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1795 W Okeechobee Rd

Hialeah, Florida 33010

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leo  on Erotica Cabaret

posted on August 28, 2008
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I haven't been here for the longest time. Does anybody knows if a stipper named Liz still works here?

good girl there  on Erotica Cabaret

posted on August 7, 2008
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U pay no thing to get in. small place :). The girl are good looking and they sit with u for a long time. this place is like a free for all. the girls really try hard.

Two Strippers  on Erotica Cabaret

posted on July 11, 2008
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Attention dancers!!!! keep away! my girlfriend and i tried the place out one nighted. in the magazine it looked like a nice club. the place is nasty! most of the girls are old and/or fat and the manager acts like a pimp. the customers are so cheap. they wanted to anal sex plus blow jobs etc. for $50-$75. a couple of guys offered my girlfriend and i $50 to split for everything. we are dancers, not street whores, so we tried to leave when we figured out the deal. the bouncers blocked the doors and tried to ilegally improsion us (keep us in the club) until we called the police. dancers be ware! they will try to kidknapp you! it is the worst club i have ever been in and i have been to many places!

Dave  on Erotica Cabaret

posted on September 14, 2007
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Is Dee still around?

Para que lo sepas  on Erotica Cabaret

posted on February 9, 2007
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Es un lugar peligroso y lleno de escorias. Las chicas son mafiosas y te agarran la verga para quitarte la plata. Hay que tener mucho quidado. Tambien tengan cuidado que te echan en los tragos. Saludos, Paco.

Somrthing to do.  on Erotica Cabaret

posted on November 9, 2006
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Girls will follow you into the mens room and jerk you off into the toilet for $40. Not bad, just ask.

Rough club?  on Erotica Cabaret

posted on September 10, 2006
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There was an old cuban guy in here that started jerking off and they beat him with a broken broom handle before he got escorted out. A long time there was a girl that danced here called "Baby" that was great but does times are long gone.

Hialeah Guy  on Erotica Cabaret

posted on August 10, 2006
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It has to be the NASTIEST club in Hialeah. Be warned. Keep away !!!

Edy  on Erotica Cabaret

posted on February 26, 2005
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Went ther on Tuesday 22nd 2005 and met a girl there named Peaches. Wow a white chick in Hialeah! She dances r-e-a-l nice! The club itself is about as comfortable as Flashdance in West Palm or Pink Gold in Homestead. Drinks at $3 dances at $10 table or $20 on a flimsy chair. Didn't stay too long either.

Hialeah-man  on Erotica Cabaret

posted on April 24, 2004
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Guys, I agree with the previous posting. This place is naaaaasty! It gave me the creeps just when I got there. Girls are nasty looking in general. And the only one that was so-so looking had body odor and bad breath. Do not go in there bro!