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fisherdex1  on  Bottomz Up

posted on September 25, 2016
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I went here with a group of ladies for a birthday party. I was wearing jeans and a button up shirt. I was frisked thoroughly three times and I was pushed out of the way when a bouncer decided I was being frisked while standing in the wrong place. I was sober. I'm a quiet, calm and kind person, but I am a bigger dude and I do have some large tattoos. I say all this in advance to give you an idea of how bad the "service" was because outside of my skin color and tattoos, I can't imagine why I would have been treated the way I was unless the club just simply hates white guys. And don't get me wrong, you can hate anyone you want but, if you aren't a private club/organization then you can't treat your customers that way.So, as I mentioned, I came here for a birthday party and I was paying for all the covers and handed over a large stack of bills for the ladies to give out. I wasn't interested in the dancers that night. I was there to make sure my friends were having a good time and didn't get too drunk. Other than a bunch of guys (employees? regulars? I don't know) standing and sitting in the dark around the place drinking and not paying the dancers attention or money pwe were the only customers there at the time. I'm standing by the bar drinking a beer after buying rounds for the group and I'm smiling while watching my friends go crazy. Women can be hilarious in these situations. The music is really loud and sounds pretty good. Well the DJ in the little elevated booth turns the music down and yells into the mic, "Hey white boy, hey white boy, why aren't you paying the ladies to dance? You need to stop being cheap and pay our ladies. Give them some f'ing money." And I'm looking up at him and just laughing because I'm so shocked at how stupid this is. I brushed off the aggressive triple frisking and linebacker hit. I ignored all the guys working there staring at me like they wanted to kill me. I was there for my friends so I can handle the nonsense. Well not this time. When he continued to stare at me, I guess waiting for me to start frantically pulling money out of my pockets, I yelled back "Why don't you just do your damn job and play the music? My money's being spent so don't worry about me!" He has to turn the music off completely to hear me because he's yelling through a mic across the club and I'm mic-less. He tells me I'm cheap again and then turns the music back on after I repeat myself. Everything continues as if we never had a shouting match in the middle of a silent strip club at one in the morning on a Saturday. I understand why they tried me so many times. They assumed that I would get angry and react; giving them a reason to beat my ass and throw me out/call the cops. Well I'm not that dude. I'm level-headed and not a dick to anyone regardless of skin color. You lost that battle guys. There were a lot of attractive dancers that night and they all danced really well. They were friendly and looked kind of shocked at what went down but didn't miss a beat once the music was back on. They were also the only good part of this experience. The female bartender and the dancers were all amazing - and that is absolutely it. I'll never return and I'll be happy to see when this place is gone because with service like this it is inevitable. I just hope they don't try those same tactics on the wrong person.