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55 K St SE

Washington, District of Columbia 20003

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OldDC3  on Club 55

posted on March 9, 2009
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Did this club relocate or is it officially closed?

toogirly  on Club 55

posted on February 28, 2009
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Hey ladies, im visiting dc for couple of months and wanted to know what the club is like. So If anyone could give me some info I would greatly appreciate it. Questions like: what are the prices of the dances? Is it a lapdance (grinding/friction) or table dance (air dance/no-touch)? Is there a designated dance area or is it anywhere on the floor. Do you do dances on a table like in some Colorado clubs? Does the club have vip lounge? How often is stage set per night? Lastly is an avarage of 2g per week possible or is the recession making it impossible? Thanks again ladies If you have any questions about denver or miami i can answer as well.

bambi  on Club 55

posted on October 14, 2008
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Hey lady?s ?I know its slow, but something you should look into is the Honey Hunt at Larry Flynt?s HUSTLER Club in Baltimore. My girlfriend was down there for it and won $2000 dollars cash. All it is an amateur night w/ no competition!!!!!!!! Easy money!!!!!!! They have it on the first Wednesday of every month, well worth the drive.. Trust me!

premierson23@yahoo  on Club 55

posted on April 18, 2007
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u can try, macombs, alittle alright, u got louie rouge, 5th and k st. n.w. , u got the house, on georgia ave. , and do u do lapdances, cuzz wheni i go to philly , the lap places is off the hook

RE:Zima  on Club 55

posted on April 26, 2006
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to get her websoite put entice u 2 cum in google without spaces. should lead you right to it

Emerald  on Club 55

posted on April 10, 2006
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I just moved to the area like 3 months ago and still dance in philly. I'm 5'2 caramel skin green eyez and currently have long plantinum blond hair. Can anyone make any suggestions on what clubs are good and which clubs are garbage?

I AM THE JERK  on Club 55

posted on April 7, 2006
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I am the jerk that deleted your comment! do not include website addresses in your post

Zima  on Club 55

posted on April 3, 2006
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Does anyone know Entice's web site?

???  on Club 55

posted on March 27, 2006
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Can you get lap dance at club 55?

to bambi  on Club 55

posted on March 19, 2006
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you are fucking sexy and that is coming from a woman. fuck that loser.

I Miss Ya'll  on Club 55

posted on February 25, 2006
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Hey "double nickel" this is Angel.Just wanted to say "hi" and I miss you guys sooo much. I hope the club is on the up and up and make millions ladies.Luv u much.....

POPABEAR  on Club 55

posted on February 20, 2006
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Was down in HEDO III couple years back. Met a wild little hottie named Isreal. Says she stripped at Club 55. Thought I might step up that way to check her and the place out. Does anyone know if she still works there, and if so how to get in touch with her? Give a an ol' dude the 411. Here's a pic to let ya know who I'm talkin' bout.

BAMBI  on Club 55

posted on January 21, 2006
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She looks like george castanza

bambi  on Club 55

posted on September 16, 2005
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well i don't prance and i get down and put on very nice show yall should head up to maryland to the stardust they lapdance and have some nice variety of girls and its a chill spot byob now but still the same ol girls check me out

yawn  on Club 55

posted on June 6, 2005
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this club is a big to-do about nothing. yes it was on hbo, but the owner is a crusty ass with loot and clout so she can do that. the girls are pretty but a lot of them don't dance, they shake and model. the clientele is just average, and if they don't like you they may not even shake your hand, which accounts for the lack of tip walks. bouncers are nice and the dj plays good music, but like i said, if the club was in reality what the employees there think it is, it would be the greatest thing going.

Royal Palace  on Club 55

posted on June 5, 2005
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Go to royal palace! Girls here at 55 are cute but girls at RP show pink shake and get on the floor.......muff all in your face. Girls here are hot but they prance. Royal palace is the best club in DC!

Big Pimpin  on Club 55

posted on March 19, 2005
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I've started checking the club out on mainly Friday and Saturday's and there are about 20-25 girls on Friday's and a ton of dudes in there spending cash(just got paid I guess) most are pretty sexy and the music is good for the most part. Saturday's have about half the girls, still kinda sexy and music is pretty good also, mainly hip hop, not to sure what the other guy was talking about the dj's sucking, both are good. Can't speak for Mondays, a brotha gotta work on tuesday, didn't know they were open then.

Seville  on Club 55

posted on February 22, 2005
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The club is very cool. They get lots of respect due to the HBO Stuff. I live in SW DC, so I am in the club 5 to 6 times per week. It is my spot, but I have issues. Lots of very sexy ladies but some of them are stuck on themselves. They don't dance - It's like a fashion show. Dont get me wrong - some of them do it right, but sometimes they won't even shake your hand when they come off stage. You see them when they dance and no more till they dance again. I guess the dressing room is fun. The DJ's are cool except on Monday and Saturday. They suck. Drinks are good and inexpensive. Overall, 55 is a good azz club but somebody needs to talk to the dancers about how they represent themselves and the club.

ebrotha  on Club 55

posted on January 29, 2005
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Does anyone know if Cappuccino still dances there?

devil dog  on Club 55

posted on September 12, 2004
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This club is average at best. Dancer Brown Sugar and a couple of others have nice bodies. A typical D.C. club with some girls with the BIG booty, piercings, and tats. My sweetie Brown Sugar even got an anal piercing. INTERESTING! I'm usually the only white guy when I go there and it seems the girls and waitresses are extra friendly because of it. Trying to make me feel at home kind of thing. I hate paying a cover charge, but drinks are reasonably priced. The old lady taking money at the door reminds me of the welcome to Wal-Mart old folks. She must be 90!

light skin nig  on Club 55

posted on May 6, 2004
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I went to this club today in the afternoon. It is in the ghetto, but it is still nice if u like the sistas. I was able to find street parking by the club (unlike those clubs downtown and in NW on Kst and other places where there is NOWHERE to park and noway to get there during rush hour). I saw nothing but beautiful thick black dancers butt naked on stage with big asses. Also, I think u have to be 22 to go in here, thats what signs say in the front, but I was 21 and the waitress decided to let me stay anyway. One girl, she was light brown skin with long hair and several tatoos, kept begging me to tip her, and asking me to take my shirt off because I work out. I want to lick in the crack of a girl's booty.

Double J  on Club 55

posted on February 10, 2004
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Yummy are you the yummy that works with Carlene? And if so how do I get in touch with you?