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Stuart, Florida 34994

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Jon S.  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on March 4, 2015
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Nice, local strip club - the girls are friendly, without all the "pay-me-something" trolling. We go there a lot, perfect for a mixed group, as they usually have a pretty decent rotation and selection of dancers.

Vegas  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on November 24, 2011
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Coming to West Palm in March. How is the club now?

Tinkerbell  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on November 11, 2010
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Been going to this place for years. When it became Papermoon, it did go down. Until the last time I was there, it really wasn't much fun. BUT this last time was great. Don't know what changed (managers?) but it was fun with several nice looking girls. Hope it stays this way.

Larry  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on August 27, 2010
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I have been coming to Stuart every summer for years to go fishing. I used to come here back when it was silly's. Even when papermoon took it over it was still good. I came this year and it sucks. The place is full of these crazy black girls. I went to Rachels instead.

Hot Dancer  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on June 13, 2010
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We need Ben back. When he was here we all made money, the customers liked him and he made sure we didnt have any whores and druggies here. If anybody has any brains they will get him back here now.

BRONX BOY  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on January 29, 2010
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I just wanna say that this club will never, ever be the same...i was one of the original dj's....back in the day everybody loved to come to work...we all(dancers, dj's doormen & bartenders)..made money...silhouettes was the hottest spot/night club on the treasure coast...the owners treated everybody like family and we all were so tight..all of us!!!! then papermoon took over with their corporate ways and greedy "ceo's"..who dont give a damn about anybody else but "himself"..f-u, papermoon..silhouettes was a well oiled money making machine..until you bought the club and turned it into a piece of shit....

Day Girl  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on November 13, 2009
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Magicis back on the dayshift.That is the smartest thing Dewayne has done in a long time. If they got Ben back we could start making good money again!!!

Randy  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on November 8, 2009
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WOW This club is bad. I mean just the worst goddamn stripclub I have ever been to. Just so bad I cant even describe how bad it was. I swear to god they must have found a way for the fattest ugliest women I have ever seen naked to make money. It is so bad I would almost reccomend going to see it. It is like a naked fucking freak show. HOLY SHIT. I have never seen a club fall so far so fast.

Alan  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on September 23, 2009
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I used to really like this place. It has gone so far downhill so fast I can't even bring myself to go in. All the quality girls have gone to Body Talk.

Doug  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on September 22, 2009
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This used to be a great club. All the hot girls have left. The guy running te place who used to be the bartender is an idiot. He runs the place like it is a club house. He gives all his buddies free booze, and his girls look like shit. I have never seen a more piss poor group of stripers. Day shift is still ok but I wouldn't walk in this place after 6pm. Save yourself th headache and drive to west palm.

Greg  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on August 17, 2009
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The place is not the same . Has gone down hill. Jamie , Chole, Dominque, Hope, Dasha, Monica and a lot of the favorites are all at Body Talk. Why was Ben the only one tested?? The should have tested the whole staff. They need to call the place now " Phil's family, girl friend and friends". That is what new staff consist of. The dancers dont seem happy especially the way he talks to them.But if you want to find most of the girls head on over to Body Talk

Rob  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on August 1, 2009
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Come on... What with the place?? Who hired that girl name Tammy?? She does not belong on any stage, Let alone taking off her clothes. Where is Ben? And the bartender Jessica? Where is Jamie, Jersey, Olivia, Jazmin, and the girl with glasses. The club has no hot chicks and forget about service.

Greg  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on July 31, 2009
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All new staff. Girls not as hot.I left and took the ride south to W.P. better looking girls . Monica is hot, but no longer there.And all the hot waitress Liza, Savannah, Jamie, Amy , no longer there as well. What happen to that place?? Where is Lilly, Nikky, Bella, Dasiha, Devine, Monica, Jamie, Savannah, Amy, Amanda, Echo, Jordan, If you know where any of these hot girls are please post. These girls were hot and worth the money. The place is sad without them. The club is filled with unexperience, under age girls.

Chad  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on July 10, 2009
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Oh, my god! Just got home from Paper Moon. Monica is the shit! She's from Germany, skin velvety smooth. Great face and smile. Beautiful hair. SO nice. Cute. We talked tons. Smokin' hot. Her accent is adorible.

jim  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on January 24, 2009
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great club. get a dance with kylie and jazmin. the best money i have spent in years. I will definetly be back

casey  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on January 21, 2009
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kick ass club. I never had so much fun in a stripclub, and they let girls in free on the weekend. Go on sunday and they have $4 drinks. I love this bar

Dilly  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on March 19, 2008
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Want to be listed as number one on here? All you have to do is spend more money than Odessy with Night Moves.

To: ptfierce  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on March 10, 2008
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part 10/ if you think you know who I am, then why don't you put my name down? I am a big girl.What are you talking about, I come in the club and spend my paycheck? I am a dancer stupid!!!! I don't get a paycheck.As for me putting down staff members, I only voiced my opinions about certain ones who were asses in general.I also had some nice things to say bout certain people as well.I haven't been on this sight for wuite a while, but I'm back now, and will be checking regularly, you wanna go toe to toe with me?Bring it on.I got alot more.And by the way, I'm not divorced with kids.I have never been married, and have no kids.Unlike most girls who work there.

kip regs  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on February 15, 2008
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They treat u like shit! go down south. -kr-

ptfierce  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on February 13, 2008
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PART! you blow ur money at a dive strip club because you have no life, no kids, divorced, your a looser, and we giggle everytime you come im the door! beccuse were pretty sure your gonna spend the majority of your paycheck at the club, LOSER! yes I know who you are, you shouldnt tell girls you post on here, especially if your gonna bad mouth staff, club, and girls! see you soon! MUAH

J S O N  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on February 5, 2008
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Anyone going on vacation to the south anytime soon? Check us out if your just visiting or whatever. We have 5 clubs in the Miami area to accomidate you while you visit. Loved your club while I was up there, so let me return the generousity. Booby Trap!! 1-877-424-8727. Tell them JSON sent you!!

Panda_Bear  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on January 24, 2008
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Does any one know were extacy dances? Or does she anymore? And does anyone know Diana, and were she went?

part 8  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on November 9, 2007
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wow! i take a few days off from this site and this club goes batty.again!lets see.1st. floormen-dez, brian, james have been let go.only that little puke dan remains.why? bartenders- jersey girl, karen, veronica, are gone, only magic remains.he is day mgr and bartender.good for deserve it.waitresses- tina, savana, hanah, brittany are gone, wow! doorgirls-lacey, ashley, kristen are gone, only jennifer remains(wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that she is josh's old lady).dj head is gone and ice and scotto are doing days, some lame guy named "cash" is doing girls mary jane, paradise, exstasy, and lilly are gone too!unbelievable!!!!!!!!

part 7  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on October 7, 2007
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heard u missed me, im back.well, in the literal sense anyway.seems to me that the days of this club being anything special are far from over.this saddens me.i made alot of money here for quite a while, and so did alot of other girls.sue may have not have been the greatest owner around, but at least she was fair.this new corporate mentality is mattrer who the managers are, or become, this bar is now all about the corporate structure and bottom line.there are still alot of great girls here, and i feel bad that they still have to deal with this.hang in there ladies and never forget that you are just that.LADIES!!!!!!!!

part 6  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on September 28, 2007
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wow! alot has happened since my last entry, all good i might add. my club has picked up drastically and the cash is flowing.praise to me for leaving this sh*t hole when i, i hear that cliff(mr gm) HAS QUIT NOT ONLY THE CLUB, BUT THE COMPANY! yeah.this makes me happy.why did he quit you ask?well lets see, his butt buddy darren was fired for stealing.what a shock! wonder y he always had to work lap dance register?now we, they r gone, then i hear corey quit 2 open own bussiness.good 4 you corey.good luck, u always were respectful to me, thank u 4, josh is new g.m. WHAT!!!!! thought cliff was bad news, new levels of stupid r sure 2 ice got screwed.hang in there buddy.gotta go, write again soon.

part 5  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on August 23, 2007
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well well well.summers almost over and from what some of the girls i still talk to here tell me it was another normal brutal time of year.guess mr g.m. cliff wasnt the know it all he claimed to be.everyone hurts from june til sept.cliff.EVERYONE! even your club.listen, i think ur a nice person personally.its just ur cockiness that drives me crazy.admit ur human instead of thinking ur some strip club mgr god and maybe ur girls and staff will actually work with u not against u.attract more flies with honey than crap.

Walter  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on July 26, 2007
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Brandy's gone. Last time I was there it seemed dead. The girls don't even hide what they think of you, they want your cash. That's why I liked Brandy, she wasn't like that at all. Anyone know where she's working now?

part 4  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on July 13, 2007
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this is 3rd installment with no reply/why/kind of wanted to go toe 2 toe with someone over there/i may be a "hooker" which is what gm refers to dancers as, but im an intelligent lady/which scares u southern boys doesnt it/u walk around in ur suspenders and do boy darren following ur every move/swear u cant fart w/o him smelling it 1st/been kind of hard on ur people/all in all good employees but gm tries 2 b better than everyone who works under him/how long is ur mgmnt experience anyway/isnt this ur 1st gm job/cut ladies some slack/they pay ur salarydont u think u should be nice 2 them

part 3  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on July 10, 2007
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Almost forgot the best part of this club/the ladies lilly is the most beautiful ecstasy is the sexiest mary jane the most sensual paradise the one you'd most want to f**k.if you ladies smartened up and realized you run this club not;d be better off.where would they be without you?nowhere!you have the power.they take your money 4 dances and fine u 4 leaving early and not coming 2 them who is boss and cliff will not know what 2 he does now?stand up 4 house dj and security no 1 else 4 nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

part 2  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on June 25, 2007
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as i was saying./waitress tina rocks unless drinking brittny never wears underwear and swings w customers savana and hanah r no good on flr but good 2 look at/doorgirls lacey dumb and sexy ashly just dumb and kristen is gay, so i love her!!! now 4 my reply 2 u/club is profitable because u take $10 for each lap dance and charge high cover day and outrageous vip rm charges.but mr know it all gen mgr thinks its because of his skills.we'll c what he can do in summer time when no 1 makes $ ladies come 2 west palm not all clubs here r whore houses

staff  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on June 22, 2007
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come on , does everybody we fire got to be so hateful. Just because you were not good enough to stay on our team , hopefully you learned from us and can better yourself in the future. By the way, the club has never been so profitable .

former  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on June 22, 2007
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where 2 start?at bottom/gen mgr walks around with balloon under shirt cocky as hell, cant manage way out of paper bag/nite mgr cant stand up straight and has no clue/day mgr cool been there 4ever mom used 2 own place/bartenders magic and jersey girl r the best.others not so ice is the scotto gay or what?heads a retard/dez is token flrman lil mma wanna be is just that, spanish guy is player in own mind anyway, white bald guy 2 quiet kind a scarey/

Ron  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on June 10, 2007
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Do you have enough gas to get to West Palm Beach? Then there should be no question about where to go; Cheetah's, Spearmint Rhino, T's Lounge, Sugardaddy's, Flashdance, or even Rachel's. SKIP ANY CLUB THAT ALLOWS ZERO CONTACT AND GO BUY YOURSELF A 6-PACK OF SUDS AND A PENTHOUSE AND TURN ON YOUR RADIO AT HOME. Because that will help you save your ever-so-precious gas money for the time that you can head south. What a schmuck! Go local and touch nothing? What's the point of going to a strip club? It takes me 40 minutes to get to Cheetahs and I can touch! But, If you live in Jensen Beach, I guess it's too hard to pass up Paper Moon on the way to Hwy.76-what a waste!

Regs420  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on May 19, 2007
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Silo's is now called "Paper Moon", part of a club chain out of Virginia. Aside frm the new name, and $10 cover, everything else is the same, including the $20 couch dances where you're not allowed to touch the girls anywhere above their knees. SAD!! sad sad. But, there's no other T bars for many miles North or South.

Mtmikepsl  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on April 7, 2007
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Hello all. Great club. New management and girls ara allowed to take both feet off the ground during lap dances. Beautiful girls and they are really friendly, Except for one really tall skinnnnny girl who is very stuck up and wouldnt even come to one side of the stage to get tips even though we were holding them out. O well otherwise great place to go and blow some cash. Great bar and bartenders mixed drinks are not lacking alchohol. 8/10 would be 10 if it was full nude.

natalay king  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on February 6, 2007
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when they up scaled silly hos they forgot to realize that why would any one want to go there any more wpb better action broke ass dicks in psl

smack34982  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on January 29, 2007
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As per our last visit to the club in August of '06 there is no cover if you get there before 7 or 8 can't remember off top of my head usually what we did was get there around 4-5 and spend about 4-5 hrs there depending upon how big night crew was and who was day crew. The girls we met there were all nice to us very friendly, we are hoping to get back down that way soon to visit again.

Michael  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on October 26, 2006
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This is the best adult club in Florida hands down!!! No, the dancers do not do friction, but the girls more than make up for that. 80 percent are very hot and the club has quite a variety of girls , white black asian hawaiian austrailian, northerns and southern, but mostly all of them are very polite it is a very well ran club, my friends and i frequent at least once a week, it is the best hang out in town on the weekends especially! it is topless and they do not wear lipstick on their nipples, . i have always enjoyed myself when there, the bouncers do not throw anyone out of the

joey  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on September 17, 2006
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Joey (09/11) This club is really cool. I liked the fact that the girls wear thongs. It is clean the girls are too. Brandy is the best dancer I have ever met. If for nothing else, go just to see her.

Walter  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on September 17, 2006
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Went to the club last night and ran into this great girl, Brandy. What a great time with this chick. Just fun to be with and no pressure. Highly recommended.

Ben There  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on July 7, 2006
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What a waste of time. This place doesn't get it. It's not a high class place, it's a titty bar. Wasted my time with a girl, Ginn. Just another Gold Digger. Go south and get treated a whole lot better

takeitALLoff  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on June 28, 2006
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I worked here for 2 weeks. We dont take it all off--we cant. Guys like u come in here looking for extras. Fat chanz. we are sopposed to sell drinks and food but not skin. Id say to go down south to Spearmint Rhino if you dress nice or T's if you dont. Up north, in Coca beach to Lido's Cabaret. Any of these places and youll find a hole lot more than pasties adn fat (some are cute) girls moving around.

To Phil:  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on May 29, 2006
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Gas up your vehicle and head on down to North Miami to a place called Diamonds. You will DEFINATELY find what you are looking for there and them some. Look up the place on this site. Only 90 mins drive from where you are at and you will be happy you made the trip. They even have a barber shop and a basketball court inside the club.

KenBobEdLarryFinnRob  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on March 4, 2006
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Any comments that talk about the bartender and the neato conversations as well as the food prepared by a chef? are from management. We like to see naked girls that are cute and not just corn-fed. We like friction dances too. But most of all Stuart, Florida is not where we'd go to find classy, sexy women. For that we'd go to Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, or Rachel's, Heck, even the NEW Bada Bing in West Palm Beach (where Curves Cabaret used to be). We don't enjoy conversations in a strip club. But tug on our rope and see what we like at a stripclub. Maybe you should rename this to "Silhouettes Lounge and Chef".

Phil  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on February 9, 2006
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Hey, I'm a white guy who love black women, can I get any feedback if there's any nice ones at this club? Would love to visit!

Big Bald Guy  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on February 4, 2006
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Brandy is back. She hadn't been around for a while, but she was there last night. She's still smoking hot and still has that smile that keeps me going back there. The rest of the girls are your normal strip club fare, some hotter than others. I think the whole place is a little nicer since the renovations. It's just good to have Brandy back there. I hope she stays.

MARK  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on February 2, 2006
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I love this club, i dont agree with any of the negative comments posted earlier. the girls are beautiful, they all are very nice and willing spend time with you, i have had some quite entertaining conversations there! bartenders are great and they have full bar, humidor for cigars and wine. very classy club bahamas trip give aways every thursday, features every other month, miss nude 2006 there in march. im going are you? also great chef prepared food daily.

Varietyman WPB  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on January 5, 2006
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I haven't figured out why places like this and Body Talk up the road a bit exist. Are guys desperate enough to drop so much money to keep these places open? Surely they aren't going because of the girls. As far as I can tell, these exist to give the lazy Treasure Coast girls someplace to go and earn money instead of competing with the Barbies and Latinas in WPB and southward (only 50 miles away fellas). Does the phrase "corn fed" mean anything to you? How about these ones too: "not nude", "no touching" and my favorite, "Buy another drink or get out". Vote with your dollars boys head over to T's or Cheetah WPB or even Spearmint Rhino! Geez Louise...

Bill  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on August 26, 2005
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I was going by what the previous reviews were saying so I thought I was in for a good time. Let me start off by telling everyone that the info in this directory is wrong. There was a $7.00 cover charge for myself and a $5.00 charge for my lady friend. I know at most of the clubs I go to ladies get in free so needless to say that was dissapointing to say the least. I didn't stick around much longer after that because the music sucked, the DJ was rude and the drink prices are through the roof, not to mention you could cut the tension between the dancers with a knife.

Bill  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on June 25, 2005
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When will Cassidy be coming back?

Rowdy  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on June 2, 2005
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It's just north of the Roosevelt Bridge, in a shopping center behind a gas station. Haven't been in here since January. This place is a hit or miss, depending upon when you go. No touching, or your ass gets thrown out (seriously). The best dance I ever got there was from a girl named Cassandra.

charma  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on May 30, 2005
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I've went up and down us 1 looking for this place, where exactly is it?

BigC  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on May 25, 2005
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What happened to this place? Went in and it was dead. The regular girls seem to be gone replaced by 3rd rate girls. Is there a new place everyone went?

Critter  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on January 17, 2005
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Most of the girls here are either hot or cute. Some are pros at what they do, while others are obviously amateurs. The boucers monitor all private dances through overhead cameras and won't hesitate in the least to throw out anyone who touches the girls. I try to take my business elsewhere, since the girls tell me management doesn't treat them well (unsanitary dressing room, for starters), and hoards too a large percentage of their earnings.

Frank  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on December 11, 2004
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Anyone know anything about Jen? Married - single? Seems always taken, but what little I've talked to her, would like to spend more time.

Wilbur  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on November 18, 2004
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Try to get a private dance with either Bambi or Monique (or both at the same time.......they seem each other.....Super-Hotties). This place is a hit or miss, depending on when you go.

BigC  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on May 8, 2004
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Club is trying to go upscale. Closed for two weeks to upgrade. Hope they upgrade some of the staff. Have a male bartender with a SERIOUS attutide. Doesn't realized the customers come first - not him. Also have a bouncer that could treat regulars better. Girls are ok for the most part.

todd  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on March 30, 2004
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I suspect that the previously described ejection was for unauthorized touching. One of my posse got grabby and was ejected right away. Too bad, because it's not a bad place. The lovely Kim sat with me quite some time and didn't push dances at all. She said that this place is called the "G-rated titty bar, " and there is some truth to that, as it is tame by Fla. standards. But has some good-looking girls and is in a relatively uptoan location for a strip club. I would go back were I in town.

A Boy Named Sue  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on March 16, 2004
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Ditto Brandon. I had a (somewhat) similar experience, but not as extreme. But.......the bouncers didn't seem to have a problem with a guy TAKING PICTURES of the girls as they did their thing. I guess that's permitted just as long as you keep buying beer. Still, the girls are sweet, attractive, and just a lot of fun, overall.

Brandontemple2003  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on February 27, 2004
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Unless you plan on buying a lot of beer, leave after you get a private dance. A beautiful girl who gave me a great private dance said she'd come back and talk to me. A waitress passed by my table and said, ?You ready to check out?? with an unfriendly tone. I sat there for a few seconds, not comprehending what she meant. I then saw two BURLY bouncers looking at me, arms crossed. I guess she was doing their bidding. I?m pretty sure I was asked to leave because I wasn?t buying more drinks. But I was still tipping dancers. I certainly never did ANYTHING even remotely inappropriate to warrant this. So........I left. I?m sure I won?t be going back. My business isn?t appreciated.

Hemma  on Sensations Cabaret

posted on February 13, 2004
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This place sucks. No touching on private dances, dancers are cute though. More people play pool than with the girls.