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3225 Southside Blvd

Jacksonville, Florida 32216

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GarryWas  on  Mascara's Gentleman's Club

posted on December 3, 2016
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This spot is OK but never been to a strip club that is set up like this. Music is good and loud I wish the DJ and hype man would chill out a bit with the talking but I think that's how they do it in jax. Girls were OK a lot of flavors. They had two bad ones I think they were flown in from somewhere because they didn't go on till 1 am and they were the cream of the crop. I do think the security is a bit much with the cavity search and then when u get in the door u get the same thing. Thee dude was searching outside. But didn't search girls but in the door a girl did the searching and searched girls and guys didn't get that but the groping by the female was nice. They could use some better parking but hey it is what it is.