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2551 Gulf to Bay Boulevard

Clearwater, Florida 33765

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ISIS  on Tattletales

posted on July 13, 2011
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omg sky i remember you blessings hun i bartend at calendar girls in hudson florida i still miss tattletales the best times there!

DJ Steve  on Tattletales

posted on November 7, 2009
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Wow! Lexi & Isis!!! You ladies still around here, eh? I recently moved to Vegas after working around Clearwater/Tampa/Plant City forever! How are you girls???

Lexi  on Tattletales

posted on October 12, 2009
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Was my very first club! I Miss it! Working at Emperors in Holiday now and sometimes up at Calendar girls with my girl Isis! What great times we had at Tattletales!

isis  on Tattletales

posted on September 13, 2009
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omg i remember you sky thank you for the compliment god bless you i miss the club too ; )

Someone Up There  on Tattletales

posted on September 6, 2007
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Wow... It has been awhile since the club closed. I worked there in 2000 at the door. Saved "Biscuit" the bartender when she got G'd they think. CPR in the front mulch pit. Alex and Harry were there then. Wonder what happened to some of these girls. Two I remember the most that stood out, was a girl named Daisy and a blond girl named Jenn with long blond hair and ALWAYS wore a purple bikini... Wow... She indulged me in my first dance. I also remember the DJ, "Jynx"... Weird guy, but super nice. Anyone remember any of this? Hard to believe its a Dunkin Donuts now... haha!

lonely  on Tattletales

posted on July 19, 2007
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looking for a girl named chanel. anyone seen her around. a couple of tattoos brownish air

Sky just passing by  on Tattletales

posted on April 30, 2007
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Hey Isis, is that you-very curly black hair, mid lenght? this is Sky.I used to work there 6 years ago, was my first place I ever danced at.I don't think you remember me, many Skies probablly passed by.But I was there when Daisy worked there, and so did Angel, Deja, Megan, Steve and what was the other DJ's name? Dark, long hair-his sis worked there, too.....Gee, cannot remember all those names...Just thought I say Hello ;-D Take care and pleasure working with you.You were funny...One of nicest girls I ever worked with.I mean it...

isis  on Tattletales

posted on July 10, 2006
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hey steve whats up? im at lollipops in hudson fl i dont dance i bartend now. i work fri sat dayshift and sun mon tue nite it would be so great to see you. god i miss tattle tales so many great memories. where do you work now? give me a call at my job some time. lollipops hudson

TheDJ  on Tattletales

posted on February 20, 2006
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Isis, where are you working now? I miss tattletales too. Everyone there was the best. BTW, it's Steve the DJ.

mickey  on Tattletales

posted on February 16, 2006
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i miss tattletales too!!! and all the hot girls i wored with back in the day!

isis  on Tattletales

posted on February 1, 2006
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god i wish this club had never closed down. great club beautifull girls wonderfull people awsome staff. never made more money then here or had so much fun.thank you for all the great times. ill never forget you tattletales.

D.  on Tattletales

posted on March 16, 2005
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Is this place still around or what??