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1943 New York Ave NE

Washington, District of Columbia 20002

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newbie  on Skylark Lounge

posted on December 23, 2009
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Is this place still open?

fun-1  on Skylark Lounge

posted on October 17, 2008
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it's not the greatest looking place, but no cover charge and the girls can be very very appreciative for a very few dollars. MAN, you can get alot of EXTRA feels for very little.

bambi  on Skylark Lounge

posted on October 14, 2008
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Hey lady?s ?I know its slow, but something you should look into is the Honey Hunt at Larry Flynt?s HUSTLER Club in Baltimore. My girlfriend was down there for it and won $2000 dollars cash. All it is an amateur night w/ no competition!!!!!!!! Easy money!!!!!!! They have it on the first Wednesday of every month, well worth the drive.. Trust me!

blackgirlw/attitude?  on Skylark Lounge

posted on June 14, 2007
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i don't believe it. no way. she's probably a junkie who ploughs all the tips she makes into scoring some drugs. a lot of black women have it in for white guys. i think it has something to do with slavery. or they're just jealous. I'm not sorry I'm white. put a lot of blacks in one place & the shit will go down sooner or later.

Andy  on Skylark Lounge

posted on May 19, 2007
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I visit the Skylark Lounge maybe once very 4 or 5 months. It's a very black-oriented lounge with a ghetto vibe. In 7-8 years of attending the lounge, I have never previously had a problem. (Usually, as a white guy, I get a lot of credit just for showing up--with tips expected.) But tonight I had an extremely negative experience. A dancer coming off the stage was frustrated that I declined to tip her so she spilled my beer on purpose. It spilled all over me. While the management was initialy receptive to my complaint (pulling the dancer off the floor) the dancer portested and denied that she "poured" the beer on me. The effect being the same, I left when the Asst. Mgr. disputed my account. Avoid this place, whatever your race.

XM  on Skylark Lounge

posted on May 16, 2007
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does Silouhette still work here

Sorry!  on Skylark Lounge

posted on April 28, 2006
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You know a ex of mines is always bragging about this club but as i read the comments im like "why in the hell". I didnt mind him going to the strip clubs but damn do it with good taste. Second what type of females would want to dance in a place that is called "a hole in the wall" oh my bad the ones that dont give a damn about their self. Its bad enough that your showing your ass but at least do it with some class.

Goldizzle  on Skylark Lounge

posted on April 27, 2006
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Forget what those bama's are talking about. The Skylark is a great club. Small, but there is never a dull moment in there. Some dude was talking about the big booties. If you are black that is what you like! I alway's have a good time in there.

Selina  on Skylark Lounge

posted on January 2, 2006
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I'm a dancer at the Skylark and I'll say that I love our club and all of our guest whoever they are. I see the post about thugs. Our guests are from all walks of life and from all over the world. In defense of the Skylark, I would recommend the club to any gentleman who likes real women with a feminine kind of phatness about them. Yes we are thick but that's what our guests appreciate about us. Disregard the post about safety and being scared, because our club has great security and our patrons are civilized individuals. Any way a real man doesnt have to be scared of visiting our club. I hope you consider a trip to the Skylark where the entertainers offer an awesome stage show. Thank you

mike  on Skylark Lounge

posted on August 21, 2005
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Nice place to go if you want to get ribbed The club will let anyone in thugs do rags They don"t care save your $$$$$

pg gump  on Skylark Lounge

posted on June 20, 2005
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standing room only in here. it is small and very crowded. This is a neighborhood place. all black. thick girls, but two small stages in the front corners, so If u are in the back, it is hard to see shit with so many people in there. like i said, small and very crowded and expect to be standing and be blown like shit on the weekends.

juss asking  on Skylark Lounge

posted on April 27, 2004
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does goldie still work there

Youngblood  on Skylark Lounge

posted on March 29, 2004
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It's a hole in the wall and when it rain's it leak's which mean the men bathroom closes first and you have to use the women bathroom and it is small as hell. besides that, some of the women look good and some look crackish. but they all have phat assess and you can have a good time. It's a place for who ever fits in that's all.