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7400 Park Boulevard North

Pinellas Park, Florida 33781

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curious  on Rick's Tally-Ho

posted on June 30, 2007
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are you only hiring dancers or could you use a stay at home mom looking for a part time or full time night job as a hostess or a bar back. A little over weight but still looking young.

customer  on Rick's Tally-Ho

posted on March 11, 2007
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Had a gr8 time last night. Music was awsome, the girls were beautiful they even had a feature her name was Alex. If your lloking for a good club to go The New Papermoon is where you want to go.

Hey John  on Rick's Tally-Ho

posted on January 26, 2007
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does Brian A still work for the Paper Moon? Is he working there? I need to find him. He owes me money.Last I was told he worked for Paper Moon in L Rock. Any help will be appreciated.

useta  on Rick's Tally-Ho

posted on September 1, 2006
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We use to go to "Vixen" and yes the club is nice...Very Nice...But it sucks now beacuse they don't have anyone there...EVER! Like 2 girls who by the way pout at the bar all night and a manager who I would say HATES his job, (he talks down about the place) The old Managers I belive they were Big Poppa & Kerrie (Lil K) They Knew how to thow a party!!! We when there for my brothers 21rst and Kerrie HOOKED US UP! She had girls commin over to our table and by the way there was more than 2. lol everyone seemed to be havin a great time. If you want my advice I say...Turn it back to VIXEN, Get back the old managers and lets get back to the real party in Pinellas Park!!!

ssault  on Rick's Tally-Ho

posted on April 22, 2006
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This place SUCKS!!! Dancers only chat with regs. Not too mention there wasn't many regulars in the place. I think a couple of the guys were boyfriends to the dancers. Stay away, far, far, away. Once the "Dirty-Foot" always the "Dirty-Foot".