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105 Cortez Road West

Bradenton, Florida 34207

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"To whom it may concern"  on Paper Moon

posted on July 27, 2009
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The place has gone down hill.... Too many girls, not enough customers! What girls that are there-Eeeek!!!!! Prices for everything has went up, including beer and (?) Lapdances!!! It's got what again new management and they don't know how to make it a good place to go to!!!!! Won't go back!!!!

M  on Paper Moon

posted on June 29, 2009
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Don't bother with this place except maybe Fri or Sat night. Even then its $10 bucks to get in the door, and the show is just OK. Place needs lots of work if its going to be a real club...its day was many years ago. Dances aren't anything to write to your brother about either. Oh well, on to the next club.

re"seth"  on Paper Moon

posted on January 31, 2009
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Do you ever haggle over the price of lap dances (at any strip club)?

In The Know...  on Paper Moon

posted on January 8, 2009
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As the official party headquarters, 2001 Odyssey is the place to be if you are an entertainer and want to work in Tampa for the Superbowl! The NFL Experience kicks off the weeklong event list on Saturday, January 24th! Get a spot early!

seth  on Paper Moon

posted on November 8, 2008
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i had a horrible lapdance here tonight. this girl ivy was horrible. when i get a dance i want it to be amazing, and she was just sitting on my knees with her knees the entire time. i mean damn, i wasted 20 bucks on her atleast she can make it worth it.

Babygirl  on Paper Moon

posted on September 27, 2008
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Looking for a black stripper with 'babygirl' tattoo on her breast. Her kids are looking for her. She left them.

great club  on Paper Moon

posted on August 11, 2008
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this club is not bad but there are some obvious ghetto girls that only attract ghetto/gang customers. New managers need to find ways to attract more business men to keep the decent looking girls and clients there.

I'm Back!...  on Paper Moon

posted on July 3, 2008
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New sheriff in town. new girls, new music, new attitude!!! come check out for yourself!! no cover till 10! $5 after 10 7 days a week. 2-4-1 drinks, 2-4-1 dance specials. entertainers..... no house fees!! come join the party!!!

Customer  on Paper Moon

posted on April 24, 2008
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Hey F.B. I bet your glad you sold this place to another idiot, All i got to say is wear a bullett proof vest in this place.

TheRef  on Paper Moon

posted on January 27, 2008
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Is Allina still around at any of the clubs?

DANNY  on Paper Moon

posted on October 6, 2007
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If you guy want to see a real woman a real entertainer go see caprice at the moon. the best overall dancer i have ever seen!

Club Hopper  on Paper Moon

posted on October 4, 2007
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What a difference this club has made!!!! I stopped in about 2 months ago and yes some of the comments listed below may have held true? I am glad I stopped in again, But for this visit I had a Blast!!! Great New Management Team!! The General Manager, I believe his name was Harry?? He really knows how to mingle with the crowd, Have fun with the girls and make a real nice party spot!!! Great Girls!! Very Hott!! Cheap Drinks, Good music!! Wow what a change!! I will be stopping in next week to check out there Dayshift.......I will let you know! Looking forward to seeing what happens to this club after the new ordinance in Sarasota takes effect! Good luck Cheetah! This club is gonna give you a good run for your $$$$

Great time!  on Paper Moon

posted on September 4, 2007
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I want to thank Harry and the staff at Papermoon for showing us a good time after we had such a miserable experience at Pandora's Box. Never seen a club go so downhill so quick! Papermoon, keep up the great work! Thanks again, Harry!! We'll definitely be back!

Yeah Boyyyy  on Paper Moon

posted on August 16, 2007
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This the spot....gangsta style sport the gold grill get a free dance. Dope boyz chill here and there crack head girls work there. 25 dollar dances 10 to the house 15 to the girl a review every half hour half to the house half to the girl. This is a no brainer work for half of what you would take home at any other club. Keep up the good work you only make us shine at the Cheetah. Thank you xxoo

saw it go down  on Paper Moon

posted on August 4, 2007
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this club is dangerous if you're white. i was there last weekend at close and there was a shooting in the parking lot. check the police log if you don't believe me. busy for florida summer with lots of girls but ghetto as hell.

Last Night?  on Paper Moon

posted on March 27, 2007
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Went in last night not a girl in the club. A real dick walking around with a chip on his shoulder. I'll never be back.

THE  on Paper Moon

posted on March 23, 2007
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.....So lets review, drinks, spacious private dance rooms, great music, and the hottest girls around. If you don't believe me, do me a favor. Go to Pandora's and Peek-A-Boo first and see what they DON'T have, then come to Paper Moon and see what we DO have, for FREE! Print this and show it at the door and you will get in free, thats right, NO COVER with this Comment.

john  on Paper Moon

posted on March 1, 2007
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well yes i can tell you where they pandora's box with me. i guess they got tired of all the political bullshit at that club as i did. come on down to pandora's box.

what happened  on Paper Moon

posted on February 28, 2007
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This club used to be so good. I went in this weekend and not a girl to be found. The waitress told me that they changed management and all the girls followed. Does anyone know what club they went to?

john  on Paper Moon

posted on February 21, 2007
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Went in for the first time this week, and met a very beautiful woman named MaryJane. She is stunning and what a personality!! Unfortunatly, she said she is leaving in a week or 2, so I will be here as often as I can to get my time in... If you want a night to remember with lots of laughs and a great rack I recommend you get your time in too!

been taken  on Paper Moon

posted on January 21, 2007
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Be careful of Allina, rip off artist. She moved her scam from Pandoras box to here a week a go for a reason. you've been warned

Loved it  on Paper Moon

posted on July 24, 2006
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This club rocks... Yeah right it blows ass!!! Never again save your money.

the editor???  on Paper Moon

posted on June 11, 2006
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laughing my fucking ass off guy......did the club piss you off??? I love how these idiots think by pretending to be some strip club reporter that people will want to impress them. strip clubs dont care about customer service like mcdonalds pal.long as we have girls your lame ass will be back so stick your pencil up your ass and deal with it.

visitor  on Paper Moon

posted on June 2, 2006
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terrible club, tacky set-up, ugly girls and rude staff made for an aweful friday night. not to mention outrageous drink prices. your better off driving the extra few miles to tampa or sarasota

wally  on Paper Moon

posted on March 26, 2006
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Nice club in a good location. Cocktailers are cool. Dancers are 4 to 7's at best. Dances are 3 to 6. Your money is better spent in Tampa.

Derrik  on Paper Moon

posted on March 1, 2006
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As I pulled up in the parking lot I noticed what I believe to be some illicit behavior between customers and the dancers and I believe the staff.I overlooked it as I went ahead on in.The place is nice the girls are not even average by no means except for one.I got a VIP from her and she blew me away!!!!WOW I cant remember what she said her name was but I think it was a CAT name of some kind.It's about time this club got at least one great looking Hottie in there.I will go back this weekend and look for her again(PAYDAY) I like this place better than Peek a Boo and will return if Cat or Cheetah or leopard or Panther (Whatever her name is)

"The Editor"  on Paper Moon

posted on February 17, 2006
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The club is OK but right off the bat the doorman (the bald guy) really had no business with his attitude representing the club.My job is to travel around to report stats for clubs all over, and the 1st thing I look for is how well the club presents itself starting with the security.This bar was real nice on the inside but service was slow.The girls were good looking.They had a couple of new girls(at least that is what they said) that were knockouts!!! I think a day shift would be lucritive especially for the area.All in all my daily $250 expense was used in a good way but I probably wont return or recommend this club.Im off to Daytona and I will let my bosses an you know of some clubs there.

d rock  on Paper Moon

posted on February 9, 2006
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this club sucks. they have some good looking girls. but the fact that they wear pasties and that some dont let you touch their breasts ruins the whole experience. My friends and I will never go there again.

GOE  on Paper Moon

posted on January 9, 2006
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Full contact dances !!! better have good wood or the girls will tear it out. try the vip room. havent been rode that hard since college