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1310 S Orange Blossom Trail

Orlando, Florida 32805

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igor34  on  Cleo's

posted on December 1, 2013
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First off, nice women. Music is VERY loud! Besides the$50 to park in front, or,30 for side or if your really brave you can park across the street for $20 in a lively dim lighted seeing the club was just fine. Did I mention the cover.... Not a good first impression.

the cruiser  on Cleo's

posted on October 18, 2008
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Club is okay but no contact whatsoever, no lap dance or private room, nothing. Just lame table dances, that's it. A few good lookers though. Mya is incredibly beautiful, face and body, wow. On the downside, in all my years of going to clubs all across the country, never ever been to one where the ATM service fee to get cash out is...get this....$8! No joke. And if you leave, like to go to the ATM down the street, you have to pay the cover fee to re-enter.

Name  on Cleo's

posted on September 6, 2008
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Eh, what can you expect for Orlando? I paid $10 to get in, then a small watered down glass of Henny and Coke cost $10.50. That's right... $10.50!!!! Too damn much! The girls can't get naked here (just topless), there is no contact what so ever, and the DJ is WACK! I went on Friday night and the place was empty! The DJ doesn't even play the latest hip-hop/rap hits. He plays wack songs, and throws stupid rock music and ol' skool in the mix. This is a black club, and there is NOTHING else outside around the club except crack heads on the deserted road of Orange Blossom Trail. This club sucks!

Love Black Women  on Cleo's

posted on February 18, 2008
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I love black women, and the club is nice, but way to damn strict, more touching going on in a regular bar at Disney. If the cheap fuck owner spent some money on a good lawyer, things might be better.

watched tight  on Cleo's

posted on January 28, 2008
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Therefore private dances arn't private, it's a piece of crap. Place is just good for hanging out and eye candy, save real dollars for places with real satisfaction.

Dark Vader  on Cleo's

posted on November 16, 2007
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Best "Black Girl Based" club in the county, it's a shame the dances are so monitored. Will be back though, I saw alot of Famous people in there, sports dudes mostly, really cool place.

4inxchange  on Cleo's

posted on August 20, 2007
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Whats up CHARM? I feel like asking you for a $5 dance to a reggae song. I ain't seen you since I graduated college and moved out the country. I was wondering what happened to you, Shane (SIMBA), Big Al, Jason and my peeps from out there. Hit me up sometime

Dancer  on Cleo's

posted on May 29, 2007
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Danced at this club before, the club is the hottest black club I've ever been to. However, I did not make alot of money and i am very beautiful and a straight up hustler. The girls are friendly, the customers at night are wana be ballers showering 20 dollars instead of 100s. The dancers are super hot there the best in the whole florida. Good luck! Oh! customers cant touch so thats another issue : )

Luckystar  on Cleo's

posted on April 27, 2007
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Yo Charm, I sure I 'memba u...U was & still is da bomb hun, no 1 be finer than u Charm. I was there in FL between 2002-04.. Time sure goes by. Hit me up with a shout gurl. R u dancin' down there now? I am back up here near NewYorkCity, you should check out the scene up here. way hot. so how to keep in touch Charm? I got Yaho messenger, but I dont want to leave any email address here... hmm.....any ideas? Holla back pls

CHARM..  on Cleo's

posted on April 27, 2007
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Hey yall this charm, you guys might don't remeber me but i made majority of the money in cleo's ask moe or shep they;ll never forget me. i worked there 2003 for like 11 months if. i just stop to tell yall girls what's up espically strawberry and sparkle they was my girls. if anyone remember me halla. big up bady lac.

new to florida  on Cleo's

posted on April 20, 2007
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hey new hey can anyone tell me about this club i am a sexy black girl and a good dancer

emily  on Cleo's

posted on February 13, 2007
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guys i am new to orlando........planning to work in a latino club...........could someone help me find one????

passion  on Cleo's

posted on June 27, 2006
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Hi everyone it has been a very long time since I have seen you guys. I hope every one is o.k. I am doing really good in melbourne. I really miss cleo's staff, dancers and owners. I heard shep is still there. Is he still the head floor man or what? I also understand craig is still running things good luck with gerald. Everyone take care. mashewna

Starr  on Cleo's

posted on January 26, 2006
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I used to work at Cleo's back in 00 and I tall you what I learned from the girls there has helped me make so much money. People can not believe the things I can do and just not for a white girl. I went there not to long ago and the girls are still doing there thing. You ladies keep it up and keep on makin that money.

not impressed  on Cleo's

posted on January 7, 2006
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My friend and I got hired there but never came to work because it was way too ghetto and what the hell was up with the Egyptian motif? They were desperate to hire us because we were the only white chicks in there. I'd steer clear of this slum.

NYer  on Cleo's

posted on August 25, 2005
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First time in can't compare to up north clubs but for otown it's got good heat. Ladies mostly cool ya need to get more hot ones man. The staff was friendly and I had a great time. Manager Shep the guy who looks like Tony Soprano is great he's the man. I'll be back. Get some better girls.

For the ladies  on Cleo's

posted on June 3, 2005
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I think that u gir;s should charge more for the lap dances. There's clubs where girlare charging 20 dollars a dance. I would never work at this club. I definately want more then 5 dollars for a lap dance.

lovelap  on Cleo's

posted on March 9, 2005
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no lap dances here. revise your heading.

helloooooooooo  on Cleo's

posted on October 26, 2004
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you mean they actually let those people work here?

Roger  on Cleo's

posted on May 13, 2004
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If you have a passion for shapely Black girls (as this honky), Cleo's is Chocolate Heaven! Here you will find Orlando's most seductive ebony babes getting down to hip-hop and funk. I've been to more than 50 clubs but Cleo's is the only club where I've never once had a bad night. The cost of a table dance is $9, but only $5 during uptime. TIP: Most dancers will agree to a $5 dance all night long. Get there before 6:30 pm and the admission is only 3 bucks.