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4301 N. Elizabeth

Pueblo, Colorado 

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dancer  on Mystic Cabaret

posted on June 4, 2006
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I'll be coming thru this small town for short period of time & curious about this club. ANY info great!!!! How is mngment, girls, etc....

big dicker from denv  on Mystic Cabaret

posted on January 3, 2006
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too bad....... mystic is now closed. too bad!!!!!!!!!!!1 i never got a chance to go! money's bad!!! business sucks!!!!!!!!! maybe a live band would help!!!!!!!!1 putt putt isn't gonna do it neither will laser tag!!!!!!1 too many pussy's gone to waste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

David  on Mystic Cabaret

posted on March 2, 2005
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This club concept rocks!!!!! For $20 you can bring in your own liquor and smoke inside, then go to the other part of the club and it is ALL NUDE. I played in a poker tournament they had on Thursdays and Fridays for a free trip, but lost. They have a nice selection of girls in there, and Sky gave me a lap dance I won't soon forget. Thanks all at the Mystic

passer-by  on Mystic Cabaret

posted on January 24, 2005
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Stopped on way thru town. Most small town clubs are predictable. Small 1 stage etc;. Not this one. Large, comfortable place with Great Private Dances!! Comparable to any large city atomosphere. Cool thing about this place, for only $3 bucks more than what it costs to visit the place. You can get hooked up- BYOB membership. Bring in your own booze set ups were free. Girls are allowed to sit and drink with you. All of which I saw, sexy & in great shape. Definetly worth a look

cory  on Mystic Cabaret

posted on December 5, 2004
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does anyone know if echo still dances at the mystic . . .?

Onyx out there????  on Mystic Cabaret

posted on May 11, 2004
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Does anyone know if a dancer by the name of Onyx is working at this club?