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8532 Sepulveda Boulevard

Van Nuys, California 91343

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GarryWas  on  Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on September 9, 2016
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Everything on the menu is good...Never disappointed. And the entertainment is off the hook! I'll continue to visit!

rickywho2  on  Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on March 23, 2016
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They have rats all over the place it's pretty disgusting. They have no customer service

AssnTits5  on  Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on February 6, 2015
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I have been to this establishment twice....Now granted both times they were on a monday and i didnt expect a whole heck of a lot....but I do expect to be treated with a little respect as we had just got in and settled down after 5 minutes of walking into the door....First off its $10 to get in the door (not bad when other places are twice as much for less), and of course, no alcohol....but the girls are ok at best....they dont know how to strike up a conversation and go right to hey do you want a dance instead of trying to somehow grab your interest (sorry it take a little more than hi...i want your money....at least make me want to give you my money)....now when you come up to me and I tell you no thanks, I am just relaxing and enjoying the night, I dont expect a shitty answer like "then why did you even come here!" and walk off after only saying one full sentence to me....I understand you ggirls are trying to make your money, but treating your customers like crap, let alone not talk to the person long enough to feel comftorable around you because thats just how some peoples personalities are....just not the way to go...Now this not only happened to me this last time but the first time as well and I thought well maybe its just a bad night or the girls THAT night were just horrible, but it seems to be a recurring atmosphere....I'm really unsure about going back ever again and I'm going to tell others not to waste your time AND money on girls that are rude. That surely makes me not want to spend another dollar in that place.

Rob  on Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on January 29, 2008
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I was there on a Friday night and met a girl named Carrie Ann.. I was wondering if she still works there and what her scedule is.. She gives a very nice erotic lap dance.

big mack  on Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on October 31, 2007
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where is my girl diamond?

Purley Naughty  on Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on March 8, 2007
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jack  on Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on March 12, 2006
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looking for a stacked blonde who worked at oddball 10 years ago, Glenda m. from Baltimore. Anyone knows if she turned MILF?

hey jersey boy  on Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on August 31, 2005
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would love to go back to jersey and dance for a week. it would pay for more tuition money i will let you know ok, thanks for the comments

jerseyboy  on Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on August 22, 2005
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Tish , that is coo?l- again just let me know where u end up! i have heard that certain states, certain townships treat dancers in a bad way but i do hope u land somewhere because it is a crying shame for all of that beauty to be covered up in a nurses outfit; unless u are a naughty nurse :-))) talk to u soon

to jersey boy  on Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on August 22, 2005
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i was working at ggr in lawrence harbor about two years ago in august 03 i moved to seattle wa and quit dancin due to its unethical treatment of the dancers money and liscencing. so i took up nursing in the hospital over here in seattle. i may or may not relocate to california but i do want to visit i have not taken the stage in 2 years and feel all virgin dancer like again. thanks for your response and if any one knows any info on california laws please post and let me know tish

JerseyBoy  on Odd Ball Cabaret

posted on August 22, 2005
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Tish, I live in Jersey! Once you do land at a club post where you are in this site and I am there. Damn your fine! Are you sure you are not from Texas. Don't forget! I travel to Cali quite often so its not out of my way!