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13045 Southwest 87th Avenue

Miami, Florida 33176

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CrimeStoppers  on The PlayHouse

posted on June 21, 2019
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Jose  on The PlayHouse

posted on September 23, 2008
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Been here the other day, now its called Lipstix, part of the BT family. It was pretty good. At least for me, everybody was nice, friendly and no one was pushy for tips or dances. VIP room is $50.

Casual Observer  on The PlayHouse

posted on November 11, 2007
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What is this latest rant about? I thought that this site was for evaluating clubs and dancers and not about pissing contests! Maybe everyone should just get along. It wouldn't hurt to take an English class in the time that you save bashing each other.

withjokersnameonit  on The PlayHouse

posted on November 10, 2007
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soon it will be over for you, how clever you are, but not clever enough to run a successful bar, find a wife who does not do you for tipout.. joker is a perfect name for you. because the whole town thinks you are a joke....when the joker gets his, batman and robin will piss on youre grave............lil` bitchthat you are

the joker  on The PlayHouse

posted on November 9, 2007
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it looks like robin has left the batcave, leaving batman to fend for himself.word on the street is that robin went a.w.o.l. after some of gothams villians had their way with his wife some time ago. wish i could say i was one of them, but i was not.i have always had a thing for batmans old lady.she has lost a tremendous amount of weight and is looking very inviting! i can remember when both of their wives loved them so much.what happened boys? maybe the drugs, and the allure of other men has made them jaded to your charms! robins better half already made the move, is batmans next? join us for the next issue of " yolanda and shelbi, wives, or super whores" what do you think?

Unbiased  on The PlayHouse

posted on October 14, 2007
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I don't know what's going on either. I go to both clubs. Playpen has its faults like all clubs but at least I feel safe there. It doesn't smell like a mildew buffet. Before you pick on someone else's club, at least clean yours!

yipeees pimp  on The PlayHouse

posted on October 6, 2007
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ill slap you when I see you. biatch

f**kyipeee  on The PlayHouse

posted on October 2, 2007
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dont cry yipeee, dont feel bad because you were fired for selling drugs you scumbag, oh by the way, tell youre mother she owes me puss*.

to yippee  on The PlayHouse

posted on September 26, 2007
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you must b talking about joe puig and luis monterro right? every 1 knows joe is a thief and luis is a drug dealer.but u were talkin about donovan and jami right?y does everyone hate us so much? makes me wanna cry!maybe because everywhere we go we r successful!and u have a pathetic existence, oh by the way this is jami u sack of s**t!unlike u i am not afraid to post my name at this club mon thru sat from 3pm to 10 pm y dont u come and say these things 2 my face?i will b waiting 4 u, but u wont come will u?chicken s**t!

white guy  on The PlayHouse

posted on August 23, 2007
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what happened to all the white girls? black girls are cool and all but how about a little variety.and i dont mean white girls who think they are black either.

Organ Grinder?  on The PlayHouse

posted on November 9, 2006
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I have not been around this area for a long time and I was looking for a place I used to frequent called the Organ Grinder. Did this place replace that location or am I in the wrong neighborhood altogether? Can I get my organ ground here?

amber  on The PlayHouse

posted on July 14, 2006
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is donavin still the owner

Gold Hoe  on The PlayHouse

posted on February 16, 2006
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ok tell me Is this club wack or hot

linda  on The PlayHouse

posted on February 8, 2006
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i woulnt work here i dont like hip hop music. i like heavy metal

Grandpa Cracker  on The PlayHouse

posted on May 1, 2005
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Do the girls like to pleez? Howz the mileage there? Are the girls black, latina or what? How much do dances cost?

Mr.D  on The PlayHouse

posted on March 2, 2005
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If you like urban music, thats hip-hop for you crackers, you will love it. Trick Daddy said it was the best in Miami in Vibe magazine

george  on The PlayHouse

posted on January 30, 2005
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little ganster hand out all ugly black girls was there a month ago and girls were aforing se starting at $10 didnt like it

Question  on The PlayHouse

posted on January 27, 2005
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Anybody been here? Drove by it and it is small club over by The Falls Mall, but does not look like much from outside. Parking is hell, also. Anybody know if it is worth a damn?