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1137 Beck Avenue

Panama City, Florida 32401

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chris  on Tan Fannie's

posted on June 5, 2011
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Was there 06/04/11, got several PRIVATE dances from Raven, (love all her piercings nice breasts) . and Christine (she is very hot). It's a hole in the wall but these 2 make up for it.

nate s.  on Tan Fannie's

posted on April 3, 2009
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As per Aimee C's advice I should mention what I think of this Panama City institution. I have heard only stories, horror stories, that have come from the walls of this place and never actually been inside the doors so don't take this review too seriously, but with other people's stories in mind I can think of no better way of describing this place then a "gentleman's" club for those that care not what they stare at. Amputees, big women, midgets, she-males, all seems to be game here at this place that is no bigger than two huts/shacks put together. Right in the middle of 'ol St Andrews Bay.

Visitor  on Tan Fannie's

posted on March 16, 2009
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Yep - Its a dive. Both girls are nasty. I went there 2 weeks ago and the customers (spring break bunnies) were 20X better looking. I think one of the "dancers" had a bullet scar! Nasty!

hey  on Tan Fannie's

posted on April 25, 2007
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i went to this place about 2 weeks ago, in april 2007, they have done alot to it and fixed it up pretty good. they got new dancers and the girls are so sweet. i went there about 2 years ago and it was a dump, but it looks good now, i plan on going back.

The Piker  on Tan Fannie's

posted on April 15, 2007
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This place has to be the worst dive ever. Kind of joint where you give the girl a couple of bucks to put her clothes back ON.

The first time...  on Tan Fannie's

posted on February 12, 2007
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I have ever seen a dancer bring a small baby with her to work was here. Fortunately, it was the only time. I've been there once - the dancer (I think) had Down's Syndrome and brought her baby with her. That should be illegal for so many reasons...

BayouBill  on Tan Fannie's

posted on March 13, 2004
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I like most anyplace but even this joint took the cake. It is just plain garbage. Don't waste your time or money. Better off buying a six, sitting on the beach, and watching a real show go by.