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9929 Old Lem Turner Road

Jacksonville, Florida 32208

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eva  on Gate Liquors

posted on October 28, 2007
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hey a guest dancer from orlando... looking to meet up with someone for lil fun. yahoo me eva4u4583

Troll Patrol  on Gate Liquors

posted on August 28, 2006
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So you have other sockpuppets. "Westside White Trash" , "Undacova Brotha". So i geuss you spread your crap about Valdosta clubs too .

Toothless trash  on Gate Liquors

posted on August 24, 2006
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FAT WHORE should have paid ME for the lap dance!!! She was so fucking fat she was out of breath half way through the song! What a fucking HOG!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention ALL the ZITS on here fat ass! ASS looked like a drum of cottage cheese!!!!!