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546 Broadway St

San Francisco, California 94133

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dopeboy19  on  Hungry I

posted on December 2, 2016
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Hold on to your wallet and credit cards, this place will scam you and swipe your cards for thousands without you knowing it!!!

Johnson12  on  Hungry I

posted on September 14, 2016
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$300 Really? 5 minutes is $300.I spent $300 for a literal 5 minute dance. How is that not a rip-off?I asked several "Managerial staff" to understand exactly what just happened.They said, "well you got a dance, so that's it." And my response was "...what? $300 correlates into 5 minutes?". I mean maybe I'm missing something, but I was nice, respectful, let her guide, tried not impose what I wanted.But seriously, why the hell wouldn't I pay $100ish for the same experience at any other club. How is this right?Beyond that, the last conversation I had with the supposed dancer "Tiana"(Avoid!!, Rip-off)(Thin, Black hair, African American female) was her asking "can you tip?" When I said that was all my money. She then mentioned she had to change into something else. So I figure, hey she's gonna get into something more work related and that was it. She never came back, never said it was over. Nothing, nada. To top it off I saw her walking around the rest of the night and she pointedly I might add, ignored me to the point of where you could tell it was intentional after screwing me over.She took advantage of my newness and that's just shit. Why would a "respectable" business hire someone like that. I get it's a strip club but that's just dirty and not in any good way.I mean to be honest, you could just pay an Escort that much or pay to have that stretched over the night. It just seems ridiculous, no warning, no letting me know, just enforcement of their rip-off. Please don't give them more business. They don't deserve it.

Joe B.  on Hungry I

posted on February 28, 2015
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At least they have a bar. Girls are mediocre. Bartenders are nice. Overall, might go back but rather go to Condor.

rogerrab2  on  Hungry I

posted on February 13, 2015
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Took my boyfriend here with our friends for his birthday. We got there hecka early like 7:30. We were the only ones in there but that's what made it awesome. Bartender was a sweetheart. Recommended new drinks to me. BLUEBERRY REDBULL AND VODKA had never had blueberry. Super nice and personable. Dancers. I definitely had a favorite. Wish I had caught her name. Kinda punk rock. Long black hair and lip piercing super pretty. Anyways being that we were the first in the club we had her full attention. She was so awesome. We actually got to chat and laugh with her. Made for a fun sexy experience. Bought my birthday boy a lap dance which I think was 40 but I gave her 60 because she was worth it. Anyways if her boss reads this KEEP HER AND THANK HER for a great night. We will be back some day. I think early cover was only 5 bucks. Nice door greeter. Everyone was great all around

billtheguy12  on  Hungry I

posted on February 8, 2015
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What the hell happened to this place. When I work out of town this place use to be my favortie place to go when I went to the city. It wasnt just a club, it was going to see friends. 8 years of very fond memories of amazing nights there. But after last night I dont think I will ever go back. The girls were incredibly pushy and wouldn't take the first, second, third, or even fourth no thank you for an answer. Even when I chose to indulge myself, a dance for half a song cost me $80. Even when I asked the lady to wait till the start of the next song I was completely ignored. So long hungry I, thanks for all the memories but im done there.

mathewater12  on  Hungry I

posted on September 5, 2014
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First time here, brought my girl for her first gentleman's club experience. Big mistake. Bartenders had no interest in serving patrons, waited 20 minutes at a bar that wasn't even busy. Some greasy haired dancer offered to get the drinks, if I bought her one... Fair enough. Except she charged my card, and never brought the drinks. Kept saying "the bar is backed up"... Yeah right. Calling you out, Kendra. That's what we call fraud. You should be fired. The owner should dock you for the chargeback fee Visa is going charge the club...

Johnnyboy123  on  Hungry I

posted on March 18, 2014
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dancers Here Have Skills But I Gotta Say The Hottest Girl Here Wasn't A Dancer! It Was 1 Of The Waitresses, Joann. extremely Friendly And Always Looking Out To Make Sure Your Set With Drinks. its A Shame She Isn't 1 Of The Dancers! She Was Definitely The Highlight Of My Night And Will Be The Reason For Me Coming Back Again!

winston12  on  Hungry I

posted on February 19, 2014
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Now this lil spot I can mess with! lol So the good the bad and the ugly!First the good:space is decent not too much space but it was cooldrinks are fairpaying to get in Roaring 20s you can get in here for jsut buying drinksThis lil Hawaiian chick was killin it! There were some good looking ladies but because she was IT! Confidence kills! at least for me lol and she was moving like a damn goddess!Also there were a few bangin lil females def a good look!The bad:My boy wanted to LEAVE BECAUSE HE DIDN'T WANT TO SPEND MONEY! DAMN MAN! lolThe Ugly:This little caucasian blonde had a banging body but a little too persistent for me. She was cool though just the only negative in there for me.

adamrod  on  Hungry I

posted on November 11, 2013
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I love this place. I went on a Saturday night and it wasn't too busy at first, but definitely picked up after 11pm. The drinks were strong and the dancers were all soOo nice. I didn't get a lapdance from the girls, but I didn't feel pressured either. I was thoroughly entertained by 90% of the dancers.. maybe 2 or 3 looked like they were newbies.If you really want to be entertained, come here. Everyone is super friendly, drinks are strong and the girls are cute and entertaining (for the most part).PS. They serve food so you can have dinner and watch tittays bounce.

Hannah A.  on Hungry I

posted on January 15, 2012
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It really irritates me when men call a strip club classy.Strip clubs are never classy. You can dress it up however you like but the bottom line is that they all serve the same purpose. This is why I prefer places like Hungry. No faking it. Seedy and unapologetic. Plus, drinks are cheaper. Check in and you get one for free.

Franklyn  on  Hungry I

posted on May 8, 2011
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The key ingredient to a good gentlemen's club is alcohol. It's conducive to a lively, friendly atmosphere. That's why I really like this place. I much prefer topless with drinks than all-nude and dry. (Though I love admiring the female form, I don't need to have a gynecologist's view to see all that I want!) The vibe at the Hungry I is friendly, relaxed and welcoming. Some of that has to do with having drinks, but also because the staff and dancers are nice. And of course, the girls are quite lovely to look at too. I really like this club and will make a point of visiting again.

ryan123  on  Hungry I

posted on April 24, 2011
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Four stars? Yes, four stars. I would spend money at this club again for the simple fact that the manager hooked us up.It was a typical drink at the 23 Club and spend the rest of our money at Little Darlings night. We were walking up Broadway, trying to figure out where to stop by first because Kim #1 needed to use a bathroom and Kim #2 needed another shot of Jameson. I pulled out my two free passes for The Condor and suggested that they use the passes to do what they need to do and we would wait for them outside. I'm not sure how loud we were talking but the Hungry I manager ran up to us and offered all five of us free entrance into Hungry I and he said he would walk us over to Little Darlings and get all of us in for free there too. Although he ended up getting another employee to walk us to LD's, he kept his word.Hungry I looks better now that the front area isn't under construction anymore. One drink minimum and they make em strong. I like that they have separate men's and women's restrooms, although it felt a little awkward being right next to the dancers' dressing room. Can't say much about the crowd or the dancers since we didn't stay too long but all in all, it was a four-star visit.

harryharry  on  Hungry I

posted on September 27, 2010
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Do you remember hearing about Pink Diamonds in the San Francisco Chronicle and on the news for their notorious patrons? Assaults, robberies, shootings, and a murder or two? Well, I can't say I ever had the pleasure of visiting Pink Diamonds, but Hungry I will do plenty well. Thankfully, Hungry I doesn't face the problems that forced Pink Diamonds to close, but I have a feeling many of its customers were ex Pink Diamond patrons. The club is marketed toward the mid-twenties crowd with its hip-hop soundtrack, ethnic girls, and anything goes attitude. Cover can range from free to $20, depending on your luck. The club itself is one of the smaller Broadway clubs, but packs full houses on weekends. The club is rectangularly shaped and the bar is immediately to your right after going through the velvet curtain. The bar can only accommodate about ten patrons, which slows things up on busy nights. Hungry I has plenty of nightly drink specials and prices can range from $5-10 for a beer or mixed drink. The bartenders are always courteous and work steadily fast to get your drinks. And directly across from the bar are booths reserved for lap dances. Lap dances begin at $20 and can reach $100 for VIP.The decor is very burlesque with its velvet red curtains, antique nude paintings, etc. The decor is something out of a Wild Wild West nude saloon. The stage setup is somewhat unique as seating is not your typical tables and plush seats. Instead, the club has something similar to school desks, which lets you rest your drink on one side. There's about three rows of "desks" and the last row is cushioned seating that wraps around the whole room. The setup is strange but works well as long as you can find somewhere to sit.The talent can vary accordingly, but you can always count on a pot of mixed races ranging from black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and Filipino. In all honestly, black girls are more abundant at this club than others. As a result, you can always find yourself some "ballers" throwing stacks of dollars, making it rain, and dancing with the girls on stage. The novelty is funny at first, but begins to wear thin as they block your view of the stage. Management and staff rarely do anything to control the rowdy customers.Hungry I is a club that falls in the middle - it's not bad, nor is it great. The club has you thinking if you're watching a rap video being made or at a San Francisco Gentlemen's Club. Management is laid back, the bar is decent, and so is the eye candy. My advice: throw a few dollars on stage, have a shot, and get some real lap dances elsewhere.

fuckery12  on  Hungry I

posted on August 31, 2009
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Take a seedy dive bar, add a pole and some very sassy strippers, and you've got the Hungry I. If you like strippers who look like they just stepped out of Playboy, this is not the place for you. If you like excellent pole dancing, girls with personality, and very strong drinks, this is definitely the place for you. Amusingly, the only women's restroom is the one the dancers use, so if you're a girl you might get a little bit of a back stage pass. This is also a great place to go on your birthday if you're a girl - the dancers will fawn all over you. One thing that's sort of irritating is the movie-theatre-style seating. I would prefer more tables.

Jason T.  on Hungry I

posted on March 28, 2009
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So, why do they make topless-only places anyway? I would never go to this place if not for the fact that it seems like you can get into all of these places for one flat rate. Drinks aren't too bad, but they do kind of get a little expensive. I suppose if you wanted to go to a bar just to hang out and wanted to have topless girls dancing in the background, this would be a good place to go. I mean, they're not usually the ones that monopolize your attention, if you know what I mean. I'd go somewhere else.

One Black Mans POV.. ..  on Hungry I

posted on March 10, 2009
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Bachelor party...Girls were okay or nothing special. Place is too small. Not enough dancers.Rename this place "The "Hungry I Dont Think So".

H Y.  on Hungry I

posted on February 27, 2008
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The girls in here really know how to work that pole. The drinks are cheap. And they are friendly to the female customers! My friends and I frequented many clubs for my friends 30th bday and this is the only one which actually worked for their tips from us! Been back to frequent the clubs another time and we got the same outcome. This is the only club that had girls offering lap dances to the other girls. Oh and if you like real tits you should really check this place out

Michelle B.  on Hungry I

posted on October 17, 2007
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HUNGRY I'S THE SHIT.Anytime I get a free night (when I'm not sleeping) I always hit this place up. Well, that's also because I know people here too. Strong drinks, but they're creepers. Don't feel it until it hits. My way of getting drunk. And when I go here. I get gone. Dancers are awesome. Most know how to work the almighty pole. Others know how to strut their stuff. I've had a couple of lap dances, but felt kinda awkward coz everyone can see what you do. Seating is a bit awkward, but hey, it's cool - have to make the most of a cramed San Francisco Joint. Bouncer here is hott. He knows it too.

Jen K.  on Hungry I

posted on October 2, 2007
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I'll preface this review by saying that I'm from Las Vegas, stripper home base. But I'll try not to make this a compare and contrast. The operating word being "try".So we got juiced in because we knew someone that knew someone. The bouncers were friendly enough. And apparently the person we knew was a cocktail waitress. She was really friendly. But that didn't make better the fact that we were paying $6.75 for Coronas at the Lazy I. Oh, I mean Hungry I. The seating was kinda weird. As another review said, the seats immediately in front of the stage were like theater style and not very feng shui at all. Money-making was more directed to the stage rather than in the lap. Girls only had two-song sets. I liked that when girls approached me for a dance I didn't feel hustled. I dislike having to fend strippers off. Yeah, I have that effect on girls. The "back room" was on the way to the bathroom and hardly concealed. Our friend Sean went back to get a lap dance during the two-for-one special. Uh ... two-for-one could have so many different meanings in a strip club. But apparently it means two lapdances for the price of one. Oh, okay. But then we found out the whole time his girl was dancing, she didn't take her top off. That completely perplexes me. I give the quality of girls 2.5/ 5 stars. I thought it was cool that most of the girls had beautiful, natural tits. And bonus: several of the girls had awesome tats and one girl even had half-inch plugs. Friggin' hot. Most of the girls had big core sections (waist, hips, thighs) but made up with decent pole work. That climbing crap always scares me. There was one girl that was so tall and lean, I couldn't tell if she was a dude or not. My friend was like, "She's a dude. That's why she's wearing a choker: to hide the Adam's apple." She was just goth.

Stanley K.  on Hungry I

posted on August 6, 2007
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No Bom Chicka Wah Wah here.Hold me, I'm scared. Please turn off the lights, I really don't want to see anyone on stage. They are ghost, gremlins, and ghouls. Why? If you been here, you'll know why I'm saying this. I must admit though, if you want to see a circus, you'll come here. Lots of acrobatics moves done here. YAY for that. Come with caution and becareful, you might have a dancer kick you on the head. They are quite the trapeze artist.

John T.  on Hungry I

posted on August 3, 2007
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I've been in a rather adventurous mood as of late. While you'll usually find me watching "America's Cutest Puppy" on WE most Saturday nights, I decided to let loose a little and see how the other half lives. My friend, Sin (yes, that is actually his name), met me at Hungry I to take solace in a bottle, and possibly a friend (that's an Indigo Girls song btw). Now, I've been to quite a few strip bars around the country in my day. Hungry I is by far the most friendly one I've been to in SF. It has a neighborhood bar feel to it. If you're in the mood for idle small talk with the bartender, while occasionally admiring the generally "cute" dancer on stage, come here. If you want to be "hustled" for drinks and dances, there are about a half dozen other North Beach strip clubs that will gladly accept your patronage.After re-reading this review, I've basically admitted to being a puppy loving, WE watching, Indigo Girls listening, strip club connoisseur. Anyone got Rosie's phone number? 4 stars.

Karlee D.  on Hungry I

posted on December 22, 2006
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I used to bartend here a long time ago, when the girls were a bit better looking, and the drinks were better. (Because I was bartending) The hungry I used to be fun! . I came in here with a group of friends on my B-day last week, and it was all bad. The girls were looking beat, The Cocktail waitress was clueless, and could not count, and the drinks sucked. I orderd a Jameson and Ginger and got a Jameson Tonic with a lime. WTF??

Colleen B.  on Hungry I

posted on March 16, 2006
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The girls here seem to have lived some rough times for sure, but they keep it nice & dark inside so you don't have to get too close a look. best to go with beer goggles on. There was a 'dancer' from NY when we went, I was with a girl from NY who said she wasn't very pretty so she decided she should be the stripper, apparently that's not a cool thing to do in a strip club. The rest of us were blind drunk and fell off a table, I broke my ankle and haven't been back since. I still think it was a pretty good time, I've had worse.

James B.  on Hungry I

posted on February 5, 2006
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tourist trap. Rip.