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scladmin (management)  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 26 February, 2018
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Scarlett's St. Patricks Day Party

Join us March 17th for Scarlett's St. Patricks Day Party

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Bigdogg  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 25 June, 2017
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Any ebony chocolate here? If so can you list? Coming in from Boston.

YepYep  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 19 February, 2017
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This is one of the best clubs in the Miami area. The club is good sized, with plenty of seating. It has a main stage and about 5 more side stages, with like over 50 girls of all types. The sound system, the lighting, and special effects in this place are cool as fuck. Just $10 to get in. Dances are only $20, done in large private booth-rooms. They have private rooms, too. Every hour they have a feature show, and the parade of girls, two dances with one of the many girls for just $35. They have VIP tables. They do their bottle service right. It's good. I rate this place an A

WC  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 14 February, 2017
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This is one of my favorite clubs in South Florida. It is kind of an old school big little strip club like there was back in the 1980's and 90's. There is a nice mix of girls, with 3 stages, and 2 bars. The surround sound system is incredible, with these huge speakers hanging from the ceiling. And, the lighting is unique, along with the jumbotron screens. It's just cool..

Johnson12  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 7 November, 2016
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Scarlett's is OK. It's a typical strip club. I see it as a place to go when you're not ready to end the party and everything else is closed. If you are real party animal you will probably end up there one night lol. They stay open until 8am so it's one of the night venues that stays open the latest. The crowd is super mixed. There's people of all walks of life. Of course there's more men than women but women are welcome and there's usually a good amount there. It's not one of those strip clubs where a women patron will stick out like a sore thumb.The music is terrible, whatever songs they play they all sounds the exact same. It's EDM style beats that get redundant after 5 minutes. I could not spend the whole night there listening to that music-which is why I usually come after all the other night clubs have closed. The dancers are pretty and they have women of all shapes, sizes and colors. I'm not a guy but if I was a think I would be happy with the eye candy. The drinks are over priced but its Miami and that is typical. You obviously have to be into this type of thing but it's a fun place to come to party. Good place for a guys night.

dannyboy7  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 16 October, 2016
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i would say one of the best strip clubs in all miami i recomend it . i had a great time there with my girl dont forget to bring cash and tip the girs they love it . thanks scarletts

DexterRexter  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 29 August, 2016
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Amazing place. Love the music which was a mix of house, tech house. The light set up is awesome and the girls are mostly all natural bodies and very beautiful. Service was on point. Most definitely will be back.

justinlk  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 20 June, 2016
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NOT biker friendly if you're wearing colors. I won't go again flying them or not. Cheetah is just around the corner, and they are very biker friendly. Tell all your brothers- I know I will. Won't be back. Will spend our $$$ elsewhere.

Jordanp  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 28 May, 2016
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Always a great time at Scarlett's. Going there I know it's gonna be an all nighter and they never disappoint. Dancers are attractive and somewhat skillful. Drinks can take a long time to arrive but it's expected on weekends. Overall one of the most iconic North Miami spots to visit.

dopeboy19  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 14 February, 2016
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Honest review - If you feel like spending 20+ dollars to be ignored by entertainers then come on down to Scarlett's Cabaret , where you will legitimately pay for bottle service and still be walked right pass, worst customer serivce and thats saying a lot of an entertianment club

stripforme123  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 5 February, 2016
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best petting zoo i've ever been to!!! woow!!! the horses were so warm and soft! i couldn't believe it! i've never pet a horse that soft before!!! they have never been that soft in my whole life! what are you feeding?! i want some!!! omg i can't believe it!!!!!???!

richard95  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 21 January, 2016
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Stopped here on our 2 week honeymoon...Amazing experience. Super fun, clean, club-type atmosphere. Many stages, lots and lots of women. One of the only places that literally all of them are gorgeous. Overall really fun time and never felt pressure from the girls like in some smaller, less upscale places. Def would recommend going here! Best place ever. Will be back if I am ever in FL again :)

Deja Fan  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 4 December, 2015
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Her name is Deja.. she is a goddess!

yanard12  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 29 October, 2015
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I have to give this place 5 stars , I have in the biz card it allows free admission up to 5 people , normally it's 10-20 dollars depending on a day, its not your regular strip club, it's a little bit different experience, more like a club, place to hang out even with your date or your girlfriend, the show is better than any other strip club in the area. Drink and bottle prices gradually go up starting Sunday moving into the weekend. Every hour all the dancers come on stage and that's when you can get 2 4 1 lap dances and hat, T shirt or calendar if you lucky. Food was good too, also they have free lunch Monday through Friday 12 pm to 6 pm which is free food if you buy a drink, you might ask who goes to the strip club during the day, but you 'll be surprised :)

Mistercap12  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 25 October, 2015
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Scarlett's is pretty much the club everyone in SoFla has visited at least once.. It also happens to be the first I recommend to visitors as a warm up for other clubs they may go to. For many years, Scarlett's has run a tight ship, generally being the "boy scout" amongst it's competitors and been the most consistent on running a clean and classy show. The girls here generally are 7's and 8's with a 10 or two. I find the club to feel a little bit uptight, though not in an outwardly obnoxious way, I just think they could make it feel a bit more relaxed.One of the most interesting things about the club is how it opens more to accommodate the guests that come in, meaning when the principle area starts to crowd, a curtain is pulled to reveal another room or area. If I'm not mistaken, weekend entry here is $20, which may seem high (because it is), but is generally worth the value given the level of show that they consistently seek to put out. Seriously, going into this place at peak hour on the weekend is like walking through a portal into a stripper circus rave with a cornucopia of naked females spinning from high poles. Neon robots, smoke blasts, bubbles, confetti, etc. etc. Most of the music here is "boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants" but it works given the late night party to after party crowd they cater to til 6 or 8 am... Another little tidbit is that this club is also a known spot for couples, and many in the "lifestyle" community tend to be hanging around here very late (or early, depending on how you look at it). Cool thing about this club is that it doesn't have to close, so if a spending crowd is hanging around, they will keep the show going..

just wondering  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 20 September, 2015
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How much are champane rooms? Is there a house fee? What do you typically jake on a weekend night shift?

Ronnie  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 19 July, 2015
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Was there last night does anyone know the name of the stripper who is white has black hair that is very curly almost like a perm. Petite girl kind of tall. Forgot her name and want to make sure she is working next time I come thru

eddyL  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 16 July, 2015
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Scarlett's was hands down the best strip club I've ever been to. The women, the atmosphere, the giant transformers roaming around with cold compressed air guns. The service. Even the prices were awesome. I do have one major issue that took away that 5th star. We were there as a group of 8 for a bachelor party. I had been planning the night with a coordinator named Mason for probably a month. We had been very clear and explicit about what was going to happen Arrival times, prices, duration in VIP, deal for a private dance. The communication issues began before I even arrived. The bachelor and half the group got there before me and the doorman was pushing the bachelor hard to make decisions for the group. He explained that he wasn't planning and would be waiting for me to show up before making any decisions regarding bottle service and apparently the doorman was very pushy, saying that the bachelor had to choose bottles immediately. Not professional and could have been avoided if the coordinator had relayed the message that we had already chosen our bottles weeks before. Even if we had not, to be pushy when we're coming in there to drop a lot of money is rude and unnecessary.The real aggravating issues began as soon as we tried to get our seats. We were told a set price for 4 hours in VIP w 2 bottles. Suddenly they have NEVER EVER EVER told someone a time frame and instead offered us till 1:30 in the VIP which would have been like an hour and a half. We had to get Mason on the phone at midnight who also said he never guarantees a time frame. We almost had the night ruined as it came down to us saying we'd leave and take our 8 drunk guy bachelor party money elsewhere unless they could work with us. We ended up having our table for close to 4 hours....they started moving us out for another group around 3:30.Then we started working out the bachelor's private dance and that became a whole other source of sneaky nonsense. I was promised a set price for the room and the dancer. When it came time to do it that night I was told that I was misinformed and that the price I was quoted was just for the girl and that it's the same cost again for the room charge. Again I was adamant that this was clearly spelled out in planning calls over the past month and we finally got it. Then the bachelor told me they tried to finagle more money out of him while back with the dancer and he had to text me to confirm I had in fact already paid in full for the half hour plus tip.To summarize, this is a AWESOME club. Everything about it except is amazing except when it comes to large planned purchases. Write everything down. Have them put it in writing if possible and make sure you're getting what you agreed to because they seem to be in the business of trying to extract whatever extra they can from their clients. I think this is the nature of strip clubs but be on the lookout because it happens here and if you don't put your foot down you'll come away spending twice or more than what you arranged.Seems like bad communication between the Coordinator and the staff.

nickstrip  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 8 May, 2015
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Get joey and dennis!........ I surprised my friend for his bachelor here, Joey Kaplan is the best host I have ever seen. Ask him as soon as you go in. You let him know if their is a special event and he will not let you down. See if he can set you up with the waiter Dennis too, she was always onto of our table making sure we were doing good. It was the first time we all went their and we were blown away by their service and entertainment.

ryan123  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 28 April, 2015
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I have such polarizing reviews of this place. I've been here once before and had the time of my life..beautiful women everywhere and they kept the party going..then another time, it was like a saloon emptying out and no real talent around. I think it is true, that it doesn't get jumping until the later hours..because if you go at 11pm like I did this'll have a round and then leave. I can't stand the constant house music/dubstep that the DJ plays ALL NIGHT. It gets old. I'm at a strip club, not a rave or ultrafest. Having that said, the dancers are pretty talented on the pole. They don't all do that "2 step walk around" like you may see. They do tricks and are working hard. There's a lot of pretty "girl next door" type girls here. I would come back, but during the later hours. They close at it's like Vegas in that manner.

timmykilla  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 1 April, 2015
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The wife and I go when ever we can. The staff, especially Joey, are fantastic and welcoming. The woman are playful, fun and gorgeous. The bartenders are always nice and smile. Food has been spot on to help soak up some of the drinks. We love the fact the woman play toward us and have fun while interacting. The atmosphere is club like while the staff seems to always ensure the safety of the woman and customers. We go to other clubs but by far Scarlett's is best place to be.

Alicia  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 11 February, 2015
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Does Alicia still work here day shift during the week

Tee W.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 30 December, 2014
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This used to be my favorite strip club. No more. Now I hate the place. We always do VIP bottle service when we go, nothing less. But now they have started screwing up the bill just to get more money out of you. On my last visit we had to request a bill correction twice and it still wasn't right. Also they have some dishonest strippers there that will steal from you if given the opportunity. One of their strippers stole $600 from my pocket because I was tipsy and not paying attention to what she was doing while dancing for me. I was already tipping her hundreds of dollars so she didn't need to do it. Between the club's over-charging and their stripper's theft my night turned into a $3,000 night within a couple of hours and trust me, that was not a $3,000 night. If you're just down with the regular crowd and not VIP I've heard the club won't try to rip you off as much, but when they know you have money they try to cheat you. They have become dishonest about how they do business. Shame because me and my friends like to party and we drop money on strip clubs frequently. Never there again though. Beware.

Alexander F.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 17 November, 2014
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Hell yea this place is awsome! Went there with my buddies and even saw Dennis rodman. He was kind of a prick but Scarlett's is good spot.

Philippe J.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 7 September, 2014
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If you want to have some drinks, hang out with a friend, catch up on life and you don't really care about the dancers and music this is the perfect place for you. but if you want to have fun and really see some hot sexy amazingly entertaining women then you might want to drive right pass this place... just another tootsies and cheetahs... ughh..

we know who uR  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 16 August, 2014
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You are a rude bitch !! Why are u hating on someone like that probly cause your a unhappy ugly hoe !

Emily lodato  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 21 July, 2014
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Jada works when she needs the cash to support her deadend singing career.

Fan  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 10 July, 2014
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When is Jana or emily lodato or Melissa gonzalez work?

Steve C.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 20 June, 2014
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Ducked in to help celebrate a birthday. This is most probably the highest class and best run type of this type of business around. Clean, efficient, well run, professional, and generally busy and full of good times and the right energy. Premium pricing, so be advised. Enjoy!

Jon D.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 1 May, 2014
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The wife and I went to Scarlett's Cabaret about 3:00 am on April 5, and we both loved it. Really sexy, romantic atmosphere. There was a big main stage with about 4 girls dancing all at once, but our favorite part was the separate little stage directly to the left when you first enter. The wife and I just stood there dancing together (they have great music and cool lights time to the music) watching a smoking young hot lady (a perfect 10) dancing right up close. My wife and I usually go to Tootsie's in Miami Gardens (where they don't charge a cover for my wife), but we really enjoyed Scarlett's.Contrary to some other clubs we've been to, there was not even one overweight dancer at Scarlett's. I'd say they're all 9's and 10's. My wife liked the fact that she saw a lot of other women in the audience; that always makes a woman feel more comfortable when visiting a "gentlemen's club." She also felt comfortable because she saw only sophisticated, upscale gentlemen in the audience (no creeps), and she enjoyed the fact that the place was so full; we could just melt in with the crowd and dance. (The flipside of the big crowd is that we had to walk quite a ways from parking; but a little exercise is good for you). I just wish there was not so much cigarette smoke inside; but they seem to have a pretty good ventilation system. We'll definitely come back some time, hopefully before 3:00 am like last time (the cover price was $20 each at that time; I think it's only $10 each if you arrive before 3:00 am).

Tammi G.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 27 April, 2014
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This is a great club to enjoy a night out as a couple or a group!!!

Justin K.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 1 March, 2014
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Been here on several occasions. Easily my favorite strip club I have ever been to in Florida. Including Spearmint Rhino in WPB, Mons Venus in Tampa, Thee Dollhouse in Tampa, and many more in Miami and West Palm Beach.

Lonestar  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 3 January, 2014
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I was wondering where in Miami is the club with the HOTTEST blonde Russian girls or any hot blonde babes?

UP AND RUNNING!  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 16 December, 2013
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this board is up and running again !:) feel free to leave comments!

reg: Karis  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 16 December, 2013
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Karis is the best simply because she puts out:)

The MAN  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 12 November, 2013
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"Style" "Class" ....PLEASE, This place is an epic JOKE, $20 cover! $140 tip for a waitress to bring you ONE drink in a champagne room, the dancers running their mouth about they work for free on dances so you have to tip them!? This place is a JOKE! Run down dingy and the attitude of the staff is down right pathetic, they think their shit doesn't stink. The stuck up snob dancers are brain dead, then again that's why they are strippers (To lazy an stupid to do anything else!) Quite frankly I have stepped in puddles deeper then most of these fakes personalities. You truly have to have no life to go here and think you are going to be "entertained"

Re: karis  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 7 November, 2013
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What is so great about Karis that makes her the best? She has a weird body and an ok face but why are her champagne rooms so amazing? Does she give great head or something? Hahahaha

champagne rooms  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 30 October, 2013
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the only girl in here worth taking to a champagne room is karis. raquel is a hooker with a pimp and nobody should ever go up with her.karis is the very best here and guys need to stop wasting there time with the low class girls and take karis.if she is not available then come back another time or wait for her.shes worth it.

Girl with bow  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 17 October, 2013
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Where did that hottie with the body go? does lots of graceful pole tricks, insanely flexible, wears a neon huge bow on her head. I used to see her on Sundays and Wednesdays. she work different days now?Don't remember her name

carmen  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 15 October, 2013
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carmen is one of the new lower end hookers that has been recently hired here. she came from tootsies i hear. she is the most annoying abrasive stripper i have ever dealt with. coming up to me demanding i tip the girl on stage all my money then demanding i tip her when its her turn on stage. demanding i buy a dance with her. her exact words were " you better buy a f-ing dance with me" she also offered me molly. why cant scarletts live up to the standard of decent looking well spoken strippers like it once did in the past? and strippers who are not trying to force my hand, and sell me drugs! Between her and caitlin i dont know which is worse. -wont be back until the quality of girls improves if ever!

cankerman  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 15 October, 2013
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Does Zepher still work there, blonde that makes me wish I was a pole, havnt seen her there in a while.

VIP frequenter  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 8 October, 2013
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As a longstanding customer here, I go upstairs with my favorite girl every other week or so. And I can tell you that the waitress does not get to keep that whole 20% - because I've ASKED. She keeps 1/3 of it and splits the rest with the other bartenders downstairs. still $47 for her coming up to make me sign a check - but I know for a fact she's not making $140. If that was the case, I think the strippers would be fighting over her job!!!

Champagne room  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 2 October, 2013
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Champagne room/upstairs room is a MUST!$640 for hour worth every penny! Only down side I thought I was tipping my dance when waitress gave me bill but NO! %20 tip=$140to waitress bringing me 1drink!?She said its %20 gratuity I agree its standard but why is it %20on overall bill of dancer/room&drinks?Her %20 should b based on room fee/drinks but NOT on dancer fee.Why is this b**ch tryin to work me out of the %20tip on the dancer fee for herself&the dancer gets nothing from it!Dirty waitstaff!You MUST ask to tip dancer & it goes on separate bill.all tips on regular bill upstairs go to waitress, and her ONLY!$140 for 1 drink way too steep!Gave her $20!Then gave dancer %20 of $325($65)

karis fan  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 26 September, 2013
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karis is the best in here and discreet. only girl anyone should ever bother doing a champagne room with!! if you cant go up with karis wait for her to be free or go in another time but dont waste your money or time with any other girl here karis is hard to get shes always busy but if you offer up the extra cash you can get her and she is the only one worth it!!!!

re-maryjane  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 12 September, 2013
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maryjane has the best molly hook up in here! the best! cheap too. carmen has decent product too!

greg  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 10 September, 2013
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i always thought it was stupid to get dances with 2 girls at the same time. twice the money per dance to have 2 girls at the same time. i was wrong! I got a couple dances with zoe and angelique as 2 girl dances with them both at the same time. we did a room upstairs after that. it was an awesome time i ever had at scarletts and best champagne room i ever did anywhere ever!those 2 girls together are phenomenal! i will be back for more! it is a must to try these 2 girls together! zoe is crazy and aggressive. angelique so erotic and sensual she will make you pop every time and boy can she move and work it just right.the 2 of them together are the best mix of aggressive and erotic ive ever had! sexy sexy with these 2!

greg  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 10 September, 2013
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i always thought it was stupid to get dances with 2 girls at the same time. twice the money per dance to have 2 girls at the same time. i was wrong! I got a couple dances with zoe and angelique as 2 girl dances with them both at the same time. we did a room upstairs after that. it was an awesome time i ever had at scarletts and best champagne room i ever did anywhere ever!those 2 girls together are phenomenal! i will be back for more! it is a must to try these 2 girls together! zoe is crazy and aggressive. angelique so erotic and sensual she will make you pop every time and boy can she move and work it just right.the 2 of them together are the best mix of aggressive and erotic ive ever had! sexy sexy with these 2!

vanessa  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 28 August, 2013
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vanessa got fired! about time to one of the good dancers here told me she got canned i couldnt be happier. great decision management. $50 for a one song table dance! she always made us customers pay out the ass like that! she wasnt worth it either she gave bad dances then thought she was worth $30more per song then everyone else!

maryjane  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 25 August, 2013
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maryjane- night shift girl working in here. great on the pole but bad in the face. double bagger to sum it up. ugliest girl dancing here by far. guess they keep her around for her pole dancing skills. but on the up side she is the only girl i ever met in here who has meth which happens to be my choice party favor. if you get a chance to sit down and talk with her she will sell it to you for around $40 per g. not a bad deal for strip club party favors of that magnitude.she has molly too if thats your thang. i will be back to look at that face that not even her mother can love just to watch her strip club version of cirque soleil on stage and buy my party favors to help me enjoy dances with the pretty girls.

Phoenix Guy  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 6 August, 2013
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Whatever happened to that classy chick CJ ? haven't seen here ina momth or 2.

that girl is gone  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 30 July, 2013
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corey is gone so who gives a fuck how much cock been in that nasty ass? she done for. gone. fired. everyone knows how disgusting she is and thats why she got fired so let it go. class is the only thing working around here.fuck that bitch

RE-COREY  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 30 June, 2013
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Hey Corey- It was NOT spilled* milk that got u fired u retarded bitch! I want2know since when fucking every Arab who eva walked n the door of the club(who u COULD talk n2 touchin ur filthy gutter trash a$$)4 $20or LESS is"spilled milk"?Or how is it considered"spilled milk"4U2work here&sell molly2all the customers U could talk n2 buyin it?Not2mention how filthy U R n general.Ur Pu$SY smelled SOO bad of dead fish&the clap!Every1 could smell that skanky Pu$SY from a mile away!U r nothing:but a cheap Arab fucking skank h00ker&drug dealer with bad hygiene.Every1 is happy that we sent the trash that is u back to dirty a$s Detroit where whores such as urself belong at!

XhXeXy  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 18 June, 2013
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Bring lots of bills $$$$$ The girls that I came into contact with acted classy and very nice. Me and my party somehow ended up here at like 2AM. I didnt feel like waiting in line so I got us a bottle. A little pricey at $400.00 but what the heck. The bottle service manager guy was extremely nice. I was a little bit tipsy but he was very nice and understanding. I loved this place. I didnt feel like I was at a sleezy strip club. It actually is like being in a dance club but with a bunch of strippers. I had a blast!!!! I guess if you come before midnight you can get some pretty good bottle specials. Im going to have to check this out again. ;) The valet team could be better. I drive a maroon infinity qx 56. The valet put a black nissan? hmmm.. lol

whatever  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 29 May, 2013
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u say. i been to ur house. u thought u were my girl. i only came to nut. u are a hooker tho. i payed u for dances be4 u gave me ur number. then i came over the same night and you blew me. u made a mistake when u did the same wit my boys tho. thats not type of girl who lookin for a man that type of girl lookin to get fucked and u did. dont gotta lie baby. u r whut u r.

Corey!  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 20 May, 2013
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this is Corey and I do not prostatute myself! i only take home guys i think are hot. i only took home 3 guys in a hole year.other girls take home way more guys then i do.i am not a prostatute i dont have sex for money i have sex for free! i have to meet guys to have sex with at work because i cant tell guys from other places that im a stripper or they wont have like me.i never have sex with a guy if he spends money on me at the club that way im sure im not being a prostatute for sure thank you very much!and i dont work at the club anymore anyways be cause the asshole dick hatefal stupid managers in this place fired me for spoilled milk so fuck you and stop judeging me when your probably way worse then i ever was!

michael loves mileage!  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 17 May, 2013
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only2girls here do mileage!i know i tryed em all.choices r slim only corey/karis.corey upsid-charges nothin$100/take u2her house/dont make u use condom4blow j/loves anal/always cums/u can tell she like it.downside-smells like rot fish/wont touch anyon olds then25.karis upside-very clean/fucks like rabbit.downside-make u pay4hrs@club vip room/make u pay2hotel room after club.both her n corey work out of club-never inside.karis cost way2much cash$4000/never comes/alway make u wear condom/no anal/no blowjob.cant afford karis on reglar but corey is dirty hygene-that scare me.corey does lot more4lot less cash$3900less cash.big differently-guess becaus of qualities cost more moneys

that stripper  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 29 April, 2013
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that stripper gave me her number too!not one i'd ever take home to my mom but she the type of hoe i dont mind giving her the dick.nothing better then a horny ass stripper!get her juices flowing at the club then call her up for a booty call when that pussy is wet.cant see nuthin with the nights off anyways homie!Whaaat?hah.i like this bitch.

danced with her too  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 22 April, 2013
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i danced with corie too!she is not the sexiest one here but she said i am hot because i am and she gave me her number.i know im not the only guy she ever seen after work cause she was too easy.she offered me.i didnt i wrapped it up.she seam like the type who take home alot of guys but she cool for a quick nut hear and their so i still talk to her friend told me she told him she work at another club too.he went in their and got some good extra from her in their!he wrapped up too!she aint bad girl to spend $25 on if you look good to her and want some action outside the club or at the other club she working at.just saying on the real.she worth a dance to get a cheap fuck after club closes for the night.

girl$  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 14 April, 2013
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weekend nights have so many hot singl girls here lots of single hot girls come 2 party music here is better then space drinks expensive.easiest to get girls ever.they like strippers and come here to meet guys and dance.bomb laser show every hour after stupid dance speacial thing strippers try sellin 2 u.ignore strippers and wait by big stage 4 laser show.spend ur money on hot girls 4 drinks and they go home with u!its great fri and sat nights.u get 2 c strippers naked all night 4 the price of cover charge not bad.hang out with hot signl laser show.can find all party favors u want here 2!always someone working the party favor supply in here!just got 2 ask around or wait 4 them 2 offer and they alway do!

i luv skye  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 13 April, 2013
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skye is back.she was fired for a while but now she back and now their is molly in the club again.she always got the best molly hit her up for it.no1 got better then her.get a room with her and get that molly from her.she is crazy.she got the hook up.she the best.dont leave again skye ever

Retard  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 27 March, 2013
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You have to be a retard to spend money here. Too many rules and 1once drinks. Fuck that!

RE-JIMMY  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 26 March, 2013
This comment was posted anonymously

i 100% agree with you.blonde shorter than shoulder length hair in vip section.said i owe her $5tip for my $10 drink.called me a broke cheap piece of sh*t when i said no and gave her $2, dancer y0u mentioned.corey.worked there a while now.hope you didnt get the d@nce with her that she tried to scam you for.i did 1 with her 1 time 0nLy.w0r$t dance i ever had.she didnt move at all during the dance.just spread her legs and sat on me drooling @LL over my neck and ear.i wont even pay a $exy girl to do nothing except drool on me so i wont ever pay this fat one to dr00l on me again.i stopped the dance before it was 0ver because i was that disgusted by it and her.i agree with you that she is kind of fat and has a b@d attitude too.

jimmy  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 25 March, 2013
This comment was posted anonymously

came in last fri. night.1st time was in town 4 a conference!club is nice-has potential 2 be high end-with exceptions!of blonde waitress in vip section having horrible attitude-yelling & name calling @ me b/c i tipped her less than she told me 2 & the calibur of some dancers isnt high quality! 1/2 the girls were great-other 1/2-NO! & would never b hired at clubs in my hometown!1 in particular corey or corkey?said she's from out of town-she was majorly overweight::overly round face-fat dimples/stretch marks on body & a horrible attitude 2 match her ugly appearance!!told me-club rule-i had 2 buy $35 dance with her or i get kicked out b/c she sat @ my table with me-uninvited-for 10 minutes!

Leonard- PLEASE READ  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 23 February, 2013
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When you get a champagne room, the waitress will bring you your bill/receipt and ask you to write $140 or more in the tip section, which is 20% of the total bill. (which includes the room fee, dancer fee, and 10% credit transaction fee) that tip does not go to the dancer! it goes to the waitress! why is management allowing the waitress to collect a 20% gratuity on the dancers services rather than their own!? their 20% should be on their services not services provided by someone else! (the dancer) the only way to tip your dancer in a champagne room is to hand her the tip directly, either cash, or by buying scarlett's money on your credit card! remember that guys!

Kimberly H.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 18 February, 2013
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I came here for a friend's birthday on MLK holiday. We were a group of two couples. We ordered bottle service and sat at a table. It was a really fun night. The girls were beautiful and friendly, the music was perfect. My favorite girl is Kimberly Pink. She is beautiful and sexy. I enjoyed chatting with her and my fiance LOVED that I loved her (I'm the female). She has the "girl next door" charm to make any girl love her and the sexiness to give all men a fantasy. I want to plan my bachelorette party here with Kimberly Pink!!

Jeremy  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 4 February, 2013
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Amazing club! Great looking girls. i had a great champaign room with zoey. This girl was so energetic and sexy she kept me entertained for hours!!!!!! She's this little petite brunette girl who is like a energizer bunny on stage. She can do all these crazy pole tricks.

The MAN!  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 20 December, 2012
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"Style" "Class" ....PLEASE, This place is an epic JOKE, $20 cover! $140 tip for a waitress to bring you ONE drink in a champane room, the dancers running their mouth about they work for free on dances so you have to tip them!? This place is a JOKE!

B  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 6 December, 2012
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To the lovely ladies of Scarlett's, thanks for all the fun. To Rose (you know who you are), you're the best!

Robert C.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 28 November, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

I went here recently on a trip to Miami to see family. This place is not for me. First off, if you don't wear earplugs you'll be deaf at the end of the night. The music is thumping like a jackhammer and at uncomfortable volume. Seriously, the girls working this place must be half deaf by the end of the week. But I did bring my plugs, which doesn't help all that much actually. Second, the girls are hot. yes. BUT they all do the same moves when giving a lap dance. Like a frigging Walmart of lap dances. Boring mostly. they end too quickly also. The women I talked to were nice, friendly but always on the hustle, why should I not expect that? Anyway had a few lap dances, and got the fuck out of here, before I went deaf. OSHA should stop by. the Dancers will be collecting disability soon. Anyway, didn't enjoy myself but maybe you will.

Swinging Meat  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 20 November, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

I like this club. No extras, but lots of hot chicks and good grind. Met a little spinner last week. Can't remember her name, thought I seem to recall she had the name "Samantha" tattooed on her side. Nice perky tits. Can still taste them. Yum! And wasn't shy about grabbing my private during our private. Going to get me some more of that, fer sure!

Hassan A.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 15 November, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

DON'T EVEN THINK A BOUT !!!I will tell you why , when they have slow nights the dancers will trick you with spacial dance 2 dance for $ 35 , which is bull shit, she will keep dancing with out asking you if you like it or not until you end up with $175 !!! I'm like WTF . She was telling me we were going on 6,7 song , BY THE WAY , I'm glad I wasn't drunk or wasted . She called the manager to tell him I owe her money , I told them go FUCK your self , try this trick to tourists and fools not me M.F. So if you don't be leave try to go there and say how they treat you !! They look to any customer as value $$ . No respect no Manar . I suggest to any one to go to some else if you want safe your money .

Dave R.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 28 October, 2012
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Does anyone know about the new girl Taylor.

Jack  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 12 September, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

I agree with you. So much BS. can I ask you a personal question? did you get any 'extra' services or was yours all just straight up naked dancing?

?  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 20 June, 2012
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why do the girls spend 30 min with the black men and spend no money then they come see me and if i dont buy a dance in the first min they go back to the black dudes? are stripper really that stupid?

day time  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 18 June, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

just so you know you cheap niggers that come in with 3.00 for a free lunch and do not tip are over.

fritter17  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 4 June, 2012
Joined 6 years ago
156 comments posted

I found Scarlett's to be a bit overwhelming at first. I am used to a bit more subdued strip club environment, and this is not that. We were here late on a Wednesday morning, (like 2am), and they were packed like crazy. The Good:- The women are beautiful. All of them. Like gorgeous. And all were very nice.- We received a free sun visor when we paid for a lap dance. (lol) - There are like 100 hundred stages. Turn your head to the right, naked woman. Turn your head to the left, naked woman. If you could turn your head all the way around a la the exorcist, there would be a naked woman there, too. - The lap dance booths are fairly private and had little TVs in them. Not sure why one would need to watch TV whilst receiving a lap dance, but you never know. - Their hours of operation are ridiculous. It's like they are only closed about 2 hours a day.The Not so Good:- As is the case with most strip clubs, hella expensive beers. - Seating was hard to come by. If it was this crowded in the middle of the week, I can only imagine how crowded it would be on a weekend.- I do not like the music at all. If you like thump, thump, thump, nearly give you a brain aneurysm, you will like the music. I do not.- The lights. Do not like! I have never been to a rave, but I can imagine this is how the lights would be. - I don't think we had any waitress come by to take a drink order the whole time we were there. We finally gave up and just walked to the bar when we needed a drink. - Bathroom attendants. I know that they are just another downfall of the strip club, but it was annoying to see them in the middle of the week. Overall, we had a pretty good experience, and the whole thing seemed to be a little more upscale than the strip clubs we are used to. We would definitely return if we are in the area.

?  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 21 May, 2012
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renee and steve i seen it to

re re dancer  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 9 May, 2012
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I know factually what they make per dance. I see one of the girls outside of the club. She sometimes stays the night with me when we are both in town here. Noone mislead customers

re dancer  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 30 April, 2012
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don't mislead the customer. 2 for 1 dance for 35.00. you keep 20.00. regular dance 25 and they cut the song at 3 min. you can forget the TIP. you are making enough. stop paying your boy friends rent and maybe you can get out of the business. repeat DO NOT TIP FOR DANCES. they cost 20.00 every where else but south florida. Tip is included!!!!

Dancer  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 30 April, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

Guys 20% gratuity is standard everywhere. We work on TIPS! Which means $25 per dance= $30 per dance with gratuity. and $35 per dance= $42 per dance with gratuity. Show some gratitude. We pay out for every dance we do for you, but we get to KEEP our tips. So, even if you aren't tipping the standard everywhere which is 20%, PLEASE TIP SOMETHING ON YOUR DANCES. Rather than doing 5 for $125 without a tip.. why can't you do 4 for $125 and give us a tip? We get to keep our tips 100% but we do not get to keep the money you spend on dances 100% so please tip.

bill  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 23 April, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

i come every weekend at night.I spend a lot of money here.i love most of the strippers.beautiful. but i met one here i hate.past few months she been here when im here.ugly.doesnt shower & bad breath sums her up.begs me for dances every time im here.i cant stand her begging.i dont want her my friends dont makeup on ever.nails bit up.smells like perm.bad breath.ugly burnt orange shit brown hair.she is what i call cheeta qualitty.not even worth the 100$ handjob id get over there from i would not buy a dance from her here.

what is going on here  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 9 April, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

why did management replace all of the thin well kept pretty girls with a bunch of fat ugly black ones? i see so many ugly ones now who dont have hair makeup or nails done who are extremely overweight and a ton of black girls!ghetto! i wanna go to a place with thin pretty women who have good hair makeup nails very well kept showered and clean not smelling or old english 40s and weed with bad hair weave and bitten up chewed on nails and tons of celluilte

Aj  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 9 April, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

Themanagment is so rood here and we are spending our cash in their place. They need to learn how to be more polite. Dickheads

New Guy  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 31 March, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

Who is the new tough guy employee with the tatoo on his neck. He should try to be a little friendlier to customers IMO.

Melanie A.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 17 March, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

Ok...I've been here on several occasions and want to give this 5 stars but I cannot and for one reason alone. Half the time I am in this stripclub, I CAN'T EVEN SEE THE GIRLS!!! They have such intense crazy lights swirling all over the room. They should seriously have a warning at the door for people who suffer from epileptic seizures. The lights take the mood from a sexy cabaret to a spring break party fest. Every single time that I come here, the lights are out in full effect. It is sooo annoying and in looking around I see many people putting their heads down because the lights are so intense! How has no one complained to the management?Granted, this strip club is pretty cool compared to other ones in the area. It is not the creepy strip club feel but more of a club environment which makes women feel comfortable. I constantly see that 1/3 of the people at this strip club are women patrons.The girls ARE beautiful and they have every kind of woman that one would want. They have all different "types" of women.* The wine SUCKS. They need to get some REAL wine for their patrons.* The bartenders are extremely unfriendly.* The women can dance very well* Prices are great

agree with champagne rooms  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 27 February, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

did a room. waitress tried to make me tip 160$ on bill for hour.told me herself tip is for her not dancer.yelled at me when i wouldnt tip what she told me to.i dont care. i will not tip 160$ for 1 drink!DO NOT tip on the bill for champagne rooms guys! that money all goes to waitress for the 1 drink she brings.waitress rip off dancers this way. if you want to tip dancer then tip her cash and NEVER tip what waitress tells you to on bill.they are stealing from dancer doing this!and stealing from you. i always thought money i tip on bill was for dancer but its not its for waitress so i will NOT do it again.

CHAMPAGNE ROOMS  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 23 February, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

Has anyone else done a room here and been forced by the waitress to tip 20% which is 140 dollars for the room per hour!? then i find out that it is not required that you tip that money, and that it goes to the waitress not the dancer!! why the fuck am i tipping 140$ per hour for a waitress to come up with drinks 1 time and to hand me my bill? i refuse to tip the waitresses anymore. i would rather save that money and tip the dancer, which i thought i was tipping on the bill. 140$ to bring one bottle and a bill? i think not! my advice is tip your dancer with the fake money stuff or cash, but do not tip on the bill for 20% its a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 19 February, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

does Jamie Lynn still work here..beautiful black hair and a fantasy booty..thanks

ohio  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 7 February, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

can anyone tell me if there is a hungarian girl dancing hear she goes by nicole, long black hair, short, nice breast and a killer ass she has a heavy accent

fuckery12  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 31 January, 2012
Joined 9 years ago
172 comments posted

Best strip club I've ever been to, without a doubt. Lap dances (aka "friction dances") are $25 each, but once an hour they parade the girls out and have a 2 for $35 special. Unreal music and light system, smoking hot girls, reasonable drink prices (unless you're suckered into buying a drink for one of the girls), and a very good vibe from the crowd. Two thumbs way the hell up for this place.

my opinion of this club  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 11 January, 2012
This comment was posted anonymously

the club is nice. music is good. on the down side there are way too many black girls working this place. theres a black girl on the stage every other girl or less and its too many. TOO MANY. on the up side i noticed there are tons of single girls in here on weekend nights who are both drunk and ready to go home with you. i suggest you dont bother spending your cash on the dancers here just come in on weekend nights and buy one of the hot single girls partying in here some drinks and seal the deal. you wont take dancers home but you do have a great ass chance takin home one of the customers as i have now twice.

adamrod  on  Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 4 January, 2012
Joined 7 years ago
163 comments posted

This is the best strip club I've ever been to!! Thumbs up...I'm kinda noobish level when it comes to strip clubs but I strongly recommend this place 1000 %...the strippers here are so professional n friendly and they treat you like the girl u want them to be when your in a strip club...3 cheers for their professionalism...Heather is the show stopper here...she is hot,sexy,wild,amiable and what not??? I waited for her like around 1 1/2 hr as she Was the most wanted By almost everyone present there...She made me to have a ultimate boob suck fest ;) she has given me the best 20 mins. Of my life...In simple words, Heather has showed me Heaven. :PSo on the final note, thumbs up for Scarlett's Cabaret...would visit this place definitely when I'll go to Miami again!! :)

satisfied customer  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 28 November, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

It is a MUST to try out Angelique in the v.i.p. upstairs for an hour. BEST I have had in the champagne room so far! She's a very sexy blondish brunette, very petite how I like them and a ton of fun. A must see lady. I will be back for her.

richard  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 22 November, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

what is up with the hourly walking around?

Pete  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 20 October, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

Jamie Lynn, are you still working here?

J L.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 10 October, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

The best and worst of strip club experiences. Went there for a wedding party in September, 2011. The women are beautiful and the music is great for a strip bar - however two of my friends got robbed by dancers who claimed my friends got 10 dances when they clearly had only three or four. I thought my friends should have told management, but they did not want to cause a ruckuss because of the wedding party. Be very careful! Also, the management nickel and dimed us as they charged some of us at the door $10 and others $5. They charged us $10 because we declined bottle service. We then said we wanted bottle service to get tables (no places to sit) but they would not give us our cover charge back.

W F.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 26 August, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

A great place to go and party. Excellent service. Gorgeous girls. High energy atmosphere. Radical nights.

Inthiaz S.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 15 July, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

smokey,skinny girls!!beside that its a good strip club. have not been in awhile so i did miss it...not really!! nice atmosphere lousy music and they serve food...WTF!! but i would recommend it....

Catherine N.  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 3 July, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

The most outstanding strip club to ever exist. Hot and nice ladies, and incredible cinematics. 10x better than anything I've ever been to.

Pete  on Scarlett's Cabaret

posted on 30 June, 2011
This comment was posted anonymously

does Jamie Lynn still work here? was with her last winter and she is smokin'

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