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11572 Beach Boulevard

Stanton, California 90680

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SCN  on  Venus Lounge

posted on 31 March, 2017
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Dancers Wanted Sunrise Go Go NJ

Make $500 to $1000 PER NIGHT!

Come on down for (DANCER) Auditions: NO experience needed easy to train. Call our office at 973-279-1200

Lap Dances you keep all money you collect, champagne room gratuity you keep all money, when you have customer buy you a cocktail you get $5 chip to hand in at end of night ,you keep money, $5 chips, stage money your keep also.

We are located at 556 Straight Street in Paterson NJ, right behind St Joseph's Hospital. ALL NEW DEVELOPED AREA .Very clean , safe , indoor parking on the Clifton side of Paterson.


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Or visit our website

SCN  on  Venus Lounge

posted on 31 March, 2017
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Help Wanted

Icon Gentlemen's Club in Hudson Florida

looking to hire a Shooter Girl

We are currently hiring for a night time shooter girl to serve shots.

Please apply below or call us at


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Strip Club News  on Venus Lounge

posted on 3 February, 2017
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An $800 "he said-she said" over a night out for two pals at a Midtown strip club has ballooned into a $75 million Manhattan lawsuit.

Rene Zurita and Matt Friedman claim in their mega-dollar suit that three bouncers and a stripper swiped $776 from them, attacked them and then told police that they robbed the unidentified dancer at Rick's Cabaret on W. 33rd St. last February.

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SCN  on  Venus Lounge

posted on 25 January, 2017
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You can apply online Click Here or visit

Scores Cadillac Lounge

361 Charles Street

Providence, RI 2904

Phone: 401.521.7469

We are now auditioning for new entertainers!! Contact one of our Entertainment Managers for more info. 401-521-7469 or via email Come join our team!!!

SCN ADMIN (management)  on Venus Lounge

posted on 16 December, 2016


La Chambre Lounge is Detroit's oldest gentlemen's club.

We have immediate job openings for dancers, waitresses, chefs and djs.

If you have what it takes inquire online or call 313-537-5420.

Walk-ins are also welcome so feel free to come down to the club and apply in person.

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williamr  on  Venus Lounge

posted on 29 February, 2016
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Not sure what this place was suppose to be... Charged me and buddy $5 to get in... Not one girl came up to or near us... One girl went on stage in the 45 mins I was there... The pool tables were nice, but there we was a group of 7 or 8 guys back there, and not once did a dancer girl even glance that way... The waitress with tatts was a cutie and sweet- I actually asked the door dude for my $5 back, cuz it was not worth any fee to enter... Easily could've reached in and gave it back, instead, he directed me to the manager... Trust, if I had to be there another 2 minz, I would've hated life more- Venus is now my least favorite planet... Sorry guys, just being real...

Mistercap12  on  Venus Lounge

posted on 10 December, 2015
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I give the food here 5 stars. I repeat, I give the FOOD here 5 stars. Order the Carne Asada Nachos and you won't be disappointed. By far the best nachos I've ever had in my life! My friends won't believe me and think it's disgusting to eat at a strip club for for strippers going into retirement but trust me the food there is really good. Drinks are super stiff and super cheap. I come here for 4 vodka sodas and walk out with a pretty good buzz. Don't get caught slippin with your beer goggles! There's always 2 pretty girls out of the 7 that works there. You'll most likely catch them on a weekend. Anyways my review was about the food if your thinking about the girls enter at your own risk.

Jose G.  on Venus Lounge

posted on 21 June, 2015
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Love it! I go for Sasha! Nom nom nom! Plus free buffet for the ufc fight. Titties, booze, buffet and fights. What more can a guy ask for?

StripClub431  on  Venus Lounge

posted on 1 April, 2015
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venus is a good place to go you can do lunch and have good conversation, they have lots of TV's for the sports person and then they have the late nights with the girls. I will definitely be going back to this place the girls are not stuck up like most strip bars they talk have good conversation

fritter17  on  Venus Lounge

posted on 2 September, 2014
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Driving on Beach bl you can see the all white building. Parking is free, avg size but well lite. Once inside it's divided into two rooms. Stage area with pole, plenty of seats and HD tvs, $10 lap dance area and a long bar. Dez is a must see. Awesome bartender serving drinks and cold beer with her hot body. You can find Dez Fri-Sun.Second room is more HD tvs, more seating with pool tables. Second small bar off in the corner. Megan with her killer body, adorable eyes and charming personality works the small bar. If you want to just chill and have a few drinks, food, and watch sports, day time is best. After 5p more ladies come in and after 8p the full squad arrives.Quality of drinks and price A-.Food and service B.Inside appearance C.Friendly staff of ladies A-TV sound and viewing B+.Restrooms D+.Overall B+.Every mans dream pretty girls, good food and drinks along with sports. :-)

Schel H.  on Venus Lounge

posted on 17 September, 2012
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So I came here with some friends to watch the USC loss to Stanford. Well overall we had a great time, it just wasnt our teams night. None the less we had a good time. Primarily because it was one of my friends birthday. Since we ended up having a bunch to drink (countless pitchers it seems $7.75 domestic crap or $9.75 for imports or good domestics) we kinda lost track. They had a bunch of good options as well, primarily the usual suspects. Pro Tip: $20 minimum for a cred card charge for grub or booze, but there is an ATM on site.I ended up ordering the fried shrimp basket. It came with fries. It was quite tasty. However it was a bunch of mini shrimps, but that actually fit in perfectly for watching the game. The fries were standard crinkle-cut (not something you find very often these days). Pro Tip #2: There is a separate portion of the bar considered the "sportslounge" which is separate from the "adult entertainment" portion.The sportslounge portion of the bar has about 9 or 10 TVs in it as well as a partial bar. There are also a couple of pool tables in this area as well.Overall some of the waitresses/dancers were very helpful fun and entertaining. And some were not. This was definitely an enjoyable night out, with the exception of my team tanking it and loosing =\

adamrod  on  Venus Lounge

posted on 28 August, 2011
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Larry: There's a girl out there who calls herself Venus, what's her real name? Alice: Pluto. It's decieving in that it actually has alot more space on the inside than you would assume on the outside but I'll get back to that. I really detest the front area as you walk in- where I have to show my ID to a guy sitting in a box - really? I think the fact that I'm going to have some random girls bum in my face is impersonal enough - or maybe I was just peeved that I went into a strip joint and the first face I see is that of a man and not of a scantily clad beautiful woman with boobs up to her neck? Could be.I believe aside from all of the strippers, there weren't too many other females - doesn't matter. I should of came a little later as it seemed there was only about 2-3 girls actually dancing and since there wasn't that many patrons in the place they all just did this little sway dance instead of really getting into the music or working the pole. Ho-hum.There was sports on TV but since I don't watch any on my own time, I didn't know what the hell was going on so that wasn't entertaining either - The fact that I even noticed there was anything on TV told me I wasn't impressed with what was going on - on stage. Like I said though, it could just be the timing as I got there for happy hour. The bartenders were two females and they were very friendly and attentive. Especially the one in the turquoise thong. I wish I could remember her name but I really like the color turquoise (on a thong) and well, beer. So put those two together and I'm bound to forget names. The happy hour special that we got was a pitcher of Hefenweizen for 9 dollars which I think was fairly decent given that it was about 4? or so beers (2 each). I spent some of the time drinking my beer, and scanning the area - this is where my observation of the place being much bigger than anticipated came in. I noticed there were a couple of games of pool going on behind me and that there was a whole other section towards the back. I was trying to figure out if this is where they gave private dances because, well - it didn't look too private if I could see if from the bar stool that I was sitting on. I also noticed that there seemed to be an extra bar down that area - though I could just be conjuring this up on my own equivalent to the mirage of water in the hot desert. I finished my beer and proceeded to leave. I won't say that I left disappointed because I really didn't have any expectations when I came in. I'm just making notations of things that I witnessed on my random visit, though I think if I really want to give it an honest review I'd probably have to go later at dark - as the song says 'the freaks come out at night' - If i wanted to see a bunch of old white guys drinking watching football i could of stayed in Pasadena.

Remie M.  on Venus Lounge

posted on 1 June, 2010
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so i just moved to the area and my friend and i wanted to do something different. . . we ended it up @ venus. . .we were greeted by the manager who helped us get a waitress right away at our table. She was amazing. . .i admit she had a hot body. . . im obsessed with boobies! She made sure we were comfortable and well taken care of. Monday nights are whatevers. . . there was a really hot dancer named Ciara. . . she was super sweet and not bad to look at. . . the funny thing was the waitress and the dancer started hitting up on me and not my guy friend hahaha it was all in good fun though, and i was already 3 drinks and a shot in hahaa. To my surprise there were equal amount of girls to guys ratio. The "audience" if you may is pretty chill.

fuckery12  on  Venus Lounge

posted on 3 September, 2009
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Wow, this place is amazing. I went here because of thier NFL Sunday ticket (expecting a sports bar), because I wanted to watch the Seahawks and I was on business in Orange County. The food is excellent, so are the beers. The strippers serve your food and drinks while you watch football, then dance during the night games. Girls, Food, Beer, and Football?! You gotta be kiddding me, it's like heaven for men! I went there all 3 weekends I was there and got to know some of the regulars, which were a bunch of shit talkers. Loved it!

Grasp it now:  on Venus Lounge

posted on 8 March, 2007
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GAY BOUNCER  on Venus Lounge

posted on 22 February, 2007
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The bouncer named fred is gay! yes gay

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