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raja  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on September 21, 2018
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one nasy girl called mina will hustle you and ask how much money you have

its like going wih a rubber doll, no real pleasure here

rogerrab2  on  Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on June 22, 2014
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One star just so i can write a review. Rob, the "manager" was totally condescending throughout my whole encounter. one of his girls ripping every button off of my expensive shirt. Tried to send me off with one of their shirts advertising. Gave me the whole private contractor bullshit and tried kicking me out when i was on my way out. If somebody came into my place of business and i ripped their shirt open, i'd be fired and charged. I hope they got all this on camera when they were trying to film a good time gone wrong.

StripClub431  on  Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on April 3, 2014
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We were told by another couple, how fun this place is on a Saturday night, and I've heard for years the stories of all the sordid things that go on here, so when my bf & I were in SF for a Saturday night, of course we had to see what the fuss was about.For all the different rooms I've heard of this place having, it's a lot smaller than I imagined. There's a ticket-like counter at the front that charges $40 per person, but women are free if you're a couple. We were brought into their main room and made to sit at the front of their stage, even though someone that my boyfriend called "a beast" was onstage. It was about 10:15 pm. She didn't smile or seem friendly, but I tipped her anyway. No thank you from her, no nothing. Another girl came out. She was also "a beast." Then a third "beast" and I decided "hey let's walk around instead!"There's a theatre room, with random guys scattered around, and girls hitting them up for dances. While the guys are getting dances, hardcore porn is being shown onscreen. Fun right???Across the hall from that is a long room with tiny booths that you can stand in. You can look through screens to see a dancer, but no one can see into your booth. These booths are seriously tiny, and no chairs or anything, so how our coupled up friends managed to both fit in there is questionable! This stage was closed down for the night, which was disappointing. Our friends made a big deal of it.Then down the hall, there's a bunch of rooms in a bigger room next to the stage. In each of these smaller rooms is a small couch, with a tissue box sitting on a sink right next to said couch. Wonder what the sinks are for?? LOLWe go back into the main room, and find a few more "beasts" dancing to seriously awful music. Some of it's really slow, some of it was really bad disco... just not a good vibe for a Saturday night. The club then made a huge deal about 2 girls coming on stage. When they came out, 2 dudes with lights like you see when someone's signaling a plane at the airport, come out on the floor and make a big deal of it. The girls danced for about 30 seconds before everyone is told to go watch a "flashlight show." Of course we went and saw that.2 girls dance on the floor in a dark-ish room in the middle of a bunch of people on a wrap-around couch holding flashlights, being told not to shine the lights at their faces. They danced for 2 songs. 1 was really good and into it, the other girl looked bored. It had potential to be fun! Before you know it tho, the fun's over and we're ushered back out into the main room, where the train wreck just goes on and on.Surprisingly, this place is really popular with couples, especially young couples. For being a dead Saturday night, with lack-luster talent, the place was full of mostly couples. Our friends who sent us told us to "stick it out, it gets better"- they must have come on a really good night, or we came on a really, really bad night, because when we left at about 11:45, we were shaking our heads and wondering if we need new friends.

adamrod  on  Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on February 9, 2014
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Ended up here one crazy night (Don't ask) and decided that my friend and I should check it out (we had nothing better to do). It was close to 2 am Saturday morning after a Friday night of drinking. We walked up to the entrance and realized that the bouncer at the front door was distracted, so we snuck in without paying. Unfortunately it was about 10 minutes into a pretty good show when we were approached by a really big (freakishly big) bouncer. He asks for our ID's and then had the audacity to charge us a $40 cover charge if we wanted stay. I was outraged! Strip clubs in Vegas don't even charge that much! Besides this particular club is in a rather shady area. Needless to say we laughed in his face, took back our ID's, and went home instead. No strip club is worth that much.The inside is dimly lit (duh) and pretty spacious. The stage was pretty large as well. I know that you have to be willing to spend money to have any fun at a strip club but I would much rather use those $40 to tip the girls instead of giving them to a behemoth bouncer.

Johnnyboy123  on  Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on January 6, 2014
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I don't know what the other people are complaining about. If you can part with $500 you can be guaranteed to leave here with a smile on your face. This business could only exist in San Francisco and a few other places like Pahrump, NV. Start with the stage show. Sit in the front row and tip freely to get lots of attention. Once your motor is running pick a girl and go to a "private room". You have your pick from the young girl next door to old tired lesbians or stunning bombshells. Don't always judge a book by it's cover, go with the girl who feels the best. Repeat as often as you can afford it.

Lew A.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on June 16, 2013
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Some super sexy, hot babes here. A few of them claim that they'll make you squirt if you pay the several hundred dollars worth for the time..........roll the dice and see, I suppose. Gotta say, I don't really care for the forced departures from room to room. Move here, move there for some shtick. Blah, after the first time I just sat in my chair and waited for the girls to come back and start stripping again. AND, some of the gals are a bit too pushy for your money. You know, if some squiritin' was guaranteed to happen it wouldn't be so bad, but to hustle and not go all the way?The parking garage across the street is an exorbitant rip-off.

ryan123  on  Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on July 4, 2012
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Been to plenty of strip clubs recently but the never been here before and let me tell you.....the women here are almost all tens.....my cousins bachelor party this Sat was off the hook! We had reservations at several other places but ended not going anywhere after we got here. I don't think i'll be going to any other strip clubs except this one anymore ;-)

Franklyn  on  Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on May 21, 2011
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Hottest girls in the city, hands down.

eddyL  on  Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on February 26, 2011
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I have to say, we didn't stay very long, but this place is nothing like the strip clubs of portland that I love. I guess I should have expected it to be seedy, but for a venue with 4 rooms, hardly anything was going on. We got there and a girl was dancing on the main stage. She finished by the time my boyfriend got out of the bathroom. Then there was a "show" in the kopenhagen room... bleh. Two girls put on a show for a song and a half and then go around asking if you want to buy a lap dance... Then if you don't want it you have to watch them get grabbed by ugly old men... Then we walked around, but nothing was going on anywhere else Sigh... We each paid the "discounted rate" of $20 to come in, and I wanted to leave after 15 minutes and never come back....Don't go here if you're a woman.

richard95  on  Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on August 6, 2010
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I'm not a fan. But the place is nice!!! Over heard some people talked about this place for long time. But never got chance to get in. I always curious about its history and what's the difference compared with the others to made it sounds interesting. So here it is, finally, I came here on a Sat night after a friend's bday party. It's so much better than I expect. Each rooms/stages are nice and fancy looking. No pressure for tipping or lap dance... Some other places girls are soooo gold digging.... Anyway, and it has much bigger space than it looks like from the outside on the street. Instead of business looking with girls act like having fully dramas. It's NICE and CLEAN look. And as I saw that night, the most beautiful dancers are all here, with friendly service and no attitude. They all fully nude on stages, and while giving lap dances as well. Well, after over 1 month every day 6am bed time and 4 hours sleep per day, I couldn't stay long, so right now I couldn't say much about the price or drinks... But, whoever haven't check this one out, can't say that you've been to SF strip club. Worth to try and probably will will the experience is worth every single $1.

Katie Anne N.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on March 26, 2010
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I am somewhat of an odd girl. I frequent strip clubs and enjoy it. I often suggest to my BF that we should go to strip clubs together. After all, it is how we started our relationship. It wasn't Mitchell Brothers, but it was amongst other beautiful naked women. I was lucky enough that he chose me instead. =)We've been to almost every strip club in SF. I've heard stories about the girls at Mitchell Brothers. The set up and the different "options" that a customer can choose from. I decided to check it out for myself. We went on a Saturday night and it was 2 for 1 cover. $40 for us both which if you break it down, was no special at all. The strip clubs in NB charge $20 each person. Man or woman. It seemed like a slow night. Only 4 or 5 other people there. They moved us from room to room as if it were a theater or peepshow type of set up. They definitely tried to work you for your money. The first dance we got was standing up and behind a curtain. $40. Not nude only topless. The set up seemed to be like a peep show minus the glass. Just a curtained booth with netting in which the dancer tried to persuade a dance. The main theater area is nice. The stage is humongous and there are 3 poles on the stage. The dancers are proactive with their audience especially those who sit up front. Int another room there is a large movie screen in which there was porn being shown. Movie theater seating allows the dancer to give you a lap dance while you watch the porno. Nice.The second dance we got we had to pay $15 to the bouncer and then another $40ish to the dancer. $60 for a 15 min lap dance not even fully nude? Jebus. For less than 15 minutes she asked me about my ethnicity, if I liked girls, my previous exgf and what she was like. Awkward. Especially with my BF reaping the rewards while I humored her. She could have talked less and danced more. But I get it. Making the customer talk eases the pain of the dance.The last 30 minutes of the night was dedicated to the girl on girl twirling table dance. The girls spin around on the twirling table and milk you for whatever money you have left. Definitely not girl-on girl. But just girl AND girl.

Heather L.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on July 5, 2008
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I went thinking that I was going to be overly impressed with the venue, the service and the girls. Uhm...no. Way overpriced. $120 for a lap dance? It must have come with a happy ending. $40 cover? The one plus is that ladies are free when not solo but...seriously? And the women's bathroom was hidden in some obscure place. Thought I was going to get molested. I'll stick with the tittie bars instead where they keep their panties on.

Michael M.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on June 29, 2008
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I read some of the recent reviews where a group of girls got turned away. Having been there once, I can tell you it's not the kind of place where a bunch of girlfriends go to have some strip club fun. The strippers there are not interested in singles or hamming it up for the ladies. Most are not even dancers per se, alhough I saw one of them actually use the stripper pole with some degree of expertise. Typically, the girls strut around the stage in a bored, workman-like manner for a song and then walk around the club selling themselves. They'll first give a weak lap dance for $60, which then will lead to an offer for oral sex for like an additional $300 and after that you can take it the "next level" for an additional $100 or more. So, yeah, the strippers here make their money from the sexing. They are pretty transparent about it. It's what Mitchell Bros. has been known for. I'm told by my friend who actually paid for a blowjob that the back area where they take you is fairly nice. If risky, expensive sexual encounters are your bag, then this is the place for you.

Stephy S.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on May 29, 2008
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I hate you O'Farrell Theatre.I hate you because all I ever wanted to do was love you and you wouldn't let me. For about 10 years now, I have been hearing legendary stories about you. My friends have told me tales that sounded like urban legends. They reported how cool and naughty and scandalous and totally awesome you were, but last week you pretty much told me there was no Easter Bunny and that Santa Claus is actually just a part time guy in a suit at the mall. You, O'Farrell Theatre, killed my friggin dream.I was out with one guy and a gaggle of hot girls last week and while a gaggle may not sound that hot to you, just work with me here, we were looking good and we all had dolla dolla bills y'all in hand and were so ready to blow some dough. So after hitting the ATM and taking out a few hundred bucks we rolled up to the O'Farrell. We even took a pre-Cherry-poppin picture in front of the place to mark this great day in history. Yes, we were THAT excited to go.So we walk in and instantly get hit with attitude. This was very strange to me, because as a strip club loving girl who has frequented and patronized many a joint in her day, they are usually pretty happy when girls come in. Not the case here as we were all told it would be $40 a pop. WHAT? A cover is one thing, but $40 a pop! Good Christ on a cracker, you must be joking. Newp. Our one male friend then decided to reason with the guy and did what any respectable gentleman would have done and said, "C'mon man, it's a group of girls, we all have money to spend, can't you hook us up on the cover, just a little. $40 sounds kinda high." He then looked us up and down and all over, and decided that 2 of us, could get in for free, but the rest would have to pay. $120 for 3 people to get in. Yeah.So I laughed, thinking, c'mon, in all of my years of tit-tay bars and a fat wad of cash clearly visible, they are pulling this crap? Wow, just wow. Apparently, our laughter and surprised reactions weren't going over very well because the next thing I knew, we were told, and I quote by the angry little man in charge, "Get the fuck out of here, I'm tired of listening to your shit!!!" To which the bouncer started closing in and well, we left.Unbelievable. I've rarely paid a cover when there were a bunch of girls, let alone a $40 cover to get into a strip club, but I guess the O'Farrell Theatre is too cool for my school. Whatevs, time for me to find a new life's goal.

Towanda S.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on March 14, 2008
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Overpriced. sub-par girls. Skanky. waste of my $40.

RJ A.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on March 11, 2008
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Really no distinction between Mitchell Brothers and Mitchell's ice cream for me. Both are SF landmarks, both have vast amounts of international 'flavor,' and both scream tons of fun! What's not to like? Uh, probably the neighborhood for one. And you can't really 'make it rain' in an ice cream parlor, can you? Otherwise, both great, great deals. A must visit.

Infodiva B.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on January 27, 2008
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I am a "Former" Employee! Wait! Hold It Now! Snack-Bar Attendant '88-89 I had to collect the Dancer's Stage fees. I knew all the Government names. Hey Girls!!! I knew Artie Mitchell RIP (Dude was CRAZY) I knew Jim (RIP). He was the "Quiet" one. Smart. Mysterious. He knew all about NWA..... They were great employers. I am glad I was not one of the "Entertainers" Boy!! Did I see some things and learn some things... Our Xmas Party 1989 was off the hook. It was at the Great American Music Hall. Open Bar Catered. Boz Scaggs Tori Wells( Porn actress), The Chippendale's, and others... I was blasted. I met a future boyfriend (Jeff Silverman aka Pukie) In fact, the Brothers threaten Jeff when I was becoming his Backseat Betty outside the club. "Take care of her" They said.I am glad I left before the craziness. Artie bringing a loaded pistol to the club and shooting at the ceiling. Scary!! My best memory of Art was when he came by my Snack Bar Cage!!! hahaha and told me to close up and come take a break. hahahaIt was my lunch break. I worked from 5:00pm -12midnight. I found the job via the job announcement board in the SFSU Career Center. Go figure. It paid $9.00 an hour. In 1989 that was good $$$.Anyway.... Artie was working the "Main Spot" That is the Spot Light in the Main Room with the Runway..you don't knows. He said "Go get a beer in the fridge in the office". I did. He was smoking a fat J and offered it to me. That room I always avoided. It is where the ladies really make the moolah. hahahahaa I almost up-chucked when I saw one of the girls...grinding this man with her ass. I discovered what Lap-Dancing was that night. Thanks Artie. I also discovered what FF was...Showers..uuuuuhmm this is a PG site....I really want to tell you but... I could be flagged.Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater is a striptease club at 895 O'Farrell Street in San Francisco, near that city's skid-row district. Opened as an X-rated movie theater by Jim and Artie (the Mitchell brothers) on July 4, 1969, the O'Farrell remains one of America's oldest and most notorious adult-entertainment establishments; by 1980, the nightspot had become a major force in popularizing close-contact lap dancing (i.e. the dancer sitting on the customer) that would become the norm in strip clubs nationwide.[1] The late journalist Hunter S. Thompson, a longtime friend of the Mitchell's and frequent visitor at the club, claimed to be its night manager in 1985 and called the O'Farrell "the Carnegie Hall of public sex in America" and Playboy magazine praised it as "the place to go in S.F.!"I hope the kids are ok. You know they aren't but... Jim and Artie were fathers.The O'Farrell Theater is open six days a week and nearly every evening of the year. Customers must pay a comparatively steep admission price ($20-$50, depending on the time of day) and no alcoholic beverages are served (although a snack bar operates on the premises). The O'Farrell's main showroom is New York Live!, a continuous striptease show where one performer dances on stage while the others offer lap dances by asking each customer, "Want some company?" Performers insist on substantial tips ($20 is common) for their services and there are several themed rooms, such as the Ultra Room, a peep show-type room where patrons stand in private booths watching women perform with various props or dildos; the Green Door Room (named for the Mitchell's' classic film and its sequel; it was the principal set of the latter), with semiprivate showers with a selected model, heavy petting in the "Kissing Room" (although not all dancers make themselves available for private sessions with customers) and on-stage lesbian simulated-sex performances.RIP

Thomas B.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on August 14, 2007
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Thought I'd post something number appropriate, seeing as this is my 69th review. So there.What can I say? The last time I went here was the day Jimmy died, AND I HAD NO IDEA. Crazy, huh? Anyway, I recommend getting your drink on beforehand, getting the dance-bug out of your system, and then returning to an establishment that serves booze, 'cos due to California law, any place that has full nudity cannot get a liquor license. Go figure! ANYWAY,It's lots of fun; with a strange carnival atmosphere to it. Yes, the women on stage are full-on nekkid, and I have to be honest -- the music the dancers tend to choose is usually pretty classy (!) ... i.e., not your basic Billy Poison Idol Creed. The dancers are pretty, for the most part, and at 11:30 there's the "Flashlight Show" which is basically a bunch of people (men and women) led into a little room in the back with a heavy leather curtain with (you guessed it!) flashlights fitted with red cones. Two girls come in, dance, and take each others clothes off and simulate sexual acts. People chuck dollars on the floor, and then it's over after a few half-hearted lap dances.Then there's the cinema, which is constantly showing older 70's style pornos and gynecological extravaganzas. Seedy? You bet! An integral piece of San Francisco history? You got it! This is where the dancers can get you. For some reason, when I'm here, I can't stop humming "Seedy Films" by Soft Cell. Go figure.And then there are the standing dance booths where you can get three song's worth of dancing for $120. Not bad, if that's your thing. Then again, you could pay much more for a "private room dance", but that's up to you. Apparently there are "extras." Go for it, if that's your thing.All in all, a fun place to spend about an hour. Unfortunately, the cover's pretty steep, but couples usually get in for half-price. And, as has been said before by the other reviewers, come with your cash in hand. The ATM charges MUCHO DOLLARS for the privilege of its use. I'm serious! Like, $15!The Pleasure Palace Jim and Artie built, complete with that wonderful whale mural outside. Worth it, really, if that's your thing. Fun, fun, fun!R.I.P. Jim! R.I.P. Artie (hope you and your brother get along up (or down) there!)!(I suppose I could have given this place five stars, but then I'd look like a pervert.)

Marc M.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on March 25, 2007
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You know how fish have eyes on the side of their head so they can say potential predators easier? ...I feel like you need the same at O'Farrell theatre. Go before 5, they cut admission in half, get your stamp, then leave to go to dinner, then come back at night.

Cris A.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on February 9, 2007
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Yah, this is the place to go to. The Copenhagen Room is classic! Some of the performers are cool as hell, the others are hustling, but that the game.Great time, but really expensive. Next best thing to Vegas.

Nicole R.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on January 15, 2007
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Somehow I was convinced to check this place out for my good friend Greg's birthday. Okay, so I was secretly curious about going to a strip club, especially one as famous at the O'Farrell Theatre.I definately agree with the reviews that say it's "lady friendly." I can't compare this place to other strip clubs, since O'Farrell's has been my only one, however I must say as a first-timer and a chick I felt very welcomed/comfortable. I had no idea how many rooms there were. The girls were, I must say, better looking than I expect. I expected girls much trashier looking, but they exceeded my expectations. And as others have said already, alc isn't served so you might want to perk before you go. :)

Taylor P.  on Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater

posted on December 18, 2006
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Biggest rule and lesson I learned. Dont lose your wallet here.Literally -- never wear a pair of jeans with a ripped back pocket only to have your wallet fall out onto the floor for either a stripper or god knows who to find. End of story.