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IMUS  on Swinging Richards

posted on June 16, 2007
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What a hardcore ho u r

birthaday girl  on Swinging Richards

posted on May 13, 2007
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I'm gonna give it to you straight! Me and five other girls went last night for my birthday and we had a great time! 90% of the guys are sexy as hell but I only seen maybe five that could really dance well. The bad part was that they won't let you get loud when the dancers get you excited and you can't stand up at your seat and dance by yourself. Needless to say they pissed us off getting on to us so much and we finally left but Ummmmm! the guys were HOT!!!! The lap dances were great, they rub all over you! I have to say though I was expecting big wangs but never seen any. I would recommend this place to anyone. Just don't get loud!

Newbie Questions  on Swinging Richards

posted on February 2, 2007
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I'm visiting Atlanta in March and was wondering...What are the lap dances like? Ar the guys cocks hard and in your face?How much are lap dances?What do the waiters wear?In the VIP room is there more contact?Thanks guys!

joy  on Swinging Richards

posted on September 12, 2006
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i used to work at this clubs sister slub, tiffany's...c.b. used to take me to the airport to see all the helicopters..hehe..silver i love you honey and miss you a bunch, there were a couple of guys that i used to like a lot...one of them drove a harley davidson truck..i cant remeber his name...i think it was chipper...does he still work there

mike  on Swinging Richards

posted on September 11, 2006
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do they have an amature night?

Vicki J.  on Swinging Richards

posted on January 15, 2006
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Last night, one of my best friends took me out to Swinging Richards for the first time. For about the first hour and a half I was in complete awe, but I eventually loosened up a little! The men are absolutely beautiful and very sexy (Leon was my favorite;-)) I'm telling all my friends about it, and I will be back next weekend!

Courtney  on Swinging Richards

posted on May 5, 2004
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Looking for a place to take the bride to be.....out for a bit of fun....is this it?? or any suggestions???

Rick  on Swinging Richards

posted on March 26, 2004
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Visited on 03-24-04 at the end of a business trip to Atlanta. Had been once before about 5 years back when it was smaller and at a different location. I was surprised that there was no cover charge to come in. Parking was a small fee. And the front door person will happily call you a taxi when you are ready to leave. The place is comfortable, they offer a full bar. The beers were running me about $5 each. There are always dancers on stage and always more than one. It varied between 2 and 5 the night I was there. They tend to dance for three songs, gradually removing clothing until they are naked on the third song, then they rotate of the stage and other dancers appear. more