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West Los Angeles, California 90064

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Akiko I.  on Plan B

posted on January 28, 2012
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So my husband and I attended a gallery opening one day and decided to try Plan B for dinner. Yes, it's a strip club but it's not too skanky or dirty like the strip clubs you see on TV. This was the first time I've been inside a strip club but I didn't feel too weird or out of place.We were one of the first few customers that day. The room is clean with a stage, bar area, booths, and "back area" for lap dances I'm assuming... We decided to sit and have cocktails and appetizers first.* Mojito = pretty good, no sweetness added* Plan B = their "fruity" drink....VERY strong* Clam Chowder = YUM!!! Very creamy but not too thick. LOVED it.* Shrimp cocktails = HUGE shrimp with cocktail sauce in the middle. After a while, more customers came the time we left, me and another lady were the only girls there but it really wasn't uncomfortable...well, until a stripper started talking to me saying she wants to give me lap dances...* NY steak and Roquefort salad = very good. Yummy yet healthy.* Shrimp and filet mignon = This is the only dish we didn't care for. We ordered medium rare and received well done. I mean really WELL DONE. Overall, it was an interesting night. For $150, we enjoyed a very different kind of entertainment. * Location = pretty convenient, plenty of parking.* Food = pretty good but I wouldn't order the beef again.* Ambiance = very pleasant for a strip club* Service = it was good. I think they didn't want to approach us too much since we were a couple....

Mc Lovin L.  on Plan B

posted on June 12, 2011
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Mc Lovin says:this ended up being plan E when some friends and I were looking to work on some projects with visual aides.we were surprised by how productive we became after our visit.great staff and ladies, the patrons here were friendly and respectful.

richard95  on  Plan B

posted on January 8, 2011
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Scam Alert! watch out.we've been asked to leave our credit card to open the tab.When we asked to closed we asked to split the tab between three cards - which they did perfectly, but then again they also charged the original card for the full amount so we ended paying double.- Girls are hot but no tits nor nudity, and they're SUPER agressive when it comes to your class, going to this place is at your own risk.

Bobby C.  on Plan B

posted on July 8, 2010
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Plan 'B' eh. I guess plan 'A' would be be anywhere but here!2 stars only for the fact that it serves booze...Bleh. I'm always critical of Strip Joints. They're always overpriced with cover and drink minimums. By the time you leave you feel like a degenerate Black Jack player who lost his house in a bad sequal to the Hangover.But I've had great experiences at Sam Alder Brau downtown, Crazy Girls and Body Shop in Hollywood, so I feel I'm still able to give an unbiased opinion.I went with 3 girls. 2 who had never been to a joint. Should be awesome, right? Well cover on a Tuesday is $5. Fair enough, I wouldn't have gone in had it been a dollar more, but certainly reasonable.Granted it was a Tuesday night with hardly anyone in the crowd, but the girls dancing looked like they were about to OD on xanax. I don't know why the pole was even there except to maybe hold them up.No showmanship, no bueno!I've read that they have busier nights and they serve killer food which is nice but I ain't going back anytime soon. We bounced after a symbolic drink.Maybe people come for the food?

AssnTits5  on  Plan B

posted on January 22, 2010
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I like Plan B as a bar, a bikini club, and for some late night food--that's right, they also have decent food. First things first: Plan B is a bikini bar, not a strip club. The girls bikini- and lingerie-dance on stage and the lap dances are a top-on affair. That said, the girls are above average, most really know how to dance, they are fairly friendly, and they will drink with you. That's right, the girls drink. The drinks are priced above average, but not out of this world. (Most strip clubs will charge you $12-$20 just to buy a girl a bottle of water.) The cover at Plan B ranges from $5 to $15, but the last time I went my date was free. That was new. The Girls: All the girls do a good job of mingling and all it really takes is a 5 second glance to get them to come over. Some of the girls hustle for lap dances, but most are happy to sit a while and have a drink. I rate the girls as above average and many have great stripper pole skills. Since this isn't a strip club, don't expect to see much (although I have not been to the VIP room). Lap dances are average and well monitored by the bouncers. Unless there are lots of dances going on, don't plan on rovering hands. Lap dances are in a well lit non-private room with well above average seating and go for $20 a pop. My only complaint is that the seats all seem to be facing each other; and the last thing I want is to see is someone else getting a lap dance or have someone watching me get one. The Food: As I said, they have decent food--not excellent, but very good. The cost is a couple of bucks above market for the quality, but considering the environment very well priced. I've had the Caesar salad and the burger, both late night, which was just what I needed. The Bar: I have been to Plan B about a dozen times and the bar tenders and servers are always very friendly and professional. On one occasion I even tipped my server for her dancing skills as she had fun passing out the drinks. The Crowd: Except for the one or two weirdos that come in because they want to drink and roam the floor not knowing what to do the crowd is fun. There are hipsters, older wannabe Russian mob types, and the average guy. I usually go to clubs with a date and the dancers are always nice to female customers, providing just the right mix of complements while still showing interest in the guy (that's me). Conclusion: I really like Plan B and aside from the lap dance issue stated above, there is little to dislike and much fun to be had.

Tommy T.  on Plan B

posted on February 10, 2009
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A Upscale Strip Club without the StrippingNice interior and bar area,Vegas style club.There isn't any actual stripping going on here,just some classy looking dancers in Bikini's & Lingerie on a 8 foot circular stage with a pole.The Dancers here actually put on a nice show with themes and specialmoves.They do have lap dancing here if that is your cup of tea.Tried the food and it was only so so.Stick with the wine selection & snacks.Good place for a nitecap.Official Score 1.50 Stars for the atmosphere & bar Area1.50 Stars for Food.Total score 3.00 Stars

Gail H.  on Plan B

posted on September 19, 2006
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Bored with the same-ole restaurants and clubs?Something different to do ....go to a Bikini Bar. My girlfriend pole-danced there last year, so, on several occasions, I grabbed some friends, male and female, and we partied front row, till they kicked us out at 2 AM.Yummm....while your eyes are popping out, fill up your tummy with Plan B's delectable food. The Signature Stuffed Shrimp is a great choice for an appetizer. Jumbo shrimp, butterflied and sauteed in garlic butter, perched on mushrooms and stuffed with creamed crab meat. This was everyone's favorite at $10.00I love salads, so my favorite is their Goat Cheese Salad. Seasonal greens, cashews and baby tomatoes in a rosemary citrus dressing. Not bad at $7.00.The entrees consist of steak, seafood, and chicken. They've added many more items to their menu since I was there last year.Great non-stop music...beautiful, sexy dancers. No stripping below a bikini, but ... as they say ... It leaves more to the imagination!!For my birthday last year (it was a monumental one!), my buddies bought ME a lap dance. Woo-hoo!! Monique was my dancer (and also my favorite)'t forget to bring a wad of dollar bills and DO plan to get your fantasy on!! ;)