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3875 Shipping Avenue

Miami, Florida 33146

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Daryl  on Playmates Club

posted on November 27, 2018
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I'm a deer homie

danielson  on  Playmates Club

posted on November 14, 2016
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Go to a different club... ANY other club. A stripper stole my phone and I was 100% sure because I never once got up from my seat and I had my phone infront of me the whole time until a blonde stripper came and did a split on my table. She moved all of my stuff out of the way to dance. When I complained, a security guard demanded a tip from us and then "magically" found my phone. When I told him "I know it was the blonde stripper", he told me he couldn't say anything else but that I need to be careful because I'm surrounded by whores. Thanks for the life lesson lol. How pathetic. What a stupid scam. For an insignificant tip, they lost a group of 15 people. Also the bartenders were only accepting cash and obviously pocketing the money. My husband ordered the same exact thing 3 times and each time the bartender made up a different price and didn't ring anything on the computer. So much in-house theft, no wonder this place is so empty and doesn't prosper.

Johanna M.  on Playmates Club

posted on November 13, 2016
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Be aware!!! there are thieves strippers in there and the security knows about it and will ask you for a tip if you want to see your stuff again. Never going back!!

Love older  on Playmates Club

posted on December 11, 2015
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Love cellulite but ideally not black chicks. Love big butter on a thick white girl or latin. Gray hair even better. In Miami this weekend. Know it's a long shot but any ideas?

larry1  on  Playmates Club

posted on November 21, 2015
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Hot cuba girls that are almost to friendly :), $25 dances. $300 VIP. Very good looking girls. Very friendly hard working girls. Not sure about location. You should have fun here, whether you're in for mild fun or if your looking for too much fun!

New whore in town!!  on Playmates Club

posted on November 4, 2015
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Straight from Detroit Tiffany Trojanowski the nastiest skank from coast to coast!!!! Loves giving the gift that keeps giving!!!! What yo dicks!!

billtheguy12  on  Playmates Club

posted on June 8, 2015
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Fun place to be in Miami... Nicest place in miami.. Always packed on the weekend but worth going... Always have fun with the girls... The service is great..

adamrod  on  Playmates Club

posted on March 17, 2013
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This place was known as The Alley Cat. They gave it a nice facelift and they have added some improvements. They seems to be desperate for cash cause they tried to access my cc.Don't use the ATM. Thank goodness that my cc company bank called me and told me they tried to access my account illegally.Otherwise I would give them a higher score.

harryharry  on  Playmates Club

posted on March 15, 2013
Joined 9 years ago
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I had a business meeting and they just HAD to go to THIS strip club. I felt like my car was gonna get stolen, even from Valet. Im not big on strip clubs to begin with but put all of that to the side. if I am going to go to a strip club, I want to see beautiful women who are graceful sexy and entertaining. I saw more potbellys here than I would imagine I'd see at Lake Hialeah during a Jose Marti regatta, if there was such a place or event. NOT that there is anything wrong with a potbelly woman, if thats your thing. But do 80% of them have to have potbellys and C-Section scars?Im sitting there in a chair facing my friend and this girl just basically came and plopped her ass in my lap across me with an arm behind my neck. I didn't invite her to. I ended up getting makeup on my shirt. Yeah makeup, she must have tried covering up her track marks and then smeared her sweat soaked body foundation into my shirt. Ugh.. Its like being sneazed on but from the other side. Scary place

your a waste  on Playmates Club

posted on May 12, 2011
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richard i went to your clb senall niger staff you niger lover

Max  on Playmates Club

posted on January 23, 2010
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Yeah, for that hot Mackenzie the place got a bit too hot, a lot of latinos are waiting for her to greet her as she deservews, where is she ?

Jim  on Playmates Club

posted on January 22, 2010
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I heard is that she went to some far away land because she upset a few persons and she is now under the wing of some powerful person in Europe, she has a few "fans" waiting for her here.

roberto  on Playmates Club

posted on January 19, 2010
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Anyone knows the whereabouts of a real hot dancer, petite blonde, very long hair, called Mackenzie thanks

Omar  on Playmates Club

posted on October 1, 2009
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When you go to the club ask for Glamorous she is hot sexy and a Diva. I have been going to strip clubs but this chick could really grind. She is every man's fantasy she is Black and very sexy, clean and smells delicious.

Papi Chulo  on Playmates Club

posted on October 1, 2009
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This club has a friendly environment ask for "Glamorous" she can dance. She is classy beautiful and you can have an intelligent conversation with her. Her outfits are awesome.

Good place  on Playmates Club

posted on August 27, 2008
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Pay $5 2 get in. 2 for 1 drink and 2 for 1 lap dance. The girls are very hot. the best I every seen some UM girls. But some girls can be mean some time. bartender was hot I want a lap dance with her.

To Park  on Playmates Club

posted on June 17, 2008
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Hey where did you get that picture of Laurie/Lana? I know that girl. I have always wondered what her deal was? Give us the scoop....

Park  on Playmates Club

posted on June 17, 2008
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I just want to know if there is a safe place that I can park? A long time ago my car was broken into and the stole me cell phone charging cord. I was parked by the bellsouth yard. Also I want to point out that the blonde cuban girl with the ponytail and great ass was awesome. I forgot her name but she is the one that likes to crawl on her knees on the edge of the stage.

Sorry just wanted to  on Playmates Club

posted on April 21, 2008
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try this pic on a different comment site.. Hoping it works her name is shawna..

mike  on Playmates Club

posted on March 6, 2008
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alley cat is a great club they are going to fix it up soon

Family Values  on Playmates Club

posted on March 5, 2008
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What is it with Republican Closet cases being so militantly anti-gay to rile up the stupid to get votes, while privately SUCKING DICK for years or playing toe tapping man on man homo games in public toilets? And then there is that pedophile republican congressman Foley in Florida who was preying on underage boys (pages) while the reoublican leadership protected him for years since they didn't want to lose his House seat. So much for family values! - And lets not forget republican Pastor Ted Haggard (5 kids) - in charge of Bush's get out the vote in 2004 against gay marraiage having monthly meth- fueled homosex with a male escort.

wow  on Playmates Club

posted on January 14, 2008
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Phoenix is a fine looking lady and a good dancer I suggest you bring all your money and spend it on her.

ALLEY CAT IS DA SHIT  on Playmates Club

posted on November 6, 2007
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Every stripclub that you go to is not gonna have all pretty girls there. Sorry about the bad experiences you have had there but there are a lot of pretty girls and good times also. I suggest you ask for Kennedy, Bambi, India, Babydoll, Sugar, Precious. The list can go on and on. If your looking for a chill enviroment where you can get 2-4-1 drinks til 8 pm Alley Cat is the spot. If you looking to get freebies and cheap whores try BT's Gentlemen's Club!

????  on Playmates Club

posted on November 5, 2007
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this club sucks all the girls are nasty and dont get tested becarefull

pimps  on Playmates Club

posted on October 8, 2007
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daddy 8n't coming back, get it through ur thick skull.

Condoms  on Playmates Club

posted on September 26, 2007
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do they use condoms?

ha ha ha  on Playmates Club

posted on September 17, 2007
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$ 1, 000 try $100 cheap thrills and i do men CHEAP

David  on Playmates Club

posted on September 16, 2007
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Cleo you need a new boob job your tit's are nasty

hookerman  on Playmates Club

posted on September 10, 2007
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Did some one say Hookers? Dang! Aren't they all hookers? Offer any hottie $1, 000 for a roll in the hay and see what she'll say.... It's all the same.

Never Again  on Playmates Club

posted on September 1, 2007
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If you want to have a disgusting fat girl offer to blow you for $50 or find a dirty skank who will have sex in the back for cheap then this is the place to go. Not one hot chick in this dump and they are all hookers. I would never go back.

LOL  on Playmates Club

posted on August 25, 2007
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these girls are disgusting i see the shorter dances as an early realease from having some dirty, sloppy, woman breathing down my neck. i got 1 dance there i thought this woman was half decent until i got her up close and personal in the back booth she had more wrinkles on her face than a prune. yuck!!!

willy  on Playmates Club

posted on June 21, 2007
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6/20/07 stopped in for about 30 minutes. club ok, plenty of girlz and variety. songs way too short to try a lap dance. girlz hustle the $$ after every dance. probably wont go back due to the 1 minute songs

durrty  on Playmates Club

posted on June 11, 2007
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could you find out the name of shrimp lap ?

be more specific  on Playmates Club

posted on June 4, 2007
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there are so many girls here that look like they have herpes i don't know the girls name but i got a dance from some bleach blonde spanish chick nice body but not so attractive face and after the dance my lap smelled like shrimp. i am no gynocologest but i know a vagina should not smell like that

scared to go back  on Playmates Club

posted on June 2, 2007
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i have too agree the girls that work here are ugly, especially the 2 that have red bumps all over there ass, is that herpes or acne?im scared either way, i think there names are alana and ivy

bill  on Playmates Club

posted on April 11, 2007
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i have to say out of all of the girls 90% of them are not pretty the rest are flat out ugly but they do extras for cheap so of course i am a loyal customer. there are alot of spanish women most of them are over 30. dayshift is the best if you like sexual favors from crusty old women for under dirt cheap. there are alot of ghetto cubans there at night over all the club is a dump so if you are looking for a great time with classy pretty ladies go to another club if you like cheap dirty thrills go to the smelley cat!!!!!

peter  on Playmates Club

posted on April 10, 2007
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Beware not what it used to be!!!!! i am no longer a customer since the last time i got a drink there i was over charged $50 dollars on my bar tab i complained to mangement they took the bartenders side i was a little drunk so i squashed it and gave them the benefit of the doubt. i went back and the same thing happened

kevin  on Playmates Club

posted on April 9, 2007
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i have been coming to this club for 6 years i live near by so of course i became a regular. alot of beautiful girls for a while but the past few years have been horrible all of the above average looking women 1 by 1 kept leaving so needless to say i stopped going as often but like i said it is close so i still stop by and have a little fun my fav is a dancer by the name of bad kitty and a couple of her friends 1 pretty and the other spoke little english gave me a blow job for $100 dollars each it was great

ew  on Playmates Club

posted on February 15, 2007
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this crap hole is still open cant beleive it wonder if u guys are even makin money probably not jack is probably digging into his personal bank account so he can make the light bill sad it was a great place once and full of money what happened

come get some  on Playmates Club

posted on November 27, 2006
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If you would like to have a great expeirence with your money well spent you can go to Cheetah in Hallandale ask for Lucy and her friends they will be happy to show you what your money can get you

Beware  on Playmates Club

posted on November 17, 2006
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Was in there a while ago and some trailer park chick with a bunch of tats i think her name was jade or something like that blew me for 40 and i ended up with a disease. Beware!!

Vic  on Playmates Club

posted on November 9, 2006
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Does anyone know what happened to the tall skinny polish blonde that worked there a few years ago? She had a rose tattoo on her right thigh. Forgot her name.

to: interesting  on Playmates Club

posted on October 28, 2006
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got one, it is nice, but it has a lot of prep time.

ryan  on Playmates Club

posted on September 8, 2006
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just moved back to miami and goignt o start goign to this club again, so who the the good girls here now and when do they work? also do amberand star still work there?

Pete  on Playmates Club

posted on August 2, 2006
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Hey, does Pleasure still work there?

Ryan  on Playmates Club

posted on August 2, 2006
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So when can I find, Lucy, Hershey, Catalina and Kennedy? And does Janine still work there?

lucy  on Playmates Club

posted on July 30, 2006
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what you put in is what you get out of us champagne room action is always satisfaction so stop playing games and charge the credit cards boys we do not accept AMEX so be sure to bring VISA or MASTER CARD if you pay enough we will be happy to attend to your desires thank you xoxoxo Lucy Hershey Catalina Kennedy are the best of the best

Jezeble  on Playmates Club

posted on July 29, 2006
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Is this club going to be closed for remodeling? i hopenot, cuz id have no where to drink! great Place!!!!!!!!!!

If  on Playmates Club

posted on July 10, 2006
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If you are reading this, Then there's something weird going on.

Bill  on Playmates Club

posted on June 14, 2006
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So can we get any extas in this club in the VIP rooms or what? Name names homies.

Cityrage  on Playmates Club

posted on January 12, 2006
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How much is it to get in? how much r the drinks?

Alley Cat Customer  on Playmates Club

posted on December 15, 2005
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I go to this club every now and then. It's not bad if you can't make it to a high end club up north. Yes, they ask for tips after they dance, but if you are nice to them, they are nice to you. Don't be cheap and and rude and tip them the dollar, if you don't like this system go to a high end club where they don't practice this system. You can see some above average girls in here if you get lucky. It's not a bachelor party type of place, but if you are around and wanna have fun for a few hours this club can accomodate you.

XXXXXX  on Playmates Club

posted on September 13, 2005
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dont waste your time

Varietyman WPB  on Playmates Club

posted on September 6, 2005
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What happened to Giselle? She was hot! Heard she moved up my way, but dont know where...

MIA  on Playmates Club

posted on December 6, 2004
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This is a cool club. They play hip-hop dance music with some rap thrown in from time to time. The girls are mixed, but there are some hotties. The things that I did not like were the parking, the chairs sucked, and the friction dances are $25 and table are $15. The club is in a warehouse area and there is a towing company right across the street, the clubs parking is limited so you have to park in the alley way (be sure to stay away from the "no parking" areas. Overall, the club is relaxing and pretty low pressure.

Fukin Joe  on Playmates Club

posted on April 8, 2004
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I enjoy this club everytime i go. they are real laid back. its a place you can go and just chill and not be bothered.

Golfer  on Playmates Club

posted on March 20, 2004
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Don't any of AC's patrons know how to use a computer and post a review ? I agree with Visitor, and would add Cheetahs lll as a club well worth the drive, if you live in Dade.

Visitor  on Playmates Club

posted on March 11, 2004
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Dancers here range from gorgeous (Mercedes) to "here's a dollar just to go away". Annoying practice (as existed at Lipstick) of circulating to every customer and asking for a dollar even if customer was far away and didn't see stage dance. Even though this place is 25 miles closer for me than Tootsie's in North Miami, I make that drive 20 times for each time I visit Alley Cat as the dancers are prettier, and the dances are cheaper. Great lap dances courtesy of Sybil, from Germany.