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Islamorada, Florida 

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Tommy Tampa  on Woodys

posted on December 21, 2011
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Back again for the holidays. This place sucks now. Had a great time last year when we were here. Most of the girls were basically pigs. The bartender appeared to be fucked up and when we went to talk to the manager about the drinks we bought and appeared to get ripped off he just blew us off. F*** this place. Will never come back. Go to Hog Heaven, at least the girls hanging out there are cute and look better than the dancers at woody's.

Tommy Tampa  on Woodys

posted on December 9, 2010
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What happened here!! I was at Woody's about 3 years ago and the place was horrible. I stopped in last week and what a surprise. On Friday they had about 15 girls working and all of them were at least a 7 and up. 3 were a definite 10. Cudos to Jenni and Sahsha. The bartender Amanda was hot. What a great time. They really cleaned this place up. Security guys weren't punks either. If the local guy "TJ" is in there say hi to him. He is a funny guy! Will be back in March. See you then Jenni!

woog  on Woodys

posted on September 1, 2010
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Going on vacation here soon. Can u touch the dancers tits. At our clubs its okay to. Or are the clubs around here, sit down and hold the chair and don't touch anything?

Elisha  on Woodys

posted on June 21, 2009
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Hi I was the bar tender for over 5 years, April there was a disagreement between me and Glenn (manager #7) and myself. I don't see a lot of good comments but I have to say Woodys I am going to miss. Of corse there is beautiful girls along with the dogs! But there is a girl for everyone. Big Dick is a great guy just doing his job hence big dick and the extenders, however he no longer plays there. I will miss everyone sooooo much the girls along with the reg. customers. If anyone reads this and remebers me give me a call. If you don't have my # one of the girls may have it. I live in Chiefland now but miss you all greatly. Lots of luck to all, your bartender and friend Elisha

sonny  on Woodys

posted on October 7, 2008
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this is the best club i have ever been in

fla dancer  on Woodys

posted on May 21, 2008
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hes not the owner he's just a dumb ass that has been doing that show for 30 years some people actualy cum just to see him but i agree he needs to go he is very rude and scares the ones tha are there to see the girls out. other then that this is a alright club if your there at the right time

Vicca  on Woodys

posted on April 28, 2008
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We visited Woody's while on vacation. It is pretty much a dive bar with a dozen or so dancers. They are nude. It says they have a band that play on the weekends. It was a horrible comedy show. They stop the dancers during the skit. It is degrading to customers and the dancers. The pig on the microphone, "big Dick" was rumored to be the owner. Complete A hole. He ruined the night. He seemed like he was on a vicodin with a bottle of JD. Very rude!! If you looking for a good time on vacation you might find it here. Thanks to Lisa for the fun while it lasted.

awful  on Woodys

posted on April 14, 2008
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This place is nasty. The management, the girls, the place. The band is even worse. Stick to the DJ, which sucked but was better than the band. The place has a terrible odor and roaches. Would never go back. 10 cover charge and beers are 7.

Dancer from NJ  on Woodys

posted on November 13, 2007
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I stayed at Cheeka and my husband and I stopped in late May. This place is a good time I would rate this club a six for NJ standards where it is R Kelly style.Wondering when is your busy time is??When do the fisherman cum in.

philly guy  on Woodys

posted on November 4, 2007
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Looking for a really hot Russian beauty who went by the name of "Lolita" here in Philadelphia at The Penns Port Pub (the best) and at Daydreams. She said she was going to Islemorada right before Halloween. I can't believe I've never seen her before since I've been to both clubs quite a few times. She has a smoking hot body but a little mean attitude. I'd STILL love to see her again. I'd make the trip if someone would let me know IF she is there.

Whatthe@#$%&^*Pt 2  on Woodys

posted on September 25, 2007
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So this bouncer says we're closed, you gotta go, in a pretty rude tone of voice--despite the fact that the fucking door was open. Obviously they were getting ready to close, so I said "Hey, no problem, I just heard good things about it, & wanted to check it out, I'll come back another time". "You gotta go right now!" I work in a stripclub, so I said "Hey, I work in a club, I understand' "That doesn't matter, you gotta go now!" At this point I wanted to tell pony tail fuck to bite my ass.

NASCAR WEEK nov11-18  on Woodys

posted on September 20, 2007
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any fun in here during nascar week???

What the @#$%%?  on Woodys

posted on June 28, 2007
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I had heard a lot about this place from friends, it sounded very cool, relaxed--kinda like a club I used to work in. So I decided to stop by on my way to the Keys and check it out. I get there at 1:20, the sign says they close at 2, there's a few cars out front. The doors unlocked but when I walked in it looked closed, there's a couple girls on a couch, no music, and a pony-tailed guy standing a ways inside.

just wondering ....  on Woodys

posted on June 26, 2007
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I know there contact in Miami but is there contact down here too ??

chucklehead  on Woodys

posted on June 4, 2007
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stopped in Sat night this place rocked, Hot girls 4 of them were smoken hot and the rest could work at any club in Fla. Watch out for the waitres, likes to give $2 bills as change, but likes getting groped Had fun will come back.

Brook  on Woodys

posted on April 13, 2007
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I worked here when it first opened to dancers, it is a very unique club! Ther is nothing typical about it, if you are looking for the norm in strip clubs this is not your place. If you keep your mind opened to a new experience you can have toooo much fun. Don't go there looking for class, my god the place is called "Woody's" and features a band called "Big Dick and the Extenders" headed up by Big Dick himself, a big mean( actually a very big hearted guy) cherokee indian with the dirtiest mouth I have ever heard. I was wondering if ther is anyone left from 5 years ago, Gwen, Mandy, Charissa? If so Hi!!! Hello Jack, someday I'm going to come visit you!!

What a dump!!!  on Woodys

posted on August 28, 2006
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Woody's is a dump! Mr. Pin/Buck have millons and wont spend a penny on the place thats paid his bills for years. They are so cheap they stay a the Sunset Inn. If you were to give a couple of drinks away maybe they comp your room at the cheeca.

Randal Skeefer  on Woodys

posted on August 23, 2006
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I tip the girls with a poo dollar. It makes me feel good to know that the money hungry concubines tuck my feces leaden dollar in the cooch zone. If you want to know who I am smell my bill and tell the bouncer it was me.

Dirty  on Woodys

posted on July 9, 2006
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The quality of the girls improved as the night went on, and there were quite a few knockouts by 9-10PM. No hairy bushes as reported earlier. There were no champagne rooms at all, so the nude dances were in the open. Although the dancers got right up to you & apparently were allowed to touch to a degree, customers are not allowed to touch the dancers. No extras like the Broward clubs, but those clubs will spoil you for just about anywhere else you might go. Still, when in the upper Keys, you may as well check it out. Obviously I completely disagree with the other posters, though the club may very well have been that bad at the time they posted their comments.

Roxy  on Woodys

posted on March 7, 2006
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Hey everyone i know it has been a wial since ive been down... im plaining on making a trip down when school lets out...Big dick is the best and Ladies miss you all. everyone keep makin that money and keep havin fun.

Captain  on Woodys

posted on February 25, 2006
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Holy Crap what a dive. I have never been to a strip club with a live band. Thanks to Big Dick and the Extenders. The other gross thing is that out of the 10 or so dancers they had 5 of them had the most ungodly hairy bush that i had ever seen. Funny thing is that I was in the marina the next day and saw one of the girls "working" on one of the boats. Dont come to the keys for the tits

Girl who Appreciates  on Woodys

posted on December 15, 2005
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Went to Woody's in 2003. At that time there was only one girl there who had a clue how to entertain. The rest were completely forgettable. So were Big Dick and the Extenders. But, it's what they have in the middle Keys... if you need you some strip while in Islamorada (which rocks for fishing, by the way), there it is. I have a feeling the girls change out a lot as they cruise through to and from KW.

This is the Place!!!  on Woodys

posted on September 2, 2005
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Woody's is awesome, The girls are hot and management is great, you have to check it out. Lots of fun!!