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13690 Northwest 7th Avenue

Miami, Florida 33168

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Looking for Shannon  on Trap Lounge

posted on August 15, 2007
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Anyone know where Shannon works now?

$JUICY BOOTY TASHA$  on Trap Lounge

posted on June 23, 2007
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To all the dancers. they will try 2 rip your $$ off. run away. they take $ for every thing u do. and for the guys they and have no liquor. just beer. and the dances are $15 for table top. $25 for lap hell nah dudes was complaining but i gav some a break. so if you ballin go ahead. but over all the girls are cute. and i am 1 of there cute x-dancer.

it sucks  on Trap Lounge

posted on December 16, 2006
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the club is all black now that sucks donkey ass

Vman  on Trap Lounge

posted on April 19, 2006
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Is the day shift dead here? OR am I stuck with an over-tattooed hustler who'll do it all for a king's ransom?

jasmine fan  on Trap Lounge

posted on June 26, 2005
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Does anybody know what happened to Jasmine? Thin asian with a great ass.

Deisha aka Deja  on Trap Lounge

posted on May 26, 2005
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does she still dance there or nearby? She had dark hair, wore green contacts, nice body and was from South America.

top  on Trap Lounge

posted on May 23, 2005
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you worked here, but now hooking and shooting dope on u.s 1 Jim fired your skank ass. I know who you are. Still wearing the 1 jizzed crotch outfit? tip, tone up and get a face peel. fix ur stringy hair Oh yeah you should tie some helium balloons to those tits hanging down by your navel to give them a lift. we still make money without being a whore like you and you weren't even good at that. Jim's a great owner and he takes care of his girls. your just jealous because you couldn't hang with all of us. we only like pretty nice girls that have hygiene and shave. i like most all the girls. your compost. Look it up if you can read stretch mark drop out. is your going rate still a beer and a line?

To: Jose  on Trap Lounge

posted on March 16, 2005
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Did you really expect Ozzy, Kelly, Kitty, Ashley, & Sydney to still be there? They are like in their 40's. Come on, people go to strip clubs to see something different, have a good time, and go home to their wives. I used to work there and we would get so many new customers who would leave because the place is a dump, theres rats in the popcorn machine, and they were tired of seeing all these old dancers. They looked like they were still stuck in the 80's.

Jose  on Trap Lounge

posted on October 4, 2004
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Not one one blonde girl. Table tops are 15 to 20 now. will not be in there again. No ozzy, kelly, kitty ashley or sydney. Good club is Fantasy Lounge they at least have a few cute blondes. who's that Tommy guy don't trust him with your money. where is scottie?

Big Bobby  on Trap Lounge

posted on September 13, 2004
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Where's all the top girls? I went in and some goofy new manager is working there. They want 20 bucks for a table top. My buddies and myself will not be in there anymore. It is all gang girls working now, and Shannon told me that all the customers and dancers got robbed last month by a gang of guys with Ak-47's. They beat the guys and girls with their guns. If the owner reads this you might want to get some real security. your not fooling anyone with those wine coolers you call liquor. never see me in there again i'm going to Tootsies.

Insider  on Trap Lounge

posted on August 9, 2004
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dear curious, no skylar does not work here anymore he has moved on to a bigger and better bar (not a strip club) sure is missed i think he works at anglers cove off of a1a before sheridan street after marthas. hope ya still come round though.

Wayne  on Trap Lounge

posted on June 4, 2004
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There are a couple of black chicks there, but they work only certain days. This is a very small mellow club, and only about 5-7 girls work a shift. They rotate the girls everyday and night. Ashley is a trip and she loves to make the guys feel relaxed by saying hi to everyone who walks in the door. I caught her friend Ozzy on stage one day, what a good dancer! This is the only bar I know that plays rock and roll. I hate those dance songs. They even sell the beer i like red stripe. If any of you dancer read this I want a sweet dance!!!!

new  on Trap Lounge

posted on May 19, 2004
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How much are dances here and what is the contact level like? Also, does anyone know any clubs where most of the dancers are black, but its safe for a white guy to go?

Tony D.  on Trap Lounge

posted on May 17, 2004
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Hey kick ass music, slipknot, pantera, waylon, everything. It's a great hideout from my wife. Texas (ashley) is fun and a sexy bartop dancer. All kinds of beer, but no liquor. Tip a girl a few bucks to play the songs you want a dancer to dance for you to.

Brad  on Trap Lounge

posted on May 10, 2004
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Hey came in from NY and had a great time. Nice day/night shift. They only serve beer and wine, but the music is great because the girls play their own cd's. I got a couple of table tops from two roommates named Sydney and Ashley (a texas gal). Two blondes dancing together for me at the corner of the bar was really hot. Sky the bartender is a funny guy. It's relaxing to play pool or the trivia machines with dancers. Its small but big on fun, guys actually say this rounds on me. (And pay for the round) I don't experience that up here. Can't wait to come down again and hang out again!!

Doug  on Trap Lounge

posted on March 25, 2004
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Always a great time at Trap.