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2549 North Palm Drive

Signal Hill, California 90755

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Ted C.  on The Palms

posted on August 8, 2016
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I dont get it. How is this place even still open?? How??? Im never coming back ever again this place has lost my business for ever. I hope everyone reads this review and doesnt make the mistake of coming here. Please stay away from this place! PLEASE!!

igor34  on  The Palms

posted on June 1, 2016
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I mainly come here on a Wednesday. When I'm feeling overworked and under appreciated I'll be here. And there are many reasons why hahah!It's the dolla dolla ice cold beers--domestic and imports whatever your beer drinking heart desire. Keep in mind it's bottled only! I don't even recall if they even have tap.The place is clean and hella comfy. Tastefully decorated. And lightly dimmed so peeps may look better. Welcoming vibe every time.It's free to get in well within a certain time I'm assuming but get a free pass online off their website lol.There's two stages and most important a tv dab in the middle so you can happily watch the game in between Her or their performances. I like the pole it looks clean, shiny and high. And some of em girls can really work it.The performers are decent looking. I personally prefer a bigger selection on Asian and black girls since we are technically in LB but oh well.Can't really comment on the lap dances since I've never officially gotten one from there but my male friends seem to like it Very much. The girls are somewhat aggressive but hey it's their JOB and the waitress is always on point. You'll never be thirsty. Overall I do like it here and may continue to enjoy their dolla dolla drinks.

marlonmoney12  on  The Palms

posted on March 27, 2016
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I've put off writing this review because I cringe when I think of this place. I have told everyone I know about how BAAAAAD our experience was when we went to this god-forsaken place. Let me preface this by saying my friend ("Friend 1") called ahead, asking for bottle service. Not my idea, but just went along with it. I'll just break it down, real nice. This is how the night went down:- Scummy old patron shoves us out of the way when we choose off the bottle service menu... Hostess didn't say one thing, just smiles at the old man. [side note: Karma probably hit him hard since he was nose-deep in a stripper's sticky butt-crack later that night. Now, that's how you get PINKEYE.- Hostess/ "bottle service waitress" brings out our bottle of Crown Royale after 20-30 MINUTES. Mind you, this is on a not-so-busy Friday night. Red flag, yo!- Host-wench does NOT pour any of our drinks and just walks away. No one pours any of our drinks the ENTIRE night and our mixers are gross, off-brand crap. - Friend 1 confirms that the price is $150 for the bottle (after we pour our own drinks), and she smugly says:Wench: NO, it's $350 SINCE I BROUGHT YOU THE LARGE [side-note: I realized when I got home that it was the normal, NOT LARGE bottle of Crown]Friend 1: Uh, I didn't ask for the large bottle... Wench: Well, you didn't specify and you already poured, so nothin' I can doHORRIFIED. Not even the end!!- STRETCHMARKS - STRETCHMARKS - STRETCHMARKS - (AAAAAND COTTAGE CHEESE).- The dances suck - all they do is roll around on stage and clap their brick-shoes together. Gets old REAL fast. At least the chicks at Fantasy Castle work for their money!- Friend 2 buys Friend 1 from stripper he likes. Literally walks in the back, then straight back out after mmm 3 minutes?? Not worth $20, dude. - Friend 1 promises a senior stripper with glasses that he wants to buy me a dance later (before he discovered that he's paying $400+). He declines now, and SHE SHOVES HIM AND WALKS AWAY. This was not in a joke-y way, totally angry. This is the final kicker that made us leave EARLY and go elsewhere.I hope you save yourself the trouble of coming here because they will steal from you in any way they can. This place and everyone working it is trash.

billtheguy12  on  The Palms

posted on February 23, 2016
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Reading these comments about this place surprises me, I had a great time at the Palms. Not only is it really nice inside but the girls are super friendly. The drinks are reasonable, very reasonable especially if you go during happy hour which ends at 9! There was about 20 girls there on a Friday night, most were really beautiful. The music was good too and we got our drink on till close. Definitely recommend it!

dannyboy7  on  The Palms

posted on February 21, 2016
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Beautiful girls, friendly staff, and great drink specials. If you're going out (especially during the week) and you don't stop by The Palms, you're doing it wrong.

XXXbeast  on  The Palms

posted on February 20, 2016
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I take all my clients here. At least one Wednesday every month for $1 beers Wednesday. Yep, I said it, $1 BEERS!. The amount of good looking women here is by far better than any other club in the Southbay. Karlie is probably the coolest chick in the club. Definitely worth the conversation at the minimum. And the bartender Tiffany is by far the most attentive and attractive bartender there. No knock on the other bartenders because they're great as well but if you're not on Tiffany's side of the bar, you're missing out big time. Coming here never fails.

yanard12  on  The Palms

posted on February 17, 2016
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Nice establishment. A lot of Caucasian women but they're very friendly. I like a mixture of nationality.

timmykilla  on  The Palms

posted on January 30, 2016
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Wow was there last night. Wednesday. 2 dollar beer Gorgeous women. Good music. And one in particular. Stacy. Gorgeous. Friendly. Funny. And. Good on the pole. Will go back again. Enjoy. Girls girls girls.

felixnada  on  The Palms

posted on August 31, 2015
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I went to this strip with my husband on a saturday it was kinda empty. So we decided to stay an give it a try an the bartender was so rude an even gave me a dirty look I guess she was having a bad day. An also my husband started to feel vey dizzy after only 3 beers dobt jave proves but We are almost 100% sure they gave him something else than beer. Even a stripper told us that it has happen ! Never again we will go avoid this place people just horrible experience.

nickstrip  on  The Palms

posted on June 26, 2015
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The security guards are straight assholes. They ruined my iPhone 6 for taking a selfie with my homegirl. One of the guards snatched my phone, and as I tried getting it back, I got pepper sprayed. Those guys are just looking for trouble. Super unprofessional, as I'm on the floor I just hear their laughs. Hell of a way to treat a customer who spent over 500 dollars.

Mike S.  on The Palms

posted on July 3, 2014
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This place is really a huge disappointment.

Jane L.  on The Palms

posted on June 20, 2014
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Most strip clubs around here are awful, but The Palms is classy, the girls are beautiful, and the drink/dance specials can't be beat. My boyfriend and I love to come here. Just FYI, "Hollywood" is one of the hottest/best dancers I've ever seen.

james1412  on  The Palms

posted on May 29, 2014
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I went here tonight out of boredom, I have gone here couple of times with friends.. I didn't have to pay a cover charge which was great.. but when I went inside there was only a 6 girls?.. most of the girls were sitting against the wall, after of couple of minutes the cocktail waitress came over and got me a drink, sadly she was the only girl to talk to me for 40minutes of sitting there.. mind you the place only had maybe 8-10 other guys, and 4 girls were sitting next to the wall playing on their cell phones. a girl came out of the room and came over and sat next to me and talked for a bit, I had told her she was the first girl to talk to me in 45minutes of sitting here, and I told her about the other girls just sitting there playing on their cell phones, they even looked at me because they were sitting across from me maybe 40 feet away?I bought this girl a drink then we talked for a bit then I got a lap dance, which I won't complain about because it was great, she asked if I wanted another dance I said maybe in a little bit, and I asked if she wanted to talk for a bit or have another drink.. she said she had to go check in with her boss or something and she would be right back.I sat there alone with my drink staring at the carpet or tv.. which the simpsons was on so that was exciting!! 35minutes goes by and a second girl comes and talks to me, she sat down was made small talk.. but I didn't want a lap dance so I turned her down.. partly because she had bad breath.the first girl goes on to the stage and does her dance which was great, when she was done she was going to walk over but stops to talk to another girl, then she sits down with a guy.. which is totally fine, but considering there are a total of 3 girls sitting at the table and 1 guy, I waited a little bit longer to see what was going to happen because I wanted one or two last lap dance before I left, she looked at me couple of times and I thought she was going to come over.. but the waitress brought her a drink so I knew she would stay there for a while.. so I decided to leaveas I got up to leave.. I passed by her making eye contact, seem like her put her head down in shame knowing she messed up.. hopefully she knows she missed her chance in making money instead of having a drink with 3 other girls that worked there.Hopefully management reads this or knows the girls there are lazy and don't put customers first, 3 dancers at a table with 1 guy, or having the girls playing on their cell phones instead of making the club money, no wonder it was a slow night with no customers at all.. because of the crappy service I doubt I will come back...

Robert W.  on The Palms

posted on March 10, 2013
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Alright so now I know where the kids go to hang out in the South Bay. If you are looking for a RELAXING ,fun time...this aint it. Location is a bit odd in that there is some out door garden shop next door. But, who cares right? Walk in and here we are....door man with the bad attitude.. For the record, I am not here to be the target of your bad day and attitude buddy. And just because the gangsta in front of me was mad doggin you, don't take it out on me. STRIKE ONE Layout is ok I guess, pretty wide open with bar on your right. But, the deocr is, what can only be described as middle eastern ghetto fabulous? Lots of mis matched oasis kind of prints and some neat christmas lights on some fake palm trees inside? Girls are not the worst I have seen. However, the attitudes really suck. One in particular. Some skinny asian chika who thinks she is ghetto fabulous from the hood. Can you stop with the "know wat i'm sayins" just for a second? And just like i'm not here for the door guy to give an attitude to, I'm not here to listen to all your dancer problems. Don't care if management yelled at you, and certainly not giving you any pity dollars. Although the thought did cross my mind to tip this girl to go away. STRIKE TWO Best part of the visit has to be the wannabe pimp factor here. If I had a dollar for every bucket of beer laid out like they were offering up premium bottle service. It was hilarious. Gangstas kicked back and chillin with like they were big ballin with a silver bucket of bud And the dancers eatin it up like they were hanging with Snoop Dog and JZ. Hysterical I tell you. It was almost worth staying for that alone. But then another escaped mental patient dancer sat down and started telling me how she gives the best lap dance in the world and how she is going to rape me. The only problem here is , I actually believe she could as she outweighed me by about 30 pounds!!! I'm out of here and won't be back!! STRIKE THREE

fuckery12  on  The Palms

posted on October 31, 2012
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Oh the Palms. I have mixed feelings regarding this place, hence the 3 stars. I am the type of girl that loves the strip club, especially when I'm with my guy friends and their GF's. We are a fun crowd who love to have drinks and be social and what better place then a strip club?? For the most part the Palms is pretty nice, it's clean, plush couches and the women's restroom us clean with more the one stall. The girls are pretty (for the most part). Some of the best boob jobs I've ever seen or felt (the stripper told me to touch them in the bathroom cause I didn't believe they were fake). Not only are the girls cute but they are fun! a little diversity wouldn't hurt. most of the girls were Latina and @ white chicks. In a place as diverse and centrally located as long beach I need options when it comes to my strippers. I'm sure part of the reason they are so friendly is because we share liquor but who cares. This place also has happy hour and since I'm a sucker for vodka they won a special place in my heart. We had some great times here. We went in one night and after ordering bottle service and buckets of beer found that there were only # strippers there. Apparently a fight broke out in the changing room and most of the girls were sent home :( . once we realize that the same chicks are repeatedly performing we ask and are informed of what happened. we expressed to the manager that we thought it was in poor business to let paying customers come in and not give a heads up. he apologized and offered to send over a bottle as compensation. We agreed. Then over came the smallest bottle of cheap champagne with 8 glasses. How insulting. My friends insited I not say anything so we graciously accpeted the bottle and continued having a good time. that is until they put the CIA watch on us. They told some of the dancers they were spending too much time at our table, complained when we took group photos and then decided to close up shop early even though we were still there with lots of drinks left. Customer service is a big deal no matter where I am. The manager at the Palms was a totally lame duck. PS the girls actually use the pole here. That seems to be a strip club myth now adays

fritter17  on  The Palms

posted on October 6, 2012
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I love this place I'm there twice aweek the Day girls are great, they are not pushy about lap dances. beer is cold, girls are hot , Vicki, Holly and Robin are that best. a must go !!!!!

Walter L.  on The Palms

posted on September 21, 2012
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Went here at 3 pm and I love this place, great place to go relax.

R C.  on The Palms

posted on December 17, 2011
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Got in on a Thursday night for $7.00 and the girls there are HOT!!! Most of the girls that dance there are attractive with great bodies. Just like any other place, you have a couple girls that are not so attractive but overall a great variety of girls.On the down side, parking is a little bit tricky. Not a whole lot of parking spaces available unless you get there super early.Overall, I'm sure to be there again real soon.

Morgan J.  on The Palms

posted on July 11, 2011
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Well...what can i say? The club is full of shit. Everybody is treating u like a piece of meat. Nothing is real, the owners are total morons acting like they know how to manage a strip club. They treat the girls like we are their whores and prostitutes. In general they try to make it so clean and so beautiful but, in reality everything there is just a dressed up whorehouse.The management just tries to take money from the girls and they don't give two shits about customer service.EVERYBODY iS FUCKING in the back, the "Lapdance" area and they dont give a fuck about the girl.My point of view is: Never go in that place, they're just gonna try to take your money and thats it nothing more than that.The club itself is a fucking piece of shit.Hope u have a nice fucking night there, just don't fool yourself, be smart....and in case you're wondering I AM NOT A STRIPPER!...just one of the bartenders, but I've seen what the girls there go thru and how management doesn't give a shit about any of us.

Alexis B.  on The Palms

posted on May 14, 2011
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I actually liked this place ! Came in with the PIC and the indoor parking was booked up but the parking dude was like if you give me 3 dollas I'll let you park it here LOL Just three bucks? You pulled my arm LOL. Came in got seated right away on a plush couch. I really like the seating here. Very comfortable. Took awhile to get service but when we did she was on point. They had a kamakazi shot specials and I jumped on that and got waaaaasted off my ass. My new favorite shot mmmmmmm. The girls are more than ok looking but what's most important to me is the energy of the ladies and how happy they look to be there. I loved their music choices and most worked the pole quite well and booty poppin especially for not being black lol. Speaking of that only one black girl there I mean were in Long beach for christ sakes how is there only one black chica! Its mostly latina and white gals with a sprinkle of asian. Oh and thank you Palms for having more than acceptable bathrooms for the ladies!! Seriously that is huge for me!!! I will be back sooner than later!!!!!!

Julian J.  on The Palms

posted on February 1, 2011
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Decided to try this place out for lunch and man was it DEAD! Havent been there at night but wouldn't recommend it for their lunch special.