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Jordanp  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on November 5, 2016
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Went in on a Saturday night with a couple friends and immediately we were greeted and helped by Chelsea. Started it off with a round of beers and she was very consistent with checking in on us making sure we were doing great which we were and her positive attitude helped keep the smiles on all our faces throughout the night. Awesome experience overall, good priced drinks, awesome vibes and its all thanks to Chelsea, her smile and attitude! Definitely coming back here and recommending it to others!

fisherdex1  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on October 24, 2016
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Came here on a Wed. afternoon after finishing a job out in Westminster and boy was I happy to discover this place. Beautiful women who are really friendly and make you feel welcomed. Very attentive bartenders; Mitchell and Lindsey were great. Wish I'd came here with some friends. The only con was that there was no juke box. However, they play good tunes from the 80's so it's all good. If I'm out in Orange county again I'll definitely visit this place again!

Raff  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on September 17, 2016
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I would give it 0 if that was an option. Obviously never going there again, and I wouldn't recommend this place for a single woman considering you might be mistaken for a whore or a crackhead. I went in to check the place out. I'm 35 they checked my id. I ordered a drink and looked around noticing I was the only girl there. The bartender came back with my drink and I gave her 9 dollars for my 6.50 drink. She explained about the tip bucket so I offered 50 cents to make it even. The Manager bartender came over and yelled at me that they wouldn't change out my money and I'd have to leave. She went to security and he came to ask what went on. My bartender explained she had my money I was giving an even tip. The Manager came to apologize but the embarrassment from the ordeal was too much. I tried to leave the whole amount to my bartender and leave my drink but security came out with my drink money. Thanks for thinking I'm a crackhead. I'm wearing designer jeans, a tank top and a hoody, and no makeup.. I don't need to look like a hooker to go out for a drink and I'm happy being independent enough to go somewhere without an escort. I feel discriminated against and completely mortified.

XXXbeast  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on July 13, 2016
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I love this place. All the girls are great (especially cece) and the beer is always cold! My favorite spot!

kenston12  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on May 12, 2016
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I came in to the place recently and was very impressed with the decor and drink selections. They had my favorite, Maker's Mark. All the staff are very friendly and professional. Perhaps the only downsides are it's a cash only bar and the parking lot is very small. I was only here for a couple of drinks, but look forward to coming back.

brandonresh  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on December 28, 2015
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Amber the manager is such an awesome person she always greets us well always checking up on us excellent service so sad to hear that such a great manager is leaving she will be missed dearly Make sure to stop in by and say bye to Amber

felixnada  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on August 25, 2015
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Wow..came one a Saturday and man never felt like this at a bar before.. I guess if your not a regular the bartenders will have no interest in talking to you..they will just ignore you until YOU talk to them . lol. . It just sucks..but oh well...on to the next bar..haha

Tony J.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on May 11, 2015
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I'm a fan... Beer Billiards n's Buns!This is a bikini sports bar.. actually a lingerie sports bar. Three women were on staff on a Saturday night. Wearing thong and bras they strutted around the bar keeping clients happy, cups full and flirted. Girls were pretty,young, and curvy!Pretty cool place. Nothing like this in jersey... Unfortunately!

Dez M.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on February 28, 2015
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Do not go to this place if you are a girl. The bartenders only tend to men. Oh well because I probably tip better than any perverts at that bar & I am not looking at certain parts of the body. Also do not wear a hat because it is the "rules." So lame.

Johnson12  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on January 23, 2015
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Was first turned on to this place by a friend a couple years ago. Been a semi-regular ever since (only semi because I don't go out drinking as much). Basically it's like your average dive sports bar with a couple pool tables, some tables, long bar and big TVs always playing some game. The added bonus is they're beautiful women, with almost nothing on. Plus the drinks are pretty cheap!! :) Most of the girls are really cool, and treat you like friend (even my first time there). Just remember, it's not a strip club, and the girls don't react very well when you treat them like strippers.There is one girl who I see working there a lot, Amber. I think she manages the place. She's like the old school bartender, chat you up, joke around, and serve you a perfect Gin and Tonic. Plus, She's cute and has a killer bod. All in all it's a great place to go hang out with your bros and knock back a few....P.S. DON"T mess with Natalie... She's Mean!!!

mathewater12  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on January 8, 2015
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Cool place to chill good atmosphere. The girls are very attractive and the place is always full.

Hugo Z.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on November 21, 2014
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Hands down worst bar experience ever.Went with 2 other friends and was meeting up with 4 more there.1. As we (3 people) entered the bar and were getting our id's checked the door man proceeded to give us all dirty looks and I was questioned if my band t-shirt was gang affiliated. Nothing offensive or of gang affiliation was on my shirt. I told the guy no and it was just a band shirt, I was let in.2. Inside some of our friends went to the ladies room and came out disgusted. Overflowing dirty toilet and very dirty restroom, the men's room wasn't any picnic either.3. When 2 of our friends were let in they had to remove their beanies under suspicion that it can be gang affiliated. I don't know what gang wears baby blue knit beanies with cartoon patches on em but none the less they had to remove them.4. Inside one of our friends removed his jacket and was approached by the door man and was told he had to put it back on cause he was wearing a sleeveless shirt. He had no offensive tattoos or markings so we didn't get what the big deal was.5. Took forever to get drinks. Seemed like the ladies there were only drawn to tables with only men.Overall we felt very not welcomed there from the start. We left and made a pact never to go there again. Green girl saloon, please post all your rules and regulations at the door cause it seems way too conservative and exclusive to try and have a good time at your bar.

Jeff L.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on October 31, 2014
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Awesome Bikini bar went on Saturday plenty of hot lady's in Halloween costumes had a good time will definitely be returning .

rogerrab2  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on September 19, 2014
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The bouncers here are amazing!

Jennifer P.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on July 8, 2014
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I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO THIS BAR EVER AGAIN!The bouncer and the waiter girl were SOOOOO rude to me!I gave them my I.D. and they harassed me afterwards...They asked me to sign my signature 3 times, name my Driver's license number ( and who the hell memorizes their driver's license number anyways), they asked personal questions stated on my I.D. ( such as my motorcycle license), then they asked for a second form of identification. I showed them my credit card and Facebook because I only brought my Driver's license as a picture form of I.D. and they said my Facebook didn't mean anything. After that they threw my I.D. at me! I was so offended at that point that an establishment would treat me like that. If they thought my I.D. wasn't valid (which it was!) then they should have just kicked me out instead of harassing me. After throwing my I.D. at me, they had the audacity to ask my friends and I if we were going to order drinks. After that, my friends and I stood up and left the bar.Never in my life had I been so disrespected. I do not recommend coming here. The service is horrible and the bouncer is rude. So rude to a point where I felt personally offended.

Andrew B.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on May 9, 2014
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I usually drag my sad, lonely butt here once a week or there about so that I can stare into the face of what it was like when I was younger... and didn't get hot girls. They have a surprisingly large array of alcohol, and they even had my favorite Sambuca. I like the beers they have as I experiment often. I try not to learn the names of the girls, because then they become a person, and not something to oogle. I'm a little sad that they do cash only, but I get it - then you are willing to tip more to the wonderful ladies that walk around half naked.

Earvin F.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on April 26, 2014
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I had visited this establishment (GG) several times with co-workers & friends. I had never encountered a bad experience with the bartenders and they were very attentive to their customers as well as my group. HOWEVER, my recent visit on 4/18 will be my last visit here. 1) I arranged to meet a friend here to grab a few drinks. As I sat down at the bar, Michelle (bartender) gave me the cold shoulder and move toward the end of the bar to offer a drink to other patrons. 2) My buddy caught me up to speed what just had transpired the past 30 minutes. He grabbed some fresh air outside with another buddy after grabbing one drink. Once they came back in, Michelle out loud made accusations at my buddy for smoking weed. 3) Michelle was not only rude but gave a condescending tone toward all three of us and told the other bartenders to not serve us any drinks. We asked for the manager and she blatantly said she was the manager. We mentioned we will file a complaint letter to the owner for her rude behavior and she blatantly said she was the owner. 4) Due to her behavior, other customers on our end of the bar received the "short end of the stick" of service for drinks. All the bartenders staggered at the other end of the bar serving customers there. Sadly, I had originally looked forward to consider this as a new hangout spot for drinks and had recommended this place to my buddy who I did meet up this evening. Unfortunately, this one and only experience will be my last after experiencing this type of rude behavior from a single bartender named Michelle. We literally got kicked out of the bar before 7:30pm after her threats of calling the police if we don't leave.I do hope the other bartenders are not or do not behave the way she did. I hope other patrons do not experience a similar experience as I have on this evening. On my Do Not Return (DNR) list

Catherine P.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on February 16, 2014
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This place is definitely a dive bar. It's pretty run down and dirty too. This place needs to be on 'Bar Rescue' or something. The only good thing about this place is probably the women's bathroom because it's the only place with light. Most of the girls here only care about the male customers because they walk around with cups for tips and when they serve you your drink, they will put the cup on your table for you to put their tip in. It has their name on it and everything. If you ask another girl to bring you a drink, they will put ANOTHER cup with their name on the table so you can't mix the tips up it something. This place is like worse than a strip club. The staff is really unprofessional all together. The door guy insulted the shirt I was wearing. Like who insults the women customers like that? I would not recommend this bar to anyone, especially if you are a woman. Honestly, I'm giving them one star because one of the bartenders who came up to me was kind of nice...but everything else was blah. I would give them zero stars if I could.

Jennifer R.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on January 26, 2014
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The bar has a nice atmosphere. The bartenders were very nice and attentive. I gave the low rating because my date and I were watching the UFC fights on the TV, which was playing well before we arrived, and when it was 20 seconds into the main fight the bartender changed the channel. She stated that as a rule the owner does not allow violent television programming. We thought this was strange and very rude since it had already been on One hour prior to her turning it off. One of the bartenders 10 min prior was commenting on the appearance of one of the fighters. We then began to finish watching the fight on our cell phone and was scolded for watching the fight. This is a bikini bar for crying out loud. I don't need a lesson in morality from a bar owner who employes half naked ladies.

Dustin R.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on November 3, 2013
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Great place. I have seen similar type places charge way more for drinks, their prices are right in line with any bar. The girls who work here are not only very attractive, they are extremely nice and fun to chat with.

Burgan D.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on October 30, 2013
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Went to this bar after work last night and myself and a business partner were literally embarissingly asked to leave the premises for smelling like cannibus. After defending for a moment we were then told "maybe it was my stinky cigarette" and we were still asked to leave. We had no time to sit and argue as we are both professionals with busy schedules and were mearly meeting to discuss business. We are "people of color" which I hope had nothing to do with the situation but I do not put it past this establishment based on how the bartender treated us. I left a half glass of a Kettle One screwdriver on the bar in disgust. I wish I got the bartenders name as the actual bartender that served me was quite pleasant (blonde), The Liberace inspired brunette not so much. I would have gave a goose egg but this place was in OCWEEKLY as a Top location and I repect that publications opinion. RACIST? UNFAIR? UNJUST? DO NOT GO TO THE GREEN GIRL SALOON.

Stas O.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on October 6, 2013
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Like a Vietnamese Coffee shop but with a bar and american girls!! =]Will Come back

Tri D.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on July 5, 2013
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Was here....quite a while ago but it was very fun when I went with some friends. When I first came alone, the owner was very kind and even teased me for using my iPad in his place instead of checking out the girls. From then on I go with friends which makes it a lot more enjoyable. The server ended up having one drink with us which was kickass and made it a very fun experience!

Harrison69  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on May 29, 2013
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This place sucks from the door guy to the customer service. First the door was rude I'm there to spend money they should be cordial maybe even friendly inviting make people want to come back. Second the customer service sucks these girls walk right by you while standing at the bar not even acknowledge you. I stood there while they hugged and checked there cell phones for about 10 minutes. Then the blond bartender finally got my drinks after a few tenders walked by me a few times. But acted like I was bugging her after she talked to the guy next to me.

Victor M.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on May 24, 2013
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Oh Yeah, oh yeah! Woooooo!

Vampirelykan Z.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on April 5, 2013
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I went to this bar about 3 months ago because of the reviews of this bar been a nice place to hang out , i went with a girl friend and spent there about 6 mins... there was about 6 bikini girls and about 10 patron that night , the bar is small [ that it's ok ] and the looks its ok too but the problem was trying to get service here , me and my girl friend sat on one of the tables , took a few pics of us hanging there and still no service... that is the reason why i am not going back to this bar again... 1 star only

Anthony B.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on March 1, 2013
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The Green Girl Saloon is a good place to have a drink, watch a game, and during commercials admire the women in bikinis. the establishment is clean, the prices are decent, but the service is poor unless you're a "regular". attaining this title means the girls will frequently visit your table to chat and even drink with you. but for the first timer and infrequent customer, you might be waiting a while for that second drink.

Jose A.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on November 6, 2012
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Great dive bar to have a few drinks and BS with the fellas. The girls are smoking hot and are always checking up on you for refills. Its a relaxed environment and I have yet to see a fight break out. The girls are very friendly and can actually carry a conversation; half naked but smart chicas. Only downside is they don't accept credit or debit cards. Your experience at GG's is what you make of it.

Christopher L.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on October 31, 2012
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Great dive bar. Very loyal clientele -- you can tell by the way everyone interacts with one another. Just stopped in for a drink one night and found myself coming back a few more times. I don't know if I'll be a regular anytime soon, but I can see why people come back.Welcoming, clean, great vibe. Strong drinks.

Jen L.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on September 18, 2012
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I come here time to time with a friend or two when I'm feelin' like spending a whole lot of money on alcohol (which is seldom). I've been here about 10 times probably? Never had a bad time. Although once, me and a gf came in and they checked our ID's... fine. My gf had a passport and they wouldn't accept it as a form of ID. Really?! It's government issued and trumps a driver's license! Whatever, we had to leave and went down the street to another place to spend our hundreds of dollars. lol. The girls here are always nice and decent looking. Way better than Players, Sundown, Filling Post or Beach Girls I hear. The girls push the shots... and will ask you to buy them shots... helps the sales and more tips. The prices for shots are higher than other bikini bars. The only thing I don't like is: Tip Cups: I know a lot of people that have come here including myself that don't really like the tip cup idea. If multiple girls serve you, you have all these tip cups on your table and no room for your arms. If you don't put a good amount of tips in there, no attention and no service. Your change comes in the tip cup, so they hope that you leave it in there.

kevin b.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on July 1, 2012
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dropped in to have a beer with a friend. nice location, quiet small. Amanda and Brittany were cool. All the girls are cute. beers $4 didn't eat anything. Would drop in again for sunday or monday night nfl.everyone was cool.Paz, Kevin

  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on February 17, 2012
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It's HILARIOUS that some of the female reviewers below are "hating". It's a friggin bikini bar! What do you guys expect?? lol Kudos to the other female reviewers though.Anyway, this place is cool to just chill and hang out with your buddies. There's plenty of flat screens and the drinks prices are very reasonable. I paid about 4 bucks for a beer and 5 bucks for a Jameson.This bar gives Swinging Door (in Tustin) some good competition!

Steve V.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on February 14, 2012
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Best bar in HB!

ryan123  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on February 7, 2012
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Went here for drinks last night because of a friends recommendation. Place is very small and was already packed. I got a spot at the bar but most of us ended up standing most of the time. Service was ok I guess. Cash only so hit the atm before going in. But what bar now days doesn't have a credit card machine come on rgt! So we had a few drinks then left for a larger establishment. May go back again to give it another shot but no time in the near future.

Amy M.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on January 26, 2012
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I actually have been wanting to go to this place with my bf to check it out. Anyway, the service wasn't great (maybe because I am a female) and the girls looked like they were just out of high school.

Gina V.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on June 9, 2011
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Cool spot to grab a drink and at pool. The owner is a sweetheart, and the bartenders are cute! ...but BEWARE They will flirt with your date if you don't watch out!!!! Lol! During the week you will find mostly locals (meaning dudes that live down the street). Friday and Saturday nights are busy nights. The parking lot fills up quick and it is harder to find a pool table. Cool people that are a lot more laid back than those you would find on main street.

AssnTits5  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on March 3, 2011
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Hot bartenders in bikinischeap cold beersports on TVis this heaven?

Peter T.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on February 19, 2011
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Went here on Super Bowl Sunday, gotta love this place, it's only my 2nd time here and I couldn't be happier. Great drinks, in both quality and price, awesome girls, specially Christine :-) And it's all good fun there, no BS.

larry1  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on November 11, 2010
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They are cute, they are in small bikinis or lingerie. They are friendly and serve you well. Problem is getting their attention as they are all .... yeah, probably shouldn't write it here. There are a lot of old creepy looking regulars, but hey it's a bar in Westminster with cute girls in skimpy clothes, it's expected.Didn't try the food (if they have any). Price is about what you would expect, maybe a bit pricey for a bar in Westminster. It's prices like a club $6-7 for beer on tap and $10+ for shots/cocktails.One warning, "congratulations shot"...... they turned me away from the bar and made me count to ten. Then apparently, cause I didn't see, each girl who was randomly changing liquor bottles in their hands stopped and poured a shot of whatever was in there hands when I said 0. That's 3 or 4 girls with 2 hands, so it was either 6 or 8 random shots in one glass topped off with some juice shot apparently.What else can I say besides I don't remember much after that.

David T.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on December 18, 2009
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Cools spot. But like another reviewer said, it does get boring. No jukebox. Of course the girls are all hot, almost always!! Drinks are O.K. Service has gotten better the past few times I've been there. Probably one of the best Bikini Bars in the area.

Joey E.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on July 22, 2009
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Great atmosphere, cheap drinks, although my New Castle wasn't really cold. I'd definitely go back

Erika P.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on June 23, 2009
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This is a great neighborhood bar. It is not too far from house and my boyfriend and his friend love it! The bartenders are very friendly. I have no problem of my boyfriend going here. ;)

joseph1k  on  The Green Girl Saloon

posted on May 24, 2009
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On one of the longest weeknights I've had in a while, our second to last stop was Green Girl Saloon. I've driven by this place a million times and thought "why would anyone want to get a drink in there?" Well, upon Minh N.'s recommendation we decided to grab a drink here. Wow, I totally would not have expected the interior to look as nice as it does.The girls wear underwear but they are super friendly so I will momentarily put my body issues aside. Maybe it was fatigue from drinks earlier in the night and a little bit of exhaustion (we went on a Wednesday/hump day so I was still tired from work) but it was hard for me to tell if our waitresses were being super attentive and asking us if we were okay and needed more drinks or if they were being pushy. I guess it doesn't really matter if they were pushy in a friendly way and didn't give us attitude when we declined to order more drinks.For the most part, the crowd is a bunch of dudes sitting around watching the game and playing pool. You can get a bag of peanuts for $0.50. I didn't pay for any drinks last night but I hear it is cash only (say what?)

Bee T.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on April 16, 2009
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this is a total locals bar. there's nothing spectacular about it, which is GREAT. there aren't bimbos walking around sniffing for rich, older men like other places in orange county. all the girls are great, friendly and outgoing. drink prices are normal ($7-$8 a pop?). the crowd is not overwhelmed with douche bags trying to grab a feel nor is anyone stuck's a pretty chill place to hang out, be drama-free, and play pool!

Peter Y.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on April 12, 2009
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I can't help it - I love this place. Although this place is not for everyone, I like to just sit at a bar drink few beers with my buddies and watch ESPN. Oh, bartenders aren't too bad looking either - actually they are great. It's a total dive bar and if you come before 7 PM, it is a local after-work blue collar bar which I like. I know bartenders are pretty and barely wear anything but they can drink you under the table all day long. My buddies and I tried to collect all of the girls tip "cups" by buying them shots and we had loads of fun. Cheers - literally!

Vu N.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on December 3, 2008
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I've been going here for years. Kind of your average divey bar: pool tables, flat screens playing ESPN, hard pours and young ladies parading around in bikinis... wha??? Am I in heaven? Why is she talking to me? Did this hottie just hand me my favorite greyhound (Grey Goose vodka and grapefruit juice) and a bag of salty nuts? How is she taking shots alongside me and not getting tarred? Why haven't I gone home yet? Don't I have work in the morning? Why is the sun out already? Damn you Green Girl for making me time travel.

Kelly C.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on August 9, 2008
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Great little local dive bar where the servers/bartender are girls in bikinis and lingerie. When I go visit my friends down in the OC and we want to just hang out and have a few drinks, this is where we go (note that my friends are all guys). You can also shoot pool, though usually the tables are taken.Most of the girls here are pretty cute. They drink with you and they're quite friendly too. Not a bad place to chill when you're in the area.The biggest plus for a bar: Drinks are quite cheap! So tip well because I think that's the owner's intent. Oh, and you can have pizza delivered here if the chips and peanuts don't satisfy you.

A N.  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on December 8, 2007
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One would not think "bikini bar" when you see the decor inside. The decor conveys "Old English pub" while the scantily clad bartenders conveys "Peep show" or some other descriptive word when you see cute girls in bikinis. There's a TV or two to watch whatever they put on, usually sports. They got beer, liquor and mixed drinks. I was introduced to the 4 Horsemen, which my party never found out what was in there, but we're guessing Ron Barcadi, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Jose Cuervo. Just a place to drink, chill with friends, play pool and watch the eye candy.

Beauty Girl  on The Green Girl Saloon

posted on March 7, 2007
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