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Denver, Colorado 80206

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Gay Republican  on Longhorn (Gay)

posted on September 17, 2007
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I'd like to outlaw your clubs so we can keep gay sex where it belongs, between the toilets and urinals!

re: Danger  on Longhorn (Gay)

posted on June 17, 2007
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If he's "open" to anal (excuse the pun) rather than just the normal oral, your boyfriend will go a long way.

Danger  on Longhorn (Gay)

posted on November 29, 2006
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Hey guys. I, for one, am not actually spamming your message board. My roommate is looking for a place to strut his stuff in the Denver metro area, and I was looking for more info on your club. As far as my roommate - he's 6'5", slender but well-muscled, shoulder-length hair, grey-blue eyes, and has a very goth style. He's never danced before, but I'm a (female) dancer, and my friends and I have been prepping him on the basics for a while now. Are you looking for any performers right now?

re: Repent gay Repub  on Longhorn (Gay)

posted on November 5, 2006
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He said he only bought the drugs 'cause he was curious but threw them away, sought a "massage" from a male prostitute but forgot to tell us about the "happy ending" and all the other monthly visits over 3 years in between his visits to see Bush and latent phone calls to Karl Rove. As Jimmy Swaggert said once before "I have Sinned". Oh yeah, Jim Baker too but like Jim, admit drugs and women but never admit to gay sex. Their republicans head would explode so many of them are fighting the urge every day.

Repent Republicans!  on Longhorn (Gay)

posted on November 3, 2006
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Repent Gay Republicans! At least stay deep in the Closet! Outlaw gay marrage and keep it in the gay underground where it belongs!