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3050 Burris Rd

Davie, Florida 33314

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ryan123  on  Club Vixens

posted on 28 November, 2016
Joined 9 years ago
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This place scammed me for over 5000 dollars and would not refund me any of it back. After talking to management for an hour on how they scammed me he would not do anything about it. Agreed to pay 1200 of it but still would not help me out at all. Do not use your debit card here they will scam you!

winston12  on  Club Vixens

posted on 2 August, 2016
Joined 5 years ago
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After worst experience maybe 3-4 months after I visited last night againBecause my best friend made birthday party here But my point again 1/5 Horrible venue, tried to see Exodus at this place and it wasn't advertised that you had to be 21 to attend. I make a The worst part was the tickets didn't even have a refund. Even if I were looking for a club I wouldn't go there it is a dump!And private dance place again not private because they put many hidden and not hidden cameras and maybe recording youno privacy and Club Business doesn't work lol doest workI don't trust this club manager and owner

Jeff V.  on Club Vixens

posted on 23 April, 2016
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Went in around 4am, and although it was a little slow, the women there were still amazing. You will definitely keep turning your head there. The beautiful thing about this place is that it closes at 6am....what more can you ask for. Would definitely recommend this place. Drinks aren't too bad either.

rogerrab2  on  Club Vixens

posted on 7 December, 2015
Joined 4 years ago
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This place is pretty decent if you like rock music and country songs because that's all they play.The girls are mixed a little bit of everything but mostly white petite girls which isn't so bad. The waitress are the best looking in there but aren't very attentive. The only reason I gave it only 3 stars is acutely 2 reasons first there was an older lady who I gauss was having a bad night with the people she showed up with and also had a bit to much to drink and kept going around talking to tendons people about personnel life and crying and she made it to my table and was really bothering me the only thing that saved me was on of the girls that had just finished a dance and set next to me to put her clothes back on and I immediately asked her for a privet dance to get away of the rambling lady now the girl is acutely the second reason because as soon as the dance was over she tried to rip me off by saying I didn't pay even though I did as soon as I got in the privet room and she left the money on the table right next to the couch she was giving me a dance on I gauss she had a bit to much to drink too but that could have been avoided if the club manager or house mother had kept her Eye on the girls .

joseph1k  on  Club Vixens

posted on 18 October, 2015
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Johnson12  on  Club Vixens

posted on 22 August, 2015
Joined 4 years ago
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This club will most definitely give ANY club in South Florida a run for their money.The music is the best of yesterday and today's rock/heavy rock, there is a very faint mix of country but it is not very constant.The atmosphere is unbelievably upscale, all the way from the black "snake skin" leather chairs (which are super comfortable) and the concert venue lighting system and LED walls. The decoration definitely screams out rock and roll (guitars, drum kits, gold records, even a motorcycle) The drink prices are very very affordable and the pours are very strong, the servers are very attentive and very beautiful as well. The staff all the way from the door man and the parking guy to the dancers are very friendly and always make you feel welcome.The dancers are very attractive and they do have a mix for just about everyone who enters. There are some very acrobatic women at the club and their poles allow them to fully showcase their abilities, feels like a pole stars video at times.If you come here with a large crowd or even by yourself you'll have an amazing time. Vixen's is a new club that has attitude and will make you come back for more. Wether it's the beautiful ladies or the amazing drink prices.Definitely try out vixens because you will NOT be disappointed, officially mine and my girlfriends favorite club to go to.

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