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Signal Hill, California 90755

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Re: Raff  on Fantasy Castle

posted on July 18, 2017
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Ya the obozo clowns shot the joint up lat night . 2 dead.

Mistercap12  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on November 25, 2016
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I LOVE it here!!!Me and my husband enjoy this place so much I come as often as possible!

Raff  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on September 10, 2016
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Wow this place is getting ghetto and more ghetto every time I go, it feels like a fight will happen any minute the vibe is rough! It's so small that people bump each other so there is always a tough guy in there that takes offense to it. The only reason it gets that packed is for the $2 beers, it's hard to have fun when it's so crowded and no where to sit

james1412  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on April 24, 2016
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Fantasy Castle was a waste of time. For 3 well drink rum and cokes were $27 total. Totally overpriced and not mixed correctly. Performers danced ineffectively and unenticingly for approximately 1 minute and then switched dancers with inexcusable long intervals between dancers. Even with Orange County laws, it was brief and tiresome as a patron on a Sunday. I recommend no stars or negative stars based on the ridiculous and overly unnecessary prices as well as the lack of continuous or maintained entertainment. I was forced as a departing customer to inqiure of a performer of the prices and environment provided.As a whole, I regret and do not recommend Fantasy Castle unless you plan on wasting your money in an eatablishment fringing on quality drinks and actual deliverance of any semblance of a product.

mathewater12  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on December 27, 2015
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A really ghetto club/bar especially on mondays that offer some annoying women in there that will bug you for lap dances all night, but if they see you not giving them attentiom they will offer you some better services. Theres a couple that work like that. One was Rosay who handed me her number while i was in the lap dance area with her. It was closing time so im guessing she wanted to leave with the last customer she saw. Didnt have to spend much on her js bought her a drink and she told me to give her a call once the place closed. You have to ask her for the Merida special when you see her!

felixnada  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on November 28, 2015
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The reviews to this place are hilarious.I don't know about anyone else's experience, but I've gone w/ different circles of friends, & we've all had a good time, nearly every time.Most people that get waitresses w/ an attitude, are usually the same people tipping $1 on a $5 bucket, & not tipping the dancers.I'm not a square, nor am I a john, but I go in here and spend money. It doesn't make sense to leave your house, & walk into a strip club, if you don't feel like getting a little foolish.The beers are either always on sale, or basically free; shots usually have a sale going on.The place is small, so it makes it hard for drama to last too long, someone is usually on it.Dancers always cycle at clubs, but a lot of these bartenders/waitresses stick around for a while, & they tend to treat you like you treat them...don't be a buster, order clearly, & tip.I don't go as often as a lot of the people that go there, but I pop in enough to know what's up.It's a strip club in Long Beach, near a freeway, & it has cheap drinks. Don't be a square, & try to have some fun.

nickstrip  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on August 9, 2015
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I can't believe this place has no african-American dancers black women are what's up right now every other races trying to be like them so why would you not have beautiful sexy black women here it was truly a disappointment!!

fritter17  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on June 16, 2015
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Today is my husband birthday I took him here tonight I love this place they was very nice the DJ played my song's for me and everything I give five lol

yanard12  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on May 28, 2015
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So fun and such friendly waitresses and bartenders a really chill place to go let your hair down and check people out

Harrison69  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on April 17, 2015
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Great place to find a nice girl to take home to Ma if by Ma you mean your pet snake and if by pet snake you mean your mayonaisse cannon.

Jerry M.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on January 24, 2015
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Been here couple times, it can be fun but it's been getting real bad lately. To many fights and it's getting ghetto! Went there on a Monday $1 beer night can't beat that, but the people that go that night are rough. It's small so you bump someone they act like its a big deal and try to fight you. They let no hats in there but I saw a guy with a tank top makes don't get the logic of that, probably won't come back I like to chill and not feel like I'm going to get in a fight

Bernard S.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on September 4, 2014
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Ive been here a few times and have always had a blast except today. Totally got ripped off. This chick looked good from far but when we went for a private dance she was far from good. Fake ass, hard as a rock. And it literally smelled like shit. Not just bad but literally like she farted. The standard rate here is $20/song, she offered me 2 for $30 so I went for it (i love big butts, had i known it was fake i wouldve declined her offer) so we go and after 2 songs she offered 2 more for the standard $40, she was doing good so i accepted. Thats when she farted in my face and after it was all said and done wanted $120! I tried to argue but she was a strung out old hag aso i gave her $100, pounded my beer and left. As I was leaving I noticed a few really pretty girls. It was my fault or choosing the old bag but now I know better. I'll go back but I'll be sure to tell her to piss off. If only I coukd fart on her and take $100 we'd be even. Good drinks and specials though and most girls are sexy and cool. Avoid the old noid

igor34  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on August 23, 2014
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It's alright...girls are somewhat decent. This place definitely won't be my first choice.

Weedman420  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on July 20, 2014
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I have been to a lot of strip clubs all over the nation and this one has some talent. It is small so finding seats may be kinda tough especially on $1 Mondays where all beers are a buck.. The staff is chill and the lady's are hot! Mostly latina's in all shapes and sizes. The crowd is a bit ghetto but then again its a strip club and not a cigar bar. Anyways this place is well worth checking out.

Mariah B.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on May 4, 2014
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Went for my first time and I must say I love it it's a cool spot to hang out at Mondays they have $1 beers you can't go wrong right there and the ladies are beautiful and it's a cool spot to meet people definitely going back!

tonycluber  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on February 4, 2014
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Cool place to get a drink and a show. A little tight and hard to find seats, but worth a visit

mike h.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on November 15, 2013
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this place is hot best looking Bartenders ever luv the dancers they are very sexy even got my girl a lap dance and she loved it gud strong drinks had a blast

Kai S.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on October 18, 2013
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The Fantasy Castle is a pretty cool topless bar, over all. The place is small so seating may be tight. The drinks are moderately priced. The security staff is generally professional, and they keep a tight lid on things. No hats allowed, btw. Lol. Most of the girls are pretty hot, and I always spot several that are absolutely stunning. It's nice to see more and more girl customers frequenting "gentlemen's clubs". Definitely more enjoyable to see a dancer flirting with a girl customer than with a guy! heh This leads me to my new favorite dancer, NYLA. She is a hot little latina with a real fun flirty personality. Thanks to NYLA, I recently had my best night in a topless bar, ever! I really enjoyed connecting with this little Hottie! I'll be back to see her soon!

Reuben V.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on September 3, 2013
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This place is not the business.I came here for the homies bachelor party and was disappointed all around. Out of all the females there was only two bad bitches in this spot. Their pole game was not up to par, only a few had real talent up on stage. The bartenders were real nice throughout the night; given that some dudes were acting straight ignorant towards them.

Mindy H.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on June 10, 2013
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Came here twice in one week hoping to have a better experience before I rule them out. First time It was super busy and everyone looked like they were having a great time except for me. I was so bummed that the girls wouldn't talk to me or even smile at me. I was there to have fun but not only that, I appreciate girls who work hard for their money and is half naked doing so. I use to be in their shoes. The second time I brought my hubby and it was dead. Finally got attention cause there was a dude with me. Ended up hanging out with one girl, bought her drinks and two lap dances. It was ok, she kept talking instead of dancing. Decent place decent girls. Probably wont be coming back.

Kevin P.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on April 22, 2013
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I give it a four star cause overall all I had a kick ass time... Gotta check out Stephanie & Angelina., they made the dances fun.. but that comes with a price lol..I'm coming back for those 2. But this overweight Mexican bouncer is an asshole, don't mind him, I said he doesn't make as close to what i make to be telling me what to do lol. Than he got girly... And i was asked to leave for the might..other than that I'm partying here again... It's all locals and surprising a younger crowd, not too diverse since I was the only white guy there in his late 20s

winston12  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on February 7, 2013
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They actually have a lot of hot chicks, the prices on the drink could be better. and they could have better deals on the lap dances but all in all I gave it 4 stars!!

Christopher L.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on June 19, 2012
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I took a visit there this last weekend for my second time. Both times I had an absolutely amazing time. Please know that this isn't a huge place. It's actually a rather small Gentleman's Club but there are probably twenty very attractive dancer's on a Friday / Saturday night.Drink prices are reasonable. And the thing I like the most... The girl's aren't pushy. If you're content to just drink and sit back / relax, that's fine. Most of the women will talk with you and the lap dances are fantastic. Highly recommend the place if you're looking for a guy's night out in Long Beach!

XhXeXy  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on May 30, 2012
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If you want to see good looking ladies, do NOT go here. This is a topless bar yet some of these girls went topless for 5 seconds, tops. After reading all of the good reviews on here I figured I would give it a try, but was very disappointed. The only good thing about this place is the music.

eddyL  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on February 11, 2012
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Me and a buddy of mine went on monday. DOLLAR BEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and chi' chi's, cant beat that man enough said. my only complaint they need more girls the rotation of the three was sort of like a jukebox on repeat

adamrod  on  Fantasy Castle

posted on January 28, 2012
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I was at the castle last night (Friday) with 7 other guys and girls. andWe showed up around 10 and it was crackin'! There were lots of hot strippers (which was a nice surprise because prior to last night, I had been here years ago and was very disappointed with the dancers).A lot of the dancers were tall & beautiful...almost amazonian . There was one dancer who I think has the perfect body. I want to look like her when I grow up. She was a really cute, petite African American girl with glasses. She's there on Fridays but get there early or you'll miss her.The cover charge is only $5 and they had a couple of drink special. For the ladies, if you like yummy fruity shots, I recommend the "wet pussy" and "XXX."Most of the dancers were amazing on stage. If you're looking to have a good time & enjoy some beautiful topless women, check them out on a Friday night. You won't be disappointed.

Stefanie F.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on July 14, 2011
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Love love LOVE this place... BUT none of the girls ever ask me for a dance! :( I still love it though... I recommend it to everyone! lol...

New Girl  on Fantasy Castle

posted on October 5, 2010
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Have to say by FAR the best club around ALOT of Pretty girl's with class and a GREAT club to work at the girl's are very nice and make you feel welcome Thank Girl's Madison

Maria O.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on July 11, 2009
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Probably one of the worst strips clubs I have ever gone to, and that's saying a lot. The girls don't even use the pole they kinda just walk around it. The only girl who was semi good was a tall amazon looking chick and even she was probably thinking "S**t what am i doing working here?". It's kinda sad bc i usually don't hate on girls at strip clubs but the dancing here was pathetic. Also its on a shady ass street and there were tons of cops dropping by, and it wasn't to see the show :( lol sorry Amanda O. for making this your first strip club experience.

The Q.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on January 31, 2009
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Nothing like a group outing to a strip club!In this episode, I rolled out with guys and girls to the Fantasy Castle in Long Beach. Almost hidden in between Orange and Cherry off Spring street, this Signal Hill butt club is the best that Long Beach has to offer. Much like the City of Long Beach this place is a melting pot when it comes to girls: They had a Tatted rocker chick, 3 Milfs, 2 cholas wearing outfits that didnt fit- one too big, one too small, one 8 foot white girl with Georgia Booty, 2 ghetto booty shakers, one aspiring actress, 2 ugly ducklings, 3 beautys and my favorite-the go go booty shaker with the hairy armpits. We went on a Saturday Night. Ladies in Free on Saturdays, guys $5.00. Dress code is casual, but no bummy shorts or plain white T shirts according to the host. Music varies with no dominant genre. 90's style smoking patio. No harassing to buy drinks which is expected at a topless club. I ordered 2 shots of patron and beer all night. The prices are average for a strip club. I got hoodwinked on one of my patron shots because it was more like a sip than a shot(minus one star thank you very much). Private dances $20 dollars, and table dances $10 dollars. If nothing fun is going on, dust off your friends and head to this place, better yet come here on your birthday and they have a special surprise for you.

Andrew E.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on December 14, 2007
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This place used to be a real diamond in the rough. Now it is just rough in the rough. Really ghetto clientle, dancers are so-so, but not up to industry standard. This seems to be the kind of club that a C quality girl would make a bit of cash. The one bright spot: Wednesday night 2 dollar drinks. This place instantly becomes a fun spot when you get about 18 to 20 bucks worth of alcohol in you.

andrya h.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on June 29, 2007
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GhettoOnly a couple hot dancersExpensive but I guess thats normalBUT...The bouncers and cocktail girls are always nice. My friend "Athea" Dances here and she is absolutely amazing.....We always have a great time...My friend went here last Friday and said the dancers were so hot, she started yelling"Im in denial! Im in denial!"Im happy to report that by Saturday however, she was still a fan of the penis.

Harry H.  on Fantasy Castle

posted on May 29, 2007
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The women here are fantastic! I just love how there is a local topless joint in my town. How wonderful is that? The drink specials during th week are unbeatable and the ladies are just your hometown heroes. I can't say much else but you gotta love women who are willing to work hard for their money!

Ecastasywith Mariah  on Fantasy Castle

posted on March 7, 2007
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Swing into action with MARIAH and the Newest Beauties of the New Millennuim visit "wetandplenty". This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms and has just enough to spark your memory or pique your interest to see more...

jj  on Fantasy Castle

posted on August 26, 2006
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no images here of the dancers !

JJ  on Fantasy Castle

posted on June 17, 2006
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You have no information or photos of showcase on your website. Please post photos of dancers.

Jim and friend  on Fantasy Castle

posted on May 12, 2006
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We're from akron, Ohio This is the best place yet. All the girls are friendly and we felt at home here. The the girls and waitresses made us feel very welcome. Thank you Carman and Rachel. Jim

And by the way  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 13, 2006
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This being the 21st Century and all, "domesticated" and "trained" aren't very flattering ways of describing any human being -- male or female. Though your word choices do reveal more than any of us ever wanted to know about your attitudes toward women. No wonder you're still a virgin.

Crappin's  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 12, 2006
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kissing ass. And it ain't gonna work. See what happens when you rush to judgment, you pinheaded little (in every possible sense of the word), ass? You were barking down her snorkel about how unattractive she was when you thought she was "afro-american." (My description of her would be gorgeous, but then I have a girlfriend who looks a lot like her, so I'm prejudiced. And BTW, Crappin', I'm white. If it matters. Which it doesn't), Now, because she _says_ she's from Africa you're falling all over your tongue trying to make up for it. I'm thinking she's not fool enough to fall for it. Even if you're fool enough to think she will.

re:get ur facts  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 12, 2006
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Oh, you're African? -- COOL!! What African nation are you from dear?? Cause I know a few African ladies (Nigerian, Senegalese, Ethiopian and Kenyan) and ALL of them are VERY NICE AND DECENT!! They are ALL WAY MORE moral, humane, domesticated and "trained" than what afro-American women are! Do you ever notice that black women from the Caribbean have WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL AND REFINED features than what afro-American women have!! ESPECIALLY the VERY HOT AND SEXY Dominican mamis!! The ONLY attractive afro-American women are Halle Berri, Vanessa Williams and Beyonce Knowles and they ALL look MORE Dominican!!

get u're fact's...  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 12, 2006
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correct. I'm african, i don't have any children that i can't care for, have a extremely nice causcian boyfriend for the past fifteen years. p/t model and dancer for the past ten years. have shoulder length hair, that is pretty normal, at been very forutnate with my weight. maybe in u're next life time u'll be dealt a different playing card, and u'll come back as a black female with a big nose and a forehead...and all the other comments u mentioned below about black women....maybe then u'll sing the same tune some many black females have been singing since the beginning of times.

Why it's good ol'  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 12, 2006
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Crappin' Capitals. Again. What's the matter, pollo? The Visions board get too hot for you? Que lastima!

Re: Tiny dancer  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 12, 2006
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Speaking of "nasty" attitudes, check out the last poster. LOL! I've seen his comments around before, same shit, different day. The poster before is another idiot, but that could just be a set-up. Don't you losers have something better to do than spew your crap? Leave the boards to the adults. Go play on aol or something.

Dncr  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 12, 2006
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don't flatter u're self, there's a lot of black girls that are not a big Fans of white racist trash loosers that come in these atmospheres ...but we just act like we like we do . We only like the $$$ u spend on us, ... just like the white racist jealous greedy bitches, that work's in these bars too.

re: Tiny dancer  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 12, 2006
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I'm not like a major fan of black women or anything but I got to say that you are well put together and you got a pretty face too. Very nice pic.

Tiny Dancer  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 12, 2006
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Hey guy a dancer from the midwest and i was wondering what this club is like over all wha typs of girls they have and on scale of 1-10 are the girls pretty i it big on pole tricks do u make alot?

av8trman  on Fantasy Castle

posted on June 5, 2005
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i LOVE this club! lots of really beautiful women, check out Nikea! I have never been let down. VERY good lap dances! Try the 3 for 2 special with Nikea and Althea at the same time! You will be pleased

Regan Anthony  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 27, 2005
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I want to thank you for having me at your club, you all treated me so well... I loved it... See you again soon.

Batman  on Fantasy Castle

posted on February 23, 2005
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I just wanted to let everyone know that Regan Anthony will be at the club Wed-Sat this week, for some reason there was a failure to advertise...... Maybe we can fix that next time.