cheaper lap dance back there if you have tip money (just keep the dollars coming). Really nice variety of girls, and some of them had pretty good senses of humour about their jobs, which I liked. I'm not here to feed into some retarded fantasy that they actually want to have sex with me, so I appreciated their realism. The biggest con about this place is that there is only one bathroom and it is shared. As a female patron surrounded by sexually frustrated dudes, that was a little scary. Anyway, this place isn't nearly as terrifying as some of these other reviews make it out to be, but if you are used to the topless only clubs and their endless tease, this is a totally different experience.

Dick  on Little Darlings

posted on May 27, 2008
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Last summer there was a smoking white chick with curly long brown hair working at LD. I think her name was Sherry. Maybe 5-8. Thin. She acted kind of like the den mother to the other dancers and got the place riled up when it was kind of slow. She used to work Tuesday through Saturday. I stopped by tonight, but they said she had moved on. Anybody know where?

trish  on Little Darlings

posted on March 17, 2008
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i haven't been there in a long while. i was wondering if LOLITA (pettite latina with a tattoo on her ass) still works here?. i'll be in town very soon.. any info.? please.. thanks..

Guest  on Little Darlings

posted on January 13, 2008
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I had a great dance with Asia, a beautiful black girl a few weeks ago. I don't see her any more and hope she comes back!

Ali L.  on Little Darlings

posted on December 22, 2007
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Its dingey, its grimey, but I can't honestly say I remember much from being there in the end. Except for a stripper that thought I was Holden Caulfield...WTF?! NOT the hazy memory you want of your first lap dance.

Ethan H.  on Little Darlings

posted on October 18, 2007
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I have to agree. This place felt dirty and raunchy. That can float someones boat, but not mine. And when I walked in, I felt like there was AIDS all over my face. The girls are ok. And the one that wasn't full nude was the hottest one. I was so bored after 30mins and wanted to leave. The problem was I didn't drive there, my friend did. Pros: Girls get in for free. Lap dances are cheaper hereCons: Dirty. Shady.

Bill  on Little Darlings

posted on May 30, 2007
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I've never been to a club in the S.F. area and I'm looking for some advice. At which clubs (either in S.F. or Berkeley area) can a guy can sit and enjoy long up-close views of dancers opening their legs nice and wide? Private dances are great - but I'm much more into close-up viewing on a stage. I've been to so many "nude" clubs that were disappointing because the dancers never reveal what's hiding between their legs. I hope there are good ones in S.F. or the Berkeley area. Thanx

Guest  on Little Darlings

posted on May 23, 2007
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Went into Roaring 20's lastnight. opted to pay $20 cover as opposed to $15 to get access to 4 clubs. The first one had very few girls who were vey pushy and try to rip you off. The other 2 stank as well. So I went around the corner to this place. It was very small but much more packed then the other clubs with more and better looking women. I hadn't planned on staying very long but then there she was on Stage, an amazingly gorgeous half black/asian girl who went by Pixie. Very young with a very pretty face and amazing body. She also knows what she's doing up there. Thankfully after a while she came around and was able to get me to spend my money on a dance with her. She is smoking hot and if you are into it get a dance with her.

dinkles  on Little Darlings

posted on May 8, 2007
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all of these comments seem fake. this club, last I visited a year or two ago stunk. tiny, only a few dancers, fast and bad dances. maybe its changed, but these comments don't help.

PBM  on Little Darlings

posted on April 22, 2007
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I LIKE this club! The girls are friendly, and not too pushy (for SF). In fact, the girl's are prolly friendlier here than any place else i've been in the city. Try Simone! VERY hot, very nice. good dance too!

Mounier  on Little Darlings

posted on April 19, 2007
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Man, this club rocks ! I went there last week and I had a lapdance with this sexy girl named Paige. She rocks! great personality, funny and easy to talk to. She also gives great lapdances. Check this club out ! and ask for Paige she is hot !!!!

Rada I.  on Little Darlings

posted on March 23, 2007
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Are.. are those C-Section scars?? Lemme tell ya, the darlins aint little...or darling for that matter!

Mariah and Scarlett  on Little Darlings

posted on March 7, 2007
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Swing into action with MARIAH & SCARLETT and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennium visit "wetandplenty" This websight includes fantastic nude photos/movies/chat rooms and it has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest to see more.

Cherry Babii  on Little Darlings

posted on January 22, 2007
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I think monroe is hella hott and she should hit me up kuz i wanna get to knoe her. ive been here hella times before. monroe holla at me gerl.

Mr. TuffGuy  on Little Darlings

posted on November 18, 2006
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What ever happened to those two girls Diamond and Gypsi??? I went there two weekends in a row. The first Saturday I brought about 5 of my boys and these girls were crazy...they did a lot of girl-on-girl action (kissing, fingering each other, dildo show) It was the best. I asked Gypsi if they would be doing the same thing that next weekend and she said yes. So the next weekend I had brought about 15 of my boys who had brought more people with them and it was even better than tefirst weekend. I haven't seen them there since. I don't know where these girls are hiding but they need to get back to Little Darlings soon!!!

Maren C.  on Little Darlings

posted on September 17, 2006
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My friend gave a stripper here a $5 bill and told her to "suprise me".The stripper took this as "take her on stage and take her shirt and bra off in front of all her male Denver friends who were visiting."Yeah, not so awesome. Getting naked on stage and not getting tips totally sucks.

Claudia B.  on Little Darlings

posted on August 16, 2006
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hipsters don't usually enjoy nudity. ours or that of others. it makes us uncomfortable. we prefer to lust after the multi-layered, buddy holly glasses wearing, odd haircut masses. so, when my friends' band was in town and we decided that going to the stripclub would be a 'good idea' (and yes, to answer your question, we were DRUNK)- we should have taken our burritos and drank the old crow back at our flat. but, we didn't. instead, we walked in and were given a price break (ladies free and band dudes at a discounted price). Little Darlings is out to corner the market on the 'strippers who prefer to molest the female patrons', apparently. while i will leave out most of the evening's shenanigans: some crazy stripper dragged my best friend onstage and tore off her shirt and played with her boobs (my friend was screaming and trying to get away, while the rest of us laughed at her expense)...all for the bargain basement price of $5. i wonder what the stripper would have done if i had given her a $10?also, some older/very scary/peroxide stripper propositioned my friend for sex. it was star for the crazy stripper who molested my friend for $5, thereby scarring her emotionally for life. and another star for the dot com bust button down office cubicle dude that was angry at our party, because the stripper named simone was in love with our friend and was ignoring his $5 tips.

fraud watchman  on Little Darlings

posted on April 19, 2006
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I stopped by with a free pass given to me by one of the dancers. I was turned away by the doorman, who claimed that since when the pass was printed there was a transfer of ownership, and that my pass was therefore invalid. A friend reported using a free pass on this site and was turned down for similar reasons. In other words: they will lie and renege on contracts to get a few extra bucks from the cover. This is a shitty business practice.

Tazman  on Little Darlings

posted on December 11, 2005
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guys this is one of the best joints in S.F. the girls are great especially Veronica, Jade and Mia. Those girls have great personality So check out the place

t  on Little Darlings

posted on May 11, 2005
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i love this club, its rockin! i got a few dances with Chaya she is a hot ass black chick. she can move on the stage like no other and has excellent stage presence. Trust me , if you get a dance from her you won't be disappointed. This place is highly recommended.

BOBBY  on Little Darlings

posted on May 9, 2005
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Hey this club is great i loved it i had a ball i got the best dance from envy she very sexy, this girl can work the pole like i have never seen

????????  on Little Darlings

posted on May 2, 2005
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What's better here a topless lap dance for $20 ? or a nude couch dance for $20? , i'm assuming there's contact with the Lap dance.

Miss Jessica  on Little Darlings

posted on April 11, 2005
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This place isn't bad. I'd say 50/50 overall. (money wise for dancers, and looks wise for girls) Alot of complaints from guys about getting ripped-off though.

bucky  on Little Darlings

posted on March 14, 2005
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my girl and i stoped in at little darlings and got a few lap dances and all the girls were great. stage dances are good as well most the girls interact well with the crowd. excellent club in sf will be going again soon thanks

Rob  on Little Darlings

posted on January 24, 2005
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1st i wanna say this place is the most comfortable, the couches r the best. 2nd its usually a good show, i like it cuz the girls on stage usually bring the ones in the audience on stage. Last i wanted to say i like loraina the best, good dance and fun to talk to

LISA  on Little Darlings

posted on September 7, 2004
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I wanted to say Thank you for the wonderful time last week to Violet. I also wanted to say that Dakota did a great job on stage. Thanks again, see you soon.

Matt  on Little Darlings

posted on September 1, 2004
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Filly rules. Was not disappointed.

Brandon  on Little Darlings

posted on May 10, 2004
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We decided to stop by lil Darlings in SF and we wanted to see Lil Sassy and Malicia, it was a little slow in there and boring! but we had a blast just talking to both of them.Although you guys should promote more cause those two girls are too beautiful to not make any money, get more guys like us.

Alex  on Little Darlings

posted on April 20, 2004
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How are the lap dances here?