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2510 Northwest 187th Street

Miami Gardens, Florida 33056

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Bigmoney  on Mint Lounge

posted on January 30, 2008
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They need to bring back that white GM back from a few years, he had it going on and took care of the brothers well. I think his name was Matt or Matthew and always had lots of girls working there.

Dirtyred  on Mint Lounge

posted on February 27, 2007
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I love the mint.. one of my favorite in miami. i also like the real ghetto strip clubs. its safe for a white guy. i never felt intimidated or had any problems. i prefer take lounge that is my favorite in dade. where is centro miami? put a post on the location. i think its off 8th street if its the place im thinkin of.. mint is da shiiizit. they give some nice dances and a whole lota clappin

new york dancer  on Mint Lounge

posted on May 6, 2006
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i'm coming down to miami and i will be dancing at many clubs...i was told there was a man there that did shots that made your your ass and thighs really thick if anyone knows of him respond back and it will be appreciated

Vagabond  on Mint Lounge

posted on March 28, 2006
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What's the new phone number for this place? How much are dances? What are the hours? How many girls on the night shift?

miamiman  on Mint Lounge

posted on August 16, 2005
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One of my favorite all time clubs, until I found Centro Espanol anyway. I like the gritty, ghetto atmosphere, and I like azz shakin. This is not your place if you like the pretty, polished sort of upscale club, and most of you white guys might feel a little intimidated. I have never seen a VIP area and the place is right behind a sherrifs facility so I dont think the girls are giving any service on premise. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong!

GHETTO  on Mint Lounge

posted on May 13, 2004
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this club is one of the worst clubs I have ever been in my life. I came in wanting to spend a lot of money and turned around and left after 10 min. Nothing but ugly girls that don't know how to entertain and dance. All they did was shake their ass the whole time they were on stage. One move for two or three songs made me soo bored. Never go there again.