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8351 Katella Ave

Stanton, California 90680

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igor34  on  Red Lips Showgirls

posted on September 27, 2016
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Does anyone know if they have dancers during the week or just Friday to Sunday I need to know before next week planning my hubbys birthday there . Thanks In advance

Raff  on  Red Lips Showgirls

posted on September 22, 2016
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Don't know why I waste my money here.. 3rd time here and haven't had a complaint til tonight. EVERYONE AVOID CLARA. SHE WILL CHEAT YOU YOUR MONEY, she said it was $20 extra for nude and touching in the $50 vip dance. Throughout the whole dance she didn't even make contact with me, for she was only dancing in front of me. She started halfway through the song and stopped at the end of it.

justinlk  on  Red Lips Showgirls

posted on July 21, 2016
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A couples review. We are a married couple who enjoy strip clubs. We go to different clubs about once every two months with a $500 budget and we are generous tippers...Updated 7/16/16We returned because of first to visits were good and I have to say it was our best visit yet. The women we talked to the last time we were there remember us and made sure we had a good time. We are definitely going back.... Make sure to tip your girls, treat them with respect, and don't be a Fn creep. ..............................This is a tuff review because we have been there four times. The first two visits were great, the last two were horrible. Overview Standard door fees and one drink minimum. $10.00 cover per person. = $20Drink minimum = $10Total entry cost for couples = $30 (5 stars)Location is clean, bathrooms are clean.Medium in size with plenty of seating with some secluded seating for the shy couples. Private dance area is nice with plenty of room for two. Private dance prices for two were different each time but reasonable. Not a lot of girls to choose fromQuality and variety of girls = 2.5 stars1st & 2nd visitsWe were approached within 15 minutes of sitting down by a girl that did not fit what we like however she was very nice and found us a girl that did. The majority of girls were attractive. As always we utilized the private room and had a good time.Last two visitsWe were there for one hour and never approached by any of the girls. They we're spending a lot of time sitting next to guys talking. Stage dancing only occurs about every 30 to 40 minutes. Very few attractive girls, several very large woman who wear outfits that look like a full piece swimsuit that grannies wear. The guests seemed unusually creepy and dirty which seemed what the girls were focused on. We let one of the organizers know about our experience before we left and she was very responsive and stated most girls are intimidated by couples. We noticed one other couple that was there for about 30 minutes before leaving.Based on the last two visits we would say this is not a couple friendly club as they state on their website. This is very disappointing as we had two previous good experiences at this location.

XhXeXy  on  Red Lips Showgirls

posted on June 11, 2016
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So...I seldom go to Gentlemen's clubs however because of a medical issue I cannot drink alcohol for awhile so I am always put in a conundrum. One of my buddies from work told me to go here, after 6 straight days of work and not being able to drink, I was really stressed and it was showing. My buddy assured me I would have a great time and not blow a ton of $$$ just to unwind for s bit. Was he ever right. I showed up kind of early for a Sat night but I had just gotten off work and needed to relax. Standard door fee and drink minimum but no one is pushy about anything, door guys are very friendly and cool. I enter very quickly, find a nice corner spot this cute lil fairy pops up and gets me a drink. I think her name was Molly ? Total sweet heart as she got people drinks and waited kept singing doing lil dances. Then a few girls go up on the stage, all of them are attractive to me at least. Many different ethnicities and most body types are the same. Few thicker chicks but they were just as cute and nice as the skinny ones. Did I get a private dance ? Yes. Did I have s smile on my face the whole time ? YesQuality chicks ? YesBest part was Clara. I spent a good amount of time with her, she is absolutely sweet and fun to spend time with. I wish I would have had more time and energy but after about two hours I was tired and after 6 days of work I am not sure what else would have ended it better.

eddyL  on  Red Lips Showgirls

posted on February 22, 2016
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First things first, this is my new go to club. Thursday night. The girls here are gorgeous. You see clubs in rap videos with gorgeous women and wish clubs in real life were the same, and this is one of them.The manager Jess is freaking gorgeous. The women here are gorgeous as well. For a Thursday night, this place got pretty busy by 9 and they have plenty of women by that time. Drinks are $5 and really top choices for music and the DJ is cool. Highly recommend this place. It's under new management as well.